How to Protect Your Website from Google Penalty by DhawalBarot1


									How to Secure Your Self from Google Penalties?

Well after Developing Successful Web Design if We Punished By Search engines than Our Web is Not
Worth Enough.

Here I am going to Give You Some Guidelines to Save Your Web and Business from Search engines

Tips are as Per Below.

1st) Never Do spamming Ever as Search engines Dislikes Spammers.

2nd) Create Good and Quality full Content on Your Website and blog that Makes Your Good Impact in
Sight of Search engines like Google.

3rd) Never Post Same Content in More than 10 Web page as It Smashes Google Duplication Policy.

4th) Always Sustain Keyword Density in Meta Tags and Also in Whole Content of Your Website.

5th) If You are Doing Listing, Directory, Article or Submitting of social bookmarks than Keep Changing
Your Title, Description, Tags, Labels etc at Period of your time.

6th) Don't Get Backlinks from Non-Indexed and Punished Web page or Ineffective Sites.

7th) Keep Outerlink (Links Goes to Our from Your Web page to Other Website) and Innerlink or Back-link
(Weblink Comes to Your Website) Rate Sustain.

8th) Always Upgrade Your Web page With Search engines Guidelines Which are Released on Their
official Website or Blog.

9th) Don't Ever Get Numbers of Backlinks from Same IP with Whether Sites are with Different Domain.

10th) Do Not ping Your Web page Everyday by Using Pingers Let Google and Other Search Engines
Spider it naturally.

11th) Be Natural and Perform Organic Don't Perform Such a Fast to Produce Amounts of Backlink in Sort

12th) Try to Get Backlinks from High PR Webpages not from Great PR Domains Only.

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