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Property Tax Hardship Exemption - DOC


									                   Property Tax Hardship Exemption
                               Call 211 for any medical or human service need

                                                         Income        Income        Personal
        Community             Phone number               limit for     limit for   appearance
                              (ask for assessing dept)   one           four         required?
        Armada Twp            586-784-5200                   Federal   Guidelines      No
        Bruce Twp             586-752-4585                 $16,200     $33,150    Yes-first time
        Chesterfield Twp      586-949-0400                   Federal   Guidelines      No
        Clinton Twp           586-286-8000                 $13,000     $24,100    mtg w assessor
        Center Line           586-757-6800                   Federal   Guidelines      Yes
        Eastpointe            586-445-5005                   Federal   Guidelines      Yes
        Fraser                586-293-3104               $11,890       $23,350         Nos
        Harrison Twp.         586-466-1410                   Federal   Guidelines      No
        Lenox Twp.            586-727-2085                   Federal   Guidelines      No
        Macomb Twp.           586-992-0710                   Federal   Guidelines      Yes
        Memphis               810-392-2385                   Federal   Guidelines      Yes
        Mt. Clemens           586-469-6812                   Federal   Guidelines      No
        New Baltimore         586-725-2151                   Federal   Guidelines      No
        Ray Twp.              586-749-5171                   Federal   Guidelines      No
        Richmond              586-727-7571                   Federal   Guidelines      No
        Richmond Twp.         586-727-8998                   Federal   Guidelines      No
        Roseville             586-445-5430                   Federal   Guidelines      No
        St. Clair Shores      586-445-5200                   Federal   Guidelines      Yes
        Shelby Twp.           586-731-5910               $16,200       $33,150         No
        Sterling Heights      586-446-2340               $19,575       $27,925         Yes
        Utica                 586-739-1600                   Federal   Guidelines      No
        Warren                586-574-4532                   Federal   Guidelines      No
        Washington Twp        586-786-0016                   Federal   Guidelines      Yes

FEDERAL GUIDELINES (for 2011): One person = $10,890 per year ($907 per month); two persons = $14,710
per year ($1225 per month); three persons = $18,530 ($1544 p mo); four persons = $22,350 ($1862 p mo); 5 =
$26,170 ($2180 p mo); 6 = $29,990 ($2499 p mo); 7 = $33,810; 8 = $37,630.

The Boards of Review meet in March, July, and December. It is a Michigan statutory requirement that citizens
may petition at one of these meetings for tax exemption for the current year. An application and extensive
documentation is required, including last year’s tax returns. Asset limits vary. Some communities require or
recommend you appear before the Board of Review so the Board can ask you questions and allow you to
explain medical expenses and other special circumstances. Property tax exemptions can be granted only for the
current year, not back taxes* You must reapply each year. Tax exemptions are typically approved if your
income from the previous year was below the income level. If you are slightly over, unusual circumstances or
expenses may help the board decide in your favor. The property tax exemption granted may be partial or total.
Some communities advertise their poverty tax exemption via the Macomb Daily, flyers, Cable TV, minutes, a
website, or by mailing applications to people who applied the year before.

Note: if you are over the income limit for property tax exemption, you may qualify for a tax credit: a tax
reduction or cash payment to you of up to $1200 per year to help you pay your taxes. Consult your tax advisor
or a helping agency, such as the Community Action Agencies, who may help you file for the credit. *If you
were not granted exemptions and you have not been receiving the tax credit every year, you can file amended
returns for the past 4 years and could get up to $4800. The Accounting Aid Society 866-673-0873 may help.
For much more info and a link to forms, go to,1607,7-238-43535_43538---
,00.html or Google: Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit            revised 3/17/2011

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