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Our Gospel Meeting


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									Our Gospel Meeting
   Romans 1:9-17
      Paul’s Debt
   In V14 Paul said he was a debtor
    to the Greeks & barbarians, to the wise & unwise
   What did Paul owe them?
    An opportunity to hear the gospel
   He was ready & willing to proclaim the gospel
    whenever and wherever he had the opportunity
   Therefore, he wanted to preach it also in Rome
      The Reasons for Paul’s Desire-1

Jesus had called him to preach His gospel
Acts 26:17-18-‘I will deliver you from the Jewish
 people, as well as from the Gentiles, to whom
 I now send you, to open their eyes , in order to
 turn them from darkness to light, and from
 Satan to God, that they may receive
 forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among
 those who are sanctified by faith in Me.’
      The Reasons for Paul’s Desire-2

 He also knew the power of the gospel
 It is God’s power to save those who believe it

 The words dynamite & power come from same word
 It is the only power God has used or intends to use

  to save those who are lost in sin
 The gospel is the good news of salvation in Christ

 Hearing the gospel is a life or death matter
          Our Attitude Toward the Gospel

   We should have a desire to know it- Matt. 5:6
   We should desire for others to know it also
   To that end we have scheduled a gospel meeting
    on Sunday through Wednesday night of next week
   Every member here should be interested in it
   Every member can & should benefit from it
   And we all have a part in making it successful
   Let us consider its potential benefits & our part in it
          Why Have A Gospel Meeting?-1

   Not because other churches have them
    Or because we had one last year
   There are specific things we want to accomplish
   It provides more opportunities to worship God
    To praise, honor and glorify Him,
    Who has made us & shown His love for us
    By numerous material & spiritual blessings
        Why Have A Gospel Meeting?-2

   We want to reach our neighbors with the gospel
   Those who may not have heard it
   Those who have heard only a perversion of it
    Which harms rather than saves- Gal. 1:6-8
   Those who are religious and worship on Sunday
    The services are scheduled
    so they can attend some of the meetings
        It Will Supply Spiritual Food for All

   God’s word is the spiritual food we need to grow
    And God expects us to grow- II Pet. 3:18
   It contains milk for the young- I Pet. 2:2
   It also contains meat for those who are mature
    Heb.5:14- But solid food belongs to those who are of
    full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their
    senses exercised to discern both good and evil.
   These meetings will provide a spiritual feast for all
         To Edify Christians
   God’s word can build us & make us stronger
    Acts 20:32- So now brethren, I commend you to God
    and to the word of His grace, which is able to build you
    up and give you an inheritance among all those who
    are sanctified.
   We all need edification
   We are either growing stronger or weaker
   These lessons can help make us spiritually stronger
       To Hear A Different
       Presentation of the Truth

   All preachers have different abilities & styles
   One may teach in a way that is clearer for some
   Some can teach certain subjects more effectively
   Barnabas was a good exhorter-Acts 4:36
   But he found & brought Saul to Antioch-Acts 11:26
   Saul had abilities Barnabas did not have
    He made Saul’s talents available to those in Antioch
       We Need to Be Reminded

 Peter wrote to those who knew the truth-II Pet.1:12
 Yet they needed to hear it again
 David Bunting may not tell some of us anything new

 But we all need to be reminded lest we forget

 Concerning God’s great love for us
 Our responsibility toward Him
 Our duty toward each other and to our neighbors
 Our goal & most important work in this life
          To Be Stirred Up
   Peter wrote to stir up his readers
    That is to wake them up as though they slept
   We need to keep our minds stirred up
   Lest we become complacent & indifferent
   Like the christians at Laodicea- Rev. 3:14
    Who thought they were prospering spiritually
    But were lukewarm & nauseating to the Lord
   The indifferent & unfaithful need to be
    Gal. 6:1
      Our Responsibility in This Meeting

   To attend every service we possibly can
    We will profit from the worship and the study
    We will encourage other christians by our presence
   Invite friends, relatives & neighbors to come
    So they can hear & benefit from the gospel
   Pray for the meeting
    That the gospel may reach good & honest hearts
    And bring forth fruit to God’s glory
            In Conclusion

   This gospel meeting provides great opportunities
    For we who are members & for our visitors
   Let’s be sure we do our part
    So we will be edified
    The lost will hear the soul-saving gospel
    The Lord will be glorified
    And His church will grow
   What is your relationship to Christ this morning?

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