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									Wastewater Treatment Equipment and Solution
The simple, affordable solution for wastewater treatment!
Sabo Industrial Corp. is a manufacturer of wastewater treatment
equipment, bag filters and distributes Cleartreat® separating agents.
Sabo Industrial is a well established company in Orange County NY and
is the proud recipient of the Averall Harriman Award in 2000 for New
To International Business as well as the Green Business of the Year
award for 2008 from the Chamber of Commerce.

Sabo Industrial has been in the wastewater treatment industry since
1992. Our innovative products can be found throughout the United
States and Europe. Our line of separating agents is the only one that
offers total encapsulation of soluble metals and contaminants. Our
treatment systems have been introduced in industries such as:
flexographic printing, plating, industrial battery wash water, railroad
transit systems, aircraft maintenance, circuit board manufacturing and
wineries just to name a few. This translates into millions of gallons of
wastewater that is now within compliance for discharge.

Being environmentally friendly is what we do everyday and we strive to
demonstrate to our clients that wastewater treatment is not only required
by government regulations but is a conscientious response to the ever-
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Wastewater Treatment Equipment and Solution
increasing environmental issues we face.

Sabo Industrial offers a comprehensive solution and has the ability to
make it affordable to be environmentally compliant.

Concerns about the environment and increased government regulations
require businesses to look for more cost effective ways to deal with the
disposal, treatment or recycling of wastewater. Sabo industrial offers the

Our space saving treatment equipment along with the Cleartreat® line of
separating agents provides an affordable solution to your wastewater
treatment issues.

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        EV504                EV4BFNS                    EV4BF

        EV8BF                                          EV16BF

       EC512BF               EC516BF                  EC1016BF

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Wastewater Treatment Equipment and Solution

        RT250                BFT16             Custom Batch System
Industrial wastewater may be contaminated with suspended solids,
heavy metals, organic compounds and other potential pollutants. Various
methods exist for removal of these contaminants but they typically
require a series of steps, a variety of chemicals and substantial man
hours to achieve acceptable results. Even after the process the sludge
produced may be classified as hazardous and be subject to increased
disposal costs. This is where Sabo Industrial and Cleartreat® products
provide the alternative. The Cleartreat® line of products are highly
efficient wastewater treatment formulations that break oil and water
emulsions, precipitate heavy metals, promote flocculation,
agglomeration and suspended solids removal and encapsulate the
materials, forming a non-hazardous waste, thus lowering disposal costs.
The equipment is available as manual batch processors and semi-
automatic. They can be designed as a closed loop system for water reuse
or legal discharge to the sewer system. This equipment is easy to use
with little maintenance.

We encourage you to send us a two (2) 1 gallon samples of your
wastewater for analysis to see which Cleartreat® product would
best suit your needs.

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Wastewater Treatment Equipment and Solution

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