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									  What Is A Sleep Diary And
     How To Use One

      What is a sleep diary?
• A sleep diary (or journal) is where people log and
  keep track of their sleep habits for a couple of
  weeks to a month

• A sleep journal helps regulate sleeping habits, and it
  can be used for short-term (transient) insomnia or
  chronic insomnia

• Can be self recorded or recorded by caregiver

  What the sleep diary contains
• Keeps a record of simple things such as the time
  you went to sleep and the time you wake up

• Some people have to keep a record of more things
  depending on what type of insomnia they have

• You will write in it every night before going to bed,
  and every morning when you wake up

     Some of the things that
      sleep diaries contain
• The time that you had planned to get up in the
• The actual time you woke up.
• What method was used to wake you up
• What time you got up out of the bed
• Every nap or exercise is recorded
• Every drug substance is recorded

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