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Get High-Quality Designer Prescription Sunglasses: London Stores Have Them All

VIEWS: 13 PAGES: 11 (docstoc)The very first thing you need to do when you wish to purchase corrective glasses is to go to an eye clinic to undertake an eye check-up. You're going to be presented your prescription, a record required by regulation to be provided to you by your eye physician. Have this handy if you are intending on eyewear buying online because the optical store would request for eyewear specifications if you purchase a pair.

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									       The Best Deals Designer Prescription Glasses


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       How To Order Designer Prescription Glasses Online              3

       Http:// Esteemed By                    4
       Eyewear Shoppers As A Trusted Eyewear Shop

       Designer Prescription Sunglasses: London Shopper’s             6
       Guide To Online Buying

       Chanel Prescription Glasses Online: Tips For First-Time        8

       Tom Ford Prescription Glasses Online: How To Get Used         10
       To Your New Pair


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          How To Order Designer Prescription Glasses Online

       The first thing you have to do
       when you need to buy corrective
       eyewear is to go to an eye clinic to
       undergo an eye examination. You
       will be given your prescription, a
       document required by law to be
       provided to you by your eye
       physician. Have this on hand when
       you’re going eyewear shopping
       online as the optical shop would
       ask for eyewear specifications when you order a pair.

       Next, choose the best online optical shop that can offer you variety in terms of
       designer eyewear collections, as well as great deals in terms of exclusive
       discounts and friendly prices. Make sure the vendor offers only 100% authentic
       eyewear pieces and is a registered retailer of each brand. Beware of shops that
       sell copycat versions of designer prescription glasses online—these items may be
       a lot cheaper but the poor quality and craftsmanship will leave you disappointed.

       After you’ve found a reliable online eyewear retailer, like Fashion Eyewear, it’s
       now time to choose from the various designer frames from big-name brands.
       Select the frame shape and size, colour and material based on your face shape,
       personality and typical daily activities. Read the product text to get more
       information about the price and specifications.

       Once you’ve selected your frame, you will then be asked to indicate eyewear
       specifications based on your eye exam, such as the reading for your left and right
       eyes as well as the pupil distance from the lenses. Specify the type of corrective
       glasses that you need—will they be spectacles, bifocals or varifocals? Leading
       sites will have a dropdown menu so you don’t need to worry about missing a


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       The final step is to enter your shipping information and then pay for your order.
       Review the breakdown of fees, including tax and shipping (if any, as some leading
       optical shops offer free shipping anywhere in London, U.K.) and calculate the total
       cost. Indicate your shipping address carefully, and take note of the expected
       delivery date. Keep the tracking number so you can monitor the delivery’s

       If you have carefully chosen a trustworthy retailer for your designer prescription
       glasses online purchase, you’ll be asked to pay through only established and
       secure payment channels such as PayPal or SagePay. Check if the website is
       powered by anti-hacker, anti-malware and anti-phishing software to ensure that
       your personal details and bank information are kept protected and confidential.

       Now, all you have to do is to wait for the product to arrive at your doorstep.
       Should you find any signs of damage or if you have complaints about the product,
       simply apply for a replacement or money back guarantee until you get the order

            Http:// Esteemed By
             Eyewear Shoppers As A Trusted Eyewear Shop

                                                     Impressive     designer    eyewear
                                                     collections, great prices, genuine
                                                     customer service and fun perks and
                                                     freebies—these are just some of
                                                     the best reasons provided by savvy
                                                     eyewear buyers on why they think
                                                     is one of the leading eyewear
                                                     businesses today.

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       Fashion Eyewear prides itself with
       presenting customers a carefully edited
       and constantly updated line-up of
       authentic designer eyeglasses. They
       offer frames, sunglasses, prescription
       eyewear and accessories from the
       world’s highly renowned fashion
       houses: Armani, Bvlgari, Chanel, Dolce
       and Gabbana, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Jimmy
       Choo, Oakley, Prada, Ray Ban, Tom Ford
       and more. Their online catalogue is kept
       up to date every time so that shopper
       will have the chance to select the style
       they prefer, from the classic to the
       super trendy.

       While every order is provided quality checking and through inspection before it is
       dispatched for delivery, the optical shop’s specialists put special attention to
       prescription eyewear orders. They recognise that every small detail of corrective
       eyewear should accurately follow the doctor’s prescribed reading and
       specifications. Whether you’re looking for spectacles, or need special lenses such
       as bifocals or varifocals, you’ll be sure to experience the clear vision and
       comfortable wear that you’re looking for.

       Another huge come-on of is the great prices
       and discounts you can enjoy, especially if you sign up to be a member of their
       email subscription services. Fashion Eyewear are authorised and endorsed
       resellers of leading designer brands. And since they have an established
       relationship from manufacturers and suppliers, they carry only 100% authentic,
       directly purchased items, so customers get to enjoy the best collections at the
       most friendly prices.

       Members also get to enjoy benefits and perks that provide more value for their

       money, such as free lenses and free London, UK delivery. Exclusive discounts are

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       given to those who sign up for their additional £10 off discount code; eyeglass
       wearers are qualified for NHS optical vouchers; and free NHS eye tests are
       provided the appropriate benefits.

       Buyers can enjoy a hassle-free and secure shopping experience at The site is vigilant about maintaining a secure
       payment processing system for their customers. It is equipped with the latest
       Norton secured SSL certificate to protect credit card holders, and online
       transactions are made only through recognised payment channels PayPal and
       SagePay. You are also assured that your personal information and other critical
       data are kept 100% confidential, defending you against scammers and identity

          Designer Prescription Sunglasses: London Shopper’s
                        Guide To Online Buying

                                             Perhaps, the best gift you could ever give
                                             yourself if you have poor vision is to
                                             undergo LASIK surgery. Imagine having
                                             20/20 vision without having to wear
                                             eyeglasses—definitely a more convenient,
                                             simpler and probably more inexpensive
                                             way of life. No more lugging around
                                             eyeglasses and eyeglass cases, cleaners
                                             and wipes. During the day, no more
                                             switching    prescription    glasses   for
                                             prescription sunglasses when the sun gets
                                             too bright.

                                             Still, despite the relative accessibility of

                                             LASIK today, a lot of people would still

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       choose to pass up the chance to
       undergo this innovative surgery. They
       think that it’s easier to just rely on their
       good old prescription shades instead of
       risking the various disadvantages of
       LASIK, including the large expense, the
       possibilities of repeated operations and
       fussy aftercare procedures.

       Moreover, a lot of people have come to
       love the style they have enhanced as
       eyeglasses wearers. The right type of
       glasses or sunnies can make you look
       more professional, polished, chic or
       modish. By buying designer prescription
       sunglasses online, London shoppers
       discovered they can easily flaunt the
       image they’re trying to project without
       necessarily busting their budgets.

       One of the best reasons for buying corrective eyewear from an online optical
       shop is the great prices and discounts you can’t get in brick-and-mortar stores in
       London or anywhere in the UK. However, some shoppers, in the excitement to get
       the best deals, sometimes fail to make the necessary precautions and fall prey to
       unscrupulous vendors and online crooks. To make your shopping as safe and
       secure as possible, consider these tips:

       Prior to shopping (or even before going online), make sure your laptop, PC or
       tablet is equipped with the latest version of security patches, malware protection
       and anti-virus software. Ensure that your Internet network is private and secure.

       Deal only with established and trusted stores. See to it that the online store is a
       registered retailer of the designer brands they are selling. Inspect their inventory

       of corrective eyewear—not just the sunglasses collections, but also their

       spectacles, bifocals, varifocals and reading glasses. Look for a guarantee that all

                                                                              Copyright 2012
       frames and lenses are authentic and with all the necessary accessories and
       paperwork as provided by the manufacturers.

       Before you enter any personal or credit card information, check the site structure.
       Is it protected by SSL encryption? Does the website address begin with https?
       Does it offer established deposit and payment channels such as PayPal? Study
       the privacy policies of the merchant and see to it that they do not share your
       personal information to other parties. Be wary of those who would ask for
       additional information that is unnecessary for purchase, such as your Social
       Security Number.

       When buying designer prescription sunglasses online, London savvy shoppers say
       that it’s best to always practice consumer vigilance and keep records of every

        Chanel Prescription Glasses Online: Tips For First-Time

                                                          You’ve been experiencing signs
                                                          of poor vision lately: random
                                                          headaches, night blindness,
                                                          seeing halos or flashing lights,
                                                          seeming clumsiness, eye strain,
                                                          squinting, difficulty in reading
                                                          small texts, and more. So you
                                                          decide to go to an eye doctor and
                                                          have your eyes checked. After a
       thorough eye exam, your doctor declares that you now need to start wearing
       corrective eyewear to help you see more clearly, and thus issues an eyeglass
       prescription for you. Now, all that’s needed is to buy a pair of eyeglasses and

       everything will be instantly clear and right again. Easy peasy, right?

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       The honest answer is: it depends.
       Choosing the right prescription
       glasses, adjusting them to your
       needs, and getting used to wearing
       them every day takes time and
       effort. But if you’re armed with
       sufficient information and follow the
       recommended practices, having your
       vision corrected through the right
       pair of eyewear will be truly helpful in improving your quality of life. Not to
       mention enhancing your style factor—after all, you’ll finally have the perfect
       reason to buy that pair of cute Chanel prescription glasses online.

       The first thing you need to ensure when you’re buying eyeglasses for the first
       time is to get a pair of the highest quality and with a style that’s most flattering to
       you. Most likely, you’ll find these characteristics in designer eyewear, which
       usually comes with an expensive price tag in boutique stores in London, UK and
       basically anywhere else in the world. However, since you’re just starting to
       experience which brands or frames you’ll feel most comfortable with, it’s not
       recommended that you splurge big-time on your first glasses.

       To get the quality you’re looking for within a reasonable budget, you could try
       Internet shopping. Visit leading optical shops online that specialise in providing
       corrective eyewear, such as varifocals, bifocals or spectacles. Your dream Chanel
       eyeglasses can be purchased at more than 50% off the regular price in brick-and-
       mortar stores, and you can even avail of free shipping. Try clicking here

       After you’ve received the eyeglasses that you ordered, make sure you wear them
       every day so you can get used to it sooner. No matter how lightweight or accurate
       the fit of the glasses, you still need to familiarise yourself with having them on

       your face while doing your daily activities. This is most especially true with

       progressive lenses that sometimes require a new “way” of looking at things.

                                                                                 Copyright 2012
       If you have complaints or doubts about the fit of your glasses or the grade of your
       lenses, inform your seller about it. When you buy from an established
       merchandiser, they will most likely replace a defective pair immediately at zero
       cost to you, or have the glasses adjusted until you find them satisfactory.

       Tom Ford Prescription Glasses Online: How To Get Used
                         To Your New Pair

                                                              You’ve finally received
                                                              your most-awaited Tom
                                                              Ford eyeglasses. At last,
                                                              you can now wear stylish
                                                              designer accessories and
                                                              solve your vision problems
                                                              at the same time. Seeing
                                                              things (clearly) and being
                                                              seen—that’s the way you
                                                              like it.

                                                              However,     don’t     be
                                                              surprised    if     you’ll
       experience some difficulties once you wear your new glasses for the first time.
       Prescription eyewear takes a while to get used to. Because you’re now seeing the
       world with “new eyes”, your eyes and body need to adjust to the new and
       improved focus and perspective. Some people even complain of blurry vision, eye
       fatigue or simply feeling unusual and awkward with the new pair, most especially
       those who are required to wear bifocal lenses and varifocals.

       No need to worry much, though. The symptoms will go away if you have followed

       the correct fit and reading when you were buying your Tom Ford prescription

       glasses online. If the eyeglass specifications accurately match what’s written in

                                                                              Copyright 2012
       your doctor’s prescription, then
       these complaints will go away as
       you get familiar with using your
       new pair of eyewear.

       Make sure you wear your
       spectacles every day as you go
       about your daily activities. Give
       special attention to critical
       routines such as reading, using
       the computer, driving or
       accomplishing your daily tasks or work responsibilities, and see how your vision
       has improved or is affected with the new glasses. Wear your eyeglasses all day to
       see how the frames fit for longer periods. Do the glasses slide off during active or
       strenuous activities? Are the wires snug without feeling too tight or

       It’s important that you make the daily test fit within the first few weeks of
       receiving your Tom Ford glasses. When you notice something’s wrong or needs
       changing early, you can ask the seller for a replacement or refund right away.
       Established optical shops, especially Fashion Eyewear, whether they’re in a
       physical location somewhere in London, UK or virtually based in a web store, will
       have a standard procedure of handling requests for refunds or replacements at no
       cost to the buyer.

       Once you’ve found the right pair of Tom Ford glasses and have finally adjusted to
       its use, make sure you take care of your designer eyewear with proper cleaning
       and maintenance practices. Keep the item clean and smudge-free using the
       recommended cloth and cleaning solution. Put the eyeglasses on using both
       hands to keep the frames from being skewed or distorted. When not in use, don’t
       just drop them inside your bag where their surfaces come in direct contact with
       keys, pens and other kinds of pointy objects. Instead, store the eyeglasses inside

       the manufacturer carrying case. Take good care of your glasses, and they will

       serve you for a long time.

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