Prepositions_ Prepositional Phrases_ and Appositive Review by hcj


									  Prepositions, Prepositional
Phrases, and Appositive Review
   Prepositions are in red; objects of
       prepositions are in blue.

• Bach often performed for King Frederick II of

• Many composers are indebted to him.
   Underline prepositions once and
   objects of the preposition twice.
• Bach lived during the seventeenth and
  eighteenth centuries.

• He was one of the greatest composers of all

• Among composers of baroque music, Bach is
  probably the best known.
   Adjective Phrases. Phrases are in
 blue; the noun they modify is in red.
• A group of six students visited an exhibit of
  paintings by Rockwell.

• Norman Rock well painted dozens of
  humorous paintings.
     Adverb Phrases: Modify verbs,
        adjectives and Adverbs
• Adverb phrases answer the questions: How?
  Where? When? To What Extent?
• Phrases are in blue; the word they modify is in

• Throughout his career, Rockwell painted with
  imagination and insight.
  Underline the Adverb phrase; circle
         the word it modifies.
• Rockwell’s themes stayed close to the
  common American experience.

• His work is full of humor, wit, and playfulness.

• Rockwell has illustrated clothing and
  accessories in careful detail.
           Misplaced Modifiers
• A man rescued a dog in a hat.

• Who is wearing the hat? The man or the dog?

• Corrected Sentence:
• A man in a hat rescued the dog.

• Place the adjectival prepositional phrase right
  next to the noun that it modifies.
• Combining sentences:

Hans Christian Anderson dreamed of fame and
Hans Christian Anderson was the son of a poor
Hans Christian Anderson, son of a poor cobbler,
 dreamed of fame and fortune.
 Combine the following sentences:
• Charles Perault introduced Mother Goose in
• Charles Perault was the creator of French fairy

• Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Books contain tales of
• Mowgli was a boy adopted by wolves.

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