Ninth Sunday of Pentecost Feast of Saint Sharbel

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					                                        Ninth Sunday of Pentecost
                                          Feast of Sainttraditionally honored
                                                                                           as a great opportunity to do

                                                      July 22, 2012             In addition, in some of the Churches Great
                                                                      Lent was a time of purification for catechumens
July 22 Sunday             Ninth Sunday of Pentecost                  receiving instructions to be baptized.
                           9:00 am Gladys Santoni and Vincent Ahearn                     Req. by: Daisy and Elana
                                                                                There are two basic liturgical cycles within
                           11:00 am For the Parishioners                                 Req. by: Clergy
                                                                      the Lenten Season: the Sunday Cycle, focused on the
                                                                      Resurrection, and the weekday cycle, which is
July 23 Monday             Feast of Saint Sharbel                     penitential.
                           10:00 am No Intention                                The Fast and Abstinence Rules are as follows:
                                                                      All Maronites who are physically capable are to
July 24 Tuesday            Feast of Saint Christina of Tyre – Martyr abstain from meat on Ash Monday (March7) and all
                           10:00 am For the Heritage Program          Fridays of Lent.
                                                                                Ash Monday and the Great Friday of the
July 25 Wednesday                                                     Crucifixion are also days of fasting. Fasting in the
                           10:00 am No Intention                      Maronite Church involves eating and drinking
                                                                      nothing at all (except water and medicine) from
July 26 Thursday                                                      midnight until noon. The rest of the day normal meals
                           10:00 am 2nd Anniversary of Yvonne McKinney taken butReq. by: Daughter Maronites who are
                                                                      can be              without meat. All Carol
                                                                      physically capable are too fast on these two days.
July 27 Friday             Saint Pantaleon (Asia) – Martyr                      There is something in the Church which is
                           10:00 am No Intention                      called Personal Devotion. According to our ancient
                                                                      Syriac Maronite Tradition, all Clergy, religious and
July 28 Saturday           Third Council of Constantinople (681)      laity who wish to observe a more traditional practice
                           10:00 am No Intention                      of fasting and abstinence are encouraged to do so. This
                                                                      practice is summarized in the following, taken from
July 29 Sunday             Tenth Sunday of Pentecost                  the Synod of Mt. Lebanon (1736): Every weekday of
                           9:00 am For the parishioners               Lent (Monday through Friday) is a day of fasting and
                           11:00 am for the Parishioners              abstinence from meat and dairy products (eggs, butter,
                                                                      milk, etc.) Fasting involves eating and drinking nothing
***Third Banns of marriage between Samer Ayoub and Tacha Sosa. all (except water and medicine) from midnight until
                                                                      noon. The Anyone knowing why they can be taken joined
***Second Banns of marriage between Oscar Lahoud and Jacquelyn Bertelle. rest of the day normal mealsshould not be but
in marriage must make it known to the priest.                         without meat or dairy products. Dairy products are
                                                                      excluded because they are animal byproducts.
                        Weekly Offering                               Saturdays and Sundays are exempt from fasting and
                                                                      abstinence, as are the following four feast days: St.
Collection:                         $ 1,268.00                                                the 40 Martyrs Pentecost
                                                                  JulyMaron - February 9 , Ninth Sunday of – March 9, Saint
                                                                       22, 2012
Candles:                            $   147.00                        Joseph – March 19 and the Feast of the Annunciation
Debt Reduction:                     $   120.00                        – March 25.
                                                                           Reading:          II Corinthians 5: 20 – 6:10
Cathedral Stipends:                 $   200.00                                  There        Luke 4L in living
                                                                           Gospel: are other ways 14 – 21 out our Lenten
Donation:                           $   150.00
                                                                      season. For instance we at Our Lady of Lebanon
Total:                                       $ 1,885.00                                       a Bible Study to examine
                                                                  JulyCathedral, will offer Tenth Sunday of Pentecost closely
                                                                      the Passion of Jesus Christ in the Gospel Narratives.
                                                                             will be           Corinthians 12: beginning with
                                                                      ThisReading: offeredI every Tuesday 1 – 11
                     Yearly Budget – 2012
                                                                                             Matthew 12: 22 – 7:00
                                                                      Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at32 pm in the
                                                                      Saint Rafqa Chapel.
Annual Operating Budget:            $ 300,000.00
                                                                  August 5, 2012             Eleventh before Divine Liturgy
                                                                                Also, each morning Sunday of Pentecost
Collections to Date:                $ 72,501.00
                                                                      there will be the communal Morning Prayer
Candles to Date:                    $ 5,226.00
                                                                                               offered for 17 – 22
                                                                      (abbreviated version)Ephesians 2: personal meditation
Donations to Date:                  $ 1,650.00
                                                                      and communal prayer.
                                                                           Gospel:           Luke 19: 1 – 10
Cathedral Stipends to Date:         $   4,050.00
                                                                                Finally, each Friday of Great Lent during our
Memorials to Date:                  $      350.00
                                                                                             Twelfth we will Pentecost
                                                                      normal Lenten Devotions, Sunday ofhave a visiting
                                                                  August 12, 2012
Dividends to Date:                  $ 1,593.37
     Dear Parishioners and Friends: 37,836.11                         Priest or one of our clergy to give a Lenten Reflection.
Rentals to Date:                    $
                                                                            schedule         Ephesians 3: 1 – Social Hall and
                                                                      The Reading: is posted in both the 13
              This week we               Lenten
Fund Raising/Advertising: begin $our 8,750.00 Journeys of
                  is, throughout the Church, a special time
     Faith. Lentto Date:                                                                     Matthew well as on
                                                                      Entrance to the Cathedral as 15: 21 – 28 our website
Debt Reduction                      $ 2,399.00
     of fasting and abstinence designed to
Sanctuary Lamps/Altar Bread: $ 1,000.00 lead us to
                      communal conversion. It has been
     personal and Flowers:                                        August 19, 2012            Thirteenth Sunday of Pentecost
Easter /Christmas                   $ 2,115.00
Bishop’s Appeal to Date:         $    5,447.00
                                                                        Reading:         I Corinthians 3: 1 – 11
Total:                                     $ 143,061.48
                                                                        Gospel:          Luke 8: 1 - 15
                                        - ($ 156,938.52)
Dear Parishioners and Friends:                             MYA Picnic
         This week we celebrate the Feast of Saint                  The MYA from our Cathedral have organized
Sharbel. Our Liturgies this Sunday as well as on           an MYA Picnic for all the neighboring parishes from
Monday will be for his Feast Day. In Lebanon, as you       New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New
know, it is a national Holiday, unfortunately here it is   York. It will be held next Sunday, July 29, 2012 at
not. I ask that you pray to Sharbel and ask him to         Round Valley Recreation Center in Lebanon, NJ.
intercede for the Christians of Lebanon as well as all     Approximately 80 Young Adults have responded to
Christians throughout the Middle East.                     this. If any MYA members in our parish or in nearby
         There is a mistake on the flyer regarding the     towns would like to attend please encourage them to
Parish Picnic. The cost of the entrance Fee to Round       do so.
Valley Recreation is only $10.00 per car for New                    Please note that it is only for those in College
Jersey residents. For all others it is $20.00. Sorry for   and older, not MYO. Thank you.
the miscommunication.
         Have a blessed week and keep praying for one      Our Lady of Lebanon – Easton, PA
another.                                                            Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic
                                                           Church will sponsor the 35th Annual Heritage Day
                                                           celebration on Saturday, August 4, 2012 from 5:00 pm
Aboona James                                               to Midnight and on Sunday, August 5, 2012 from
                                                           11:00 am to 10:00 pm. There will be a variety of
                                                           ethnic foods, music by Singer Amin Sultan and
                                                           ensemble, and dancing. Admission is free. The event
Maronite Young Adults                                      will be held rain or shine.
         On Saturday, July 21, 2012, 8 young adults
from our Cathedral Parish, gathered to work in the         Parish Picnic
cathedral. They pulled up all the carpeting from the                Our Parish Picnic will take place on Sunday,
two side balconies as well as all the stairs. They         August 26th, 2012. It will be held at Round Valley
laughed and shared stories and did quite a bit of work     Recreation Area in Lebanon, NJ. Please see the flyer
for over 5 hours. That time spent with them gave me        for more details...
sense of hope for the future.                                       Please note that there will be Divine Liturgy
         Lunch time offered us a time to share what is     at the Cathedral at both 9:00 am and 11:00 am as
going on in their lives and in the world. We are so        usual. However, we will have an outdoor Liturgy at
blessed to have such energetic and talented young men      10:30 at the picnic site as well.
and women in our parish. They truly inspired me and                 No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the
my ministry. I felt I needed to share this with all of     park. Please abide by this rule. Thank you.
you. God bless our Parish Family. God bless our
future.                                                    Heritage Program
                                                                    As I mentioned in last week’s bulletin,
                                                           Catechetical Sunday is September 16, 2012. At that
Feast of the Assumption                                    Liturgy all the Catechists will be installed at the
         We will travel once again to our national         Divine Liturgy. A full schedule of class dates and
Shrine in North Jackson, Ohio, for the annual              breaks will be published in the Handbook. Oh yes, a
Pilgrimage for the Feast of the Assumption. We will        handbook will be published.
leave on Tuesday, August 14tha and return on                        Again, I cannot emphasize how important our
Thursday, August 16th. We are presently holding 15         Heritage classes are. As a matter of fact we can all use
rooms at the Holiday Inn in Niles, Ohio. It is a one       a few refresher courses. I am insisting that all children
year old facility with open breakfast for all              of the parish attend these classes; whether in Catholic,
participants. There is also a swimming pool available      Private or parochial schools. Parents please cooperate
at the hotel for all guests. The cost of the hotel, with   with us.
tax is $124.02 per night, one to 4 guests.
         As you may know, our Choir has been asked         Hall Renovations
to sing at the evening Liturgy on August 15th. Anyone               We are not done with the work on the hall.
who wishes to sing with the choir is more than             Our maintenance man, Januscz, has ben hard at work
welcome. Please see Msgr. James for details.               cleaning all of the chandeliers. This week we hope to
         The bus has been chartered and will leave         install a chair rail along the walls and we are waiting
from Bay Ridge on Tuesday, August 14th by 7:30 am.         for the new carpeting. If anyone can lend a helping
If we have enough people from Staten Island, we will       hand, please do so. Thank you.
pick up there as well. Please see Lydia Gordon for
    Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Cathedral
                              113 Remsen Street
                     Brooklyn, New York, 11201
                                   (718) 624-7228
                                   (718) 624-8034                         
            Most Reverend Gregory J. Mansour — Eparchial Bishop
                      Monsignor James A. Root — Rector
                 Reverend Geoffrey Abdallah—Director of Music
                   Mrs. Madelyn Russo — Cathedral Secretary

Divine Liturgy Schedule                      Monday through Saturday at 10:00 AM
                                             Sunday at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM
                                             Holy Days at 10:00 AM and 7:30 PM

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament           First Friday of the month from
                                             10:00 AM until 12:00 Noon.

Reconciliation                               10:15 AM to 10:45 Sunday
                                             11:00 AM to 11:45 AM First Friday and
                                             upon Request.

Initiation Rites (Baptism—Chrismation) Parents and Godparents must meet
                                       with the Rector for Instructions and
                                       then a time will be set for the Baptism
                                       and Chrismation of the child.

Mystery of Crowning (Marriage)               Rector must be notified at least six
                                             months in advance to set up

Hospital and Sick Calls                      Notify the Rector as soon as possible.

New Parishioners                             All are welcome at Our Lady of
                                             Lebanon Cathedral. Please notify the
                                             Rector as soon as possible.

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