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									Safe Zone Member FAQ

   1. As a Safe Zone certified member can I approach individuals to recommend

No. Safe Zone is intended to provide a safe space for students, faculty, and staff at the
College. Therefore, individuals must approach a Safe Zone identified (pin, sticker, or
otherwise) member. However, we strongly encourage members to recommend the
program to fellow community members whom might contribute to the program as

   2. When an individual approaches me as a member of Safe Zone, do I provide
      counseling support?

No. Safe Zone training provides sensitivity tools, but no level of clinical training.
Individuals seeking psychological or emotional support should be referred to the
Counseling Center, student support groups, or community support groups. The extent to
which a Safe Zone member provides other means of support is discretionary; however, it
should be considered that the primary function of a Safe Zone member is to serve as a
sensitive listener, and referral person for GLBT-related information.

   3. Where can I find useful GLBT information?

The Safe Zone website should have available GLBT resource information (members-only
General Information section). Safe Zone coordinator, Richael Faithful (
can provide further information, if necessary.

   4. As a Safe Zone member can I offer advice to an individual?

Each member should use his or her discretion. Advice in the context of resources or
sensitivity (related to items presented during training) is acceptable. However, members
should avoid broaching other topics, and instead, make appropriate references.

   5. What should I do if an individual asks about approaching a suspected gay friend,
      family member, employee, or other related persons?

Unfortunately, Safe Zone training does not academically inform members about this type
of scenario. Please refer the individual to the Counseling Center or Student Health Center
where brochures can further instruct him or her.

   6. Which types of information can I share after mediation?

All information is to be kept confidential about mediation, especially disclosed
information. The only exception is if he or she discloses information which could be
potentially harmful to themselves or others. Please keep this in mind during discussion
room chats—all scenarios should be discussed in most general terms.
   7. Am I assumed to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered if I am a Safe Zone

It is possible. However, many Safe Zone members are straight allies who support a fair
and safe GLBT environment.

   8. How can I learn information about the latest GLBT programs, events, and

Please contact the Safe Zone coordinator or Lambda Alliance for more information.

   9. I have a particular concern or question not addressed in this list?

Please contact Safe Zone coordinator for more information.

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