Notes on NOTE’d: Is This the Notepad Your iPhone’s Waiting For? by CrystalSanders6


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    Notes on NOTE’d: Is This the Notepad
        Your iPhone’s Waiting For?
By: Crystal Sanders

Take a peek into the App Store’s Productivity category and you’ll see just how many note
taking apps are proliferating there. There’s Evernote, Awesome Note, Catch and Moleskine, all
of which offer bountiful space for your notes and accessibility and productivity at a very low
cost. But why exactly are note taking apps becoming iPhone must-haves?

People’s dependence on their mobile devices is said to be increasing in unimaginable ways. In
fact, studies show that students are finding great ways to use their smartphones for studying. A
recent poll showed that students who use their iPhones and smartphones for studying spend
40 minutes more for study hour than those who don’t. There were also studies that showed a
10-fold increase in study minutes using mobile devices for students from 2011 to 2012.
Almost 70 percent of students with an iPhone said they’ll never sell used iPhone because it
helps them memorize their lessons quickly and prepare for examinations through note taking,
flashcard apps and quiz apps. 50 percent of these students said that one of the most basic
apps they have on their smartphones and iPhones for studying is the Notepad! But then
again, the iPhone’s notepad isn’t easy to use and note taking apps are actually easier to access
and are more functional than the native app. If you’re looking for a good and simple note
taking app, you should definitely try NOTE’d.

Easy Breezy Notes
Created by Suxxexx, NOTE’d offers its users simplicity and productivity in one pretty package.
It’s basically like a drawer for all your notes. We love it because it’s highly organizational and
has a really cute interface that would motivate anyone to keep taking notes. If you’re a
forgetful person, you definitely shouldn’t sell used iPhone because this app can help you create
notepads for your weekly shopping lists, your diary pages, your travel scraps and even
your memorable photos.

The good thing about this app is you can jazz up your notes by adding photos of the
restaurants you like or the places you’ve been in. You can even add voice memos if you ever
break your fingers from typing too much! The notepads come in different colors and patterns
and you can title each pad depending on its contents. Aside from the pretty UI, it’s also very
easy to navigate. All you have to do is select a notepad and start typing or editing!
The Notepad Margins

You sure would not want to sell an iPhone for another smartphone because this app runs on
iOS only and is not yet available for Windows Phones or Android smartphones. We seriously
hope they decide to branch out. An app this cool would have more followers if they tried other
platforms! Also, a good note taking app would have a cloud services. A sync feature for Drop
Box or iCloud would make a whole hell of a difference. And they should also consider
reinventing the lock buttons; new users would have trouble finding it. And last, we think they
should integrate checklists for the wish list pads to make grocery shopping neater!


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