No corporate can exist without religion by drsranganathan


									Has religion and rituals contributed anything to the ‘corporate behaviour’ of the man in
the corporate world? Corporate is a place, largely believed and understood to be ruled
by the professionals and professionalism, business interest and pragmatic thinking,
planning and achievements etc., Hence, the room for religion, religious faiths and
practices are expected to be completely absent in the corporate. This is what is
popularly believed about the corporate culture in general but such beliefs are far from

People in the most corporate are highly religious at their gene level. The expression is
seen less does not mean people are a-religious and professionals in the corporate setup.
In every conduct of their behaviour, we can see the effect and impact of the religion.
People in the corporate across the globe do carry religion in their behaviour and in their
leadership approach as well.

Animal sacrifice in the places of worship is well known to mankind. All religions,
whether it is Christianity, Islam, Hindu etc., have been practicing animal sacrifice in one
form or other. The genesis of such practice has its roots in pleasing and appeasing the
god in order to get the blessings. To get rid of the evils also, animal sacrifices are

Animal sacrifice is considered as the highest form of offerings where one can please the
god easily as well as nullify the effects of evils.

Look at the corporate setup closely. There used to be several commotions and wars do
break up in most corporate. Whenever things go wrong, the people move from pillar to
post to spot a ‘sacrificial goat’. Once such a goat is identified, in a well orchestrated
manner, the person identified will be blamed for the entire chaos and put him onto a

It is the religious faith that the sacrifice will help one to minimize the effects of evils
kindles such behaviour of people in corporate. The same behavioural trait only hence
compels the corporate man to hunt a sacrificial goat.

Once the goat is sacrificed, no one needs to take up the blame for the failure of a
project. The top management in most corporate appreciates the people who have
identified the sacrificial goat with a notion that the goat was the cause for the failure of
the entire project. In a sense, the ‘offering of a sacrificial goat’ has given its benefit to
the ‘givers’ in the corporate.

Interestingly, whether such animal sacrifices in the place of worship are really doing any
good to the believers or not, it helps the corporate people a lot to hide their mistakes
and also to receive the pleasantries from the top management. Ironically, the single
man driven corporate is the one that suffers the worst from such cult of people.
Such practices are very common among boss-subordinates, at peer level and at intra
department functions. Most of the a-religious men in corporate are highly religious and
do all religious practices to get their dividends, may be without the knowledge.

How to control it? It can be controlled only by knowing it. The corporate leaders must
develop intelligence and ingenuity to the fact that no single man can cause such a total
damage to any project. Once such truth is cognized, no one will dare to come to ‘the
alter’ with another goat for sacrifice in future.

Ironically, the HR in most corporate is competent in all other functions in the corporate
except its own. Make them competent in knowing various aspects that influence the
human mind and human activity.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd.

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– lessons from university of nature’ by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S

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