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									Symposium Faculty:                         TRAUMA                                                                       Directions:
Thomas Fecelle, MD., F.A.C.S.             SYMPOSIUM                                             The Sheraton Inn Crossroads is reached via Route 17
                                                                                                North in Mahwah, New]mVi. Exit at Sheraton            Cross
Chief of Surgery,
Director of Trauma Services,
                                          AGENDA                                                Boulevard/ Mountainside Avenue on right.
                                                                                                Crossroads Corporate Center and Hotei:

Good Samaritan Hospital                 5:00pm      Registration and                            From the New York Thruway: to EX7t 15,follow
                                                     Buffet Dinner                              Route 17 S otlth touards Mahwah, New] er.rry.Exit at
Svmnosium Sneakers:
 ~   :A            ••.                                                                          Crossroads Boulevard/ Mountainside Avenue on right:
                                        5:45pm    Thomas Facelle, M.D., F.A.C.S.                Follow signs to Crossroads Corporate Center and HoteL
Nicholas Belasco, D. O.                             Welcome
Family Medicine/Sports Medicine                                                                 From the Garden State Parkway: Exit 163 to
Bon Secours Medical Group               6:00pm    Nicholas Belasco, D.O.                        Rt. 17 North and jollotv the direttions above.
                                                  "Concussion Update - New
                                                  Direction"                                    From Morristown: Route 287 North to Exit 66
Jeffrey Oppenheim, MD., D.A.B.N.S.                                                              (Route 17S outb/ Mahwah) Take first exit on right.
Neurological Surgery                                                                            Fol/OIIljigns to HoteL
                                        7:00pm           ***Break***
Hudson Valley Brain and Spine Surgery
                                        7:15pm    Jeffrey Oppenheim, M.D., D.A.B.N.S. Good Samaritan Hospital, Stdfem, New York, is a
David Markenson, MD., A. C.E.P.                   "Brain and Spinal Trauma"           non-profit, 370-bed hospital provzding emer;genry,medical,
Vice President., Medical Director                                                               surgical, obstetrical/ gynecologzixzland acute care sensces to
Westchester Medical Center and          8:15pm      ***Break, Dessert***                        residents qfRockland and Southern Orange Counties in
Maria Fareri Children's Hospital                                                                New York; and northern Bergen Counry, NeJJ!]mry. The
                                        8:30pm     David Markenson, M.D., F.A.C.S.              hospital also senes these communities as an area LevenI
                                                                                                Trauma Center. In Oaober; 2003, Gooel Samaritan
SYmposium Committee:
 ~ ...                                            'Pediatric Trauma"
                                                                                                Hospua! began offeringprimary angiopla,l:tyand was
                                                                                                approved f?y the State jor afull cardiac JU/;gery rogram in
Alicia Olmoz, R.N., MS.N, C.E.N.        9:30pm     Closing Remarks, Evaluations
                                                                                                March of 2005.
Good Samaritan Hospital
                                                      Contact Hours                             Good Samaritan Hospital was appro1)ed i?Y the State as;
                                                                                                a regional Stroke Center in AttgUJt of 2005, also
                                             Approved by Hudson Valley Regional. EMS
Barbara Demundo, R.N.                       Council for 3 .0 hours Medical Control credit
                                                                                                earning Certification ~y the Joint Commission on
Director, Community Outreach                                                                    Accreditation ofHealthcare Organizations. Good
                                            and NJDHSS for 3.0 CEU credits. Submitted           Samaritan provides regional Jpecial!y sensces, indudin,l;
Good Samaritan Hospital
                                               to Westchester REMAC for approval                comprehenJilJe cancer treatment services; cardiac care
Emie Stonick, EMT-D                                    Visit us on the web at::
                                                                                                programs whidJ include an active cardiac catheterization
EMS Coordinator                                                                                 laboratory; electroplD'sioloJ!) studies; maternal/ cWd
Bon Secours Health System                                                                       seruces, including a high lete! II specia! care nursery.
Good Samaritan Hospital                               Physician Referral Service

                                                                                                                             GOOD                  Sf\,'vtARITAN t-K)SPITAL
                                                                                                                             ~l<"" !J,j:'-;-,',M   o'.,,~""~_u,.. Sy,!..! •• ·yt
                                                                                                                             Ciill{J(!(/    by     mh.1kim~_ 111_"lJirc.'(.~
                                                                                                                                                                          by   umrpl.\:i;.:7fJ.
               REGI STRATI ON                                                GOOD SAMARITAN
Name:                                             _
Address:                                  _

Home Phone:                              _

Work Phone:                                       _
                                                                                     13tli jlnnua{
Email:                                        _                          q'([<jf   V:MYl srr~I.cPOSIV9d
Hospital/ Organization Affiliation:
                                                                                       ~ 0"~.             I"J   10_
Please circle one:                                                                                               "~'
                                                                                                .A   U·            -

MD RN       PA EMf        Other"              _
                                                                                          ~.,. s£••.

Registration Fee: Free (includes handout
                  materials and dinner)

Glatt Kosher required? Yes         No
                                                                                           Hosted by:

                                                                                   Thomas Facelle, MD, FACS
              Register now on-line @
                                                      -1        "
                                                                                         Chief of Surgery
                                                      r--;      "
                                                                                   Director of Trauma Services
              or callt-800-HELP         IN 5          c:::

                                                                                    Good Samaritan Hospital

                                                      C2:§ ~
                                                      <25       IJ
                                                      "<::"I ~
                                                      ...c..£ "'"
Ernie Stonick, EMT-D                                  <~ "
                                                      Vl':)                        Monday, November 14h, 2011
EMS Coordinator                                       O~~
                                                                                    Sheraton Crossroads Hotel
Good Samaritan Hospital                               OJ,~
                                                      OS ~                           1 International Boulevard
255 Lafayette Avenue
Suffern, NY 10901                                                                        Mahwah, NJ 07495
Phone: (845) 368-5408 Fax: (845) 368-5491
Email: Etnie_Stonick@bshsi.org                                                        5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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