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									You Might Date Online—Why Not Find a Nanny Online,
Crazy stories about Craig's List aside, more and more people are connecting with each
other in meaningful ways through online venues such as dating sites, Facebook
community boards, and other social media networks. These days, busy parents are also
turning to the internet to find a vital player in their family life: nannies, babysitters, and
caregivers. Online nanny agencies can link families with a wide array of domestic
workers in search of assignments. Sophisticated search algorithms can select solid
matches between families and workers, and take away the random and tedious nature
of trolling through ads or hoping to find the right person through that elusive “word of
mouth” method.

If you are looking for a full or part-time nanny, babysitter, or caregiver, and choose to
use an online agency, you will normally be asked to fill out an initial online form. The
agency will then get in touch with you about its services and its prices. If you choose to
proceed with the agency, you will most likely be asked to fill out an extensive profile,
which indicates what type of person you are looking for, some basic information about
your family and lifestyle, and what conditions of work you are offering. Your personally
identifying information should be kept secure until you have chosen a candidate whom
you would like to interview. After that, it is usually left to your discretion how much
information you reveal in the interview.

Just as in a first date, be somewhat discreet at your first interview with a candidate.
While you want to give her an idea of what your family is like and what you are looking
for, your time is better spent getting to know her. Don't be afraid to ask probing
questions. If you like her answers, you can always ask her back for a second interview
and be more forthcoming about your family. If not, then you've saved your family and
her a lot of potential heartache and hassle. Be sure to let her know that you or the
agency will be doing a full background check and will always reserve the right to
administer random drug tests. If this is problematic for the candidate, then it's best to
find out right away, so neither of you waste your time with each other.

A good online agency should be reputable, fairly prices, and have no serious complaints
lodged against it or any serious scandal associated with it. The agency should be
up-front about its pricing, its policies, and what to do in case of any difficulties or if you
are dissatisfied with its service. You can save a great deal of money using an online
agency as opposed to a “bricks and mortar” company, although you will most likely be
doing more of the legwork yourself. On the other hand, no one else can go on a date for
you. So why would you want someone else to choose a professional family member for
you, either?

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