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									        Ireo Skyon Sector 60 Gurgaon
At IreoSkyon, you will information a total new level of living where effects
occur at the feel of a key. Whether it is answer the front door, regulateing
the finished, pre-scheduling setting safety alerts, electrical gadgets or much
more now it's all probable with a simple touch of your moveable home
console, the iPad.Hamessing the best of home control knowledge of offer
insightful, relevant answer for a variety of everyday desires, Ireo Skyon
quality homes that are really future-ready.

Join that with its major location within Gurgaon, its exclusively striking broad
balcony structure; its carefully designed viewing corridors that ignore a
GolfPark, its world class clubhouse and you can see why a residence at Ireo
Skyon is great savings. Come knowledge the magic of space age living.
Come knowledge happiness develop.

Located at 60 Sector of gurgaon, the house compound is in proximity to the
Southern edge Road and sits gladly is a great location. Apart from easy
access to National Highways 8, residents will also advantage from tow new
fast outlet roads to Delhi. What's more, Ireo Skyon is about 2 kms away
from the Metro Station which will more add to travelling expediency.
Furthermore, IreoSkyon is situated within the imminent 500 acre Ireo City
master-planned development, which means it will be in close nearness to
Ireo City's premium recreational district with hi-end retai, 5 star hotels and
much more.

One of the most eyes catching of Ireo Skyon Gurgaon is undeniably its
single comprehensive balconies that ignore the lush green scenery, only if
gorgeous scenic experience.These balconies have been shaped to give a
feeling of being in steady motion which makes it visually attractive. Each
balcony has been so constructed that the residents have access to it from
the dining living/ area, one additional bedroom and the master bedroom.
The increasingly stepped, bent from of the balcony gives it and person space
that is not originate in a lot of housing designs. The banger shape of the
edifice makes it possible for balconies of each wing to not overlap. Not only
does this ensure absolute privacy for each home, it also provides each
balcony with a continual viewing hall.

Altogether, IREO Skyon at Sector 60 inGurgaon is a next age group house
at hand a new level of living where things happen with the touch of handle
at very sensible price according to the service and kind afford by Skyon
group Gurgaon.

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