Methods of Finding the Perfect Nanny by samiawahi


									Methods of Finding the Perfect Nanny
Taking on a nanny is a major commitment, both financially and emotionally. As nannies
usually live in your home and have intimate knowledge of your children and your family
dynamics, nannies have a tremendous amount of responsibility and trust placed in
them, often with no guarantee that things will work about between her and your family.
So how should you go about finding the best nanny for your family, in a safe and
comfortable way? Here's a list of some tried-and-true methods for finding a great nanny
for your children.

•      “Bricks and mortar” agencies. These are businesses with actual physical
       premises, where the owners and workers show up every day to connect
       domestic workers with families like yours. The large overhead of office     rent
and employees nearly always results in higher prices to you. On the         other hand,
these agencies live and die on their reputations, and so the level of service they may
provide may be top of the line.

•      Online nanny agencies. The newest development in linking nannies with
       employers is the online nanny agency. A reputable one, for example, is        Nanny
Available, where sophisticated algorithms connect family requests with compatible
domestic worker profiles. These agencies provide a vast         selection of workers,
usually, and often provide access to domestic workers beyond just
nannies—housekeepers, babysitters, and house-           sitters, for example. The prices
charged by online agencies are usually significantly lower than those charged by a
“bricks and mortar” agency,        but you as the client will have to be much more
involved in the      interviewing, screening and hiring process.

•       Word-of-mouth. The upside of the oldest form of advertising is that you       may
get a recommendation from someone you really trust about the            performance of their
nanny. On the other hand, what works for one family may not work as well for you, so
this is a bit of a crap-shoot. Your challenge here is to still do your own due diligence
and careful interviewing of the candidate to make sure she is a good fit for your family
        and for your children.

•      Posting your own public advertisement. No doubt, you will get people
       responding to any advertisement you publish. On the other hand, your            phone
may be ringing off the hook, and there is no guarantee that the       people calling you
have been screened or otherwise vetted. This can be a         very risky way to find
someone, so do take all security precautions seriously, including refusing to give out
your personal information over the        telephone, and insisting that initial interviews
take place in public places.

Having a nanny in your home can give you exceptional peace of mind, knowing that
your children will always be supervised, and that you have a known and trusted person
devoted to the well-being of your children. Stress reduction for working parents can add
years to your physical life, and greatly enhance the quality of your family life and your
love life, too!

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