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Vietnam vets welcomed home with LZ Lambeau by wuyunyi


									   August 27, 2009

 In This Issue…             Vietnam vets welcomed home with LZ Lambeau NY state
                            By Nate Wisneski
                                                                                                                                          museum to
                           Many Vietnam veter-
                         ans feel they were                                                                                               return
                         never genuinely wel-
                         comed home upon                                                                                                  remains to
                         return from their tour
Ketchup slider – 2A of duty. LZ Lambeau:                                                                                                  Onondagas
Little Bear Webster Welcoming              Home                                                                                           By William Kates
took third place during  Wisconsin’s Vietnam                                                                                              Associated Press Writer
the ketchup slide com- Veterans is aiming to                                                                                                SYRACUSE, N.Y.
petition at this yearʼs provide that homecom-                                                                                             (AP) ~ The Onondaga
Burger             Fest ing.                                                                                                              Indian Nation will bury
Celebration           in   The        Wisconsin                                                                                           the ancestral remains
Seymour.                 Department             of                                                             Kali photo/Nate Wisneski   of 180 individuals next
                         Veterans        Affairs,         Kathy Hughes, Oneida Tribeʼs Vice-Chairwoman and veteran,                       month, ending a long-
                         Wisconsin Historical             speaks during a press conference introducing LZ Lambeau at                      standing dispute with
                         Society, and Wisconsin           Lambeau Field on Wednesday, August 19.                                          the New York State
                         Public Television have           home men and women family and friends to ans,” said Don Jones,                  Museum.
                         partnered with veter-            who served in the proudly serve the LZ Lambeau Event                              The          so-called
                         ans’ groups across the                                                                                           Engelbert site remains
                         state to present the his-        armed forces during country, only to come Director and Vietnam
                                                          the Vietnam War. back unwelcome. LZ veteran.                                    were discovered in
                         toric event May 21 –                                                        LZ Lambeau will                      1967 in Tioga County
                         23 of next year at               Whether you agreed Lambeau is an oppor-                                         during construction of
                                                          with the war or not, we tunity to properly
     Oneida Talk - 2A Lambeau Field.                      had thousands of men thank and welcome
                                                                                                        • See 2A, LZ                      the Southern Tier
   Weeya and Jim Smith     “(LZ Lambeau will)                                                             Lambeau                         Expressway and date
host a weekly web based  properly       welcome           and women leave their home Vietnam veter-                                       to between 1000 and
radio show on Thursday                                                                                                                    1550. Many of the
                                                                                                                                          remains are just single
nights focused everyday
topics in the Oneida
                                   Healthy lifestyles celebrated at Diabetes Event                                                        bones, but in some
community. They pro-                                                                                                                      instances there are
duce their live show from                                                                                                                 nearly complete skele-
their home.                                                                                                                               tons.
                                                                                                                                            The remains were
                                                                                                                                          held by Binghamton
                                                                                                                                          University until they
                                                                                                                                          were transferred to the
                                                                                                                                          museum in 1989. The
                                                                                                                                          Onondagas have been
                                                                                                                                          seeking their return
                                                                                                                                          since 1993. They made
                                                                                                                                          a formal request to the
                                                                                                                                          federal National Native
                                                                                                                                          American         Graves
                                                                                                                                          Protection           and
      Oneida golfer                                                                                                                       Repatriation Review
   takes 2nd in OK                                                                                                                        Committee last fall
         – Lifestyles                                                                                                                     after the museum con-
  Grant Danforth, 11,                                                                                                                     tinued to balk at return-
took on all competitors                                                                                                                   ing them.
during     the    First                                                                                                                     Museum Director
Nations           Golf                                                                                                                    Cliff Siegfried said the
Association’s National                                                                                                                    time since last fall has
Golf Championship in                                                                                                                      been spent arranging
Thackerville, Ok.               Kali Photos/Dawn Walschinski                                                                              the details of the
                              The Annual Diabetes                                                                                         return, which also
                              event attracted one of its                                                                                  includes hundreds of
       Section A              largest      attendances                                                                                    funerary objects still
Pages 2–5A/Local              Wednesday, August 26 at                                                                                     held by the university.
Page 6A/OBC                                                                                                                               They include stone
                              Thornberry Creek at                                                                                         tools, clay pottery, ani-
Page 7A/Vets List             Oneida.
Page 8A/Stimulus                                                                                                                          mal bone, shell, brass,
                              Top: Janis and Frosty                                                                                       charcoal, mica, soil,
Page 9A/Local
                              Clothier gather informa-                                                                                    and botanicals.
Page 10A/Culture
                              tional materials before                                                                                       The Onondagas will
       Section B              dinner.                                                                                                     hold a private ceremo-
                              Right From left to right:                                                                                   ny and bury the
Page 1B/Lifestyles                                                                                                                        remains at an undis-
                              Miss Oneida Lauren
Page 2B/Environment                                                                                                                       closed location on the
Page 3B/Education
                              Hoeft, Jr. Miss Jasmine
                              Polar, and Lil Miss Katy                                                                                    reservation, which sits
Page 4B/Classified                                                                                                                        just south of Syracuse,
Page 5B/Good News             Bermke greet Nadine
                              Escamea       and     Pat                                                                                   said Shannon Keller
Page 6B/Health                                                                                                                            O’Loughlin, a lawyer
Page 7B/OFF                   Escamea.                                                                                                    for the Onondagas.
Page 8B/Drums                                                                                                                               “The nation plans to
                                                                                                                                          do this quietly. It’s a
                                            Oneida Law Conference to be historic                                                          reverent event, not an
                                                                                                                                          occasion for a huge
                                            By Dawn Walschinski            history of Oneida govern-     enforcement of laws.             party,”     O’Loughlin
                                            Kalihwisaks                    ment and court system         Jennifer Hill-Kelly is           said Tuesday.
                                              The Oneida Tribal            from pre-European contact     working with Deputy                Onondaga leaders
                                            Judicial System (OTJS) is      to the present. Becky         Chief Judicial Officer Stan      were not available
                                            getting ready to host the      Webster, one of 11 Oneida     Webster to help organize         Tuesday for comment
                                            first     Oneida       Law     lawyers to attend the con-    the event, and hopes atten-      about the return, which
                                            Conference September 21-       ference, states the Oneida    dees will take away              will take place some-
                                            22 at the Radisson Hotel.      people have always had a      knowledge of the legisla-        time       in       early
                                            According      to     Chief    government.                   tive process and judicial        September.
                                            Judicial Officer Winifred        “When we were back in       process.                           The state museum
                                            Thomas, the idea for the       New York, we governed           “It gives tribal members       delayed the return
                                            conference was inspired        our selves. We had a fully    the opportunity to come          because it said it could
                                            by the Ho-chunk Nation’s       functioning government        and hear from the experts,       not conclusively deter-
                                            Law Day.                                                     and to talk to the experts       mine the cultural ori-
                                                                           before the Europeans ever                                      gins of the remains.
                                              “We wanted to have a         landed on our shores, and     about how our law has
                                                                                                         evolved, and where we’d            But the federal
                                            law day ... because a lot of   we’ve continued ... to gov-                                    review panel said last
                                            people don’t know what         ern ourselves whether it be   like to go in the future,”
                                                                                                         said Hill-Kelly.                 fall the remains should
                                            we’re all about,” said         in the traditional long-                                       be recognized as
                                            Thomas. “We have found         house form, or under the        Webster is looking for-
                                                                                                         ward to the opportunity for      Onondaga and given to
                                            out with the judiciary,        BIA constitution that we                                       the tribe.
                                            that’s what we are con-        now operate under,” said      Oneidas to share their own
                                                                                                         story with fellow Oneidas.         The Native American
                                            stantly doing is educating,    Webster.                        “A lot of time we get          Graves Protection and
                                            educating, educating.”           Day two will focus on
                                              The first day of the con-    the operations of the              • See 2A, OTJS
                                            ference will focus on the      Oneida Judiciary and                                             • See 5A, Remains
2A (T#ken)            Local
                • August 27, 2009                                                                                                         

          Slipping and Like to talk? Give new
                        Oneida Talk a try
             sliding                                                             By Nate Wisneski
                                                                                   Oral communication
                                                                                                                       knew everyone around
                                                                                                                       you,” he said. “Over the
                                                                                                                       years, I can see how the
                                                                                                                                                            ment on the show and
                                                                                                                                                            chat      with      others.
                                                                                                                                                            Archived shows are also
                                                                                 has passed down culture               tribe has changed. It                available on the shows
                                                                                 and traditional stories for           seems I could walk into a            website.
                                                                                 Oneida people. This tra-              room full of Oneidas and               Jim and Weeya see the
                                                                                 dition is continuing with             not know anyone any-                 show as unbiased and
                                                                                 a little help from technol-           more. There is nothing               welcome all points of
                                                                                 ogy.                                  wrong with that, but it              view, even if they vary
                                                                                   Oneida Talk, a weekly               seems some of our trou-              from his. “I would love
                                                                                 web-based talk radio                  bles come from not being             to have different opin-
                                                                                 show, hopes to provide a              on the same page and                 ions on, especially the
                                                                                 comfortable forum for                 working as a tribe.”                 ones who get people real-
                                                                                 community members.                    Smith feels Oneida Talk              ly fired up,” Jim said. “I
                                                                                 “We just want to be used              could be the platform                would love to have them
                                                                                 by the community as a                 needed to hash out some              to offer real discussion
                                                                                 forum for people to have              community issues.                    about it.”
                                                                                 the opportunity and abili-                Weeya is a full blood              Jim would like to see
                                                                                 ty to freely speak their              Cherokee and was born                the show grow and a sec-
                                                                                 mind.                                 and raised in Florida. She           ond show developed for
                                                                                   There is no other way               has a Bachelor’s Degree              another section of listen-
                                                                                 to do it except a GTC                 in education and holds a             ers. “ I would like to see
                                                                                 meeting, and some don’t               Master’s in technology.              one for the dayshift and a
                                                                                 want to do that,” said                Weeya’s always felt wel-             morning show for second
                                                                                 Weeya Smith, half of the              comed and embraced in                and third shift (workers).
                                                                                 husband and wife host                 the Oneida community                 You could have a whole
                                                                                 team of Oneida Talk.                  and feels this is her way            different group talking,”
                                                                                   Weeya, along with her               to give back. “Oneida                he said.
                                                              Submitted photo    husband, Jim Smith, use               people have welcomed                   Weeya just wants to
 Little Bear Webster son of Jane Webster and the late Eli "Bear"                 a free of charge web-                 me in and I feel like I am           see the show become a
 Webster has been participating in the ketchup slide at Burgerfest               based hosting site to pro-            a part of this community.            haven for communica-
                                                                                 duce       their    weekly            It’s Oneida’s show, this is          tion for community
 in Seymour for the past 4 years. Each year he has placed in one                 Thursday night show.                  a place for them,” she               members. “I would love
 of the top 3 positions. (first year 2nd place, second year 1st                  The show is held at their             said.                                to hear in the community
 place, third year 2nd place, this year 3rd place) This year his dis-            Green Bay residence                      Oneida Talk’s first               people talking about stuff
 tance was 163 feet 10 inches.                                                   with the two hosts in sep-            show was on July 2 and               and they say lets take it to
                                                                                 arate rooms with cell                 after seven shows listen-            Oneida Talk. We want
From 1A/LZ Lambeau                                      Skenandoah
                                                                                 phones and computers.
                                                                                   Jim was born and
                                                                                                                       ership has grown to near-
                                                                                                                       ly 120 listeners. “It’s
                                                                                                                                                            people to feel welcome
                                                                                                                                                            and comfortable,” she
                                                                                 raised in the Oneida                  growing a little bit by lit-         said.
feature special speak-
ers, music, recogni-
                              The Oneida Tribe
                            gladly supported the
                                                         Complex                 Community. He was a                   tle bit, “ Weeya said.                 Oneida Talk can be
tions, exhibits, the        event and documen-                                   bingo caller at the                   “Now it’s growing by                 heard on Thursday
Vietnam         Moving      tary through funding         Tentative Move          Oneida Casino and                     word of mouth.”                      evenings by going to
Wall, and the premiere      assistance. “Dating         Schedule for tribal      worked for Elderly                       The show welcomes                 www.oneidatalk.wet-
of Wisconsin Public         back        to      the        departments           Services for a brief time.            callers and also has an     Check the
Television’s      docu-     Revolutionary War,                                   “I remember the old days              interactive live chat that           website for times as they
mentary, Wisconsin          Native      Americans       August 24, 2009 to       when it seemed you                    allows listeners to com-             do vary.
Vietnam War Stories.        have played an impor-       September 4, 2009
“The event is an            tant part in every        Purchasing,     Indian
opportunity for every-      American war, and the     Preference, Licensing,
one to learn about the      Vietnam War was no        Tourism – 23 total
men and women who           exception,”        said
went off to war, honor      Kathy          Hughes,     September 8, 2009 to
their service, and to       Oneida Tribe’s Vice-       September 18, 2009
officially say welcome      Chairwoman. “As a         Enrollments,     Trust,
home,” added Jones.         veteran from the          Retail Administration –
  The        Wisconsin      Vietnam era, I am         29 total
Public Television doc-      excited at the opportu-
umentary will feature       nity this event will      September21, 2009 to
Oneida Vietnam veter-       provide to finally give     October 2, 2009
ans, along with others      a well deserved recog-    HRD – 41 total
from throughout the         nition.”
state, sharing their sto-     For more informa-          Phone Numbers
ries and memories of        tion on LZ Lambeau        General     Manager’s
the Vietnam War. A          visit     www.lzlam-      Office: 920-496-7349
portrait exhibit will                 Grants: 920-496- 7330
also accompany the                                    Kalihwisaks: 920-496-
premiere.                                             7318                                                                                                              Submitted photo
                                                                                 Oneida Talk, a weekly web radio show, is hosted by the husband and
                                                                                 wife team of Weeya (left) and Jim (right) Smith. The show can be
From 1A/OTJS Conference                                                          heard on Thursday nights at
educated on what hap-       come from in order for    grew a lot in his
pens in Indian law          us to recognize and       tenure,” said Hill-
from the newspaper,         realize where we’re at    Kelley.                    Kalihwisaks has moved to:
for the Green Bay           today, and focus on         An investiture will                 SKENANDOAH COMPLEX
Press-Gazette, or from      where we’re going         be held Tuesday night                 909 Packerland Dr. • Green Bay, WI 54303
elsewhere. We want to       tomorrow,”         said   to swear in the judicial
try to educate our peo-     Thomas.                   officers elected July
ple how our govern-           The OTJS will honor     25.                                                                                                   Street address
ment works by our-          past Oneida leaders         The event is free and                                                                               909 Packerland Dr.
                                                                                                                                                            Green Bay, WI 54313
selves,” said Webster.      such      as    Purcell   open to all tribal mem-
  Thomas would like         Powless on Monday         bers and employees.
community members           night.                    Tickets for the banquet
to understand the             “We’re hoping to get    will be available at the                                                                              Mail address
                                                                                                                                                            P.O. Box 365
importance of having        a big turnout for the     OTJS      offices     at                                The Staff                                     Oneida, WI 54155
a judicial system and       banquet. Its a great      Ridgeview         Plaza,
the role it plays in        way to recognize a        3759 West Mason.            Dawn Walschinski......................Managing Editor
exercising Oneida’s         past chairman who         Pick up tickets before      • (920)496-7318
sovereignty.                helped the tribe ... to   Friday, September 16.       Yvonne Kaquatosh..........Page Designer/Ad Rep
                                                                                  • (920)496-7317             Office Hours
  “All of us need           get us into a position                                                                                      8 AM – 4:30 PM
know where we have          to really grow, and we                                Steven J. Gandy ....... Sr. Reporter/Photographer Monday-Friday
                                                                                  • (920)496-7316
                                                                                  Nate Wisneski..........……Reporter/Photographer
                                                          Mail to…                • (920)496-7319
 To Subscribe…
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       $24.00/Annually (current rate)                                              information in the classifieds section.                                                  Local                                                    August 27, 2009           • (Áhs^) 3A

                                                                               Passing On…
               Skenandore, Sandra J.                              Peltier, Michael J. ʻMe shanʼ                           Diamond, Zeke ʻNeegawneegahbowʼ
           August 16, 1956 – August 13, 2009                        October 21, 1965 – August 25, 2009                   September 22, 1973 – August 25, 2009
  Sandra        J.               lings:       Kitty       Michael        J.                Talon Peltier, his
                                                                                                                     Zeke         Diamond,     pants throughout the
Skenandore, 52,                  (Tom) Webster,         Peltier (Me shan),                 mother,     Lynn,
                                                                                                                  (Neegawneegahbow),           year.
died Thursday,                   Patrick (Nancy)        43, of Oneida                      father John; two       35, of Oneida, died unex-       His family includes his
August 13, 2009.                 Skenandore,            passed       away                  siblings     Paul      pectedly Tuesday morn-       wife, Gina, three chil-
She was born                     Debbie Cloud,          unexpectedly as a                  (Jackie) Peltier,      ing, August 25, 2009 as a    dren, Gerald Diamond II,
August 16, 1956                  W a y n e              result of a vehicle                and Rosemarie          result of an automobile      Tessa Diamond, Anita
in Green Bay a daughter Skenandore,            Gary
                                                        accident Tuesday morn- (Jeff) Rackow, nephews             accident. The son of
of Patrick and Muriel Wheelock, and Dale                                                                                                       Grace Diamond, parents,
                                                        ing August 25, 2009. Cullin, Hunter, and Daiel            Gerald B. and Dr. Fern
(Green) Skenandore.       (Lisa) Skenandore; and                                                                                               Gerald B. Diamond and
                                                        The son of John and Peltier, and Matthew                  (Cornelius)      Diamond
  Sandra enjoyed bead- nieces and nephews.                                                                                                     Dr. Fern Cornelius
                                                        Lynn (Cornelius) Peltier Rackow; niece Holly.             was born in Chicago on
ing, volleyball, boating,   Sandra was preceded                                                                                                Diamond, one sister,
                                                        was born October 21, Michael is further sur-              September 22, 1973. He
sitting at the fire pit, in death by her mother                                                                                                Deanna Barrett, and
                                                                                                                  married Gina Wade-
singing, dancing, and Muriel          Skenandore;       1965 at Plymouth, WI. vived by aunts, uncles,                                          many relatives through-
                                                                                                                  Munnell after fifteen
gambling. Most of all brother               Dennis      On June 7, 2005 he mar- cousins, Virginia’s fami-         years, in Hayward, WI on     out Indian Country.
she enjoyed spending Skenandore; sister Angel           ried the former Virginia ly, and his adopted fami-        April 14, 2007.                 According to Native
time with her grandchil- Doxtator; and grandson         Swamp in Las Vegas, lies throughout the                      Zeke was a graduate of    American           Church
dren.                     Thunder Skenandore.           Nevada.                    Indian Country.                the Culinary Arts from       Traditions, friends may
  Sandra is survived by     Funeral Services were
                                                          Mr. Peltier was a U.S.     Family and friends           MATC, Milwaukee, and         call at the family home,
her     father    Patrick held at 11:00AM on
                                                        Army Veteran, and was may call from 8:00 AM               was currently enrolled at    2875       Commissioner
Skenandore; children: Monday, August 17,
                                                        an active member of until 4:00 PM Thursday                NWTC, Green Bay. He
Gordon Ponco, Sunshine 2009 at Assembly of                                                                                                     Street, Oneida, after
                                                        Oneida Veterans, Lac du Aug. 27 (TODAY) at the            worked for Famous
(Shannon Wheelock) God Church, Oneida,                                                                                                         noon Thursday, August
                                                        Flambeau Veterans, and Michael and Virginia               Daves Barbeque         for
Skenandore,        Jessee with Pastor Lonnie                                                                                                   27, 2009.          Native
                                                                                                                  many years as corporate
(Marsha) Skenandore, Johnson            officiating.    Forest County Color Peltier family home, 894                                           American           Church
                                                                                                                  trainer, and was a
and Brian Murphy; RYAN                  FUNERAL         Guards. He worked for Riverdale Drive Oneida.                                          Services with Vincent
                                                                                                                  Manager for Don Pablos
fiancé Lyle Tonnon: HOME, De Pere is                    many years at the Oneida Oneida VFW will hold a           Restaurants.      He was     “Buddy” Powless, offici-
grandchildren Shayna, assisted the family with          Casino as a boxman in veteran ceremony at 3:30            Head Chef for Gathering      ating, at the home of
Leah, Abigail         and arrangements.                 the craps pit. He was a PM at the home, follow-           of Nations Pow-Wow.          Dorothy          Powless,
Summer Skenandore,          Please             visit
                                                        well-renowned master of ing the Veteran ceremony          Zeke was an active mem-      N5679       Skylark     in
Darian and Shannon                 to
                                                        ceremonies throughout we will process to Zoar,            ber of Native American       Oneida        on Friday
Wheelock, and Saqora send online condolences
                                                        Indian Country. He was WI where services will             Church (NAC), and was        evening until time of
Skenandore. She is fur- to the Skenandore fami-
                                                        an active member and continue until 2:00 PM               raising his family to fol-
ther survived by her sib- ly.                                                                                                                  final resting place. The
                                                        Corner Chair of the Friday, Aug. 28, 2009.                low the ways of the
                                                                                                                  NAC. He was an accom-        family will process to
                                                        Traditional Zoar Drum, Procession will leave at                                        Oneida Tribal Cemetery
                  Cloud, Patrick F.                                                                               plished dancer his entire
                                                        which was a large part of 2:00 PM from Zoar, WI           life. Zeke loved spending    for interment at 1:00 pm
          October 9, 1965 – August 18, 2009             his traditional Native on Friday for Traditional                                       Saturday, with Vince
                                                                                                                  time with his children
  Patrick        F.                August 21, 2009      American        Heritage. Burial Services at 3:00         and family and was a         Beyl, conducting the last
Cloud, 43 of                       at Potch Che Nuk     Michael was also a mem- PM at the Oneida Tribal           devoted father.        He    Rites.       Please visit
Green Bay, died                    Community            ber of the Native Cemetery in Oneida, WI.                 enjoyed coaching his to send
on        Tuesday                  C e n t e r ,        American Church.           RYAN          FUNERAL          kids Little League team      online condolences to the
August 18, 2009.                   Wittenberg, WI.        Survivors include his HOME of De Pere is                and was a school volun-      Diamond Family. Ryan
He was born                        L o r e n z o                                                                  teer for many years. He
                                                        wife, Virginia, five chil- assisting the Peltier                                       Funeral Home of De Pere
October 9, 1965.            Funmaker officiated with                                                              loved playing golf and
  He is survived by his burial in the John Stacey       dren, Tyler Pamanet, Family with arrange-                                              is assisting the family
                                                                                                                  hockey. He and his fam-
parents Nathaniel and Memorial Cemetery.                Levander        Pamanet, ments        please    visit                                  with arrangements. In
                                                                                                                  ily did beadwork togeth-
Janice (Doxtator) Cloud.      RYAN       FUNERAL        Trevor          Pamanet, to send           er, which was in high        lieu of flowers, donations
His brothers and sister; HOME 305 N. Tenth              Shewenda Peltier, and online condolences.                 demand         in      the   can be made for the
Nathan,          Rodney, Street De Pere, assisted                                                                 Community and through        Diamond children at Bay
Richard, Wilfred, Randy, the family with arrange-                                                                 the US and Canada. Zeke      Bank, Green Bay, under
and Helen, and his spe- ments.
                                                                          Cox, Raymond K.
                                                                                                                  and his family were avid     the name of the Five
cial friend Kathy. His sis-   Please      go      to               May 28, 1961 – August 21, 2009                 Pow-Wow Trail partici-       Diamonds.
ter Cheryl preceded him            to      Raymond         K.                Linda        (Jay)
in death.                   express online condo-       Cox, 48, passed                     Parsons, WY; Sue
  Funeral services were lences to the Cloud fami-       away unexpected-                    Chalfant,     WY;                Cornelius, Joseph Anthony
held at 1pm on Friday, ly.                              ly on Friday, Aug.                  Dale "PeeWee"                     January 2, 1974 – July 7, 2009
                                                        21, 2009. He was                    (Lynn) Metoxen,          Joseph was born                 Brenda Elmore;
                                                        born on May 28,                     Oneida;      Terry
        Kurowski, Kenneth H. ʻKennyʼ                                                                              in         Chicago,                step-father Melvin
                                                        1961, to the late            (Lisa)          Metoxen,
                   DOD: August 22, 2009                 Raymond and Mildred          Seymour; Donna Tank          Illinois, January 2,               Hudspath: sisters
  Kenneth          Howard Abbeville, SC and Gary        Cox. Ray married Connie      (fiance Al Wieseler), De     1974 and relocated                 Demeana “Dede”
"Kenny" Kurowski, 73, W. (Peggy) Kurowski of            Doxtator on Dec. 19,         Pere. Further survived by    to California in                   Cornelius, Yvette
resident of 201 Lake Bridgeport, Illinois; 4            1986. Ray loved spend-       Connie's family and          1985 with his                      Cornelius, Janice
Secession Rd. husband of sisters       Loretta     V.   ing every minute with his    numerous other family        mother and two sisters at    Hudspath and Charlene
Norma          Schoonover Metoxen of Oneida,            family, enjoyed hunting      and friends.                 the time. He worked at       Hudspath; 2 nieces and 2
Kurowski passed away Wisconsin, Shirley M.              and fishing, and doing all     Preceded in death by       Portland Cement in           nephews,          Shania
Saturday Aug. 22, 2009 Hill and her husband             he could to ensure his       his parents, Raymond         Colton, California, and      Moreno,           La’Zel
at his home.                Fredmond of Oneida,         family was safe and          and Mildred Cox, second      was known for his            Blackman,        Za’Riah
  Born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Patricia A.             healthy. Ray was always      mom, Arlene King; son,
                                                                                                                  strength of character,       Morrison & James
Wisconsin he was a son Cornelius and her hus-           there to lend a helping      Christopher; daughter,
                                                        hand to anyone who           RaeAnn; father-in-law,       family loyalty and his big   Watkins; 3 grandsons,
of the late Peter Paul and band Merlin of DePere,
                                                        needed it. He worked for     Vernon Doxtator; broth-      heart.                       Eric Maldonado, Nathan
Grace            Margaret Wisconsin and Linda F.
Skenandore Kurowski.                                    the Oneida Nation Farm       er-in-law, Mike Chalfant.       Joseph was the grand-     Maldonado and Andrew
                            Mercier and her husband     for 13 years and was cur-      Funeral services were      son of Merlin and Janice     Maldonado; many aunts
  He was a United States Glenn        of     Oneida,
Marine veteran serving in Wisconsin; 1 brother          rently employed by           held at 7pm on Tuesday,      Cornelius.                   and uncles as well as
the first, second and third Gerald L. Kurowski and      Carl's Trucking for the      August 25, 2009 with            He is survived by his     great aunts, great uncles
Marine Divisions. After his wife Gloria Jeanne of       last four years.             Rev. Earl L. Smith offici-   loving wife, Christine       and many, many cousins.
he was discharged from                                    Survived by, wife,         ating.                       Cornelius, his sons            Joseph will truly be
                            Oneida, Wisconsin and 3     Connie;          children,     RYAN        FUNERAL
the Marines he later                                                                                              Henry          Cornelius,    missed.
                            grandchildren.              Fieldon          (Jessica)   HOME 305 N. Tenth
joined the United States                                                                                          Timothy        Cornelius,      Services were held July
                              A Celebration of Mr.      Doxtator, Sarah (Charles     Street De Pere, assisted
Army in which he served                                                                                           Joseph         Cornelius,    14, 2009 at Bobbitt
in Vietnam from 1965 Kurowski's Life will be            Hunt), David, and Jessi.     the family with arrange-
                                                                                                                  Christopher Cornelius        Memorial Chapel in San
until 1966. He was a conducted             Thursday     Grandchildren, Corey         ments.
                            Aug. 27, 2009 at 1:00       Cox, Ethan Doxtator,           Please       go       to   and Kirk Leach; daugh-       Bernardino. Condolences
retired employee of the
Oil Field Industry having PM at the home of Mr.         Everette         Doxtator.          to   ters, Valerie Lee and        my be sent on-line at
worked as a heavy equip- Kurowski 201 Lake              Mother-in-law,        Ruth   express online condo-        Shannon Leach; mother
ment operator. He was Secession Rd. Abbeville,          Doxtator. Brothers and       lences to the Cox family.
also a lifetime member of SC conducted by the           sisters, Larry (Rita) Cox,     A memorial fund will
                                                        Shiocton; Judy (Roger)       be established.               To Our Readers…
the VFW. He was also a Rev. Bruce Moore. Full                                                                      Payment for “Memorials” MUST BE made at
past American Legion Military rites will follow.        Hafeman,       Kaukauna;
                                                                                                                   time of submission.
Post Commander at Post        There will be a private
                                                                                                                                  Message w/Photo:
62 in Bridgeport, Illinois. family viewing only.
                                                                                                                   r 1 col. or r 2 col @ $10.00
He was also a member of       Memorials in memory          Memorials are on page 4A (Kay#)                                          (limit 1-49 words)
the Oneida Tribe of of Mr. Kurowski may be
                            made to Hospice Care of                                                                r 2 col. @ $15.00 (limit 50-74 words)
Indians of Wisconsin.
                                                                                                                   r 2 col. @ $20.00 (limit 75-99 words)
  Survivors are his wife South Carolina 231
Norma; 2 sons Brian L. Hampton Ave., Suite A
                                                                      Check out our                                r 2 col. @ $25.00 (limit 100-125 words)
(Mellinda) Kurowski of Greenwood, SC 29646                      ‘Award Winning’ website at
                                                                                                                   All price options include a photo (if desired) and a
                                                                                      nice border. Regular advertising rates will apply if
                                                          For the latest Oneida Community News…                    the word limit exceeds the specified limits listed!
                  Check us out online…                                                                             “Memorial” submissions mailed in without pay-
                            Let us know                                               ment will NOT be published.
                    We are now located…                  what                                                      Call Kalihwisak’s Toll Free at:
               SKENANDOAH COMPLEX                        you                                                              1.800.236.2214
 909 Packerland Dr. • Green Bay, WI 54303
                                                         think!                                                        D Dawn–ext. 7318 S Steve–ext. 7316
                                                                                                                       Y Yvonne–ext. 7317 N Nate-ext. 7319
                           PH. 1.920.496.7318
4A (Kay#)     • August 27, 2009                         Local                                                        

                                                                                                                      August 28–30
                                                                                                               28th Annual Artstreet Festival
                                                                   In                                WHEN:            Friday • Aug. 28 – Sunday • Aug. 30
                                                           Loving Memory of…                         PLACE:           Downtown Green Bay
               In Loving Memory of                                                                   Artstreet needs your help! Sign up to be a volun-
                                                            Joy Ninham                               teer and receive a free Artstreet T-shirt. Volunteers
 Kordel Timothy Metoxen                            Who left us August 20th – 4 yrs ago               are asked to work at least one (1) four-hour shift.
                                                                     Remember Me…                    It is the outstanding dedication of volunteers that
    Today is your birthday                                                                           make this event a great success year after year.
                                                                         Remember me with
  Sweet Baby, Dear Kordel                                                     all your love          Without their help Artstreet would not be possible.
  I wish that I could hold                                                 And with pain or          Artstreet is a designated project approved by the
 you, I wish that you were                                                    with sorrow            Green Bay Public Schools for service learning. To
                                                                         Though I’m not with         sign up to become a volunteer please contact us at
            here.                                                         you, I feel your love
                                                                         Yesterday, today and        (920) 435-5220 or
 Did you get a cake today?                                                   tomorrow.
 With candles gleaming bright?                                                                                        August 29
                                                        It was special to be your child                           Rummage and Craft Sale
            Three candles today                            For the time I was there
       If you were here I just might.                  Cherish our memories together
                                                                                                     WHEN:           Saturday • August 29
                                                      Even when you think life isn’t fair.           TIME:           9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
               Bake a cake for you                                                                   PLACE:          Oneida Employee Services
                                                     Though I may not be there with you                              Parking Lot, 2491 Babcock Road
          with cars and trucks on top                        I am always around                      Table fee: $20 10 x 10 space. Bring own tables and
     I’d use bright colors of blue and red             Sometimes I do appear to you
                                                                                                     chairs. Funds will benefit the Employee Services
    But, if I made it today, I’d have to stop.                A butterfly, a song
                                                       or in a friend you have found.                Team. If interested, please contact Wendy Elfe at
      Because I can’t send it to Heaven              Remember me with a joyful heart
           I can’t deliver it to you                   Along with happiness and love                                     Sept. 8–30
                                                   These are the things that keep me alive
      I can’t hold you or give you hugs                  Forever within your heart.                                 Pair and a Spare Drive
       but…I promise not to be blue.                                                                 WHEN:             September 8–30
                                                            Love the Ninham                          PLACE:            Garvey Chiropractic L.L.C.,
           Your party is everyday                                Family                                                110 Packerland Drive
      Beyond the gates of pearly white                                                               The challenge? Collecting 25,000 pairs of new
     Your birthday is sure to be grand                                                               socks & new underwear. The items will be dis-
 Angels everywhere–it must be a great sight.                                                         tributed free of charge by Brown Co. agencies who
                                                          In Loving Memory of…                       provide services to those in need. New patients to
           So I’ll just close my eyes                                                                our office who bring 2 bags of donated NEW socks
                                                 Our Mother on her Birthday
        and imagine you here with me                                              Charles D.         and NEW underwear will receive a
                                                   Estelle A. Hill                                   Complimentary Chiropractic Examination ($145
           I’ll hold you in my arms                  (Gonzales)                    Gonzales          value!). Established patients who bring 1 bag of
        and in my heart for eternity.                 9.1.28 to 2.3.08           4.8.67 to 4.28.06   donated NEW socks and NEW underwear will
                                                                                                     receive a complimentary adjustment ($50-95
    We love & miss you dearly!                                                                       value!) Call 920-494-8008 for further details.
       Mom, Dad & Family
                                                                                                                          September 10
                                                                                                           Getting Involved For Tribal Success
                                                                                                     WHEN:            Thursday • September 10
                                                                                                     TIME:            Noon – 1:00 PM
               In Loving Memory of …                                                                 PLACE:           Community Education Center
                                                                                                                      Teleconference Room
                                                       I has only been a short time,                 TOPIC:           Per Capita Payment and GTC
          Bruce J. Funmaker                         yet our lifetime of great memories                                Stipend
                                                                                                     Please join GIFTS (Getting Involved For Tribal
                 on his 27th Birthday                     Not a day goes past                        Success) for their second "Listening Session"!
            August 17, 1982 ~ June 2, 2001          without some wonderful thoughts                  Lunch with the BC will include Council Members
                                                                of you.                              Tehassi Hill and Trish King. This is an opportunity
              There is a bridge of memories                                                          for Tribal Citizens to talk to their elected leaders on
              From earth to heaven above.              With tears we say good-bye,                   the per capita payment and GTC stipend issues.
         It keeps our dear                               and smiles we say hello
                                                       knowing you’re always in our                  "Oneida Talk" internet radio will be joining us and
            ones near us.
                                                                                                     streaming the discussion live!
       It’s a bridge that we                                     hearts.
              call Love.                                                                             If you cannot physically join our listening session,
                                                         Miss You Both Very Much!
          As long as our                                                                             you can log on and join via the internet at
                                                                                            We highly recom-
       hearts remember…                                  Happy Birthday Bella!                       mend you go to this site ahead of time and register.
          As long as our
         hearts still care,                                Miss you Chachi!                                         Follow this link…
           We never part with those we Love,         Your Family, Thomas, friends –        
                                                     Grand kids & Great grand kids                    to view a "how to" video to get familiar with the
            They are with us everywhere!
                                                                                                                 Oneida Talk Radio website.

             Sadly missed and Loved!                                                                                  Bring your own Lunch
        Mom Chris, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts,
                                                             Thank You…
                                                                                                                      September 17
        Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents –             Patrick Floyd Cloud
                                                                                                                5th Annual EHSD Fall Fest
                   Leona & Art                   October 9 1965 ~ August 18 2009                     WHEN:             Thursday • September 17
                                                 Your help in our time of need                       TIME:             11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
                                                   was a great comfort to us.                        PLACE:            Conservation Field Office, N8047
    Holy Apostles Episcopal Church                                                                                     Cty Road U
                                                  Thank you for your unfailing                       Join us for a harvest lunch including wild turkey
     2937 Freedom Rd. • Oneida, WI               sympathy and kind assistance.                       plus tree stand silent auction, meet the staff, demon-
       920-869-2565                                Thank you to the Oneida                           strations and workshops. Call Sylvia Cornelius,
                                                    Singers. Thank you to Ryan Funeral               Environmental Health & Safety Division, 920- 496-
    Our Vision… To promote and
    provide Spiritual growth in a                            Home, De Pere, WI                       5330 for more information.
      loving environment for a                                   Thank You!
   close relationship with Christ.                                                                                    Tuesdays
                                                     Nathaniel, Janice, Nathan, Rodney,                       Women's Talking Circle Group
     Come Join Us…                                    Richard, Wilfred, Randal – sister              WHEN:          Every other Tuesday starting June 9
    Sundays at 9:00A.M.                               Helen, and Special Friend Kathy                TIME:           6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
                                                                                                     PLACE:          Wise Women Gathering Place,
                                                                                                                     2483 Babcock Rd.
                                                                                                     Wise Women Gathering Place is sponsoring a
                                                                                                     Women's Talking Circle Group. Come and join us as
                                                                                                     we discuss a healthy lifestyle, relationships, chil-
                                                                                                     dren, jobs and overall wellness. For more informa-
                                                                                                     tion: Contact Marlene Summers or Bev Scow at
                                                                                                     Wise Women Gathering Place 920-490-0627.
                                                                                                                   Women’s Support Group
                                                                                                     WHEN:           Fridays
                                                                                                     TIME:           12:30 PM – 2:30 PM
                                                                                                     PLACE:          Three Sisters Center
                                                                                                     For more information contact Isabel Parker or
                                                                                                     Georgia Burr at (920) 592-8682 or (920) 412-0396.
                                                                                                     To i ncl ude ev ent s i n t hi s s ect i o n p l eas e cal l t he
                                                                                                                       Kalihwisaks office at…
                                                                                                                  (920) 869-4280, 4279, 4090 or 4277
                                                                                                        Announcements must have a contact phone # that can be
                                                                                                               published to be included in this section.                                                         Local                                                      August 27, 2009 • (Wisk) 5A

August 26                                                                                   TANF changes to ease use of assistance
                                                                                               On May 1, 2009, the        families       receiving         The TANF program
Oneida Business Committee Wrap                                                              Oneida Tribal Temporary       monthly financial assis-      staff would like to per-
By Nate Wisneski               over moving governmen-        supporting the applica-        Assistance for Needy          tance. Some of the work-      sonally thank all the past
                               tal functions out of          tion for a Tribal Wildlife     Families (TANF) pro-          shops held have had pre-      presenters for their time
                               downtown Oneida and           Grant in the amount of         gram made some new            senters from Oneida           and commitment to the
   The August 26 Oneida
                               moving them to Green          $200,000. The resolution       and exciting changes.         Tribal Child Support,         community. Since May
Business        Committee
                               Bay. An updated report        was adopted.                   The program provides          Auto Select-Basic Car         2009, TANF has helped
(OBC) was highlighted
                               is expected back to the          Amendments         were     temporarily assistance to     Maintenance,     Oneida       over 200 eligible families
by the much anticipated
                               OBC next month.               made to the current            families with basic needs     Housing Authority and         with various services
Green Bay Packer ticket
                                     Travel Reports          bylaws of Bay Bank. A          and to works with them        the Oneida Higher             such as rental assistance,
drawing. The drawing
                                  Kathy Hughes, Centers      request was made to hold       to help them in become        Education programs to         utility disconnection and
had 3879 entries. 47 trib-
                               for Medicare & Medicaid       a special meeting of Bay       employable.                   name a few. The agency        car repair. Effective May
al members won a pair of
                               Services (CMS) Tribal         Bank shareholders to               Some of the changes       has received very posi-       1, 2009 there have been
tickets to various games
                               Technical        Advisory     approve those amend-           are weekly workshops          tive feedback on the          changes to the policies
throughout the 2009
                               Group (TTAG), July 29 –       ments. The request was         and the development of        workshops from the cus-       for these programs, so
Packer season. To view a
                               31, Washington, D.C.          granted.                       family activities/events.     tomers. The workshops         please take note when
complete list of winners
                               The Indian Health Care           The OBC approved the        Case managers are also        are designed to be infor-     applying for these ser-
go to www.oneidana-
                               Improvement Act was           posting of board vacan-        doing home visits as a        mational and beneficial       vices.
                               discussed by tribal lead-     cies on the Library Board      part of the requirement to    for our TANF families.
   Present: Rick Hill –
Chairman, Kathy Hughes         ers from across the coun-     and         Environmental
– Vice-Chair, Tina             try. The travel report was    Resources Board. A pro-
Danforth – Treasurer,          accepted.                     posal        from        the
Patty Hoeft – Secretary,          Kathy          Hughes,     Secretary’s office to
Ed         Delgado         –   Midwest Alliance of           revise the current appli-
Councilmember, Trish           Sovereign           Tribes    cation for boards, com-
King – Councilmember,          (MAST), July 13 – 14,         mittees, and commis-
Melinda Danforth –             Hinckley, MN.          The    sions was returned back
Councilmember,                 report highlighted the        to her office for clarifica-
Brandon Stevens –              interest in supporting the    tion. An update is expect-
Councilmember, Tehassi         United             Nations    ed next month.
Hill – Councilmember           Declaration of the Rights        The OBC heard a
   Oaths of Office were        of Indigenous People          request to approve minor
administered to the            along with supporting         restructuring and realign-
newly elected members          Jefferson E. Keel as          ment of the Department
of the Oneida Library          President of the National     of Administration. The
Board, Oneida Appeals          Congress of American          request would change the
Commission,         Oneida     Indians. The report was       title of the Department of
Land         Commission,       accepted.                     Administration to the
                                                                                                                                                                  Submitted photo
Oneida             Gaming         Patty Hoeft, Indian        Office                    of
Commission,         Oneida     Land Tenure Foundation        Intergovernmental              Employees from Auto Select in Green Bay gave a workshop on car
Nation Commission on           meeting, July 7 – 8, Prior    Affairs. It would move         maintenance for TANF participants.
Aging, Oneida Land             Lake, MN. The meeting         the            Emergency
Claims       Commission,
Oneida Trust/Enrollment
                               brought tribal leaders and
                               tribal attorneys together
                                                             Management office, the
                                                             Self-Governance office,         From Onondaga remains
Committee, and Oneida          to discuss improving fed-     and         Ombudsperson       Repatriation         Act      at the site. Because the      anthropological evi-
School Board. The oaths        eral rules in regards to      office under the General       passed by Congress in         Susquehannock do not          dence, linguistics, folk-
were due to the July 25        tribal ownership over         Manager, currently, these      1990 requires states to       exist today as a distinct
                               land. The report was          offices are under the
                                                                                                                                                        lore and oral tradition.
Special Election results.                                                                   inventory, catalog, and       cultural or political         Historically,         the
   Minutes from the            accepted.                     Chief of Staff’s direction.    where possible identify       entity, the state deter-
                                Follow Up Reports/BC         The Legislative Affairs                                                                    Onondagas lived most-
August 12 OBC meeting                                                                       Indian burial sites. The      mined the remains
                                     Directives from         office, Communications                                                                     ly in central New York,
were approved.                                                                              review       committee        were culturally uniden-
          Reports                  Previous Meetings         Department, and Office                                                                     but their territory
                                                                                            decides         disputes      tifiable.                     extended south.
   The OBC was updated            The         Legislative    of Strategy Management
                                                                                            between tribes and            The majority of the           Also according to
on the status of the 2010      Operating Committee is        align with the newly
                                                                                            museums and federal           remains were from a           Onondaga oral history,
Census Complete Count          currently       examining     formed        Office      of
                                                                                            agencies. The commit-         second group of burials       the tribe adopted the
Committee. The com-            amendments to the             Intergovernmental
                                                                                            tee has heard a dozen         that predated the             Susquehannock peo-
mittee’s goal is to ensure     tribe’s current clean air     Affairs. The request also
                                                                                            disputes since its            Susquehannock. State          ples and brought them
an accurate count of           policy. These amend-          amended the Chief of
                                                                                            inception in 1993.            archaeologists      said      into the confederacy.
Oneida        Tribe       of   ments are specific to the     Staff’s contract to reflect
                                                                                            The state completed its       they, too, were consid-
Wisconsin members. A           Oneida One-Stops and          the structural changes.
                                                                                            inventory      of    the      ered a different people       Linguistically,       the
webpage was created at         the public health and         The request was passed.
                                                                                            Engelbert site in 1998,       from the Onondaga             Susquehannock lan-         for   safety issues in regards to         Travel Requests                                                                      guage is most closely
                                                                                            but said it found two         and also not culturally
more information about         a work environment               Ed Delgado, Bureau of                                                                   related       to      the
                                                                                            different cultures lived      identifiable with any
the 2010 census. The           where       smoking      is   Indian Education Nation                                                                    Onondagan dialect of
                                                                                            there.                        modern tribes.
report was accepted.           allowed. A public hearing     Special         Education                                                                  Iroquoian.
                                                                                            State archaeologists          But the Onondagas
   An update on the            is      scheduled       for   Academy, September 15                                                                      ___
                                                                                            said 10 burials at the        argued that the state
Skenandoah Complex             September 29, 2009. To        – 17, San Diego, CA.                                                                       On the Net:
                                                                                            Engelbert site were           based its conclusion on
move was reported to the       date, no discussions have     The travel request was                                                                     New      York      State
                                                                                            from after 1400 and           purely scientific evi-
OBC. Roughly 200 tribal        been held on the tribal       approved.                                                                                  M u s e u m :
                                                                                            were clearly identifi-        dence and ignored the
employees are expected         wide smoking ban as              Tehassi             Hill,                                                     
                                                                                            able                  as      federal law’s instruc-
to fill the building, locat-   confusion between the         Promotion of Energy                                                                        National NAGPRA:
                                                                                            Susquehannock, based          tions to consider a
ed at 909 Packerland           two topics was avoided        Projects, August 28 –                                                            
                                                                                            on the ceramics and           “totality of evidence,”
Drive, with all depart-        to ensure no confusion        September 2, Maine. The
                                                                                            copper artifacts found        including       kinship,      story/nagpra
ments moved in by              took place. Meetings are      travel      request     was
October 2 of this year.        set to begin soon. The        approved.
The OBC expressed that
community         members
                               update was accepted.
                                     New Business            is
                                                                The next OBC meeting
                                                                     scheduled        for
                                                                                            OLIPP August 2009 update
have expressed concern            The OBC heard a            September 9 at 9 a.m.          By Susan White                and will pay $15,000 to       benefit to a funeral home
                               request for a resolution                                     Oneida Trust Director         the beneficiary(ies) des-     or the Oneida Enrollment
                                                                                               The Oneida Tribe of        ignated by each member.       Department, to ensure
Income guidelines on the rise for                                                           Indians of Wisconsin is
                                                                                            very pleased to announce
                                                                                                                             OLIPP will become
                                                                                                                          effective when the premi-
                                                                                                                                                        final burial expenses are
                                                                                                                                                        paid. At point of claim,
heating assistance starting October 1                                                       the      Oneida
                                                                                            Insurance Plan Plus
                                                                                                                  Life    ums are paid. Our target
                                                                                                                          date for implementation
                                                                                                                                                        any remaining amount
                                                                                                                                                        will be paid to the desig-
   Center      for   Self      Wisconsin state median           If you reside within        (OLIPP). After 12 years       is October 1st 2009 for       nated beneficiary(ies).
Sufficiency Community          income.                       the Reservation bound-         of work on the part of the    every member. The cost           OLIPP will feature a
Supplemental Program              If you are eligible for    aries, appointments will       Oneida Trust/Enrollment       of this plan is completely    “Living Benefit” avail-
   The Wisconsin Home          utility assistance, you       begin the last week in         Committee,           Trust    paid for by the Oneida        able to all members. The
Energy Plus program is         may also be eligible for      September and you can          Department, Enrollment        Tribe of Indians of           living benefit is designed
raising the income guide-      the Weatherization pro-       call 920-490-3710. If you      Department,            Bill   Wisconsin. It is the intent   to provide for the accel-
lines for the new heating      gram.                 The     reside      off       the      Gollnick, task forces, and    of this policy to provide     erated payment of a por-
season      that   begins      Weatherization        pro-    Reservation, but in            investment professionals      the recipients of these       tion of the death benefit
October 1, 2009. The           gram’s goal is to             Brown County, please           this benefit for the          proceeds with funds to        under the policy to mem-
program may be able to         decrease energy con-          contact       Integrated       General Tribal Council is     pay for the burial expens-    bers that are diagnosed
assist with the high win-      sumption and can assist       Community Solutions at         close to becoming a real-     es of the deceased mem-
                                                                                                                                                        with a terminal condition
ter heat and electric          with insulation, sealing      920-496-1936 or if you         ity.                          ber. Each member will be
                                                                                                                                                        (a life expectancy of less
costs.     Income    will      air leaks, heating system     reside in Outagamie               In January 2009, GTC       asked to name the benefi-
                                                                                                                                                        than 12 months). Once
increase from 150% of          update, and energy sav-       County you can call 920-       Resolution #01-17-2009-       ciary(ies) of their choice
                                                                                                                                                        documentation has been
                                                                                            B was adopted and creat-      on the “Beneficiary
poverty to 60% of              ing products.                 735-0010.                                                                                  submitted and approved,
                                                                                            ed OLIPP as a valuable        Designation Form”. The
          Income Guidelines effective September 1, 2009                                     new benefit for every         beneficiary(ies) is the       OLIPP will pay 50% of
                                                                                            enrolled member. OLIPP        person that will receive      the death benefit less a
                                  2009 - 2010                                               is designed to replace the    the benefit in the event of   $300 processing fee.
              60% of Wisconsin State Median Income (SMI)                                    Oneida Burial Fund that       the member’s death. This         The documents will
       Size of Family      One Month       Three Month        Annual Income                 has served us well for        is a very important deci-     soon be available to the
              1             $1,953           $5,859              $23,435                    many years. The burial        sion because the member       Tribal Members. The
              2             $2,554           $7,661              $30,645                    fund will still exist until   may rely on their benefi-     Beneficiary Designation
              3             $3,155           $9,464              $37,856                    OLIPP goes into effect.       ciary to pay for final bur-   Forms should be mailed
              4             $3,756           $11,267             $45,067                       As you know, the           ial expenses. Please see      out to the membership by
              5             $4,356           $13,069             $52,277                    Oneida Burial Fund paid       “How to Choose a              September 1, 2009.
              6             $4,957           $14,872             $59,488                    up to $5,000 in burial        Beneficiary” for more            To learn more, please
              7             $5,070           $15,210             $60,840                    benefits    to     funeral    information on how to         contact the Oneida Trust
              8             $5,183           $15,548             $62,192                    providers, mortuaries,        select a beneficiary. You     or             Enrollment
              9             $5,295           $15,886             $63,544                    and cemeteries. The           or your beneficiary may       Department at (800) 236-
             10             $5,408           $16,224             $64,896                    OLIPP benefit replaces        assign a portion of the       2214.
                                                                                            the Oneida Burial Fund        $15,000 life insurance
6A (Y@=yahk)      • August 27, 2009                     OBC Forum                                                              

 OBC Forum...                                                                                                   Letters & Opinions...
Shekólih,                   and at that                         read        your    which is why we will be     National Night Thank You from
Constitutional              hearing it                          annual meeting      making our best efforts     Out Picnic     VFW
                            was evident                         books to get the    to keep you apprised of        I would like to take           On behalf of the
Amendments                  that there                          specific word-      the progress being          this time to thank every-
   You may have heard                                                                                                                          V.F.W. Post #7784 and
                            was support                         ing.                made. And again, if you     one who helped by vol-         all the Oneida Veterans,
some buzz in the com-
                            to process                             Additionally,    have questions about the    unteering their time in        thank you Mr. Tom
munity about work
                            the      next                       there will be       process, please call my     the National Night Out         Rasmussen and R-Team
being done to complete
                            steps. I am                         community           office.                     Picnic which was held a        For moving the rock
amendments to our
                            not able to                         meetings/pub-                                   the Three Sisters Park on      from Highway H and
Constitution. I had a
                            guarantee                           lic    hearings     Amendments                  August 4.                      Ranch Road to the
brief opportunity to
                            that we will                        taking place,          The four constitution-      It was a unique crime       Oneida        Veterans’
update the General
                            be success-                         starting in early   al amendments being         prevention event spon-         Monument at Highway
Tribal Council on the
                            ful this go Melinda Danforth December, so               proposed are as follows:    sored      by     Oneida       54 East.
proposed amendments
                            around, but Councilwoman please watch                   First, is an amendment      Housing        Authority.                    Sincerely,
during the reconvened
                            I want you                          for date, time      to change the required      National Night Out is              Commander Cletus
semi-annual meeting
                            to know we are going to and location postings in        voting age from the cur-    designed to strengthen                        Ninham
earlier this month. Since
                            make our best effort to mailings and in the             rent age of twenty-one      neighborhood spirit and             Oneida V.F.W. Post
then, I have had several
                            succeed by limiting the Kalihwisaks. Hearing            (21) to eighteen (18);      police-community part-                           #7784
inquiries made to my
                            changes to the four spe- from you on the pro-
office about what the
                            cific areas identified at posed amendments will
                                                                                    second, is an amend-        nerships. We will con-
                                                                                                                tinue to keep the
constitutional changes                                                              ment is to change the                                         My name is Karen
                            the hearing. I will speak be extremely important        tribe’s official name       Neighborhood Watch
will entail.                                                                                                                                   Dehne Newhouse. My
                            to amendments shortly, and as a reminder, you           from the “Oneida Tribe      Program active in the
   To try and clear up                                                                                                                         grandmother           was
                            but before I touch on the can always contact my         of       Indians       of   housing sites and work-
any misinformation and                                                                                                                         Cordelia     Wheelock-
                            amendments, I want to office directly with your         Wisconsin” to the           ing with the captains.
confusion about what                                                                                                                           Sommers-Parkhurst.
                            share an outline of the suggestions.                    “Oneida Nation of              Thanks to:
these changes will be, I                                                                                                                       Her mother was Rachel
                            process as a general ref-    After sufficient sup-      Wisconsin”; third, is an       Tehassi      Hill    –
will be addressing                                                                                                                             Williams-        Denny-
                            erence for you.            port to move forward         amendment to remove         Opening          prayers,
briefly some back-                                                                                                                             Denny. Cordelia's half
                                                       has been received by         the Bureau of Indian        Oneida Singers, Oneida
ground       information                                                                                                                       sister was Celinda
                            Process                    GTC in January, the          Affairs Secretary of        Housing staff, Oneida
about previous work, an                                                                                                                        Denny-Stevens-
outline of the process         Before any amend- next step will be to               Interior out of the         Arts Program, Gabrielle
                                                                                                                                               Thomas. (Not sure
which must be followed      ments can be made to invoke what is known as            approval process for        Metoxen – face painting,
                                                                                                                                               which married name
to make the changes and     our constitution, several the           “Secretarial    changing our constitu-      Wise Woman Gathering,
                                                                                                                                               came first).
then the proposed           things must occur. The Election.” This elec-            tion; and the fourth        Wise Youth Group who
                                                                                                                                                  I am looking for any
changes themselves.         four proposed amend- tion processes must be             amendment is to allow       helped serve food
                                                                                                                                               one from Celinda's fam-
                            ments must first be requested and managed               absentee balloting for      catered      by     Vicky
                                                                                                                                               ily, to find out if they
                            agreed upon by a major- in cooperation with the         our elections. A fifth      Matson, YES Program,
                                                                                                                                               have ever found out
Background                  ity of the people. Since Bureau of Indian Affairs       amendment, that was         Oneida, Green Bay and
   Effort to change our                                                                                                                        what clan we all are. Is it
                            there has already been (BIA). This is a lengthy         recently requested to be    Ashwaubenon Police
                                                                                                                                               Turtle? Loretta Metoxen
Constitution has been
                            one public hearing and time consuming                   included and is being       Departments, Oneida
                                                                                                                                               has been trying to help
made for about the past     which indicated sup- effort that must be done           vetted by the Legislative   E m e r g e n c y
10 to 12 years. Many                                                                                                                           my family, but we don't
                            port, the next step of in very specific steps; in       Operating Committee,        Management, Oneida
                                                                                                                                               have       grandparents'
community members           finalizing the specific general however, the            is a constitutionally       Bingo and Casino,
have put their time and                                                                                                                        names on Celinda's side.
                            constitutional language process includes first          authorized Tribal Court.    Oneida        Behavioral
                                                                                                                                               I also have pictures of
hard work into creating     associated with each “registering”            voting       There are pros and       Health, Grama’s Diner,
new constitutional lan-                                                                                                                        Celinda when she was
                            amendment is currently tribal members for the           cons to each of the         Department             of
                                                                                                                                               young that I could share
guage to effectuate         underway. Once the secretarial election for a           amendments presented        Transportation,       and
change, but ultimately,                                                                                                                        with you.
                            new language is com- certain period of time             and there will be people    music by Cherry Bounce
                                                                                                                                                  Please write me at
some of the proposed        pleted, it will be brought before the election, and     on both sides with          Band.
changes were too con-                                                                                                                          602 S. Goldenrod Drive,
                            forward to the General then having a percent-           points of view to sup-         We had a very good
                                                                                                                                               Appleton, WI. 54914.
troversial to get a solid   Tribal Council (GTC) in age of those registered         port or not support the     turn out and everyone
community consensus                                                                                                                               Thank you so much. I
                            “draft” form for your voters, turn out and vote         amendments. No matter       received nice prizes, so
                                                                                                                                               would like to meet any
in order to move for-       approval. As of today, it for the constitutional        what your point of view     we’re hoping to contin-
ward. Although we                                                                                                                              relatives of Celinda's...I
                            is being planned that the amendments in that            is, I encourage you to      ue this event yearly.
                                                                                                                                               want to hear if any of
have not realized a new     draft language will be election.                        take the time from now
constitution     through                                 Once we have held a                                                                   you laugh as she did!
                            formally presented at                                   until the GTC Annual             OHA Recreational
previous work, there are    the annual GTC meeting successful secretarial           meeting in January to                   Specialist
four       constitutional                                                                                                                                   Sincerely,
                            in January. Also, my election to adopt the              dialogue with your                  Isabel Parker
                                                                                                                                                      Karen Newhouse
amendments currently        office will be working four amendments, there           friends and family about
being proposed for          to coordinate a formal will be a transition peri-       the potential impacts of
adoption.                   presentation to you on od which is currently            these amendments and
   The four proposed
amendments up for your
consideration       were
                            the amendments at the under           development;
                            annual GTC meeting in however, not finalized.
                            January, so it will be I realize that some of
                                                                                    what it means for us as a
brought out at a public                                                                                                                 Letters To The Editor
                            important for you to this sounds redundant,
hearing held a year ago                                                                                                                       Policy
                                                                                                                Letters must be limited to     Guest articles and editori-
                                                                                                                500 words. All letters are     als that appear in the
                                                                                                                subject to editing and         Kalihwisaks are not neces-
                                                                                                                must have your signa-          sarily the views or opin-
                                                                                                                ture, address and phone        ions of the Kalihwisaks’
                                                                                                                number for confirmation.       staff, Editorial Board or
                                                                                                                Confirmation of letters        the Oneida Nation of
                                                                                                                will be needed before          Wisconsin.
                                                                                                                publication. Kalihwisaks       Although Kalihwisaks
                                                                                                                has the right to refuse pub-   requires a final signed
                                                                                                                lication of submitted let-     submission from our read-
                                                                                                                ters.                          ers who write in, you can
                                                                                                                                               e-mail us now – and send
                                                                                                                Effective January 1, 2001
                                                                                                                                               the hard copy through the
                                                                                                                per Kalihwisaks Policies
                                                                                                                                               mail – to ensure we get
                                                                                                                & Procedures, Section I
                                                                                                                                               your submission by the
                                                                                                                (c)(4), “Individuals will
                                                                                                                                               deadline. E-mail your let-
                                                                                                                not be allowed to submit
                                                                                                                more than eight (8) letters
                                                                                                                                               ters      to:      Dawn
                                                                                                                per year regardless of top-
                                                                                                                                               Walschinski              –
                                                                                                                ics.” For more informa-
                                                                                                                tion on Kalihwisaks
                                                                                                                Policies & Procedures,           If you have any
                                                                                                                please contact (920) 869-      questions, please call
                                                                                                                4277.                            (920) 869-4277

                                                                                                                   Oneida Business
                                                                                                                   Wednesday, September 9
                                                                                                                   Wednesday, September 23
                                                                                                                          at 9:00am
                                                                                                                      Second floor of the
                                                                                                                      Norbert Hill Center
                                                                                                                     7210 Seminary Road                                      Vets List                                                      August 27, 2009 • (Tsya=t@k) 7A

Oneida Museum needs help with Oneida Veterans list
   The Oneida Nation           Baird, Nelson           Powless, Raymond            Cooper, Jake                Powlis, Thomas             Christjohn, Daniel
Museum needs your help!        Bergin, William E.      Powless, Roy                Cooper, John                Reed, Elijah               Christjohn, David
   Did you know that           Boone, Walker           Rae, Robert                 Cooper, Peter               Reed, John                 Christjohn, Henry
members of the Oneida          Brisk, Donald J.        Reiter, John                Cooper, Polly               Schemerhorn, Abram         Christjohn, John
Nation fought in every         Brisk, Leon K.          Ridgeway, Elizabeth         Cornerlius, Daniel          Schemerhorn, Peter         Cornelius, Joseph
military battle in the         Charles, Claude         Sears, Richard              Cornerlius, Henry           Schuyler, Abram            Cooper, Henry
United States since the        Charles, Kenneth        Sears, Ronald               Cornerlius, John            Schuyler, Henry            Cooper, Simon
Revolutionary War? Did         Charles, Leslie         Schuyler, Art               Cornerlius, John Jr.        Schuyler, Moses            Cornelius, Antone
you know that Oneidas          Christjohn, Al          Schuyler, Kenneth K.        Cornerlius, Thomas          Schuyler, William          Cornelius, Jonas
brought food and provi-        Cooper, Robert          Schuyler, Rick              Cornerlius, William         Sharne, Ludwig             Cornelius, Joseph
sions       to      George     Cornelius, Aloyious     Sickles, Rachael            Denny, Baptist              Sickle, Abram              Cornelius, William
Washington’s starving          Cornelius, Arthur P.    Silva, Barbara J.           Denny, Lewis                Sickle, William            Coulon, Henry
army at Valley Forge in        Cornelius, Arthur W.    Sinnard, Abraham            Doxtator, Cornelius         Silver, Cobis              Coulon, Isaac
the winter of 1778? The        Cornelius, Benjamin     Skenandore, Berth           Doxtator, Daniel            Skanandoah, Adam           Coulon, Isaac Aaron
Oneidas have a long and        Cornelius, Clifford     Skenandore, DeGuy           Doxtator, George            Skanandoah, Dolly          Coulon, Louis
proud history in the           Cornelius, Donald J.    Skenandore, Edgar           Doxtator, George II         Skanandoah, Mary           Coulon, Henry
United States Military.        Cornelius, Edwin H.     Skenandore, Gordon          Doxtator, Jake              Skanandoah, Moses          Danforth, Abram
The Oneida Nation              Cornelius, Everett      Skenandore, Henry J.        Doxtator, Martin            Skanandoah, Peter          Danforth, Abraham
Museum is dedicated to         Cornelius, Forrest L.   Skenandore, Jake            Elm, Peter                  Skanandoah, Thomas         Danforth, Cobus
honoring the service of        Cornelius, Hayward H.   Skenandore, James G.        George, Hannah              Skenandoah, Jake           Danforth, John Sr.
our Oneida Veterans and        Cornelius, Ira          Skenandore, Lloyd           George, Henry               Smith, Aaron               Danforth, John Jr.
current military members.      Cornelius, Lee          Skenandore, Marvin          Green, Isaac                Smith, Hanyost             Denny, Abraham
The Museum will be             Cornelius, Myron R.     Skenandore, Merlin H.       Green, Moses                Smith, Hendrick            Denny, Curtis
updating our list of           Cornelius, Robert A.    Skenandore, Milton          Green, Peter                Smith, Jake                Doxtator, Benjamin
Oneida community mem-          Cornelius, Sanford      Skenandore, Myrna Bell R.   Harnyos, Peter              Smoke, John                Doxtator, Charles
bers who have served or        Cornelius, Spencer A.   Skenandore, Paul            Hendrik, Susan              Songlegs, David            Doxtator, Cornelius
are currently serving in       Cornelius, Walter       Skenandore, Perry           Hendrik, Thomas             Stephen, Cornelius         Doxtator, George
the Armed Forces. We are       Cornelius, William E.   Skenandore, Peter           Hill, George                Stephen, Margaret          Doxtator, Jacob
asking the community to        Coulon, Howard          Skenandore, Phillip D.      Hill, Gobis                 Stevens, D.                Doxtator, John
please look at the lists and   Dakota, Merl            Skenandore, Robert          Hill, Harnes                Stevens, Hanyos            Doxtator, Martin
if anyone knows of names       Danforth, Charles A.    Skenandore, Roland          Hill, Henry                 Stevens, Jonathan          Doxtator, Paul
to be added, or any cor-       Danforth, Duane         Skenandore, Russell         Hill, John                  Summer, Cornelius          Elm, Abram
rections, contact Sara at      Danforth, Harold        Skenandore, Thomas          Hill, William               Summer, Thomas             Elm, Isaac
the Museum at (920) 869-       Danforth, Issac         Skenandore, Tom             Honyos, Big Betty           Thompson, John II          Green, Peter
6531, toll-free 1-800-236-     Danforth, John          Skenandore, Wallace         Joe, Black                  Thomson, John              Green, William
2214 (ask for the              Danforth, John A.       Skenandore, Winona          John, Abram                 Wheelock, Jake             Hill, Abram
Museum)                   or   Danforth, Tom           Skenandore, Zacharias       John, Abram II              Wheelock, Peter            Hill, Abram O.
ssumme2@oneidana-              Denny, Alpheus          Smith, Christopher J.       John, Antony                Wheelock, Wight Peter      Hill, David Yaw^ko for           Denny, Donna            Smith, James                John, David                 White, Abram               Hill, Henry
your assistance.               Denny, Douglas C.       Smith, Roy                  John, Honyos                White, Cornelius           Hill, Joseph
    The following names        Denny, Jeff             St. Arnold, Ted             John, Isaac                 White, T.                  Hill, Lewis
are on the list currently on   Denny, Marvin           Steinfeldt, Andrew          John, James                 William, Black             Hill, Livies
display at the museum.         Denny, Ronald           Stevens, Bernie             John, Margret               William, Black II          Hill, William
Names of Army, Navy,Air        Denny, William          Stevens, George             John, Moses                 Williams, Elijah           Hill, William O.
Force and Marine veter-        Denomie, Russell        Stevens, Raphael            John, Peter                 Williams, Issac            Honyost, Darby
ans ran in the August 14,      Doxtator, Benjamin      Summers, Amos L.            John, Thomas                Williams, Mary             House, Baptist
2009 issue of the              Doxtator, Everett A.    Summers, Bangor             John, William               Yawcrumb, David            House, Henry
Kalihwisaks.:                  Doxtator, Everett B.    Summers, Elmer              Johnson, David                                         Huff, Thomas
                               Doxtator, Forest L.     Summers, Ronald             Jordan, Adam                Civil War (partial list)   Huff, William
Marines (Continued)            Doxtator, Veron         Summers, Thomas             King, Adam                  Aaron, Abram               James, Anthony
Skenandore, Harding            Ellis, Marshall K.      Summers, William            King, David                 Abram, Jeremiah            John, Andres
Skenandore, Joseph             Elm, Charles Sr.        Swamp, Casterson            Knee, Joseph                Abram, John                John, Anthony 1st
Skenandore, Lawrence           Elm, Jonas              Swamp, Wilfred              Lows, David                 Adams, Abraham             John, Anthony 2nd
Skenandore, Norbert C.         Elm, Nelson             Thomas, John                Louy, Roland                Anthony, Thomas            John, William
Smith, Myron A.                Elm, Patrick Sr.        Valliere, Joseph F.         Martinus, Peter (Captain)   Antone, Abraham            Johnson, David
Sommers, Gary                  Elm, Robert             Webster, Earl               Matoxon, Aaron              Antone, Abram              Johnson, Jacob
Sommers, Julius Jr.            Elm, Tom                Webster, Ike T.             Nicholas, Peter             Antone, Baptist            Johnson, Joseph M.
Steinfeldt, Alan               Ernest, Keith L.        Webster, Kaiser C.          Nichols, William            Antone, James              King, Abraham
Stevens, Dexter                Funmaker, Kim           Webster, Martin             Ninham, Dennis              Antone, John               King, George
Stevens, Emroy L. Sr.          Green, Robert           Webster, Raymond            Onighlaudus, Powlas         Antone, Thomas             King, Nicholas
Stevens, Ernest F. Jr.         Harry, Leslie           Webster, Robert L.          Onognatco, Cornelius        Archiquette, Aaron         King, Simon
Stevens, Ernest F. Sr.         Hawk, Ted               Webster, Ronald             Otter, William              Archiquette, John          Lodwick, Henry
Stevens, Ernest L.             Hill, Eli               Wheelock, Clarence L.       Peters, Issac               Archiquette, Solomon       Metoxen, Daniel
Stevens, Robert A.             Hill, Emanuel           Wheelock, Hiram             Powlis, Daniel              Baird, Isaac               Metoxen, Joseph
Summers, James R.              Hill, Emerson           Wheelock, Irene             Powlis, Highhead            Baird, John                Metoxen, Louis
Summers, Phillip               Hill, Hyson             Wheelock, Janette           Powlis, John                Baird, Thomas              Metoxen, Simon
Sundquist, Walter              Hill, Irving            Whetung, Donald             Powlis, Paul                Bread, Daniel              Ninham, Antone
Sundquist, Walter Jr.          Hill, William L.        Wilbur, Thomas E.           Powlis, Peter               Bread, Peter               Ninham, Anthony
Swamp, Rilla                   House, Cody             Williams, Buck
Valentino, Joseph              House, Corby            Williams, Edward
Watermolen, Randy Jr.          House, Cornelius J.     Williams, Henry
Webster, Ellsworth L.
Webster, George W. Jr.
                               House, Freddy
                               House, Jonathan C.
                                                       Williams, Jamie
                                                       Williams, Lambert E.
                                                                                        ONEIDA NATION
Webster, Kenneth Y.
Webster, Larry M.
                               House, Kevin D.
                               House, Norman
                                                       Williams, Louis J.
                                                       Wilson, Roy                   PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE
Webster, Robert J. Sr.         House, Roy J.
Webster, Stanely R.            House, Walter           War of 1812                  Purpose: Amendments to the Clean Air Policy which would prohibit
Webster, Thomas W.             House, Yuma             Adams, John
Wheelock, Huston V. Jr.        John, McKenzie          Adzquette, Antony                     smoking in the Oneida One Stop Retail locations and
Wilber, Rodney D.              John, Orville           Adzquette, Moses                      attached casinos.
Williams, Everett              Johns, Albert           Adzquette, Neddy             When: September 29, 2009
                               Johnson, Chris          Adzquette, Salina            Where: Business Committee Conference Room (BCCR)
Coast Guard                    Jordan, Emil            Antoine, Antoine
                                                                                    Time: 11:30AM
Anderson, John R.              King, Arnold L.         Antoine, Polly
Cooper, Robert                 King, Robert            Antoine, Jake
Cornelius, Jerry               Koepke, Kevin           Antoine, Old Jake            Public Hearing Process
Cornelius, Terry L.            Lambert, Ralph N.       Antoine, Job
Danforth, Hugh                 LaMere, Williard E.     Antoine, John                I. Testimony:
Parr, Todd D.                  Lemerond, Larry J.      Antoine, Mary
Prendiville, John M.           LeMieus, Clyde          Antoine, Old Jake            A. Oral: There will be a 5 minute limit for all oral presentations. Each
Skenandore, Benjamin E.        LeMieus, Donald         Antoine, Peter                  participant is encouraged to provide a written transcript of his/her
Skenandore, John               LeMieus, Richard        Antone, Thomas                  oral testimony, to be submitted while present at the public hearing or
Skenandore, Ralph B.           Ling, Lloyd I.          Antone, William                 within ten (10) business days from the date of public hearing to the
Steinfeltd, Ralph B.           Madi, Joseph            Antony, Jacob                   below named individuals.
Thompson, Ervin S.             Metoxen, Gerald T.      Antony, John
Webster, Charles I.            Metoxen, John           Bag, Thomas                  B. Written:    For those who cannot attend the scheduled public hear-
                               Metoxen, Ronald W.      Bear, Cobis                     ing or do not plan to speak at the hearing, the Oneida Tribe encour-
Public Health                  Metoxen, Whitney        Bear, Cornelius                 ages those to submit written testimony. A maximum of ten (10)
Mitchell, Lloyd W.             Milheiser, Donald       Bear, Cornelius II              pages, doubled spaced, can be submitted within ten (10) business
                               Milheiser, Ronald E.    Bear, Henry                     days from the date of public hearing to the Tribal Secretary (Patricia
National Guard                 Miller, Pembrooke       Bear, William
                                                                                       Hoeft) or Peril Huff, Legislative Reference Office at the Social
Danz, Daniel W.                Murray, John Jay        Beechtree, Cornelius
Skenandore, Douglas            Ninham, Paula M.        Beechtree, Gobis                Services Building, 3rd floor or mail to PO Box 365, Oneida WI
                               Peterson, Robert        Beechtree, Isaac                54155.
Branch Unknown                 Powless, Aaron          Beechtree, John
Anderson, Edward               Powless, Alfred         Beechtree, Joseph            * If you would like to obtain a copy of the above proposed law or have
Antone, Ira                    Powless, Alphian        Beechtree, Louis
Antone, Joe Jr.                Powless, Charles        Bigknife, Antony               any questions as to the public hearing process you may contact Peril
Antone, Joe Sr.                Powless, Coleen         Black, John                    Huff at the Legislative Reference Office, via GroupWise phuff@onei-
Arbitus, Bogle                 Powless, Floyd L.       Bread, Daniel         Or call 1-800-236-2214 or 920-869-4376. The
Archiquette, Floyd             Powless, Gerald         Bread, William                 Legislative Reference Office fax number is 1-920-490-3979. Copies
Archiquette, Ira               Powless, Hazel          Canada, John                   of this law are also available on the LOC Website:
Baird, Albert                  Powless, Henry          Charles, Hannah
Baird, Bertram E.              Powless, Leo            Chrisjohn, Jim                           
Baird, Carl                    Powless, Nelson         Cooper, Aaron
Baird, Enoch                   Powless, Patrick        Cooper, Adam
8A (T#kehlu)       • August 27, 2009                             Stimulus                                                       

ARRA Stimulus Update: OHA receiving funds soon
By Jennifer         Hill-    we were awarded com-         which was determined by
Kelley                       petitive grants from the     a formula was a HUD
Economic        Resources    Department of Justice        Indian Housing Block
Cooridnator                  Domestic          Violence   Grant              totaling
   This is a brief update    Transitional      Housing    $1,455,731. The Oneida
on Oneida’s efforts to       Assistance Program for       Housing Authority is in
create jobs and provide      $572,259 for three years.    the planning process to
services through             Also,      the     Oneida    build five new homes in
   funding from the          Housing         Authority    the Equestrian Estates
American Recovery and        recently received notifi-    subdivision on County H
Reinvestment          Act    cation of an award for $3    with Recovery Act fund-
(ARRA). To date, the         million. This funding is     ing.
Oneida      Tribe     has    from the ARRA Native            The total ARRA fund-
received stimulus fund-      American Housing Block       ing allocated to Oneida
ing formula allocations      Grant             Program    to date is $10,518,418.
for existing tribal pro-     ( N A H B G ) .              All the funding has not
grams such as the Oneida     $242,250,000 is avail-       been received or awarded
Housing        Authority,    able for Indian tribes or    yet but we have received
Social Services Child        tribal organizations rep-    official notification that
Care and Oneida Nation       resenting tribes that are    it will be coming to
School System, totaling      eligible to receive Native   Oneida soon.
approximately                American          Housing       Grants have also been
$6,858,195 and an award      Assistance and Self-         submitted for ARRA
through a partnership        Determination          Act   funding            totaling
with the Northeast                                                                                                                       Photo courtesy of Jennifer Hill-Kelley
                             (NAHASDA)           funds.   $13,840,358 for a new
Wisconsin       Technical    These funds will be used     Early Headstart program,      The Oneida Housing Authority will receive funds from several feder-
College for $67,268. As      to rehabilitate existing     Oneida               Police   al programs to rehabilitate existing housing and build five new
the formula funding          housing.       Priority is   Department, Oneida Arts       homes.
notices are received, in     given to applicants that     Program, Oneida Transit       ARRA stimulus funding       membrane on the roof at          We will continue to
most cases, the Tribal       demonstrate an ability to    Garage and the Domestic       from DOI Bureau of          a cost of $1,969,730.         feature tribal programs
programs must submit         obligate and expend the      Violence Program. We          Indian Affairs Office of    The other project is to       that are receiving ARRA
full grant applications to   funds quickly.               hope to hear whether          Facilities Management       replace the exterior insu-    funding on this page as
the applicable federal          This is the second        those programs will be        and Construction for two    lation at a cost of           their detailed plans
agency to receive the        ARRA funding award to        funded soon.                  separate projects. One      $615,502. These projects      become available.
funding.                     the Oneida Housing              Oneida Nation School       project is to replace the   will begin shortly on the
   We were notified that     Authority. The first grant   System received the           ballasted single ply        “Turtle School.”

Mears shares experience with Cash for Clunkers
   Jeff Mears of the            cles: 1999 Dodge             car was the X-Terra           the car off the lot      gas mileage improve           Q: Other things you
Environmental Health            Dakota with 152,000          and we wanted to find         when you bought it or    from the clunker to the          would like to men-
and Safety Division took        miles - clunker, 2003        something better on           did you have to wait?    new car?                         tion?
advantage of the federal-       Nissan X-terra - regu-       gas.                       A: Drove off same day.      A: The Dodge was get-
ly     financed      Cars       lar trade                                                  Inventory was getting       ting 16 mpg and the        A: The only thing I
Allowance         Rebate                                  Q: Was the Cash for              low, we had to drive        Nissan 17 mpg. I              would have changed
System, or Cash for          Q: What kind of car did         Clunkers governmen-           to Manitowoc to get         checked the Jeep on           about the program
Clunkers, before it ended       you get?                     tal rebate the reason         the vehicle we want-        three-tank-fulls and          would have been an
Monday, August 24. He        A: 2009 Jeep Patriot            you bought the car?           ed.                         it's getting 28 mpg, so       American car eco-
shared his story with                                     A: Yes. We picked the                                        an improvement of 11          nomic        stimulus.
Jennifer Hill-Kelly.         Q: Were you planning to         Jeep because Chrysler      Q: When did you pur-           mpg                           Stimulating foreign
                                buy a new car?               was matching the              chase the new car?                                        automakers does not
Q: What type of car did      A: Not this soon, we            rebate.                    A: July 24, 2009            Q: The CARS website              have as many direct
   you trade in?                were thinking maybe                                                                    describes the CAR             impacts.       It was
A: Traded in two vehi-          next year. My wife's      Q: Were you able to drive     Q: How much will your          Allowance      Rebate         American taxpayers
                                                                                                                       System (CARS) as a            bailing our GM and
                                                                                                                       $3 billion government         Chrysler so we have a
                                                                                                                       program that helps            vested interest in see-
                                                                                                                       consumers buy or              ing these companies
                                                                                                                       lease a more environ-         succeed.
                                                                                                                       mentally      friendly       On a personal note,
                                                                                                                       vehicle from a partic-       my wife and I grew up
                                                                                                                       ipating dealer when          in northern Illinois and
                                                                                                                       they trade in a less         southern Wisconsin.
                                                                                                                       fuel efficient car or        My uncle, after serv-
                                                                                                                       truck. The program is        ing in World War II,
                                                                                                                       designed to energize         worked 30 years at the
                                                                                                                       the economy; boost           American Motors then
                                                                                                                       auto sales and put           Chrysler plant in
                                                                                                                       safer, cleaner and           Kenosha. I have rela-
                                                                                                                       more fuel-efficient          tives who worked at
                                                                                                                       vehicles     on    the       the GM plant in
                                                                                                                       nation's roadways.           Janesville Wisconsin
                                                                                                                       Do you think this pro-       and the Chrysler plant
                                                                                                                       gram is accomplish-          in Belvidere, Illinois.
                                                                                                                       ing the government's         My brother in law, and
                                                                                                                       goal?                        two friends I grew up
                                                                                                                                                    with, are currently laid
                                                                                                                    A: Absolutely, I think the      off from the Chrysler
                                                                                                                       environmental impact         plant in Belvidere - the
                                                                                                                       is great but what's not      same plant that builds
                                                                                                                       reported on as much is       the Jeep Patriot. I
                                                                                                                       the safety. New vehi-        think the American
                                                                                                                       cles with new tires, air     auto industry and auto
                                                                                                                       bags, electronic sta-        workers played a big
                                                                                                                       bility control, and          part in creating the
                                                                                                                       lower centers of grav-       middle class in this
                                                                                                                       ity (Explorer vs             country. The reason
                                                                                                                       Camry - less chance          we work 5 day weeks
                                                                                                                       of roll over), will have     and have benefits is
                                                                                                                       a direct impact on           thanks to union work-
                                                                                                                       injuries and death on        ers and the one time
                                                                                                                       the road.                    strength of the auto
                                                                                                                                                    workers union.

 Jennifer Hill-Kelley, Interim Economic Resources Coordinator,
                                                                                                         Watch for future issues…
                                                                                                         For more updates on Stimulus news in the, 920.496.5354
                                                                                                         Oneida community

 • White House Recovery website                                       • Wisconsin Office of Recovery and Reinvestment
 • National Congress of American Indians (NCAI)
                                                                                                                   Local                                                 August 27, 2009 • (W@=tehlu) 9A

                                                          Engineering Staff “LEED”ing the way
Date set for Real                                         By the Engineering            standards, and strategies

Property law class
                                                          Department                    to create sustainable
                                                             Two members of the         buildings. LEED is a
                                                          Engineering Department        third-party certification
                                                          recently passed the           program and the nation-
What: Real Property          small in order to facili-                                  ally accepted benchmark
                                                          LEED AP exam and
      Law Classes            tate discussions. A limit                                  for the design, construc-
                                                          received their LEED -
                             of 12-15 participants is                                   tion and operation of
                                                          Accredited Professional
Where: Division of           usually accepted. The                                      high performance green
                                                          certification. Both Paul
       Land                  discussions focus on                                       buildings. LEED pro-
                                                          Witek and Troy Parr suc-
       Management            various federal eras of                                    motes a whole-building
                                                          cessfully passed the diffi-
       Office, 470           Indian policy and law,                                     approach to sustainabili-
                                                          cult exam on their first
       Airport Drive         and how the Oneida                                         ty by recognizing perfor-
       Oneida, WI            Tribe was specifically                                     mance in five key areas
                                                             Mr. Witek’s position is
       54155.                impacted. In addition to                                   of human and environ-
                                                          the      Senior     Tribal
                             lectures, lively sharing                                   mental health: sustain-
                                                          Architect, and he is the
When: Thursday               of information is gener-                                   able site development,
                                                          Engineering Department
      Afternoons,            ally received from the                                     water savings, energy
                                                          Manager. He was been
      beginning              participants as the class                                  efficiency,        materials
                                                          employed by the Tribe
      September 3,           moves through the tra-                                     selection and indoor
                                                          for over eleven years, all
      2009                   ditional early years of                                    environmental quality.
                                                          of which have been in the
                             the government, the                                        Projects achieve points
                                                          Engineering Department.
Cost: $100 = 45 hour         Allotment Era, Indian                                      by satisfying the require-
                                                          Mr. Witek has been a
      class schedule *       Reorganization Era, and                                    ments of these five key                     Photo courtesy of the Engineering Department
                                                          licensed Architect since
      Tribal employees       the      present     Self-
                                                          1991.                         areas of the rating sys-       Paul Witek (left) and Troy Parr (right) recent-
      may be paid for        Determination Era.                                         tem. Based upon the            ly passed the LEED AP exam and received
                                                             Mr. Parr has been
      dependant on the          The class focuses on                                    number of points the pro-      their LEED - Accredited Professional certifi-
                                                          employed by the Tribe
      program                tribal laws and authority                                  ject earns, it is rated with   cation.
                                                          for 14 years, with the last
                             of different branches of                                   a certified, silver, gold or
                                                          5 years with the                                             sustainability of all pro-    The           Engineering
Contact: Call Venessa        the Oneida government,                                     platinum, and then can be
                                                          Engineering Department.                                      jects they are involved in,   Department has incorpo-
         Cardish             with an emphasis on                                        referenced as “LEED-
                                                          His position is Project                                      whether the projects are      rated sustainable design
         (920)869-1690       Oneida tribal land trans-                                  Certified”.
                                                          Manager / Architect, and                                     submitted for LEED cer-       requirements into our
         x1800.              actions. Invited speak-                                       LEED AP stands for
                                                          he has been a licensed                                       tification or not.            Design Standards and
         Registration        ers from tribal programs                                   LEED            Accredited
                                                          Architect for the past 2                                        The Tribe has not had      project specifications and
         forms avail-        such as the Appeals                                        Professional.        People
                                                          years.                                                       a project go through the      will continue to strive to
         able at Land        C o m m i s s i o n ,                                      who pass the LEED AP
                                                             What is LEED and                                          entire LEED certification     increase the sustainabili-
         Management          Environmental                                              Exam become LEED
                                                          what does this all mean?                                     process,       but     the    ty of the nations’ building
         front desk.         Department, and Tribal                                     APs. LEED Accredited
                                                          LEED        stands      for                                  Engineering Department        projects.
         8:00 a.m.-4:30      History enhance the dis-                                   Professionals are profes-
                                                          Leadership in Energy and                                     applies LEED criteria to         Paul     and     Troy’s
         p.m.                cussion of how the                                         sionals who have demon-
                                                          Environmental Design.                                        all Capital Improvement       accreditation will go a
                             Tribe as a whole carries                                   strated a thorough under-
                                                          The U.S. Green Building                                      Process (CIP) Projects        long way to ensuring the
   The instructors are       on its business.                                           standing of green build-
                                                          Council established the                                      managed by the depart-        sustainability of the
Attorney         Rebecca        A tour is given of                                      ing practices and princi-
                                                          LEED rating system to                                        ment. We require the          Tribe’s building projects
Webster and Real Estate      selected      reservation                                  ples and familiarity with
                                                          promote and grow sus-                                        project team to evaluate      and supporting the
Services Area Manager        properties, and then                                       LEED         requirements,
                                                          tainable building prac-                                      and determine the poten-      Nation’s mission of
Mary Jo Nash. The            continues with an in-                                      resources and processes.
                                                          tices. The system is used                                    tial rating of the project    enhancing the environ-
classes started in 1996      depth discussion of how                                    This knowledge can be
                                                          to furnish market tools,                                     under the LEED system.        ment.
to train all of the Land     and why properties are                                     used to maximize the
                                                          measurable performance
Management staff on          purchased within the
the basics of tribal law.    Oneida       Reservation
After the first course,      boundaries. The overlap
staff from other tribal      between tribal law and
programs and boards          state law is evident in
found the discussion         the area of acquiring
and information helpful      land. This area is also
in their positions.          where there are frequent
Participants        have     jurisdictional and politi-
attended from the com-       cal disputes between the
munity         including     Oneida Tribe and sur-
Casino,         Appeals,     rounding state govern-
C o m m i s s i o n ,        ments.
Compliance Division,            We invite you to
Business Development         think about joining us
Unit, Tribal School,         on September 3, 2009,
Land       Commission,       1:15-4:15 pm at the
GLIS, Environmental          Division       of   Land
Department            and    M a n a g e m e n t
Personnel Department.        Conference Room for
So far, 106 attendees        our       first     class.
have received a Land         September is right
Commission Certificate       around the corner!!

                                                                    September 19, 2008
for completing this             Application deadline
annual course.               is Tuesday, September
   The class size is         1, 2009

                                                                       10AM - 5PM
   712 N. Packerland, GB, WI 10,120 SF office &
   warehouse, Triple Net Lease, $5.50 to $7.00 per
   SF, Negotiable.
                                                                    Horse drawn wagon
                                                                                                                                       Farm Animals
   2615 South Packerland, GB, WI 825 sq. ft
   $695.00 Monthly Rent includes taxes and dump-
                                                                    rides at both locations
   ster. The space has 4 separate offices. Utilities,
   rest room and hallway are shared. Estimated
   monthly utilities cost is $125.00.
                                                                    Tour log home                                                      Old time fishing
   800 sq. ft. $700.00 Monthly Rent includes taxes
   and dumpster.This has 3 separate offices and one
                                                                    restoration project                                                contest
   open area, rest room and utility room. Tenant
   pays for separate utilities.                                     Learn about how
   N7372 Water Circle Place, Oneida, WI.                                                                                               Best Apple Pie
   Office and Warehouse space. Tenant is responsi-                  Oneidas would prepare
   ble for all maintenance and utilities, $6.00 to
   $7.00 per sq. ft. Rate. Negotiable. Building has                 for winter in NY                                                   Contest
   approximately 10,000 total gross area consisting
   of 3,600 SF of office space, 6 enclosed private
   offices, conference room and rest rooms. The
   entire building is heated and air conditioned                    Games for Kids!                                                    Free Family Fun
   including the warehouse areas.
   1201 O’Hare Blvd, De Pere, WI Triple Net
   Lease, $3,200.00 monthly Lease, Negotiable.
                                                                   * Located at Oneida Cultural Heritage (Hwy FF & 54, and
   Zoned Limited Industrial. Building was built in
   2000, it has approx. 6,120 SF plus 1000SF mezza-
                                                                    Oneida Apple Orchard 3976 West Mason Street., Oneida
   nine. Approximately 1,200 SF consists of 4
   offices, a receptionist area, two rest rooms and                      For more information contact (920)496-5395.
   break room, two of the offices have a fireplace,
   4,920 SF is warehouse space. One 6' x 6'dock                        Education Day for Schools on September 18, 2009
   leveler and one 12’ X 14’ overhead door. Building
   has expandable end wall for future expansion.
            Call OSGC at 347-0500.
                                                                         Volunteers Needed Contact 496-5389
         Ask for Becky, Bernice or Pete.                                 Volunteers will be given gas cards for their help with the event
10A (Oye=l$)         • August 27, 2009                                 Culture                                   

   In the News with…
                                                               C ultural H eritage
Itʼs not ʻjust a gameʼ
Special to Kalihwisaks         him happy again. From
                               this time on the game of
   Lacrosse is a game          lacrosse could be used to
that is part of the Oneida     rejuvenate their spirits. It
Creation Story, and other      was medicine.
Nations. In the Creation          Throughout the course
Story, lacrosse is a game      of history, lacrosse is a
that our creator chose to      traditional game has been
play against his brother       around and is one of the
to settle their disputes.      fastest growing sports in
“Lacrosse” according to        North America in mod-
Bob Brown, Cultural            ern times. The game is
Advisor, “was also part        played for sport but has it
of another part of histo-      has also never lost is
ry.”                           medicinal powers that go
   There was a little boy,     beyond any modern day                                                                      Photo courtesy of Oneida Museum
who was always happy           medicine.                       The game above was played on July 4, 1949 in Oneida, WI.
and      full    of    life.      Many players who
Everything around this         play the game profes-
boy was fascinating and        sionally comment that
he was happy where ever        when they step on the
he would go. Then one          field to play, it’s a differ-
day something happened         ent feeling because they
to him, although it is not     know they are really                Photos courtesy of
know exactly what it
was. The boy became
                               playing for the Creator.
                               Whether it is here physi-
                                                                   Michelle Danforth
very distraught and            cally, it is always being
almost in a trance.            played in the Sky World.
Nothing would faze this           On Aug 17 – 19, 2009
young boy, no matter           a free lacrosse camp was
what his parents tried.        hosted by Jungle Cat
The parents even tried to      Lacrosse               (Neil    Snapshots of the free lacrosse
take him to the places         Anderson), the Oneida           camp that was hosted by Jungle
that made him the happi-       Nation High School              Cat Lacrosse from August 17-
est, hoping to see his         (Sonny Hill), and the           19. There were 70 kids who par-
spark of life come back,       Oneida Pride. 70 kids,          ticipated ranging from age 5 - 18.
but nothing happened.          ages 5 - 18 from the            The camp ended with a goalie
With the concern of the        Green Bay and Oneida            shoot out against old time
boy’s parents, they went       area participated in a          Oneida goalie Ernie Marlewski.
to see a see-er, to see        skills and game camp.
what was wrong with the        One of the organizers,
little boy. They were          Michelle Danforth com-
hoping to find a remedy        mented, “It was the
to return their son. The       greatest feeling in the
See-er saw the game of         world to see our little 5
lacrosse and if they get       and 6 year olds step out
all the kids of his age        into the arena with their
together and play this         helmets and sticks, some
will make him happy            for the first time.
again.                         Hopefully, we can keep
   The parents went back       this going.”
to the village and all of
the children went to an           The camp ended with
open field, down the hill      a goalie shoot out against
from the village. The          old time Oneida goalie
children began to play         Ernie         Marlewski.
and were having lots of        Winners included: (5-
fun. The parents brought       8yrs) Isiah FunMaker,
the little boy to watch the    (9-12yrs)           Hugh
children play.        They     Anderson & David
could hear the children        Doxtater-Hill. Special
laughing and having fun.       mention,         Brandon
They could see the boys        Granquist had a lacrosse
with their antics and try-     shot that registered 83.5
ing to make fancy moves.       mph. The camp had
Soon the little boy started    many sponsors that sup-
to come out of whatever        ported their efforts; the
had come over him. His         Coke Fund, Oneida
parents urged him to join      Nation, Oneida Family
the game and he did. He        Services-Prevention
began to play, and the         Program, Green Bay
good feelings of moving        Rebel Lacrosse Team and
and laughing soon made         lots of volunteers.

                           Be Sure to visit the …


                                                               website at
                                                                                                                                                                      Section B                                                                                                                                              August 27, 2009

    Special to Kalihwisaks
                                 Danforth excels at golf
         rant Danforth was
         invited to partici-     met before. “We're very        on both days, with Darren      the proud grandparents.
         pate in the First       proud of his accomplish-       taking 1st place.              They also extend gratitude
Nations Golf Association's       ment, considering the            Grant is son of Lem          to the General Manager
National Native Youth            youth had to walk 18 holes     Danforth and Josephine         and staff for the donation
Golf Championship which          in 100 degree plus weather     Skenandore and the grand-      which allowed Grant to
was held in Thackerville,        each day”, she said.           son of Marsha and Erwin        participate and for family
Oklahoma on August 5th             Grant golfed with            Danforth and Inez Thomas       to join him in Oklahoma.
& 6th.                           Darren Smith, a Navajo         and Artley Skenandore.                  Submitted photo
   The 11 year-old placed        from     New      Mexico.        The family extends           At left, Grant takes
2nd in the 11 & 12 year          “Darren is a very good         appreciation to Conrad         a swing during the
old      Age      Division.      golfer himself, he takes       King for encouraging           golf tournament
According to his grand-          this game very seriously       Grant to not only golf, but    held in Oklahoma.
mother Marsha, this is the       and showed the grace of a      to participate in this tour-   Inset, (l to r) Grant
first time Grant golfed in a     professional at the age of     nament. “We now know           Danforth-Oneida
tournament like this and         12”, she added. Darren         what Grant is capable of as    and Darren Smith -
with other youth he's never      and Grant golfed together      far as his golf game,” said    Navajo.

Native Voices at the Autry - 2010 Call for Scripts
   Native Voices at the          help, we will select the       work for consideration.        consideration for future       will be accepted in Word or     Repertory Company, the
Autry is devoted to the          three-four playwrights who        What t o send: Native       development opportunities.     PDF format. Type SUB-           VSA North Fourth Art
development and produc-          will be invited to attend a    Voices at the Autry will       To inquire about the status    MISSION in the subject          Center, Workshop West in
tion of new works for the        weeklong retreat in June       only consider completed        of a previously submitted      line and send email to car-     Canada,       Pennsylvania
stage by Native American         2010 at San Diego State        full-length plays, plays for   play,       please   contact   l enne@g mai l . co m or        Center Stage; and have
writers.                         University, the La Jolla       young audiences or one-        Carlenne Lacosta, Native       nati vevoi ces@autryna-         been featured at the
   2010         Playwrights      Playhouse, and the Autry       person shows that are text     Voices Literary Manager, at    ti onal center. org             Kennedy Center's New
Retreat and Festival of          National Center where they     based. Solo performance        carl enne@gmai l . com.           For more information:        Visions/New         Voices
New Plays DEADLINE               will work with profession-     artists whose work is text        All submissions must        Email Carlenne Lacosta at       Theatre      for    Young
9/ 15/ 09.                       al directors, dramaturgs,      based should send full text    include:                       carl enne@gmai l . com          Audiences in Washington
   Based on all work             actors, and designers.         in manuscript form. Please     • Tribal affiliation           or nati vevoi ces@autry-        D.C.; the Two Worlds
received by this deadline,          Selected playwrights will   use a standard play-script     • Full contact information     nati onal center. org or        Native American Theater
up to ten playwrights will       receive an honorarium,         format, number all pages       • 75-100 word biography        phone Rich Deely at             and Film Festival in New
be invited to submit             round trip airfare to San      and include a cast break-      • C.V. or resume               323. 667. 2000, ext.            Mexico;       the     City
Formal Proposals in order        Diego, plus lodging in San     down. Scripts will not be      • Workshop and Production      299. Online                     University of New York
to apply to the Playwrights      Diego.                         returned.                        History                      www. nati vevoi ce-             Indigenous World Theatre
Retreat and Festival of             Selected playwrights will      Pl ease do not send:           Where t o send y our        sattheautry. org or             Reading Series; Idyllwild
New Plays. Application to        be notified by December        one acts, ten minute plays     s ub m i s s i o n:   Randy    www. nati vevoi ces. bl o       Native Arts Week; the
this event is by invitation      11, 2009.                      or outlines. Also, previ-      Reinholz, Artistic Director,   gspot. com                      Originals Festival in
only; invitations will be           Who shoul d subm i t :      ously submitted plays          Native Voices at the Autry        Plays workshopped at         Brisbane, Australia; the
sent mid-October. Scripts        All emerging or experi-        should only be submitted if    4700 Western Heritage          Native Voices at the Autry      ASSITEJ 16th World
will then be sent to a com-      enced playwrights writing      the play has undergone sig-    Way, Los Angeles, CA           have gone on to produc-         Congress and Performing
mittee of nationally recog-      from the indigenous experi-    nificant dramatic changes.     90027-1462                     tions and/or additional read-   Arts Festival; the Origins
nized theatre artists for fur-   ence in North America are      Plays that have not been       SUBMISSION ENCLOSED            ings at The Public Theatre,     Festival in London; among
ther evaluation. With their      encouraged to submit their     selected are kept onfile for     Electronic submissions       La Jolla Playhouse, Trinity     others.
2B (T#ken)          • August 27, 2009                          Environment                                                              

                                                                    Community                                             Tsyunh#hkw^ Husking
                                                                                                                          Bee starts September 26
                                                                      Event                                               By Jeff Metoxen
                                                                                                                          Tsyunhehkwa Manager
                                                                                                                             We would like to
                                                                                                                                                       Agricultural Center at
                                                                                                                                                       (920) 869-2718.
                                                                                                                                                          Due to construction in
By Betsy Galbraith                                                                                                        invite everyone to partic-   and around the Cannery
Environmental Specialist -                                                                                                ipate in our 16th Annual
                                                                                                                                                       at the Norbert Hill
                                                                                                                          Harvest and Husking          Center, we are required
   Mark your calendars
                                                                                                                          Bee. This will take place    to close down all cannery
for the 5th annual
                                                                                                                          on Saturday September        related operations at that
Environmental Health &
                                                                                                                          26th and run through         site. Cannery products
Safety          Division’s
                                                                                                                          Friday October 2nd. The      will continue be avail-
FallFest. The event will
                                                                                                                          hours of operation will      able at Tsyunhehkwa
be held on Thursday,
                                                                                                                          be from 9:00am till          retail store on a limited
September 17th from
                                                                                                                          5:00pm daily Please join     basis. This is only possi-
11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. at
                                                                                                                          us to take care of           ble as we are working
the Conservation Field
                                                                                                                          @hs^na>tekutahnu=t#le        with the NHC Cafeteria
Office on N8047 County
                                                                                                                          (Three Sisters).             for use of their facilities,
                                                                                                                             We will also be host-     which we are very thank-
   “We’re excited to offer
                                                                                                                          ing our Green Corn           ful for their cooperation
this free event to the
                                                                                                                          Feast/Open House event,      and assistance during this
Oneida community. This
                                                                                                                          on the 28th of August        time.
is a great opportunity to
                                                                                                                          from 5:00pm to 6:00pm,          We are committed to
showcase the natural                                                                                                      at The Tsyunhehkwa
                                                                                      Photo courtesy of Betsy Galbraith                                serving our customer and
resources of the reserva-                                                                                                 Agricultural       Center
                                  Conservation Intern Jeff Jentz, far right, gives out information at the                                              community with quality
tion and the services we                                                                                                  located at 139 Riverdale
                                  2008 Fallfest. This yearʼs fest will take place Thursday, Sept. 17.                                                  white corn products, and
provide,” states Pat                                                                                                      Drive.
                                  circling overhead? We        Natural         Resource     new digital one. A drop-                                   apologize for any incon-
Pelky, Director of the                                                                                                       We will be processing
                                                               Conservation Service         off site for household                                     venience this will cause.
Environmental Health &            will offer a variety of
                                                                                                                          the 2nd run of our           Cannery       Workshops
Safety Division.                  information, workshops,      (NRCS) and Fish and          batteries (not automo-
                                                                                                                          Pastured Poultry on Aug      already scheduled will
   The Live Sustain               and demonstrations to        Wildlife Service.            biles) will also be provid-
                                                                                                                          26th. The chickens will      take place at our Organic
Grow Project will be              answer these questions          There will be prizes, a   ed.
                                                                                                                          be available for pick-up     Farm, 139 Riverdale
sponsoring a community            and many more.               free lunch featuring wild       For more information
                                                                                                                          from 9:00am-4:00pm on        Drive.      The cannery
education event in con-              Our natural resource      turkey, workshops, and       about this event, contact
                                                                                                                          August 27th. There are       expected to reopen in
junction with this year’s         partners will also be on     demonstrations. Back by      the                 Oneida
                                                                                                                          still some chickens avail-   October. Any questions
Fall Fest. Have you ever          hand to answer questions     popular demand this year     Environmental Health &
                                                                                                                          able if you are interested   please contact Jeff
wondered what trails are          about programs they          is the tree stand silent     Safety Division at 920-
                                                                                                                          in placing an order. To      Metoxen, Manager at
available for hiking?             offer for landowners on      auction. You can also        496-5330.
                                                                                                                          order please contact         920 - 869 - 2141.
Where the best places are         the reservation. This will   bring in your old mer-
                                                                                                                          Frank Haney at the
to pick berries? How to           include federal and local    cury thermometer and
                                                               exchange it for a brand
                                                                                                                          Ts y u n h e h k w a                         Yaw<>k%=
identify the birds you see        agencies such as the

Fox River NRDA Trustee Council
Awards Project Funding
By Betsy Galbraith                that connection,” stated       restoration along the      National Oceanic and
Environmental    Specialist   -   Councilman Hill.               South Branch of the        A t m o s p h e r i c
Restoration                          Funding for natural         Suamico River.             Administration.
   The Fox River/Green            reource damage assess-       • $15,000 to improve            For more information
Bay Natural Resource              ment projects comes            fish habitat in Duck       on these projects, con-
Trustee           Council         from the 2004 $3 million       Creek near Pamperin        tact Betsy M. Galbraith,
approved 14 restoration           P.H.           Glatfelter      Park and replace ailing
projects at a public meet-                                                                  Environmental Project                                            Kalihwisaks file photo
                                  Co./WTMI Co. interim           damn structures
ing on Thursday, August           settlement and the 2004      • $80,000 to improve         Manager, at 920-496-          Participants at the 2008 Tsyunhehkwa
13. The meeting was               Fort     James/Georgia-        native brook trout         5330.                         Husking Bee.
hosted by the Oneida              Pacific final settlement.      habitat in Trout Creek
Tribe at Thornberry               Funds are awarded for          at the 17th hole on the
Creek       at    Oneida.         restoration projects in        Brown County Golf
Councilman        Tehassi         northeast Wisconsin that       Course.
Hill, Oneida’s Trustee            restore, replace, and        • $660,000 for habitat
Council Representative,           acquire habitat for            preservation to protect
chaired the meeting.              resources that were            critical acres of stream
   "These projects will           injured by PCBs.               habitat and wetlands
help restore habitat for             Projects submitted by       near Duck and Oneida
fish and wildlife on the          the     Oneida      Tribe      Creek.
Oneida       Reservation.         approved for funding            The natural resource
Our cultural ties to not          included:                    trustees are comprised of
only the land, but the                                         Wisconsin Department
sustenance it provides, is        • $18,000 for the place-     of Natural Resources,
vital to the preservation           ment of bald eagle         U.S. Fish and Wildlife
and continuation of our
cultural practices. These
                                    nesting structures near
                                    wetlands on Oneida
                                                               Service, Oneida Tribe of
                                                               Indians of Wisconsin,
                                                                                                                                                    L n about
projects will serve to              lands.                     Menominee Indian Tribe                                                                the natural
enhance and strengthen            • $425,000 for stream        of     Wisconsin,      and
                                                                                                                                                reso ces of the
                                                                                                                                                    res vation!
                                                                                                  THURSDAY Y
                                                                                                            r 7, 20
                                                                                                  September 17, 2009
                                                                                                     a. .     p. .
                                                                                                  11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
                                                                                                     t     nser    on F eld f
                                                                                                  at the Con vation Fie Office
                                                                                                     0     y
                                                                                                  N8047 Cty Rd U
                                                                                                  Join us for a h vest
                                                                                                              d ng             us mo
                                                                                                  lunch includin wild turkey plu more . . .

                                                                                                  Sponsored by: Oneid Environmental, Health & Safety Division                                                       Education                                                              August 27, 2009 • (Áhs^) 3B

FNCI Common Ground                                                    Seatbelt Usage Rate on the Rise in Oneida
                                                                      By Vanessa Miller              wearing a seatbelt, no        to the Wisconsin regional      vided in Table 2. (below)
Grant Deadline OCT. 1                                                 Environmental, Health &        data was taken for that       rate        for       Green           SUMMARY
   Greetings         FNCI          October 1, 2009, and is            Safety Division                occupant. Only passen-        Bay/Appleton Area, the            The Oneida Nation
Musicians, Composers,              a postmark deadline.                                              ger and tribal owned          Oneida Nation falls            observational seatbelt
Performers,        Artists,           Applications can be                In 2004, the Injury         vehicles were counted in      below average by more          study, which began in
Educators, Friends and             found on the FNCI web-             Prevention         Program     this survey. Any other        than 8 percentage points.      May of 2004, was suc-
Colleagues:                        site at:              launched a 5-year obser-       type of “service” vehicle,    However, in comparison         cessful in establishing a
     The deadline for              under Opportunities.               vational study to exam-        such as vehicles owned        to the National seatbelt       baseline seatbelt usage
Round VI of the                       If you have any trou-           ine the seatbelt usage         by businesses or deliv-       usage in Table 2, we are       rate in 2004 of 54% for
Common Ground Grant                ble downloading the                rates on the Oneida            ery/semi trucks, were         still below the national       total occupants. During
Program is approaching             application or if you              Reservation. In its last       excluded. Due to choos-       average of 83% by 12           this first year, the Injury
quickly. It is not too             have questions regard-             year of the study, con-        ing the locations random-     percentage points. It          Prevention Program set a
early to start the applica-        ing the grant or applica-          ducted this summer,            ly, this survey was able to   should be taken into con-      base goal of increasing
tion process. If you are           tion process, please do            some very promising            give a representative         sideration that Wisconsin      usage rates by 5% during
not applying this round,           not hesitate to contact            results have been found,       sample of the Oneida          ranks in the lowest 10         the five years of this
please be an ambassador            me by phone or email. I            as usage rates across the      Nation seatbelt usage.        states for seatbelt usage      study. The 2009 study
on behalf of the First             can be reached by email            reservation have made                   RESULTS              rates, as it falls below the   shows that we have met
Nations         Composer           at:     jarcoren@com-              dramatic increases since         The Oneida Nation           national average by near-      and surpassed this goal
Initiative and help get   and                2004.                          observational seatbelt        ly 9 percentage points.        with a current usage rate
the word out.                      by phone at 651-251-                  Below is a brief overview   survey was conducted          This could be a result of      of 71%. This dramatic
   The deadline is                 2839.                              of the 2009 study:             between June 2009 and         Wisconsin’s history of         rise in usage is likely due
                                                                           BACKGROUND                August 2009. A total of       implementing               a   to the intense efforts of
                                                                         The purpose of the
Families in Good                                                      observational seatbelt
                                                                      study was to collect seat-
                                                                                                     3074 vehicles were
                                                                                                     observed with an addi-
                                                                                                     tional 729 front-seat pas-
                                                                                                                                   Secondary Enforcement
                                                                                                                                   Seatbelt Law. In accor-
                                                                                                                                   dance with the nature of
                                                                                                                                                                  our program, including
                                                                                                                                                                  but not limited to educa-
                                                                                                                                                                  tion, media blitzes, sig-
                                                                      belt usage rates for dri-
Company Award                                                         vers and front seat pas-
                                                                      sengers only, of primarily
                                                                                                     sengers observed as well,
                                                                                                     for a total of 3803 occu-
                                                                                                     pants observed. Table 1
                                                                                                                                   secondary enforcements
                                                                                                                                   laws, police enforcement
                                                                                                                                   cited vehicles for seatbelt
                                                                                                                                                                  nage and cooperative
                                                                                                                                                                  agreements with the
                                                                                                                                                                  Oneida               Police
   Partners in Education           dren, our future and the
                                                                      tribal members on the          (see below) shows the         violations only after they     Department (OPD), per-
of the Green Bay Area              workforce of tomorrow.
                                                                      Oneida Nation for a peri-      results of the 2009 study,    were stopped for an ini-       taining to seatbelt usage.
Chamber of Commerce,                  Nomination/applica-
                                                                      od of five years. The          as well as previous years.    tial violation. However,       Over the span of this 5-
Start Smart of Brown               tion forms can be
                                                                      study was to first deter-        In the five years we        this summer has been           year study, we have seen
County—The           Early         accessed      online    at
                                                                      mine a baseline seatbelt       have been conducting          marked by a very signifi-      significant        success,
Childhood Council and     to
                                                                      usage rate, which was          this study on the Oneida      cant change in this law.       including:
the Green Bay Press-               nominate your business
                                                                      completed in 2005. In          Nation, there has been an     As of June 30th, 2009,         • Rise seatbelt safety
Gazette announce appli-            or another area employer.
                                                                      the five year time-frame,      overall improvement of        the state of Wisconsin           awareness on the
cations for the 9th annual         Please submit nomina-
                                                                      we proposed to increase        seatbelt usage amongst        now has a Primary                Oneida Nation.
Families      in     Good          tion/applications to the
                                                                      seatbelt usage by 5%           drivers and passengers,       Enforcement Seatbelt           • Increase seatbelt usage
Company Awards are                 Green       Bay      Area
                                                                      using education, media         the most dramatic result      Law. The law now states          of drivers and front-seat
being accepted until               Chamber of Commerce
                                                                      blitzes, installation of       being the increase in pas-    that law enforcement has         passengers in the com-
Sept. 18.                          by Sept. 18, 2009.
                                                                      seatbelt signage around        senger seatbelt usage.        the authority to stop and        munity
   These       prestigious            For more information
                                                                      the community and, with        There has been an             site vehicles for the sole        Although we are still
awards honor Greater               or for questions about the
                                                                      the cooperation of the         increase by 17 percent-       reason of failing to buck-     below the State and
Green Bay Area employ-             nomination/application
                                                                      Oneida                Police   age points for the total      le up-no other violation       National levels of 74%
ers who have made a                process, please call
                                                                      Department           (OPD),    occupant usage rate com-      is necessary. Since this       and 83% respectively,
commitment to family-              Partners in Education at
                                                                      fines/rewards for seatbelt     pared to the 2004-2005        law was passed in the          through increased educa-
friendly policies, an              920.437.8704.
                                                                      usage.                         survey, with a 16 per-        beginning of the 2009          tion and continued events
investment in our chil-
                                                                         METHODOLOGY                 centage point increase        Oneida Observational           promoting          seatbelt
       Your children may qualify for FREE or                             The seatbelt surveys        coming from drivers and       Study, it should be con-       usage, the rate of seatbelt
  reduced price meals if your household income                        were completed by the          a staggering 25 percent-      sidered that the signifi-      usage on the Oneida
    falls within the limits on the chart (below).                     current Injury Prevention      age point increase com-       cant increase in seatbelt      Nation will continue to
                                                                      Coordinator at 28 loca-        ing from passengers.          usage rates on the reser-      rise. We are confident
   FEDERAL INCOME CHART                                               tions during July 2009-                                      vation may have been           that, combined with the
        For School Year 2009 - 2010                                   August 2009. During              The Oneida Nations          impacted by the enact-         new                Primary
                                                                      each of these observa-         seatbelt usage rates, as      ment of the law. It            Enforcement Seatbelt
                                                                      tions, traffic was sur-        compared to the state and     should also be noted that,     Law, seatbelt usage rates
                     !   !"     # $       ""      #!    veyed from one direc-          national seatbelt rates,      while a significant            on the reservation will
                    !%$$     &"     &       "    $%
                                                                      tion. The drivers and          are below average.            increase in the state rate     competitively compare
                                                                      front seat passengers          When compared to the          has not been apparent,         with state and national
                       #"&     #      &            !$     who were properly wear-        Wisconsin state average       data for the 2009 study        rates.
                                                                      ing a shoulder strap were      total occupant rate, the      has not been made avail-          Seatbelts are proven to
        &            &"%       &     "     $!%     "#$
                                                                      counted as wearing a           Oneida Nation only falls      able yet. Therefore, any       be the simplest, yet most
        $            &""      %"!     %##     # !     %#     seatbelt. In any instance      approximately 3.2 per-        impact of this new law on      effective way to save
                                                                      where the observer was         centage points below the      the statewide seatbelt         lives in automobile
        !            $&!      &$$      ""          $
                                                                      unsure if either the driver    current average rate of       usage rates would not be       crashes. For your safety
        "            !$$     $      $!$      !#     #&   and/or passenger were          74.2%. When compared          reflected by the data pro-     and the safety of your
                                                                                                                                                                  passengers,         always
        #            !#&!%     $"!     #$      ! &      "
                                                                        TABLE 1                                                                                   remember to buckle up!
                                                                                                                                                                     For any questions or
                                                                                                                                                                  for more information,
                     Oneida Nation                                                                                                                                please contact Vanessa
  Community Education Center                                                                                                                                      Miller at vmiller@onei-
 Currentlyopen for students
                                        GED/HSED     Preparation
     70 hours per week
                                          Internet                                                    TABLE 2
  Offering  various classes
     & tutoring sessions
                                             Computer                  Send your
              Located:                                                  email to:
     2632 South Packerland Drive
        Green Bay, WI 54313                                             kalihwisaks
(920) 496-5260 or (920) 496-7879 FAX
 7:30AM - 9:00PM, 7:30AM - 5:30PM, 9:00AM - 3:00PM
 Monday - Thursday             Friday              Saturday

4B (Kay#) • August 27, 2009                                          Classifieds                                                             
                                                                                                                                                  Mail Submissions to:
Call the Kalihwisaks at
   1-800-236-2214                                      Oneida’s Best Marketplace!                                                                       P.O. Box 365
                                                                                                                                                         Oneida, WI
 ext. 7316 to place an ad                                                   Buy • Sell • Shop                                                              54155

            Do yo have something to sell?                                                                                                                   Job
    Try using the Kalihwisaks Classifieds!                                                                Legal Notice
For a limited time, get three lines of classified ad
 space for FREE. For details call 869-7316 or                                              Setting Time and Notice to Creditors: request for               Maintenance
                                                                                           information. The following estates are being prepared           Technician
        email                                                 for probate by the United States Department of the
                                                                                           Interior and/or the Oneida Tribe of Indians of              Radisson       Hotel    &
                                                                                           Wisconsin, Land Commission, Division of Land
      Notice of Availability                                        Send                   Management. All creditor claims must be filed on or
                                                                                           before Friday, October 9, 2009
                                                                                                                                                       Conference Center Green
                                                                                                                                                       Bay is looking for an
                                                                                                                                                       energetic, self-starting,
Agricultural Land                Agricultural Land
                                                                    your                   • Lyndle (Lyndahl) Metoxen 12/20/1938 -
                                                                                                                                                       team oriented utility
                                                                                                                                                       maintenance technician
                                                                                           • Kathleen Hill-Hartwig 02/19/1953 – 11/09/2008
for Lease Premises               for Lease Premises                 email                  • Pearlina D. Cornelius 11/24/1924 – 07/06/2009
                                                                                                                                                       to join our talented team!
                                                                                                                                                       Our maintenance team
considered for bid:              considered for bid:                                       Send all creditors’ claims and information relating to      members perform a vari-
 Reference Number:                Reference Number:
                                                                     to                    the decedent to the following address:                      ety of tasks including
                                                                                                                                                       remodeling rooms, guest
      9-11-2009-1                      9-11-2009-2            Kalihwisaks                   Tina L. Figueroa, Land Title and Trust Specialist          calls, trash collection,
Total Tillable Acreage:          Total Tillable Acreage:                                         Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin                  building repairs, HVAC,
 53 acres more or less            46 acres more or less            @                                 Division of Land Management                       electrical updates, and
      Located At:                 Organic Tillable Land                                                       PO Box 365                               much, much more!
                                                                                  Oneida WI 54155
 Off County Line Road                  Located At:                                                                                                     Successful candidate will
Between West Meadow              N6399 Seminary Road                                                                                                   have prior general main-
Drive and Shady Drive
   Length of Lease:
                                    Length of Lease:                               Notice of Availability                                              tenance       background
                                                                                                                                                       including any of the fol-
                                   5 years with 5 year
  5 years with 5 year                     option                                                                                                       lowing skills: building
         option                                               Project Description: The Oneida Tribe is proposing to improve, expand, and con-          maintenance, grounds
                                                              nect Central Oneida’s Shared Pathway system to allow hikers and bikers from              keeping, hanging wall
                                     Applications to be       local housing and business areas to directly assess the Tribal schools, library, Civic   vinyl, plumbing, electri-
    Applications to be            picked-up and dropped-      Center, Norbert Hill Center, Central Oneida village, the Oneida Elder Complex,           cal, HVAC, floor instal-
 picked-up and dropped-             off at the D.O.L.M.       and Duck Creek Trail. The project calls for paving the surfaces in the main trav-        lation or other general
   off at the D.O.L.M.                office located at:      el areas of the 3.5 mile trail system.                                                   maintenance area. 2nd
     office located at:              Division of Land         A draft environmental assessment (EA) has been prepared regarding this proposed          shift opening.
    Division of Land                    Management            action in compliance with Oneida Environmental Policy (2-13-93B) and National            If you are looking for a
       Management                    470 Airport Drive        Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). A draft EA contains project information,                fast-paced, team driven,
    470 Airport Drive                Oneida, WI 54155         affected environment, project alternatives, and consultation letters.                    and important position,
    Oneida, WI 54155             A map of the location is     Comments were requested from the US fish and Wildlife Service regarding possi-           we have a job for you!
A map of the location is         available at time of pick-   ble impacts to endangered wildlife and Oneida Cultural Heritage Department for           Apply       on-line     at
available at time of pick-                                    possible impacts to historic properties. No significant impacts to these resources
                                              up              are anticipated and recommendations from these sources will be followed.
                                  ALL APPLICATIONS            Need for project: People (particularly students who live in the Central Oneida
                                 MUST BE TURNED IN            area) currently must walk, bike, or drive to local destinations using existing road-
                                   BY SEPTEMBER 11,           ways. The system is dangerous for hikers and bikers due to sharing travel routes
                                 2009 NO LATER THAN           with motor vehicles. This development is intended to provide a safe walking and          For the Best in
                                   4:30 P.M. NO APPLI-        biking shared pathway system connecting Central Oneida schools, recreational
  4:30 P.M. NO APPLI-                                                                                                                                      Native
                                   CATIONS WILL BE            trails, and businesses with local residential areas.
                                   ACCEPTED AFTER             Alternatives: The PREFERRED alternative will be to develop a 3.5 mile inter-               American
                                     THIS DATE AND            connecting Central Oneida shared pathway system. The plan calls for the main
    THIS DATE AND                                             portions of the pathways to be paved and 10 feet wide to facilitate shared users,
                                     TIME. ALL BIDS
    TIME. ALL BIDS                                            snow clearing, wheel chairs, and access for emergency and maintenance vehicles.              Tune in to…
   MUST BE SEALED                   MUST BE SEALED
    AND CLEARLY                      AND CLEARLY
                                                              Pea gravel will be used to surface sensitive natural areas (Norbert Hill Woods)
                                                              where the pathways will be reduced to six feet in width.
                                  MARKED WITH THE
                                   REFERENCE NUM-
                                                              The NO-ACTION alternative will not provide safe walking and biking opportuni-             WPNE 89.3
  REFERENCE NUM-                                              ties for people in the Central Oneida area to access local schools, library, Civic
                                            BER.              Center, Elder Complex, businesses or the Duck Creek Trail. This alternative will
                                                                                                                                                           on your FM
                                                              not meet the non-motorized safety, fitness, or accessibility needs for Central                  dial…
 METHOD OF DETER-                 METHOD OF DETER-            Oneida.                                                                                      Thursdays
  MINING WHO WILL                  MINING WHO WILL            Comments & Availability: Interested parties can obtain copies of these documents           10:00PM to mid-
  BE AWARDED THE                   BE AWARDED THE             from Oneida Environmental, Health & Safety Division, 3759 West Mason Street.
                                                              Comments regarding the proposed action may also be submitted within 30 days of
         LEASE:                           LEASE:
                                 • Application and Sealed     the date of this NOA posting. Contact Bill Koonz at (920) 496-5350 or write
• Application and Sealed
                                 Bid                          Oneida Environmental quality Department, PO Box 365, Oneida, WI 54155 for
Bid                                                           additional information.
• If the case of a tie,          • If the case of a tie,
Tribal Member & Tribal           Tribal Member & Tribal
                                 Department will be given
Department will be given
priority                         priority
                                                                                                 Notice of Availability
• Credit score of 550 or         • Credit score of 550 or
better                           better                                                   United States Department of the Interior
• Following the SOP:             • Following the SOP:                                          BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS
Distribution of Tribal           Distribution of Tribal                                            Great Lakes Agency
agricultural leases              agricultural leases                                            916 West Lakeshore Drive
• The Land Commission            • The Land Commission                                           Ashland, Wisconsin 5480
gave the current lessee          gave the current lessee                      IN REPLY REFER TO: Natural Resources August 14, 2009
the right to match the           the right to match the       Introduction: The Bureau of Indian Affairs has received a request to approve the trust to
high bid                         high bid                     trust conveyance of a parcel of individually owned trust land in Brown County, Wisconsin.
                                                              A finding of no significant impact (FONSI) has been prepared for this proposed federal
Minimum Bid: $125.00             Minimum Bid: $125.00
                                                              action, and is available for review and comments, in compliance with provisions of the
                                                              National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).
      per acre                         per acre
                                                              Brief Description of Proposed Action and Stated Need: The Bureau of Indian Affairs,
                                                              Great Lakes Agency, has received a request to approve a trust to trust conveyance of an
 Sell your home, car, furniture etc...                        approximately 1.5 acre parcel of individually owned trust land , located in the SE ¼ SW ¼,
                                                              Section 13, T23N, R19E, Oneida Reservation, Brown County, Wisconsin. Approval of this
  Place a Classified Ad Here!                                 transaction would facilitate the single family residential development of the subject property
                                                              and provide needed housing for Oneida Nation Tribal members.
     Call 496-7316 or 496-7317
              TODAY!                                          Environmental Review: In compliance with provisions of the NEPA, an environmental
                                                              assessment and FONSI were prepared. It has been determined that this proposed federal
                                                              action will not have a significant adverse impact on the quality of the human environment;
    Have You Been Injured?                                    therefore, an environmental impact statement will not be required. This proposed trust to
 “If the accident was another personʼs fault, it does         trust conveyance was also reviewed for compliance with other applicable environmental
 not matter if you do not have your own insurance.”           and historic preservation laws, such as the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) and
                                                              the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The Tribal Historic Preservation Officer was consulted
     Abogados                        Atty. Joe Recka          in compliance with Section 106 of the NHPA and no adverse effects to historic properties
 Recka & Associates                     435-0646              are expected. A determination was made in accordance with procedures established for
  Incluido en la lista de Abogados recomendados
                                                              compliance with Section 7 of the ESA and no adverse effects to federally-listed threatened
      por el Consulado Mexicano en Chicago                    or endangered species, designated critical habitats, or any other unique or sensitive
    • Green Bay •                • Appleton •
                                                              resources are anticipated. The Oneida Tribal Environmental Department assisted in the
                             u                                environmental review. The FONSI is predicated on the development conforming to all
      435-0646                         730-0889               applicable laws, regulations, codes, ordinances, permits, permissions, stipulations, agree-
                                                              ments, and best management practices. Utilities and water and sewer services should be
                                                              installed in accordance with established codes and standards and overseen by the Ho-Chunk
 Recka & Associates                                           Nation and/or the Indian Health Service. If a commercial installer is chosen, they must be
                                                              certified to put in the systems. Any clearing of the site may require a timber-cutting permit.
    With us it is hassle free and easy.                       Document Availability and Comments: Interested parties can obtain copies of the FONSI
                                                              and related NEPA documents, as well as submit comments to the above address, in care of
 211 S. Monroe                                                the Branch of Natural Resources. Contact Fred Vande Venter, Environmental Protection
 Green Bay, WI 54301                       435-8159           Specialist, at (715) 682-4527 with any requests, comments, or questions regarding this mat-
                                                              ter.                                       Good News                                                                              August 27, 2009 • (Wisk) 5B

                                       13th                                  3rd                                                    Genealogy event focuses
                                 Aaron Hill Jr.                       Dylan
                                                                                                          Happy 4th Birthday
                                                                                                                                    on Ninham family
                                  August 28th                      September 7th                                                    By               Beverly      relatives’ personal docu-
If you have a birth                                                                                              Hunter             Skenandore                    ments and photographs
announcement, please send
it to the Kalihwisaks                                                                                       on August 18th             Sheku     k@htho tsi>      to attach onto their
Newspaper, PO Box 365,                                                                                            &                 waekwahwatsilowanh@>          genealogy report. The
Oneida WI 54155 or call
Yvonne Kaquatosh at                                                                                       Happy 14th Birthday          (Say gu gat do gee         items were immediately
(9 2 0 ) 4 9 6 -7 3 1 7 for                                                                                      Jairica            way gwa wa gee low            returned after being
more information. There is                                                                                                          watha)                        copied. I love to work
NO CHA R GE for birth                                                                                      on September 1st
announcements. However,                                                                                                                Greetings, see our         with people and when I
if you would like to                                                                                                                families grow                 ask your life questions, I
include a photo, please                                                                                                                Our very first Oneida      always try to write it
send a SASE with your
submission.           Please                                                                                                        Cultural          Heritage    down in your own words.
include baby’s full (first,                                       Love Mom, Dad                                                     Genealogy Event was           You touch my heart when
middle & last) name, par-                                                                                                           held on July 6, 2009 on       you open your soul to
ents (first & last), d.o.b.,                                        and Kendall                                                     the Cultural Heritage         me. When focus on the
weight (lbs. & oz.),
length,       grandparents                                                                                                          grounds. It was a mile-       family trees, I can see the
(maternal/paternal), sib-       Love Mom, Dad                                                                                       stone towards what is to      forest!
lings (first names only).
A lso, if the baby was         Paige, Kain, Kailey                   www.                                                           come. The occasion was           The afternoon was
given an Indian name,
                                   & Kodiak                       oneidana-                                                         in tribute to the late Joy    spent touring the log
please include the correct                                                                                                          (Moon) Ninham who             homes and language
spelling and meaning.                                                                                             aspired to have this event    house which was made
Pl ease i ncl ude phone
num ber w here y ou can                                                                                                             happen and her desire         possible by Thornberry
be reached duri ng t he                                                                                                             has finally come true.        Creek donating several
day !
                                                                                                                                    The reunion brought           golf carts. The son of
              Kodiak                                                                                                                approximately sixty of        Vernon and Joy, Paul
              Marvin                                                                                                                her relatives together.       Ninham made his deli-
                                                                                                          May you both enjoy                                      cious coffee “Duck
               Hill                          The Thompsons                                                 your special day!
                                                                                                                                    The Creator blessed us
           K o d i a k                                                                                                              with perfect weather.         Creek Coffee“.        Joy’s
                                                                                                           Love Dad, Mom,              Everyone visited com-      first     cousin,      Ann
           Marvin Hill,                                                                                   Alexander, JaNace,
           newborn son                                                                                                              fortably at tables under      (Wheelock) Gonzales
                                                                                                              and Family.           canopies that Shane John      from New Mexico made
to Kim & Aaron Hill,
was born Sunday, July                                                                                                               and his crew from             her favorite dish. Another
19th, 2009 at Bellin                                                                                                                Oneida Housing set up.        relative that fed everyone
Hospital, Green Bay.                                                                                                                We taped up a huge print-     was           “Littlewinds
Kodiak weighed 8lbs                                                                                                                 ed family tree chart cov-     Favorites Fry Bread
7oz and measured 20                                                                                                                 ering the double garage       Tent” was Estelle Silas. I
inches in length.                                                                                                to                 doors for the relatives to    would like to express my
                                                                                                                                                                  gratitude to all those I
Maternal Grandparents                                                                                        Haley Marie            fill in any corrections or
                                                                                                                                                                  have mentioned and to
are the late Mary                                                                                                                   add their current descen-
                                                                                                          newborn daughter of                                     all those I haven’t men-
Kakkak and Marvin                                                                                                                   dants. Relatives took
                                                                                                           Steve and Missy and      turns coming indoors to       tioned, this event could
Pamonicutt. Paternal                                                                                       baby sister to Abby
grandparents are Leland                                                                                                             sit with me and tell me       not have happened with-
                                                                                                           Congratulations from     their family history infor-   out each and every one of
and Barbara Hill and                                                                                        Nate,Yvonne, Dawn,
Doris Renshaw. Kodiak                                                                                                               mation. I entered their       you. Especially to the
is happily welcomed by
                                                                                                          Bobbie, Debbie, Apache    information into the          staff here at Cultural
siblings Paige, Aaron                                                                                             and Phil          computer and took their       Heritage and to the
Jr., Kain & Kailey.                                                                                                                 completed charts to enter     Kalihwisaks for printing
                                                                                                                                    at a later date. We           my words for all to read.
                                                                                                                Listen to           scanned and copied the                        YAW^KO
Good News                      Back row, l to r, (standing): Denise Thompson,                                  on
submissions are                Great-Grandma and Aiyana Cruz, mother.
                               Seated, l to r: Tabitha Nunez, Grandmother and                                 89.3
    accepted                   Cynthia Thompson, Great-Great Grandmother
    Mon.–Fri.                  with her great-great grandson, Michael Acevedo.
 8AM–4:30PM at                                                                                               Thursday nights
                                                                                                               10:00pm to
the Kalihwisaks                              Send your email to:                                                Midnight
   Office now                                                                                             for the best in Native
 located at the
                                                                                                             American music
Complex at 909
   Packerland                           *Deluxe Hot
                                    Continental Breakfast
     Drive.                       *24 Hour Pool/Whirlpool
 Deadlines are                        *Complimentary                       Standard Room
                                      Wireless Internet                at the Airport Settle Inn
posted in Kali.                   *Themed Whirlpool Suites            Must present coupon at check-        2620 S. Packerland Dr.
                                                                       in.. Not valid with any other       Green Bay, WI 54313
                                                                     offer or discount. Valid only on         800 688 9052
                                                                                dates listed.
                                                                                                                                                                     Kali photo/Nate Wisneski

  Kalihwisaks                                                                                                                       Michell Danforth records Vernon Ninham as
                                                       Are you in need of a getaway??                                               part of the genealogy event for the Ninham
        is…                                     Relax and Unwind with us at a fabulous price!                                       family held July 6.
    Wednesday,                                *Valid September 4, 5, 25, 26 or November 6, 7, 27, 28 or
   September 2,                                            December 11, 12, 18, 19, 2009.
  2009 @ 4:30 P.M.                       Includes discounts to Bentley’s Food & Spirits and Tony Roma’s Ribs
       with a
                                                                                                                                       UNCLAIMED ‘2008’
                                                                                                                                      Per Capita Payments:
    Thursday,                                                                                                in all rooms.
 September 10, 2009                                                                                         *Complimentary                  The Deadline to claim the
                                                                         Standard Room
  Questions, please
                                                                   at the Extended Stay Airport
                                                                                                            Wireless Internet
                                                                                                               *24 Hour
                                                                                                                                               2008 per capita is
 call: 920-496-7318,
 7316, 7317 or 7319                   1639 Commanche Ave.
                                                                   Must present coupon at check-in..
                                                                    Not valid with any other offer or
                                                                                                            Business Center              September 1, 2009
   or email us at:                     Green Bay, WI 54313        discount. Valid only on dates listed.    *Daily, Weekly, &
                                          800 521 4020                                                       Monthly Rates

                                                                                                                                     To our readers…
                                                                                                                                     “Good News” submissions mailed in without
                                                                                                                                     payment will NOT be published. Payment for
                                                                                                                                     “Good News” wishes MUST BE made at time
                                                                                                                                     of submission. Please review the following
                                                                                                                                     price options:

                                                                                                                                      Message w/Photo:            Message Only:
                                                                                                                                      r column @ $8.00            r column @ $3.00

         Tribal Membe Discou Days
             al     er     unt
         Triba Member Discount  s                     Join us on
                                                                                                                                      r column @ $16.00
                                                                                                                                      r column @ $24.00
                                                                                                                                                                  r column @ $6.00
                                                                                                                                                                  r 3 column @ $9.00
                                                                                                                                     (There is an additional $5.00 charge if message
                               Sundays Mondays Tuesdays                                                                              only is over 20 words and message with photo is
                                                                                                                                     over 40 word limit!
                           $3 Off Your Brunch or Lunch Buffet Purchase                                                                                   Questions?
                               $4 Off Your Dinner Buffet Purchase                                                                            Call   Kalihwisak’s Toll Free at:
                                                                                                                                            • Dawn – ext. 7318 • Steve – ext. 7316
                                                                                                                                            • Yvonne – ext. 7317 • Nate – ext. 7319
6B (Y@=yahk)      • August 27, 2009                                 Health                                                    

Ayres highlights CDHC program                                                       WWHF seeks nominations for
                                                                                    Women’s Health Awards
                                                                                       Madison      -     The     available on WWHF’s        WWHF Founder &
                                                                                    Wisconsin       Women’s       web site,,        President Sue Ann
                                                                                    Health        Foundation      under the Grants &         Thompson in a private
                                                                                    (WWHF) is currently           Scholarships section.      reception on the evening
                                                                                    seeking nominations for       (Past winners and their    of Friday, April 30, 2010.
                                                                                    the 2010 Champions in         accomplishments are        Award winners will also
                                                                                    Women’s Health Awards         also included on the       be introduced to the
                                                                                    to honor individuals who      WWHF web site.)            attendees       of     the
                                                                                    have        demonstrated    • Contact information for    Wisconsin         Women’s
                                                                                    exemplary leadership          the nominee and nomi-      Health Foundation’s 11th
                                                                                    and devoted themselves        nator including name,      Annual Spring Gala in
                                                                                    to improving the quality      address, phone number      Madison,        WI      on
                                                                                    of life for women and         and email address          Saturday May 1, 2010.
                                                                                    families in the following   • 500 words or less             The          Wisconsin
                                                                                    women’s health areas:         describing how the         Women’s            Health
                                                                                    cardiovascular disease,       individual is devoted to   Foundation (WWHF) is a
                                                                                    breast cancer, domestic       improving the quality      statewide       non-profit
                                                                                    abuse, mental illness,        of life for women and      organization whose mis-
                                                                                    osteoporosis, smoking         families in a particular   sion is to help Wisconsin
                                                                 Submitted photo    and alcohol cessation,        area of women’s health     women and their families
Barb Ayres and Virginia Coochwytewa at an Indian Health Services                    and rural women’s           • Minimum of two, max-       reach their healthiest
National Dental Update held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.                             health. Nominees may          imum of three support-     potential. WWHF pro-
                                                                                    include consumer advo-        ing documents such as      vides programs and con-
   Barb     Ayres,     a   Dental Association.         tal treatment for commu-     cates, volunteers, health     letters of support, news   ducts educational forums
Hygienist at Oneida           The presentation on      nity members outside the     care       professionals,     articles, and pho-         that focus on prevention,
Dental recently attended   July 27 informed confer-    dental clinic. Barb will     employees of non-prof-        tographs                   early detection, and con-
the IHS National Dental    ence attendees about the    graduate from the pro-       its, and individuals who    • The original, plus 6       necting individuals to
Updates Meeting held in    scope of practice for       gram next year. She is       have overcome a signifi-      copies of the entire       resources; produces and
Albuquerque,        New    CDHC graduates and          working in conjunction       cant health issue and/or      application including      distributes the most up-
Mexico. She, along with    showcased       Oneida’s    with Dr. Stempski and        inspired other women to       all supplemental mate-     to-date health education
Virginia Coochwytewa       involvement in this new     the     Oneida     Dental    become advocates for          rials (8.5 x 11).          and resource materials;
of Hopi, AZ, presented a   pilot program. CDHC         Department, on estab-        their own health. Past      Mail to:         Wisconsin   and, awards grants and
Table Clinic on the new    students are trained in     lishing dental care sites    champions have been         Women’s             Health   scholarships to women
Community         Dental   community outreach pro-     in the schools and vari-     instrumental in raising     Foundation                   health researchers and
Health      Coordinator    gramming. They will         ous other locations in the   the level of awareness      2503 Todd Drive              related community non-
(CDHC) program estab-      provide preventive dental   Oneida Community.            about women’s health         Madison, WI 53713           profits. Your donations
lished by the American     care and coordinate den-                                 issues; and/or impacted                                  help WWHF reach
                                                                                    the quality of care that       Past winners are not      women         all     over
                                                                                    women in this state         eligible for nomination;     Wisconsin with the infor-
                                                                                    receive.                    however, nominations         mation, resources and
                                                                                       Nominations must be      will be kept active and on   tools they need to be
                                                                                    mailed to WWHF by           file for two years.          healthy. To make a dona-
                                                                                    Friday, October 16 and                                   tion or to learn more
                                                                                    include:                      The Champions in           about WWHF, visit
                                                                                    • Completed Champions       Women’s Health Awards or call 1-800-
                                                                                      Nominee Application       will be presented by         448-5148.

                                                                                                   NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY
                                                                                       Anna John Nursing Home of Oneida, Wisconsin, will provide
                                                                                     care from October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010 for uncompen-
                                                                                     sated services to all eligible persons unable to pay who request
                                                                                     those services. Requests may be made through the Finance
                                                                                     Coordinator, Social Services, or Administrator’s office. All ser-
                                                                                     vices of the facility will be available as uncompensated services.
                                                                                     Eligibility for uncompensated services will be limited to the person
                                                                                     whose family income is not more than the Category C of the cur-
                                                                                     rent poverty income guidelines established by the Department of
                                                                                     Health and Human Services. This notice is published in accor-
                                                                                     dance with 42 CFR 124.504 Notice of Availability of
                                                                                     Uncompensated Services. Anna John Nursing Home will make a
                                                                                     written conditional or final determination of your eligibility for
                                                                                     uncompensated services with in 10 working days, but no later than
                                                                                     2 days after admission following pre-service request; or by the end
                                                                                     of the first billing cycle following a post-service request. We invite
                                                                                     interested parties to comment on this allocation plan.                                                               O.F.F.                                                     August 27, 2009        • (Tsya=t@k) 7B

                F amily F itness H ighlights
                                                                                                                                                   Onei da Fami l y Fi tness Hours:
                                                                                                                                                      M-T-W-TH-F: 5:30AM–8:30PM
                                                                                                                                                      Saturday: 5:30AM–3:00PM
                                                                                                                                                          For more information call

Exercise Guidelines for Healthy Adults Under Age 65                                                                                  Meet Fitness Specialist
By Todd Shelto                       Moderate-intensity                the day in 10-minute             else.
Fitness Specialist/Personal
Trainer/ Wellness Coach
                                  physical activity means
                                  working hard enough to
                                                                       bouts, which can be just
                                                                       as effective as exercis-
                                                                                                      • The gym isn’t a neces-
                                                                                                        sity: This time of year
                                                                                                                                        Brad Sosinsky
   Basic recommenda-              raise your heart rate and            ing for 30 minutes               you don’t necessarily
tions from the American           break a sweat, yet still             straight. This can be            have to go to the
College      of     Sports        being able to carry on a             useful when trying to fit        Oneida Family Fitness
Medicine        and     the       conversation. It should              physical activity into a         Center to get the daily
American             Heart        be noted that to lose                busy schedule.                   recommended amount
Association:                      weight or maintain                 • Mix          it       up:        of physical activity. A
• Do moderately intense           weight loss, 60 to 90                Combinations of mod-             pair of athletic shoes
  cardio 30 minutes a             minutes of physical                  erate- and vigorous-             and a little motivation
  day, five days a week           activity may be neces-               intensity physical activ-        are all you need to live
Or                                sary. The 30-minute rec-             ity can be used to meet          a more active, healthier
• Do vigorously intense           ommendation is for the               the guidelines. For              life.
  cardio 20 minutes a             average healthy adult to             example, you can walk          • Make it a family
  day, 3 days a week              maintain health and                  briskly for 30 minutes            affair: Take your
And                               reduce the risk for chron-           twice per week and jog            spouse, your children,
• Do eight to 10 strength-        ic disease.                          at a higher intensity on          or a friend with you
  training exercises, eight                                            two other days.                   during exercise to add
  to 12 repetitions of each                                          • Set your schedule:                some fun to your rou-
  exercise twice a week.          Tips to get it done!                 Maybe it’s easier for             tine. This is also a
                                  • Do it in short bouts:
                                                                       you to walk during your           good way to encourage
                                                                       lunch hour, or perhaps            your kids to be physi-
                                             shows that
                                                                       hitting the pavement              cally active and get
                                                                       right after dinner is best        them committed early
                                                                       for you. The key is to            to a lifetime of health.
                                                                       set aside specific days
                                             activity can
                                                                       and times for exercise,          SOURCE: American
                                             be accumu-
                                                                       making it just as much         College  of Sports
                                             l a t e d
                                                                       a regular part of your         Medicine
                                                                       schedule as everything

Tae Kwon Do classes offered at OFF                                                                                                                           Photo courtesy of Adam Brown
By Adam Brown
Martial Arts Instructor                                                                                                             By Brad Sosinsky             hobbies include playing
   Beginning September                                                                                                              Fitness Specialist           golf, softball, basket-
14th, Oneida Family                                                                                                                    I am a graduate from      ball, any recreational
Fitness will be offering                                                                                                            the    University     of     activity outside, and I
one of our very popular                                                                                                             Wisconsin-Oshkosh. I         also like to volunteer at
“Introduction to Tae                                                                                                                have a bachelors of          the Boys and Girls Club
Kwon Do” courses. This                                                                                                              Science degree, with a       of Green Bay in my
is the perfect time for the                                                                                                         major in Exercise            spare time.
whole family to see what                                                                                                            Management and a                As an employee of
martial arts training is all                                                                                                        minor      in    Health      Oneida Family Fitness, I
about.                                                                                                                              Promotion. Although I        am looking forward to
   Tae Kwon Do is a                                                                                                                 am new to Oneida             motivating and helping
Korean martial art that                                                                                                             Family Fitness, I have       everyone to reach their
emphasizes total body                                                                                                               been involved in the fit-    fitness potential. I
conditioning, along with                                                                                                            ness industry for the        believe every goal you
improved focus, self                                                                                                                past 9 years. My experi-     have is achievable and I
esteem and concentration                                                                                                            ences involve personal       will be happy to help
skills. It is the perfect                                                                                                           training, sports condi-      you get there. My phi-
exercise activity for                                                                               Photo courtesy of Adam Brown    tioning, high school         losophy is “the effort
today’s busy, “families           Oneida Family Fitness offers Tae Kwon Do classes for all skill levels                             coaching, and high           you put in equals the
on the go”.                       and ages. Introduction classes start September 14.                                                school teaching. My          results that come out.”
   This dynamic class
meets every Monday for            involved in the most pop-
6 weeks from 5:00 until           ular martial art in the
5:45pm. Cost is only $25          world!
if you’re a fitness center           Take this opportunity
member. Plus, as an               to sign up for “Intro to
added bonus, if you bring         Tae Kwon Do”. Space is
in this article, we will          limited, and the classes
take $5 off the price! An         fill up fast! Call 920-490-
amazing deal to get               3730 for more details.

                Oneida Family
                Fitness Center
              will reopen
     Monday, August 31 at 5:30am
        Saturdays will resume
           September 19

               Oneida Family Fitness Staff
Michelle Mielke................….…Fitness Center Director
Ryan Waterstreet..…....…….…………Assistant Director
Amy Griesbach.................................. Office Manager
Ryan Engel................….Fitness Specialist Supervisor
Stefanie Reinke.......…..…Fitness Specialist Supervisor
Eric Frantz....................……............Fitness Specialist
Jason Manders......….…………….......Fitness Specialist
Jessica Treml.................................. Fitness Specialist
Todd Shelto..…....……....................Fitness Specialist
Amanda Riesenberg...........................Fitness Specialist
Tek Skenandore..…....……….......……Fitness Assistant
Hudson Denny…….…....Fitness Specialtist/Promotions
Kevin Schoenebeck........……...Martial Arts Coordinator
Adam Brown..........….……….....Martial Arts Instructor
Maureen Cisler....................Administrative Assistant
Shoshana King…….....……...Administrative Assistant
Serena Hernandez.....................Administrative Assistant
Teresa Roth..............….................Aquatics Supervisor
Teresa Holschuh-Sieja....…...Aquatics Trainer/Supervisor
Nicole Cooley................................…......…Lifeguard
Orrie Kreuscher......................…...........……Lifeguard
Jessica Mettler...................................……..Lifeguard
The Oneida Family Fitness (OFF) staff is here to serve
you! If you haven’t been to the Fitness Center lately,
please stop in and get acquainted with the staff! The office
is located at:
             2640 West Point • Green Bay, WI
                Phone: (920) 490-3730.
  Look for O.F.F. highlights once a month in the Kali.
8B (T#klu) • August 27, 2009                                  DRUMS                                                       

     DRUMS Across ONEIDA
   Oneida Elderly Service 2907                     Senior Center-Meal Site
        S. Overland Rd.                                 134 Riverside Dr.
       Oneida, WI 54155                                 Oneida, WI 54155
       Ph. 920.869.2448                                 Ph. 920.869.1551
       Fx. 920.869.1824                                 Fx. 920.869.1526

On^stase÷ W√hn$=tale÷                                                      Green Corn Moon                                                            August 2009

n4a Conference Highlights Mind, Body & Spirit Of Aging Annual Conference
                              Spirituality is the  R e l i g i o n : mind and spirit starts Conference -Mankato,
Innovations in Aging      life principle that per- Convergence and/or today!                MN; Mid-American
   This year’s National information to the tribe       vades a person’s entire          Conflict, Fr Paul          Peter Fergus, MD,       Hypnotherapists
Association of Area regarding new ideas,               being. It indicates              DeMuth                  Prevea       Preventive    Conference; and many
Agencies on Aging techniques, plans for                receptiveness to a           11:00-11:15                 Cardiologist          &    more.
conference                 in the new senior center,   greater power defined        Break                       Vascular Care.                Fr. Paul DeMuth,,
M i n n e a p o l i s , and much more.                 by the individual.           11:15-12:00                    During his three        was        born       in
Minnesota focused on                                   Friday, October 2,           Breakout Sessions A,        decades as a cardiolo-     Manitowoc,          and
two things:                                            2009, 8:15 a.m. to           B, C, Repeated              gist in Northeast          ordained      for    the
innovations                                            1:00 p.m., Radisson          12:00-12:15                 Wisconsin, Dr. Fergus      Diocese of Green Bay
in aging, and                                          Hotel, Grand Council         Break                       has seen many changes      in 1968. Since then he
the          year                                      Ballroom,          2040      12:15—1:00                  - new medicines, new       has spent most of his
2020. Both                                             Airport Drive, Green         Lunch with door prize       equipment and new          priesthood ministering
are signifi-                                           Bay, WI                      drawing held at 1:00,       procedures. One thing      in parishes on the east
cant because                                           Agenda                       Entertainment          by   that hasn’t changed,       side of Green Bay and
technology                                             8:15-9:00                    Cheryl           Murphy,    however, is his dedica-    De Pere.
needs to stay                                          Registration/Health          Harpist                     tion to personalized          Since 2005 he has
progressive                                            S c r e e n i n g s ,           Jane Birr, is a life     care. By helping his       served the diocese in
in the field of                                        Complimentary cof-           coach and the author of     patients understand the    personnel       matters,
aging            in                                    fee/tea provided             the book, Just Get it       relationship between       principally working
order to be                                            9:00-9:15                    Over With: A 12 week        their emotional health     with priests, parish
e f f e c t i v e , Left to Right:     Carol Elm,      We l c o m e / O n e i d a   Jumpstart to Great          and physical health,       directors and parish
and the year Claudia Skenandore, Lois                  Honor Guard                  Health in Body, Mind        Dr. Fergus treats the      leadership. He is also a
2020 marks Strong, Pearl Mclester, Hillary             9 : 1 5 - 1 0 : 0 0          and Spirit.                 whole person, not just     long term member of
the          year Lewis-Reimers,           Dellora     KEYNOTE PRESEN-                 Her passion is to        the heart as an isolated   the      Bay       Area
when           the Cornelius                           TATION: Fit For Life,        help you motivate and       organ.                     Community Council
elderly pop-                                           Jane Birr                    inspire yourself to            Patricia “Trish”        (BACC).
ulation will                                           5 Strategies to Stay         great health through        Poole, CH, RMT, EFT-          Fee: $14.00 per per-
become the                                             Energized, Fit and Full      motivational seminars,      CC, is a Marquette         son, includes and con-
majority in                                            of Life through the          on-line courses, and        graduate      providing    ference materials. Mail
the           U.S.                                     Generations.                 individual and group        integrative therapies      registration form by
putting added                                          10:00-10:15                  coaching.           Let’s   for health and positive    Sept 17 and fee
pressures on                                           Break                        unleash your dreams         change in the Green        payable to:
healthcare                                             10:15-11:00                  and passions and get        Bay area for over 10          Volunteer Center
and services                                           Breakout Sessions A,         you in the best shape of    years. She has shared         984 9th Street
to the elderly                                         B, C                         your life so you can        her expertise with            Green Bay, WI
   A        group Left To Right:              Pearl    A: Love and the Heart,       live fit, free, energized   many groups over the       54304 Reservations
from Oneida Mclester, Dellora Cornelius,                  Dr. Peter Fergus          and with loose pants        years including the        limited to first 200
E l d e r l y Florence Petri                           B: Exploring          the    versus overwhelmed,         YWCA, The National         people. If you have
Services                                                  Power of Our Mind         crabby, drained and         Wellness Conference,       questions contact Jim
attended this                                             for Fun, Trish Poole      with tight pants! Your      Stevens           Point;   Radey at (920) 429-
conference                                             C: Spirituality      and     great health in body,       Women’s Spirituality       9445.
along           with
members from
O N C O A .
Each attended
                                                       AARP Drivers Safety Program
                                                         WINTER            IS       DATES: November                Some of the high-         driving to age-relat-
focusing on
                                                       COMING!!! It's time          10th & 12th, 2009           lights will be:              ed changes in
their         roles                                    to polish up those           TIME: 8:00 am -             • Information       on       vision,
within Elderly                                         driving skills!              12:00 noon (4 hours           aggressive drivers       • Hearing, and reac-
Services and                                             Elderly Services           is the total class          • Anti-lock brakes         tion time
were          each Left To Right:           Danny      has lined up the             length)                     • Car phones               ***No testing***
able to bring Borgstrom,            James     Hall,    "AARP          Drivers       PLACE:        Elderly       • Defensive driving           If you have any
back          vital Robert Lagest                      Safety Program"              Services 2907 S.              techniques               questions please feel
                                                                                    Overland Rd.                • New traffic laws         free to contact:
                                                                                    Please sign-up at the       • Get an Insurance            Joyce Ann Hoes,
                                                                                    Senior Center 20              Discount (consult        Transportation
                                                                                    seats available - first       your       insurance     Supervisor, 869-2448
                                                                                    come first serve.             agent)                   ext. 6844
                                                                                                                • How to adjust your

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