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					Important Auction
      at Alex Cooper’s
American, Continental & Quality ReproductionFurniture; American&
EuropeanPaintings & Sculpture; Porcelain; Glass; Exquisite Collectionof
DiamondJewelry; Silver; Oriental Rugs; AsianArtifacts; Guns; & Dolls
FEAtuRinGPRO     PERtyFRO    m:
The	Estate	of	Clarisse	B.	Mechanic,	Baltimore,	Maryland;
The	Estate	of	Jane	Scott	Vreeland,	Baltim ore,	Maryland;	Numerous	Other	Consignors
    Auction Date
           Monday, February 1, 2010 • Sessions begin at 10 am& 4:30 pm
    Schedule of Auction
           » Monday, February 1, 2010 at 10 am
              Annex	and	North	G   alleries	
              Porcelain,	Glass;	Decorations;	Furniture;	Artwork;		
              Oriental	Rugs;	Firearm  s	
              Lots	600	–	1177
           » Monday, February 1, 2010 at 4:30 pm
              Oriental	Rugs;	Jewelry;	Silver	
              Lots	1200	–	1541
    Cataloguing Department
	               .	C
        Brian	T ooper	           P.	Raab	C hristhilf	        Richard	L.	Hall	     John	Locke
	       Jon	H.	Levinson	         Jam  es	J.	Plum er	            ebi	T
                                                               D aylor	           Chris	Jones
	        Julie	Levinson	         Rachel	Starm    er	         	Branden	Rush	          ar	G
                                                                                	Jam riffin

                                                                    Terms and Conditions of Sale
        LLO                 O       nS F
                                               O                   O     nS n                            tALO
                                                                                     PERtyLiStEDintHE CA GuE (inCLuDinG
         intERnEtWEBSitE LiStinGS) SHALL BE O        R      R LD       O PER
                                             FFEREDFO SALE O SO ByALEXC O AuCtiO                   O PER
                                                                                nEERS, inC. (“ALEXC O AuCtiO nEERS”).

 These	T s	and	C    onditions	of	Sale	contain	all	term s	and	conditions	on	which	Alex	C   ooper	Auctioneers	and	the	seller	contract	with	the	buyer	of	any	tangible		
 personal	property	sold	at	auction	by	Alex	C                              erm
                                             ooper	Auctioneers.	These	T s	and	C      onditions	of	Sale	m ay	be	am ended	by	at	any	tim            	tim
                                                                                                                                      e	and	from e	to	tim    e	through	
 the	time	of	sale	by	any	notices	posted	or	oral	announcem     ents	m ade	during	the	sale.	By	bidding	at	an	auction,	whether	in	person	or	by	agent,	absentee	bid,		
 telephone,	internet,	Artfact	Live,	www ,	Infinite	Bidding	or	other	m                                        erm
                                                                                  eans,	you	agree	to	be	bound	by	these	T s	and	C     onditions	of	Sale.

 1. AGENCY Alex	C        ooper	Auctioneers	acts	as	agent	for	the	sellers	of	all	property	described	in	all	catalogues.	The	contract	for	the	sale	of	each	item                      	is	a	contract	between	the	owner	of	the	item            	and	the	
             successful	bidder	for	the	item          .
 2. PRESALE ACTIVITY         .
             a. Inspections. All	Alex	C           ooper	Auctioneers	auctions	are	sight	sales.	Y      ou	are	strongly	advised	to	personally	inspect	and	exam            ine	any	item     s	that	you	contem    plate	bidding	for.	If	you	purchase	any	
             item   	sight	unseen,	you	accept	all	responsibility	for	such	purchase;	without	lim                itation,	you	accept	any	defects,	dam      ages,	past	repairs,	irregularities,	and	all	other	physical	conditions	that	could	have	
             been	determ       ined	by	your	inspection	of	the	property.	If	the	results	of	your	inspection	and/or	evaluation	of	any	property	leave	uncertainty	in	your	m                            ind	as	to	any	m   atter	you	deem     	relevant	to	your	
             potential	purchase,	Alex	C                                        m
                                                 ooper	Auctioneers	recom ends	you	have	an	expert	exam                 ine	the	lot	for	you	or	do	not	bid	on	the	item      	in	question.	N    either	Alex	C  ooper	Auctioneers	nor	the	seller	m          ade	
             any	warranty	or	guaranty	as	to	property	offered	at	auction	except	as	provided	in	Section	5	hereof.
            b. Descriptions. W           ritten	and	oral	descriptions,	including	without	lim        itation	catalogue	and	internet	descriptions	and	condition	reports,	are	our	opinions	only,	and	should	not	be	construed	or	
            relied	upon	as	statem           ents	of	fact	nor	as	guarantees	of	any	kind.	Such	statem          ents	do	not	constitute	a	representation,	warranty	or	assum             ption	of	liability	of	any	kind	by	us.	Alex	C      ooper	Auctioneers	
            is	not	responsible	or	liable	for	the	correctness	of	the	catalogue,	internet	listing,	condition	reports,	or	other	descriptions,	except	as	provided	in	Section	5	hereof.	Any	references	to	dam                                   age,	repair	or	
            restoration	are	for	guidance	only	and	should	be	evaluated	by	personal	inspection	by	the	bidder;	the	absence	of	such	references	does	not	im                                    ply	that	an	item  	is	free	from   	defects,	repairs,	or		
            restoration,	nor	does	a	reference	to	particular	defects,	repairs	or	restorations	im                 ply	the	absence	of	others.	C    ondition	of	fram    es	on	artwork	is	not	generally	described.	All	m           easurem   ents	are		
            approxim      ate.	Jewelry	descriptions	are	only	estim          ates	as	to	carat	size,	gold	content,	num      ber	of	stones,	etc.	U  pholstered	furniture	has	not	been	disinfected.
            c. Images.	All	im         ages	in	Alex	C   ooper	Auctioneers’	catalogues	are	for	identification	purposes	only	and	are	not	intended	to	represent	the	actual	color	or	clarity	of	the	item                          	being	auctioned.	All	
            photos	are	of	the	actual	item           s	being	auctioned	unless	otherwise	noted	in	the	catalogue	or	online	listing.	Please	note	that	the	photos	m                     ay	be	enlarged	to	show	detail	or	reduced	for	inclusion	in	
            the	catalog	online	listing.
            d. Estimates of SellingPrice. Any	estim                 ate	of	the	selling	price	of	an	item    	stated	in	our	catalogue	or	internet	listing	is	intended	as	a	guide	for	prospective	bidders.	Any	bid	between	the	listed	
           figures	would       ,	in	our	opinion,	offer	a	fair	chance	of	success.	However,	all	property	can	bring	prices	either	above	or	below	stated	estim                     ates.	Stated	estim     ates	should	not	be	relied	upon	as	the	value	
           of	the	item     ,	nor	as	a	statem       ent	that	this	is	the	price	at	which	the	item    	will	in	fact	sell.
           e. Buyer’s Responsibility. Except	as	stated	in	Section	5	hereof,	all	property	is	sold	“AS	IS”	without	any	representation	or	warranty	of	any	kind	by	Alex	C                                  ooper	Auctioneers	or	the	seller.	Buyers	
           are	responsible	for	satisfying	them             selves	as	to	all	aspects	of	property	condition	and	descriptions,	including	without	lim             itation	genuineness,	attribution,	provenance,	authenticity,	authorship                ,	
           com     pleteness,	condition,	dam         age,	repairs,	restorations,	estim   ates	of	value,	and	all	m    atters	referred	to	in	catalogue	entries,	internet	descriptions,	condition	reports,	and	elsewhere.
           a. Bidder Q       ualification. Alex	C        ooper	Auctioneers	m             	tim
                                                                                ay	from e	to	tim        e	establish	standards	of	qualification	for	bidders.	Internet	bidders	m             ust	qualify	through	Artfact	Live	or	Infinite	Bidding	
           internet	registration.	Alex	C          ooper	Auctioneers	reserves	the	right,	at	its	com       plete	discretion,	to	refuse	adm     ission	to	the	prem    ises	and/or	participation	in	any	auction,	and	to	reject	any	bid.
           b. Bidder Registration.	Prospective	bidders	are	required	to	register	prior	to	the	auction.	Registration	is	available	at	the	tim                           e	and	place	of	the	auction.
           Internet	bidders	m          ay	register	through	Artfact	Live,	Infinite	Bidding	or	Alex	C         ooper’s	website.	ALL	REG     ISTRAN   TS	ARE	REQ IRED 	C
                                                                                                                                                               U 	TO AREFU Y	READ    LL                       S	AN 	C N ITIO S	O
                                                                                                                                                                                                 	ALL	TERM D O D N F	SALE	PRIO 	                       R	TO
                  D G
           BID IN .	Any		questions	shall	be	directed	to	Alex	C               ooper	Auctioneers	prior	to	bidding.	Registrants	are	responsible	for	paym              ent	of	purchases	resulting	from        	all	successful	bids.	N  o	children	under	
           age	13	are	perm         itted	at	exhibitions	or	sales.	If	attending	the	auction,	please	return	your	bidder	paddle	upon	paym                  ent	or	upon	leaving	the	auction;	a	$25	charitable	contribution	charge	will	be	
           assessed	for	m       issing	paddles.
           c. Telephone Bidding. T                                     s	m
                                                elephone	Bid	Form ust	be	received	in	the	office	of	the	auctioneer	by	3:00	P 	E.T           .M .	the	day	prior	to	the	session.	Alex	C          ooper	Auctioneers	reserves	the	right	to	decline	to	
           accept	telephone	bids	for	any	lot	if	you	are	not	willing	to	open	the	bidding	at	a	m um                 inim 	of	$500	for	such	lot.	If	you	m       ade	arrangem     ents	with	Alex	C      ooper	Auctioneers	prior	to	the	com ence-  m
           m   ent	of	the	sale,	we	will	use	reasonable	efforts	to	enable	you	to	participate	in	the	bidding	by	telephone.	Alex	C                      ooper	Auctioneers	does	not	accept	liability	for	failure	to	do	so	nor	for	errors	and	
           om    issions	in	connection	with	telephone	bidding.	Alex	C             ooper	Auctioneers	m       ay	require	telephone	bidders	to	supply	a	bank	letter	of	introduction	and	a	25%	deposit	by	cash	or	credit	card.
                                                                    s	m
           d. Absentee Bidding. Absentee	Bid	Form ust	be	received	in	the	office	of	the	auctioneer	by	3:00	P 	E.T                         .M .	the	day	prior	to	the	session.	If	you	are	unable	to	attend	the	auction	in	person	and	have	
          m    ade	arrangem       ents	with	Alex	C      ooper	Auctioneers	prior	to	the	com encemm           ent	of	the	sale	by	subm    itting	our	approved	absentee	bid	form          ,	we	will	attem   pt	to	purchase	the	lots	of	your	choice	for	
          the	lowest	possible	price,	which	will	not	exceed	your	m um             axim 	bid	price	stated	on	the	absentee	bid	form             .	If	we	receive	written	bids	on	a	particular	lot	for	identical	am           ounts,	and	at	the	auction	
          these	are	the	highest	bids	on	the	lot,	it	will	be	sold	to	the	bidder	whose	written	bid	was	received	and	accepted	first.	Alex	C                          ooper	Auctioneers	offers	this	service	as	a	convenience	to	bidders	as	
          a	free	service	subject	to	other	com itm         m ents	at	the	tim      e	of	sale.	Alex	Cooper	Auctioneers	will	not	be	responsible	for	failure	to	execute	absentee	bids	nor	for	errors	or	om                     issions	in	connection	
          therewith.	All	absentee	bids	m             ust	be	subm    itted	no	later	than	the	day	prior	to	the	com encem m         ent	of	the	auction	session.	Alex	C     ooper	Auctioneers	m        ay	require	absentee	bidders	to	supply	a	bank	
          letter	of	introduction	and	a	25%	deposit	by	cash	or	credit	card.	Internet	Bidding.	Internet	bidding	is	offered	as	a	service	to	our	custom                            ers,	and	prospective	bidders	shall	not	hold	us	responsible	for	
          any	errors	or	failures	in	executing	bids,	nor	shall	they	hold	us	responsible	for	any	failure	due	to	the	loss	of	the	auction	applet	supplied	to	us	by	Artfact	Live	or	Infinite	Bidding	at		
         www     .	Internet	bids	are	autom      atically	bid	electronically	by	the	com     puters	of	Artfact	Live	at	www  .	and	com   pete	against	live	bids	at	our	auction	floor,	telephone	bids,	and	
         absentee	bids	by	bidders	who	are	not	participating	in	the	internet	com                     ponent	of	the	auction.	Internet	bids	are	announced	com                                   em
                                                                                                                                                                        petitively	by	a	m ber	of	our	staff	at	the	tim           e	of	the	live	auction.	
         Alex	C     ooper	Auctioneers	m          ay	be	offered	other	bids	of	the	sam     e	value	as	your	internet	bid.	It	is	at	the	auctioneer’s	discretion	which	of	these	bids	it	chooses	to	accept	during	the	auction.
         e. Acceptance andRejection of Bids.	Alex	C                      ooper	Auctioneers	reserves	the	right	to	accept	or	reject	any	bid	for	any	reason	whatsoever.	The	highest	bidder	acknowledged	by	Alex	C                             ooper	
         Auctioneers	will	be	the	actual	buyer.	In	the	event	of	any	dispute	between	bidders,	or	in	the	event	of	doubt	on	Alex	C                           ooper	Auctioneers’	part	as	to	the	validity	of	any	bid          ,	Alex	C ooper	Auctioneers	
         will	have	the	exclusive	final	discretion	to	determ               ine	the	successful	bidder,	cancel	the	sale,	or	to	re-offer	and	resell	the	item        	in	dispute.	Alex	C   ooper	Auctioneers	is	not	responsible	for	any	errors	or	
         om     issions	in	connection	therewith.	Alex	C          ooper	Auctioneers	shall	be	the	sole	arbitrator	in	case	of	any	disputed	bid.
         f. Reserves. It	is	the	policy	of	Alex	C           ooper	Auctioneers	to	act	as	agent	on	behalf	of	the	sellers;	Alex	C         ooper	Auctioneers	does	not	perm          it	a	seller	to	bid	on	his	or	her	own	lots	unless	expressly	so	
        stated	or	except	as	herein	set	forth.	Som              e	lots	are	offered	subject	to	a	reserve.	A	reserve	is	the	m um    inim 	price	that	the	seller	is	willing	to	accept	for	the	lot,	which	m             ay	or	m    ay	not	be	disclosed   ,	and	
        which	m        ay	be	determ       ined	or	m  odified	at	any	tim                                   m
                                                                           e	by	written	or	verbal	com unication	between	the	seller	and	Alex	C               ooper	Auctioneers	through	the	conclusion	of	the	auction	sale	for	that	lot.	If	a	
        reserve	is	established          ,	it	is	generally	at	a	percentage	of	the	low	estim      ate	and	will	not	exceed	the	low	estim        ate	for	the	lot.	It	is	im portant	for	all	bidders	to	know	that	Alex	C           ooper	Auctioneers	m      ay	
        open	the	bidding	on	any	lot	by	placing	a	bid	on	behalf	of	the	seller,	and	m                    ay	continue	to	bid	on	behalf	of	the	seller	up	to	the	am         ount	of	the	reserve	price,	either	by	placing	consecutive	bids	or	by	
        placing	bids	in	response	to	other	bidders.	Alex	C                ooper	Auctioneers	will	not	place	consecutive	bids	on	behalf	of	the	seller	above	the	reserve.
        g. Withdrawal of lots. Alex	C               ooper	Auctioneers	reserves	the	right	to	withdraw	any	lot	before	the	sale	and	shall	have	no	liability	whatsoever	for	such	withdrawal.

 alex cooper auctioneers                                                                                                                                                                                                                               3
               h. BiddingIncrements. Alex	Cooper	Auctioneers	uses	the	following	increment	multiples	for	all	bidding,	whether	live,	absentee,	telephonic	or	internet.
                                              Bid	Range		                                   Increm    ents        Bid	Range		                               Increm   ents
                                            $0	-	$99	............................................... $10        $5,000	-	$9,999	.................................. $500
                                            $100	-	$499	.......................................... $25          $10,000	-	$19,999	........................... $1,000
                                            $500	-	$999	.......................................... $50          $20,000	-	$49,999	........................... $2,500
                                            $1,000	-	$1,999	.................................. $100             $50,000	-	$99,999	........................... $5,000
                                            $2,000	-	$4,999	.................................. $250

            i. WinningBids. Subject	to	Alex	C             ooper	Auctioneer’s	discretion,	the	highest	bidder	accepted	by	the	Alex	C                ooper	Auctioneers	will	be	the	bidder,	and	the	striking	of	the	ham er	m         m arks	the	
            acceptance	of	the	highest	bid	and	the	entry	of	a	contract	between	the	seller	and	high	bidder.	The	winning	bidder	assum                                   es	full	responsibility	and	risk	of	loss	for	item    s	purchased	at	the	fall	of	the	
            ham er.
                                                              ium                                                 m
            a. Buyer’s Premium. A	Buyer’s	prem 	of	eighteen	percent	(18%)	of	the	ham er	price	will	be	added	to	the	purchase	price	for	each	lot	and	paid	by	the	winning	bidder.
            b. Tax. All	purchases	will	be	subject	to	a	6%	M             aryland	sales	tax	unless:	(i)	the	property	purchased	is	for	resale	and	a	valid	Resale	T                 ax	num   ber	is	presented	to	Alex	C   ooper	Auctioneer’s	business	
            office	at	the	tim     e	of	paym    ent,	and	the	sales	price	is	$200	or	m      ore;	or	(ii)	the	property	is	being	shipped	to	a	buyer	located	outside	the	state	of	M                  aryland.	All	applicable	value	added	tax,	sales	tax,	
            com   pensating	use	tax,	or	equivalent	or	other	taxes	shall	be	paid	by	the	winning	bidder.
            c. Payment. Alex	C          ooper	Auctioneers	accepts	cash,	certified	checks,	Visa	or	M                                 ent.	N
                                                                                                              astercard	as	paym o	personal	checks	will	be	accepted	without	prior	approval.	All	property	m                            ust	be	paid	within	
            one	week	following	the	close	of	the	auction.	Internet	bidders	should	contact	Alex	C                      ooper	Auctioneers	at	410-828-4838	to	arrange	paym                  ent	by	any	of	the	above	m      ethods.
            d. C ollection of Lots; Shipping. N            o	lots	shall	be	delivered	to	or	collected	by	the	winning	bidder	until	paym                ent	in	full	of	the	purchase	price	and	all	applicable	taxes	and	charges.	All	lots	m             ust	
            be	picked	up	by	the	winning	bidder	or	the	winning	bidder’s	shipper	within	one	week	following	the	close	of	the	auction.	Property	left	past	this	date	will	be	subject	to	a	warehousem s	charge	                                  an’
            of	$1.00	per	day	for	each	lot	not	rem          oved	for	the	first	week	and	$5.00	per	day	for	each	lot	thereafter.	Any	sold	property	not	rem                       oved	within	three	weeks	after	the	sale	m       ay	be	disposed	of	at	the	
            discretion	of	Alex	C       ooper	Auctioneers.	For	bidders	requiring	lots	to	be	shipped	to	them              ,	Alex	C ooper	Auctioneers	will	provide	nam            es	of	packing	and	shipping	agents	located	in	Baltim           ore,	and	
                     ers	m
           custom ay	arrange	for	any	such	service	by	one	of	these	agents	or	one	or	their	own	choosing	to	pack	and	ship	the	property.	Alex	C                                         ooper	Auctioneers	will	not	pack	or	ship;	providing	nam            es	
           of	packing	and	shipping	agents	is	done	as	a	convenience	for	the	winning	bidders	and	Alex	C                          ooper	Auctioneers	shall	have	no	responsibility	or	liability	for	loss	or	dam               age	of	property	shipped	to	
           winning	bidders.
           e. O  ffsite Storage Information for SoldProperty. Please	note	that	all	lots	are	subject	to	Alex	C                                                               RA E	PO Y
                                                                                                                                         ooper	Auctioneers,	Inc.	STO G LIC .	Buyers	will	be	expected	to	pick	up	all	property	from                         	
           Alex	C  ooper	Auctioneers,	Inc.	within	two	weeks	after	the	sale	date.	The	details	are	as	follows:	
                     i.	All	item   s	left	at	our	gallery	will	be	transferred	to	N      avis	Pack	and	Ship	located	at	1587	Sulphur	Spring	Road               ,	Suite	107,	Baltim            D
                                                                                                                                                                                    ore,	M 	21227.	Item     s	will	be	subject	to	N  avis	Pack	&	Ship	
                         term   s	and	conditions	which	can	be	viewed	at                  /storage.aspx
                     ii.	Buyers	will	have	two	days	of	storage	to	retrieve	their	property	or	to	m                 ake	arrangem     ents	with	N   avis	to	pack	and	ship	their	property.	Storage	fees	will	begin	to	accrue	on	the	third	day	of	
                         storage.	After	the	second	day,	N        avis	charges	$10	a	day	per	lot.	An	additional,	m          oving	transfer	fee	m     ay	be	applicable.	Please	call	410-737-8020	24	hours	in	advance	to	arrange	pick	up	of	
                         your	property	from avis.	In	addition,	please	read	our	C             onditions	of	Sale	regarding	the	rem           oval	of	sold	lots.
           f. Remedies for breach. If	any	applicable	conditions	herein	are	not	com                      plied	with	by	a	winning	bidder,	in	addition	to	other	rem               edies	available	by	law   ,	including	without	lim    itation	the	right	to	
           hold	the	winning	bidder	liable	for	the	total	purchase	price,	Alex	C               ooper	Auctioneers	at	its	option	m         ay	either	(a)	cancel	the	sale,	retaining	as	liquidated	dam            ages	all	paym   ents	m  ade	by	the	win-
           ning	bidder	or	(b)	resell	the	property	at	public	auction	without	reserve	or	m um                inim 	selling	price,	and	the	winning	bidder	will	be	liable	for	any	deficiency	and	costs,	including	handling	charges,	
           expenses	of	both	sales,	the	com ission	on	both	sales	at	regular	rates,	all	other	charges	due	hereunder	and	incidental	dam                                   ages.	In	the	event	of	breach	by	internet	bidders	of	these	T s	and	erm
           Conditions	of	Sale,	Alex	C        ooper	Auctioneers	m      ay	file	a	Non-Paying	Bidder	Alert	at	Artfact	Live	and/or	www         .
                                                                                                    LD              ITH	N 	G ARAN              R	W                     F	AN             ITHO T	LIM A N EITHER	THE	SELLER	N R	ALEX	
                                                                                                                                                              TIES	O Y	TYPE.	W U IT TIO ,	N                                               O
          C O UC N                           O Y	O U FFIC                       PLO          R	A EN AKE	AN            Y	REPRESEN A N ARRAN R	G ARAN ,	N R	ASSU E	AN
                                                                                                                                     T TIO ,	W             TY	O U TY O                         M Y	LIABILITY	O Y	KIN 	WF	AN D ITH	RESPEC              T	
          TO ERC T                       ,	FITN         R	A	P U                RPO ESC                                                TIO ,	G U EN
                                                                                                       N E,	Q ALITY TTRIBU N EN IN ESS,	A THEN ITY VEN C G O D N A U TIC ,	PRO AN E,	A E,	C N ITIO ,	M TERIALS,	A RSHIP                  UTHO ,	
                           ESS,	D A E,	REP                       RA N              A F	V E,	O Y	O                             TU                                      O           O PER	A C N                 O Y	O U FFIC
                                                                                                                                          EITHER	THE	SELLER	N R	ALEX	C O U TIO EERS,	N R	AN F	O R	O ERS,	EM YEES	                                PLO
             R	A EN
          O G TS,	ARE	RESPO SIBLE	FO       N                    O TN F	AN A EN F	W TEVER	KIN 	C N ERN G Y	LO,	W
                                                      R	THE	C RREC ESS	O Y	ST TEM T	O HA                                      D O C IN 	AN T HETHER	W                                   	O RAL,	N R	FO Y	ERRO R	O ISSIO S	IN	
                                                                                                                                                                               RITTEN R	O             O R	AN               RS	O M N
             ESC          N R	FO Y	F U TS	O EFEC 	AN
          D RIPTIO 	O R	AN A L R	D TS	IN Y	PRO                                     PERTY   .
          b. All Sales are Final. Item          s	are	sold	with	all	faults	and	are	not	returnable	for	any	reason	except	as	set	forth	in	the	following	paragraph.
          c. LimitedRescission Right. Alex	C               ooper	Auctioneers	agrees	that	a	winning	bidder	who	purchases	an	item                     	has	the	lim   ited	right	to	rescind	the	sale	(and	Alex	C       ooper	Auctioneers	will	return	all	
          paym    ents	by	the	winning	bidder)	for	the	Rescission	Period             ,	if	and	only	if	the	physical	condition	of	the	property	m            aterially	differs	from    	what	was	described	in	the	online	listing	for	the	property	
          or	if	the	description	is,	in	any	m        aterial	respect,	inaccurate.	In	order	to	exercise	this	lim       ited	right	of	rescission,	the	winning	bidder	m            ust	provide	docum     entation	to	Alex	C   ooper	Auctioneers	from       	
          a	pre-qualified	expert	or	m          useum   	within	the	Rescission	Period	and	return	the	property	to	Alex	C              ooper	Auctioneers	prom         ptly	in	the	sam    e	condition	it	was	sold.	N    otwithstanding	the	foregoing,	
          there	shall	be	no	right	of	rescission	arising	due	to	dam              age	of	property	incurred	in	shipping.	The	Rescission	Period	is	as	follows:	a	period	equal	to	the	lesser	of	(i)	forty-eight	hours	from                       	the	date	
          the	property	purchased	is	received	by	the	winning	bidder	or	(ii)	two	weeks	from                       	the	date	of	the	auction.	In	no	event	will	shipping	charges	be	refunded.
          a. GoverningLaw. These	T s	and	C     erm           onditions	of	Sale,	as	well	as	the	respective	rights	and	obligations	of	Alex	C              ooper	Auctioneers,	the	seller,	and	any	purchasers	or	bidder	at	any	sale	of	Alex	
          C ooper	Auctioneers,	shall	be	governed	by	and	construed	and	enforced	in	accordance	with	the	laws	of	the	State	of	M                                aryland.
          b. Limitation of Liability. In	no	event	shall	the	liability	of	seller	or	Alex	C               ooper	Auctioneers,	its	officers,	em       ployees	and	agents,	to	a	winning	bidder	for	any	breach,	act,	om              ission,	or	claim  	of	
         any	nature,	with	respect	to	an	item            	purchased   ,	exceed	the	purchase	price	actually	paid	by	the	winning	bidder	for	the	item                   .	In	no	event	shall	the	seller	or	Alex	C    ooper	Auctioneers,	its	officers,	
         em   ployees	and	agents,	have	any	liability	under	any	circum              stances	for	special,	indirect,	incidental	or	consequential	dam               ages	(including	for	loss	of	profits	or	revenue,	costs	of	obtaining	alternative	
         property,	claim      s	of	custom     ers	of	winning	bidders	or	otherwise),	whether	in	contract,	tort,	negligence,	strict	liability,	or	otherwise,	arising	out	of,	resulting	from                      	or	in	any	way	relating	to	the		
         property	purchased          ,	or	its	purchase,	sale,	delivery	or	non-delivery.	In	no	event	shall	seller	or	Alex	C          ooper	Auctioneers,	its	officers,	em         ployees	and	agents,	be	liable	for	any	claim      s	related	to	the	
         errors,	acts,	om     issions,	websites,	or	technology	of	Artfact	Live,	Infinite	Bidding	or	www        .
         c. Jurisdiction. By	bidding	at	an	auction,	whether	present	in	person	or	by	agent,	absentee	bid                         ,	telephone	bid    ,	internet	bid    ,	or	other	m  eans,	the	winning	bidder	shall	be	deem        ed	to	have	con-
         sented	to	the	exclusive	jurisdiction	for	the	resolution	of	any	disputes	of	the	state	courts	in	Baltim ounty,	M            ore	C             aryland.
         d. Legal fees.	In	any	litigation	between	Alex	C              ooper	Auctioneers	and	any	bidders	(whether	or	not	the	winning	bidder)	the	prevailing	party	shall	be	awarded	full	reim                               bursem  ent	of	its	actual	
         paid	legal	fees	in	connection	with	the	dispute.
         e. Severability. If	any	provision	or	portion	thereof	of	the	T s	and	C     erm           onditions	of	Sale	shall	be	void       ,	unlawful	or	unenforceable	under	applicable	law             ,	that	provision	or	portion	thereof	shall	be	
         deem    ed	deleted	and	severed	from           	the	rem  aining	provisions,	and	shall	not	affect	the	enforceability	or	validity	of	any	of	the	rem                  aining	provisions.
         f. NoAssignment. U             nless	Alex	C ooper	Auctioneers	consents	in	writing,	a	winning	bidder	m               ay	not	assign	its	rights	or	any	of	its	obligations	relating	to	an	auction	or	other	sale	by	Alex	C                ooper	
         Auctioneers.	Any	assignm            ent	without	Alex	C    ooper	Auctioneers’	written	consent	will	be	void.
         g. NoW                         erm
                    aiver. These	T s	and	C           onditions	of	Sale	m    ay	not	be	waived	by	Alex	C        ooper	Auctioneers	unless	such	waiver	is	in	writing	and	signed	by	Alex	C                  ooper	Auctioneers.	A	waiver	on	one	
         occasion	shall	not	be	a	waiver	on	any	other	or	future	occasion	or	affect	Alex	C                   ooper	Auctioneers’	right	to	insist	on	strict	perform            ance	of	all	other	provisions.

  4                                                                                                                                                                                             alex cooper auctioneers

           Monday, February 1, 2010 at 10:00 AM » Annex Gallery
600	   Five assorted faience and art pottery platter and jugs       613	   Yellowware pudding mold with grape cluster decoration,
       Est. $50-70                                                         and a similar floral decorated pudding mold
                                                                           Est. $40-60
601	   Two Royal Doulton china figures: “Fair Lady” and “Elyse”
       Est. $70-125                                                 614	   Austrian porcelain transfer decorated 13-piece game set
                                                                           comprising: 12 plates and 1 platter, all with various transfer
602	   Nine German porcelain cups and saucers; together with a             and paint decorated images of game birds Est. $100-200
       metal dish rack and five demitasse spoons
       Est. $30-50                                                  615	   Three assorted Staffordshire transfer decorated teapots,
                                                                           and similar cream jug and sugar bowl
603	   Resin figure of St. Francis, and a carved pickled wood              Est. $125-200
       figural group of the Madonna and Child
       Est. $30-50                                                  616	   Minton china partial dinner service in the
                                                                           “Antoinette” pattern
604	   American brass chamber candlestick                                  30 pieces, comprising: 12 dinner plates, 9 teacups, and
       19th century Est. $30-50                                            9 saucers Est. $70-125

605	   Chinese bronze censer, blanc de chine porcelain              617	   Assortment of Royal Crown Derby and Royal Worcester
       figure of Kuan-Yin, two Goebel Easter eggs, travel                  china plates, cups, and saucers
       alarm clock, and geode                                              Est. $125-200
       Est. $50-70
                                                                    618	   Czecho-Bohemian etched and molded crystal partial
606	   Wood and metal primitive coffee mill, copper and brass              stemware set
       urn, tin lantern, Limoges porcelain box, etc.                       Est. $150-250
       Est. $50-70
                                                                    619	   Two painted bisque porcelain figural whiskey decanters:
607	   Gilt rimmed glass centerpiece, acid etched glass vase, and          “Bucky Badger” and “Lionstone Whiskey”
       a cut glass ewer                                                    together with a Royal Copenhagen porcelain figure of a child
       Est. $30-50                                                         Est. $40-60

608	   Set of seven art glass tumblers                              620	   Jacquin’s cordials molded and painted plaster
       Est. $60-80                                                         advertising figure
                                                                           Est. $125-200
609	   Zeiss camera in leather carrying case, and a set of
       binoculars in leather carrying case                          621	   Four pieces of molded, cut, and etched crystal ware
       Est. $50-100                                                        Est. $40-60

610	   Seven pieces of blue transferware china                      622	   Pair of Lenox porcelain candlesticks, four Lenox porcelain
       Est. $60-90                                                         swan-form dishes, and an Austrian painted ceramic
                                                                           moose-form creamer
611	   Three Royal Doulton transfer decorated cabinet plates               Est. $40-60
       with images of “The Mayor,”“The Hunting Man,” and “The
       Doctor” Est. $100-200                                        623	   Pair of Chinese Export Famille Rose porcelain coral ground
                                                                           vases with sacred object decoration
612	   Set of six Royal Crown Derby china parcel-gilt                      19th century Est. $60-80
       luncheon plates
       together with a set of eight Wedgwood gilt grapevine         624	   Set of 12 Continental colored glass wine stems
       decorated china luncheon plates Est. $125-200                       Est. $70-100

alex cooper auctioneers                                                                                                                     5
625	   Nine assorted Continental porcelain cups and saucers             636	   Two pairs of turned brass candlesticks, and a brass dish-
       makers include: Meissen, Belleek, and Vienna porcelain, etc.            base candlestick
       Est. $150-250                                                           Est. $125-200

626	   Limoges floral decorated porcelain partial                       637	   Continental etched glass partial stemware set
       chocolate service                                                       Est. $50-100
       comprising: 6 cups and saucers and chocolate pot; together
       with a Nippon windmill paint decorated coffeepot, and a          638	   Tiffany & Co. traveling alarm clock
       Kutani style teapot Est. $125-200                                       Est. $30-50

627	   Pair of Villeroy and Boch ceramic kitchen canisters              639	   Gorham traveling alarm clock
       together with an English pink luster covered sugar bowl,                Est. $30-50
       Staffordshire transfer decorated cup and saucer, faience
       cream jug, and two English cups and saucers Est. $60-90          640	   Three pewter chargers
                                                                               Est. $50-100
628	   Assorted of English and Continental decorative porcelain
       and china cups and saucers                                       641	   Molded and transfer decorated mug, depicting
       Est. $125-200                                                           “Harvard Athletics”
                                                                               Est. $50-100
629	   Six assorted Limoges and Bavarian floral painted porcelain
       luncheon plates                                                  642	   Lladro porcelain figure of a doctor
       together with Limoges porcelain leaf-form serving dish, and             together with a Limoges style gilt metal-mounted porcelain
       a RS Prussia floral decorated porcelain reticulated bowl, etc.          box with two roosters, and a Judaica gilt metal-mounted
       Est. $125-200                                                           porcelain box Est. $70-125

630	   Assorted Continental and English floral decorated                643	   Chinese Export Famille Rose porcelain covered jar
       porcelain dishes, plates, and chargers                                  20th century Est. $40-60
       Est. $125-200
                                                                        644	   Two pairs of brass candlesticks
631	   American floral etched glass bowl, probably Pairpoint                   Est. $40-60
       together with a Bohemian ruby cut-to-clear nappy, and two
       pieces of pressed glass Est. $50-100                             645	   Huckleberry Hound animation kit
                                                                               Est. $20-30
632	   Cast iron mortar and pestle
       together with a wood mortar and pestle, wood and metal           646	   Pair of iridized glass compotes
       coffee mill, wood and iron banded storage box, and a salt               Est. $30-50
       box Est. $125-200
                                                                        647	   Molded glass bottle; together with five cut
633	   Four pewter chocolate molds, and two sheet tin                          glass finger bowls
       pudding molds                                                           Est. $50-100
       Est. $40-60
                                                                        648	   Noritake teacup and sandwich plates
634	   Oak standish with cut crystal inkwells, three brass inkwells,           comprising: 11 cups and 12 plates; together with
       and a primitive utility box                                             13 Haviland porcelain cups and saucers; 6 cups and 7 saucers
       Est. $150-250                                                           Est. $50-100

635	   Six assorted primitive wood butter presses, primitive wood       649	   Moser art glass vase, Daum Nancy style acid etched base,
       and tin shaker, and five carved kitchen tools                           chased art glass vase, and art glass ashtray
       Est. $150-250                                                           Est. $125-200

6                                                                                                       alex cooper auctioneers
650	    Six cast and painted lead queen’s guard figures, and a cast   664	    Nineteen pieces of English brown transfer decorated china,
        and painted lead civil war field hospital set                         ceramic cheese dome, and Classical style giltwood sconce
        Est. $40-60                                                           Est. $60-90

651	    Chinese Export sepia porcelain sacred bird and butterfly      665	    Five Lenox for Boehm porcelain bird plates, Lenox
        lozenge-shaped dish and six plates                                    porcelain chickadee cup and saucer, etc., with boxes
        Est. $150-250                                                         Est. $100-200

652	    Mexican brass and abalone inlaid cigarette box                665A	   Shenango blue and white transfer decorated B & O plate
        Est. $30-50                                                           depicting the “Sesquicentennial of the B & O Railroad”
                                                                              together with a similar B & I china custard cup Est. $60-90
653	    Three Hummel figures
        Est. $20-40                                                   666	    Eight Spode china luncheon plates in the
                                                                              “Spode’s Jewel” pattern
654	    Lalique molded and partial frosted glass ashtray                      together with six Lenox green banded porcelain dessert
        with fish design                                                      plates, and seven French porcelain demitasse saucers, and
        Est. $50-100                                                          one cup Est. $50-100

655	    Two wood cookie molds                                         667	    Limoges porcelain assembled partial dinner service
        Est. $40-60                                                           Est. $100-200

656	    Set of eight French enamel and metal curtain tie-backs        667A	   Miniature bud vase, Passover finger puppets, etc.
        Est. $100-200                                                         Est. $20-40

657	    Five pieces of assorted toleware, including: butter           668	    Phoenix style glass molded floral-form vase; together with
        containers, pitcher trays, and a brass kindling bucket                a Belleek Parianware vase
        Est. $125-200                                                         Est. $70-125

658	    Papier-mache brass handled bucket with fabric scraps          669	    Five pieces of assorted spongeware, including: pitcher,
        Est. $60-90                                                           mixing bowls, and a pair of sugar bowls
                                                                              together with a Rockingham glazed ceramic bowl
659	    Six assorted brass and cast iron spring scales                        Est. $125-200
        Est. $125-200
                                                                      670	    Twelve assorted Lenox porcelain pieces, including: platter,
660	    Chinese Export Famille Verte porcelain ginger jar                     compotes, vases, covered jar, etc.
        together with a Chinese Export blue and white porcelain               Est. $150-250
        diminutive ginger jar in the “Hawthorne” pattern, six
        Japanese blue and white transfer decorated sake cups,         671	    Nine assorted Lenox porcelain articles, including: scallop-
        Japanese blue and white porcelain teapot, and a Japanese              shape dishes, centerpiece, shakers, and candy dishes
        Kutani porcelain bowl, etc. Est. $125-200                             Est. $150-250

661	    Chinese carved marble Buddha head                             672	    Eight assorted early photo images
        Est. $100-200                                                         Est. $125-200

662	    Brass and cast iron scale, and a cast iron match safe         673	    Set of eleven French transfer decorated porcelain plates,
        Est. $50-80                                                           each plate depicting a different course of the meal
                                                                              Est. $100-200
663	    Spelter clock figure of a cartographer
        19th century Est. $125-200                                    674	    Spode china box in the “Christmas Tree” pattern
                                                                              together with Staffordshire style dog figure, Japanese Kutani
663A	   Set of bells mounted on board                                         goblet, three carved and polychromed ivory figural groups,
        Est. $30-50                                                           etc. Est. $125-200

alex cooper auctioneers                                                                                                                     7
675	   Adams platter in the “Willow” pattern                        689	    Louis XV style walnut upholstered foot rest
       together with Continental porcelain berry bowl with                  Est. $40-60
       assembled underplate, polychrome Delft style floral brick,
       pair of Lenox bowls, etc. Est. $100-200                      690	    Bulgarian Ferraghan design machine-made scatter rug,
                                                                            3.10 x 5.5
676	   Assembled Continental partial etched crystal and glass               Est. $30-50
       stemware service
       Est. $50-100                                                 691	    Chinese Chippendale style mahogany drop leaf side table
                                                                            Est. $150-250
677	   Wedgwood & Co. china floral transfer decorated partial
       dinner service                                               692	    Jasperware urn, mounted as a lamp
       together with six iridescent glass sherbet dishes                    together with a Porcelain de Paris urn, mounted as a lamp,
       Est. $80-125                                                         pair of carved and painted modern figures, music box, and a
                                                                            ceramic clock Est. $125-200
678	   Tirschenreuth china partial dinner service in the “Queen’s
       Rose” pattern, “U.S. Zone”                                   693	    Council Craftsmen Queen Anne style stringer inlaid
       Est. $100-200                                                        mahogany side table
                                                                            Est. $125-200
679	   Art Nouveau style patinated bronze wall pocket
       signed “Dittmar 29” Est. $100-200                            694	    Pair of Classical style brass and cut glass lamps; together
                                                                            with a pair of silvered glass columnar lamps
680	   Late Victorian style mahogany fall-front lady’s desk                 Est. $150-200
       Est. $70-100
                                                                    695	    Pair of Chippendale style carved mahogany settees with
681	   Pair of contemporary turned wood side tables                         blind-fret carved legs
       Est. $200-300                                                        Est. $250-350

682	   Carved and painted wood canvas-back duck decoy,              695A	   Box of assorted table linens
       mounted as a lamp                                                    Est. $100-200
       Est. $50-100
                                                                    696	    Cram’s terrestrial globe in a Queen Anne style
683	   Continental style 28-light brass chandelier                          cherrywood stand
       Est. $200-300                                                        Est. $125-200

684	   Continental style 28-light brass chandelier                  696A	   Assorted lace and linens
       Est. $200-300                                                        Est. $150-250

685	   Pair of Hepplewhite style button upholstered settees         697	    Classical style mahogany upholstered foot rest
       Est. $125-200                                                        Est. $100-200

686	   German style carved softwood pipe box                        698	    Indian Persian design tufted rug, modern, 5.2 x 8.1
       Est. $100-200                                                        Est. $60-90

687	   Continental School, 19th century                             699	    Chippendale style mahogany armchair
       Portrait of a Monk                                                   Est. $70-125
       oil on canvas, together with a Landscape with Mountains
       and Lake Est. $125-200                                       700	    Italian Neoclassical style carved giltwood mirror
                                                                            Est. $100-150
688	   Carved and painted wood swan decoy, mounted as a
       lamp; together with a similar Canada goose decoy,            701	    American vernacular pine and poplar dry sink
       mounted as a lamp                                                    Est. $150-250
       Est. $200-300

8                                                                                                      alex cooper auctioneers
702	   Six assorted pieces of glass, and a Waterford               717	   Regency style giltwood mirror with inset painted roundel
       crystal ashtray                                                    of seated woman, with tiled mirror edges
       Est. $150-200                                                      Est. $100-200

703	   Pair of transfer decorated vases, mounted as lamps          718	   Assembled Haviland and Heinrich porcelain
       Est. $70-125                                                       partial dinner service
                                                                          Est. $100-200
704	   Queen Anne style cherrywood diminutive writing desk
       Est. $100-150                                               719	   Chippendale style mahogany hall table
                                                                          Est. $200-300
705	   American vernacular painted wood pond yacht “Terror”
       Est. $100-200                                               720	   Black Knight china partial dinner service
                                                                          Est. $125-200
706	   Victorian brass double student’s lamp, with
       cased glass shades                                          721	   Neoclassical style parcel-gilt mahogany base and
       Est. $150-200                                                      glass top center table
                                                                          Est. $300-500
707	   Neoclassical style mahogany glass top center table
       Est. $300-500                                               722	   Pair of gilt metal-mounted frosted glass lamps
                                                                          Est. $40-60
708	   Art Deco Molded and painted ceramic vase, mounted as a
       lamp; together with a French transfer decorated porcelain   723	   George II style chinoiserie coffee table
       vase, mounted as a lamp                                            Est. $200-300
       Est. $100-200
                                                                   724	   Indo Agra rug, modern, 8 x 10
709	   Regency style banded mahogany circular-form                        Est. $500-700
       dining table
       Est. $700-1,000                                             725	   Three black leather upholstered reclining chairs
                                                                          Est. $700-1,000
710	   Victorian brass double student’s lamp (lacking shades)
       Est. $70-125                                                726	   Set of twelve Brinn’s painted bisque porcelain
                                                                          calendar dolls
711	   Wood’s Burslem blue transferware turkey platter; together          Est. $100-200
       with a Limoges porcelain platter
       Est. $125-200                                               728	   Seven assorted dolls in ethnic costumes
                                                                          Est. $40-60
712	   Indo Bijar rug, modern, 8.11 x 11.10
       Est. $500-800                                               729	   German painted bisque and composition “Flora-Dora” doll
                                                                          early 20th century Est. $150-250
713	   Pair of Louis XV style leather covered wood benches
       Est. $250-350                                               730	   Two Madame Alexander “Polly Pigtails” dolls
                                                                          one in skater’s outfit; other in blue sun dress Est. $50-100
714	   Set of seven Chippendale style cherrywood leather
       upholstered arm bar stools                                  731	   Vinyl “Dennis the Menace” doll; together with a vinyl
       Est. $400-600                                                      “Charlie Brown” doll
                                                                          Est. $50-100
715	   Art and Crafts Mission style oak glazed
       panel door bookcase                                         732	   Shirley Temple type composition doll
       Est. $250-400                                                      Est. $40-60

716	   Reproduction print of French aviation poster, framed
       Est. $50-100

alex cooper auctioneers                                                                                                                  9
733	   Composition “Mammy” walker doll; together with five           746	   Venetian painted leather demon-form mask
       other African-American dolls, and Mammy painted tin bell             Est. $50-100
       Est. $100-200
                                                                     747	   Pair of Georgian style brass wall sconces with glass shades
734	   Two R & B Aaranbee plastic dolls, a bride and girl in sun            Est. $50-100
       dress with bonnets
       Est. $50-70                                                   748	   Victorian oak and chrome-mounted biscuit jar
                                                                            Est. $50-100
735	   Twelve assorted plastic and bisque ethnic dolls, including:
       Oriental, European, etc.                                      749	   Etched and parcel-gilt crystal partial stemware set,
       Est. $60-80                                                          comprising: 9 champagnes and 10 saucers
                                                                            Est. $50-100
736	   Painted composition policeman puppet, and similar Italian
       man puppet                                                    750	   Venetian glass figure of clown and mushroom; together
       Est. $30-50                                                          with a Finnish “Arabia” transfer decorated bottle-form
                                                                            ceramic vase
737	   Contemporary china head doll with elaborate costume,                 Est. $40-60
       including real fur-trimmed dress and hat
       together with a painted bisque head doll with elaborate       751	   Pair of metal sugar snips, and a primitive wood
       bead work vest and hat Est. $60-80                                   yarn winder
                                                                            Est. $50-100
738	   Carol Spencer Barbie doll, signed “Carol Spencer #1812;”
       together with “London Fog” Barbie                             752	   Carved meerschaum pipe, meerschaum cigar holder
       Est. $40-60                                                          with case, carved wood pipe, and a miscellaneous
                                                                            meerschaum pipe case
739	   Twelve assorted composition china and plastic ethnic dolls           Est. $50-100
       Est. $40-60
                                                                     753	   Assorted crinoline figurines, Herend type sauce
740	   Painted bisque and cloth body boy doll in                            tureens, Berlin porcelain boy, Staffordshire figural group,
       19th century costume                                                 Mary Gregory vase, etc.
       Est. $50-100                                                         Est. $100-150

741	   Eleven assorted bisque, plastic, and composition              754	   Pair of portrait prints of an 18th century and a 19th
       ethnic dolls                                                         century gentleman, framed
       Est. $40-60                                                          Est. $60-90

742	   Nine assorted painted bisque contemporary                     755	   Japanese Kutani hexagonal-form vanity box
       collector’s dolls                                                    together with a Chinese carved ivory peacock, and a
       Est. $100-200                                                        Japanese carved ivory lion figural group Est. $60-80

743	   Baccarat etched crystal decanter                              756	   Three Dresden porcelain crinoline ballerina figures
       Est. $50-100                                                         Est. $30-50

744	   Seven assorted salt-glazed stoneware and ceramic steins,      757	   Czecho-Bohemian cut and etched glass wine bucket;
       makers include Villeroy & Boch, Mettlach; together with a            together with 14 glass cordials
       pewter stein                                                         Est. $70-100
       Est. $200-300
                                                                     758	   Twelve Limoges butterfly and floral decorated
745	   Spode “Imperial” transfer decorated luncheon plate                   porcelain dessert plates
       together with a Victorian painted ceramic silver-plate               Est. $100-200
       mounted biscuit jar, and a Lalique etched glass insert
       Est. $60-90

10                                                                                                    alex cooper auctioneers
759	    Meissen porcelain bowl in the “Blue Onion” pattern with         772	    Regency style mahogany mirror with
        gilt and rouge-de-fer decoration                                        Prince of Wales plumes
        together with an English blue transfer decorated serving                Est. $125-200
        dish, and a Japanese Kutani porcelain water bowl
        Est. $100-200                                                   773	    Chippendale mahogany mirror (as is)
                                                                                Est. $100-200
760	    Nine Limoges porcelain saucers, Chinese blue
        and white porcelain bowl, and a Chinese Export                  773A	   American School
        sepia decorated saucer                                                  Portrait of a Young Girl
        Est. $60-90                                                             oil on canvas laid on masonite, framed Est. $300-500

761	    Waterford crystal partial stemware service in the “Lismore”     774	    Two Roumanian Persian design machine-made rugs,
        pattern, 42 pieces                                                      5 x 8 and 3.10 x 5.2
        Est. $300-500                                                           Est. $100-150

762	    Six Royal Crown Derby floral decorated china dinner plates      775	    Sino needlepoint rug, China, modern, 8 x 10
        in the “Pinxton Roses” pattern                                          Est. $200-300
        together with eight Royal Copenhagen porcelain soup bowls
        Est. $150-250                                                   775A	   Chinese 90-line rug, 10 x 14
                                                                                Est. $100-200
763	    Pair of German cased glass and paint decorated lusters
        Est. $200-400                                                   776	    American vernacular pine washstand
                                                                                19th century Est. $100-150
764	    German cased amethyst floral decorated and parcel-gilt
        glass decanter set, comprising decanter and six cordials        777	    Chinese reverse painted glass image with
        Est. $200-300                                                           mirrored back (as is)
                                                                                Est. $70-125
765	    Twelve Rosenthal floral decorated porcelain cabinet plates
        Est. $150-250                                                   778	    Queen Anne style cherrywood one-drawer side table
                                                                                Est. $70-125
766	    Black transfer ironstone dinner articles in the
        “Kyber” pattern                                                 779	    Indian etched brass vase, mounted as a lamp
        including: dinner plates, platter, sauce tureen Est. $150-250           Est. $50-80

767	    American ogee mahogany mirror                                   780	    Continental style carved walnut center table, with tooled
        Est. $150-250                                                           leather band and glass inset top
                                                                                Est. $150-250
767A	   Miniature pine and glass panel corner cupboard
        Est. $100-200                                                   781	    Assorted porcelain and glass, including: water glasses,
                                                                                dinner plates, pitcher, etc.
768	    Regency style mahogany and giltwood mirror                              Est. $50-100
        Est. $70-100
                                                                        782	    Pair of Neoclassical style brass and glass lamps
769	    Victorian giltwood mirror                                               together with a contemporary crystal lamp and a Chinese
        Est. $125-200                                                           cloisonne and brass vase, mounted as a lamp Est. $125-200

770	    Rococo style cast brass mirror                                  783	    Jacobean style walnut bench
        Est. $100-200                                                           Est. $125-200

771	    Queen Anne style mahogany giltwood mirror                       784	    Etched glass vase; together with a pressed
        Est. $100-200                                                           glass center bowl
                                                                                Est. $40-60

alex cooper auctioneers                                                                                                                   11
785	    American vernacular style walnut windsor deacon’s bench          798	   Horseman life-size doll, Victoria Ashlea collector’s doll, and
        Est. $200-300                                                           a 1960’s plastic doll
                                                                                Est. $50-100
786	    Queen Anne style mahogany plant stand, with tooled
        leather inset top                                                799	   Four assorted doll-size chairs, including Sheraton style
        Est. $70-125                                                            chair, painted wood chair, etc.
                                                                                Est. $70-125
786A	   Victorian miniature three-drawer chest with
        porcelain pulls                                                  800	   Miniature painted wood windsor style bench;
        Est. $250-350                                                           together with a vernacular rush-seat chair, and a
                                                                                vernacular rocking chair
787	    Neoclassical style carved wood center table, with tooled                Est. $100-200
        leather band and inset glass top
        Est. $150-250                                                    801	   Large selection of doll-collecting books, catalogs, etc.
                                                                                Est. $100-200
788	    Castleton china partial dinner service in the
        “Tremont” pattern                                                802	   Composition doll with assortment of clothing
        Est. $70-150                                                            in cedar trunk
                                                                                Est. $40-60
789	    Painted wicker settee
        Est. $125-200                                                    803	   Pair of Indian molded brass torchere bases
                                                                                Est. $125-200
790	    Cast resin deer head trophy
        Est. $70-125                                                     804	   Pair of gilt metal marble base girandoles with a figure of
                                                                                Nathan Hale
791	    Eight assorted primitive and ethnic dolls                               together with a similar pair of gilt metal marble base
        Est. $40-60                                                             girandoles with figures of a frontier scout and Indians
                                                                                Est. $150-250
792	    Six assorted Madame Alexander dolls
        including three from the First Lady’s Collection, etc., all in   805	   Regency style mahogany demilune side table
        original boxes with wrapping Est. $150-250                              Est. $80-125

793	    Two soft sculpture dolls, signed “Janet T. Waters;” together     806	   Regency style double pedestal mahogany dining table
        with a Cabbage Patch kid doll                                           with two extension leaves
        Est. $30-50                                                             Est. $800-1,200

794	    Assortment of various ethnic dolls                               807	   Set of twelve Louis XV style upholstered dining chairs,
        Est. $40-60                                                             comprising two arms and ten sides
                                                                                Est. $1,000-1,500
795	    Five assorted Horseman dolls, including “Fairy Skin,” etc.
        Est. $100-200                                                    808	   Royal transfer and parcel-gilt decorated china
                                                                                partial dinner service
796	    Six assorted Horseman dolls, including: “Cindy Strutter,”               Est. $150-250
        “Pitter Patty,” and “Fair Skin”
        Est. $125-200                                                    809	   Kelim pattern covered stool
                                                                                Est. $30-50
797	    Kestner painted bisque and composition body
        sleepy-eye doll                                                  810	   brass chandelier, unassembled, with alabaster shade
        late 19th century Est. $300-500                                         Est. $150-250

                                                                         811	   Roumanian corridor rug, modern, 5.1 x 19.11
                                                                                Est. $300-500

12                                                                                                        alex cooper auctioneers
812	    Victorian painted wood hanging two-door cabinet              824	   Sino-Nain rug, modern, 4 x 5.10
        Est. $125-200                                                       Est. $200-400

813	    Indian Persian design tufted rug, 5 x 8                      825	   American Classical mahogany chest of drawers
        Est. $100-150                                                       first quarter-19th century Est. $150-250

814	    Chinese School, 20th century                                 826	   Fitz & Floyd floral decorated partial china service; together
        Two Maidens and Cranes in Fanciful Landscape                        with eight ceramic chargers, etc.
        watercolor in stylized oriental frame Est. $150-250                 Est. $100-200

                                                                     827	   Variegated marble top
                                                                            Est. $30-50
                  North Gallery
                                                                     828	   American vernacular walnut pie safe with pierced tin doors
                                                                            Est. $150-250
815	    Two walnut headboards
        Est. $50-100                                                 829	   W. Thomsen
                                                                            Autumnal Landscape
816	    Afghani Soumak corridor rug, 4.9 x 13                               oil on canvas, framed, together with Costello. “Paris Street,” oil
        Est. $300-500                                                       on canvas, framed, and a framed color print Est. $70-125

817	    Pair of French colored engravings after original paintings   830	   Group of approximately 30 glass paperweights, including:
        by Boucher, framed, 18th/19th century                               Val St. Lambert, Whitefriars, Baccarat and Perthshire
        Est. $100-200                                                       Est. $200-300

818	    Classical style carved and faux marble wood pedestal         831	   Hepplewhite style mahogany chest of drawers
        Est. $125-200                                                       Est. $125-200

819	    American pine document box, late18th/early 19th century;     832	   Federal style mahogany double pedestal dining room
        with later American primitive landscape decoration                  table; together with four dining chairs
        Est. $150-200                                                       Est. $200-300

820	    Chinese style lacquered chest of drawers                     833	   Assorted porcelain, cut glass, and metal items, including
        Est. $100-200                                                       bookends, partial china dinner service, pair of German
                                                                            figures, Nippon breakfast set, etc.
821	    Queen Anne style Chinoiserie paint decorated                        Est. $125-200
        wood mirror
        Est. $50-100                                                 834	   Georgian style mahogany plant stand
                                                                            together with a Queen Anne style glass top side table,
822	    Late Victorian ebonized and faux marble                             Federal style mahogany plant stand with silver plate tray top,
        wood mantel clock                                                   and a Georgian style mahogany reticulated galleried plant
        Est. $60-90                                                         stand Est. $150-250

823	    Victorian oak bow-front china cupboard                       835	   Pair of Classical style gilt metal and marble
        Est. $150-250                                                       five-light candelabra
                                                                            Est. $100-200
823A	   Box of assorted linens
        Est. $125-200                                                836	   Ironstone soup tureen and underplate
                                                                            Est. $40-60
823B	   Box of assorted linens
        Est. $80-125

alex cooper auctioneers                                                                                                                   13
837	   Louis XVI style banded fruitwood and gilt                      851	   American School, late 19th/early 20th century
       metal-mounted side table                                              “Chicks and Strawberries”
       Est. $150-250                                                         oil on canvas, framed Est. $100-150

838	   Three American country pine boxes, 19th century                852	   Bernay
       Est. $200-300                                                         Portrait of a Child
                                                                             oil on board, signed lr, framed; together with Banguy. Portrait
839	   Ardebil rug, Iran, 2.3 x 3.3                                          of a Little Girl, oil on board, signed lr, framed Est. $100-200
       Est. $40-80
                                                                      853	   Marcel Courtier
840	   Pair of American etchings depicting musicians,                        “View Along the Siene”
       signed James Fagan                                                    oil on canvas, signed lr, framed; together C. Rasmussen.
       Est. $50-100                                                          Kronborg Castle, Denmark, oil on canvas, signed lr, framed
                                                                             Est. $100-200
841	   Hamadan runner, Iran, modern, 3.1 x 8.3
       Est. $100-200                                                  854	   Klaton Peter
                                                                             Still Life with Fruit, Flowers, and Objects
842	   Reproduction pine apothecary shelf                                    oil on canvas, signed ll, framed Est. $100-150
       Est. $70-125
                                                                      855	   Contemporary mahogany lighted curio cabinet
843	   Roy Briemon, American Contemporary                                    Est. $100-200
       “Recent Past”
       reverse paint on plexiglass, framed, signed and dated 1990     856	   Arts and Crafts style lamp with slag glass shade
       Est. $125-200                                                         Est. $70-125

844	   Afghani tribal rug, Afghanistan, 2.10 x 4.11                   857	   Georgian style carved mahogany serpentine-front
       Est. $100-200                                                         chest of drawers
                                                                             Est. $100-200
845	   Walnut cheval mirror, early 20th century
       Est. $70-150                                                   858	   “Swift” microscope, and 16 assorted kaleidoscopes
                                                                             Est. $250-400
846	   Hamadan rug, Iran, modern, 4.9 x 8.2
       Est. $100-150                                                  859	   Upholstered sleep sofa
                                                                             Est. $20-30
847	   American School, late 19th century
       Landscape with Lake and Mountain                               860	   Continental giltwood pier mirror base (lacking marble)
       oil on board, framed Est. $70-125                                     Est. $50-100

848	   American vernacular primitive softwood traveling desk,         861	   After Michele DeLacroix, (French, 20th century)
       19th century                                                          Military Parade
       Est. $100-200                                                         print, framed Est. $50-100

849	   Victorian bird’s-eye maple bedroom suite, comprising: tall     862	   Dutch Baroque style faux painted hanging wall cabinet
       chest, pair of beds, lady’s writing desk, and dressing table          Est. $70-100
       Est. $200-300
                                                                      863	   Pair of cabinet made Federal style cherry drop
850	   Burnett                                                               leaf side tables
       “Paris Street”                                                        Est. $150-250
       oil on canvas, signed lr, framed; together with Van Gabe.
       Church in Landscape, oil on canvas, signed ll, framed          864	   Hepplewhite style mahogany upholstered settee, Biggs
       Est. $150-250                                                         Est. $200-400

14                                                                                                     alex cooper auctioneers
865	   Late Federal style grain painted eglomise mirror             880	   Pair of Continental gilt metal classical relief scenes in
       Est. $40-60                                                         eglomise frames
                                                                           Est. $30-50
866	   Pair of framed French fashion prints, enhanced with fabric
       Est. $20-40                                                  881	   Five assorted framed prints, photos, etc.
                                                                           Est. $30-50
867	   Pakistani Bohkara rug, modern, 2.8 x 4
       Est. $50-100                                                 882	   Victorian walnut cane-seat chair, Victorian walnut carved
                                                                           balloon-back chair, and a sheppard’s crook walnut
868	   “Master” one-cent vending machine                                   upholstered armchair
       Est. $70-125                                                        Est. $70-100

869	   Machine-made Persian design mercerized cotton prayer         883	   D. Rice and A.N. Hart, Philadelphia.
       rug, modern, 3.4 x 4.8                                              Two hand-colored lithographs of westernized Cherokee
       Est. $50-80                                                         Indians in one frame; together with a watercolor of an estate
                                                                           Est. $100-200
870	   Large selection of glassware, character jugs, china,
       including pressed glass barware, plates, stemware, etc.      884	   Thomasville Queen Anne style mahogany dining
       Est. $150-250                                                       table with two extension leaves; together with six
                                                                           matching side chairs
871	   Eight assorted framed prints                                        Est. $250-350
       Est. $50-100
                                                                    885	   Six assorted unframed watercolors and prints
872	   Ansonia mahogany cased mantel clock, carved wood finial,            Est. $50-100
       and a pine bed tray
       Est. $100-200                                                886	   Late Federal mahogany and eglomise mirror, 19th century
                                                                           Est. $100-150
873	   Large assortment of carved wood canes
       Est. $150-250                                                887	   Classical mahogany ogee mantel clock
                                                                           Est. $50-100
874	   American Rococo Revival mahogany upholstered rocker,
       mid 19th century                                             888	   Two oak upholstered spectator high chairs
       Est. $50-70                                                         Est. $50-100

875	   Victorian maple cane-seat side chair; together with a        889	   Pair of contemporary rojo alicante marble pedestals
       similar rocker, youth’s rocker, and doll rocker                     Est. $125-200
       Est. $50-100
                                                                    890	   Pair of glass boudoir lamps
876	   Federal style mahogany drop leaf worktable                          Est. $50-100
       Est. $40-60
                                                                    891	   Japanese Export porcelain figure of “Ling-Che”
877	   Silver-plated mirrored plateau, and a silver-plated double          Est. $50-100
       handled tea tray
       Est. $50-70                                                  892	   Porcelain de Paris mantel clock, mid 19th century,
                                                                           floral inlaid mahogany jewelry box, and a chess board
878	   Georgian style mahogany nest of three tables; together              with chess men
       with a contemporary ebonized wood table                             Est. $70-125
       Est. $70-100
                                                                    893	   Pair of Lenox glazed parianware vases
879	   Carved and polychromed wood rooster figure                          Est. $60-80
       Est. $20-30

alex cooper auctioneers                                                                                                                15
894	   Federal style string and patera inlaid mahogany lady’s        908	   Large selection of glassware, china, figurines, brass ware,
       writing desk with inset tooled leather top                           including Arabia plates, pair of brass candlesticks, Villeroy
       Est. $100-200                                                        & Boch stemware, glass tumblers, etc.
                                                                            Est. $200-300
895	   Chinese Export style molded ceramic elephant-form
       garden seat                                                   909	   Large group of assorted frames
       Est. $100-150                                                        Est. $100-150

896	   Brass three-section fire screen                               910	   Pastel chalk polo drawing, and a signed maritime print
       Est. $20-30                                                          Est. $50-100

897	   Federal birchwood corner washstand                            911	   Regency style mahogany upholstered armchair, and a
       19th century Est. $125-200                                           contemporary painted wood dressing station with metal
                                                                            upholstered bench
898	   Afghani tribal rug, Afghanistan, modern, 2.8 x 4.6                   Est. $30-50
       Est. $100-150
                                                                     912	   Regency paint decorated armchair; together with a
899	   Georgian style carved mahogany pie-crust candle stand                contemporary black painted side table
       Est. $100-200                                                        Est. $60-80

900	   Plank seat windsor chair, American Classical style ebonized   913	   Pair of Victorian cast brass fire tool holders,
       and painted rush-seat armchair, L. Hitchcock, klismos style          mid 19th century
       mahogany chair, and a maple office chair                             Est. $40-60
       Est. $40-60
                                                                     914	   French Provincial style upholstered fauteuil; together
901	   Afghani tribal rug, Afghanistan, 2.9 x 4.11                          with a Louis XV style painted nest of three tables, and a
       Est. $100-150                                                        reticulated brass fire fender
                                                                            Est. $60-90
902	   Victorian style fruitwood cane-seat child’s highchair;
       together with a Victorian carved maple child’s                915	   Oak office swivel armchair
       rocking chair                                                        Est. $10-20
       Est. $70-125
                                                                     916	   Henkel-Harris Virginia Galleries Queen Anne style
903	   Hamadan rug remnant, 2.7 x 4.10                                      mahogany side table
       Est. $10-20                                                          Est. $100-200

904	   Louis XV style carved walnut upholstered armchair             917	   Pair of Continental floral decorated porcelain pedestals,
       19th century Est. $200-300                                           cased glass vase, Belleek basket, etc.
                                                                            Est. $70-125
905	   Federal style stringer inlaid demilune hall table; together
       with a Federal style cherrywood stool                         918	   Dhurrie rug, India, 3.9 x 5.9
       Est. $50-100                                                         Est. $30-50

906	   Hitchcock Boston rocker, Shaker splint-seat rocker, New       919	   Chippendale style eagle carved mahogany wing chair
       England ladder-back rush-seat rocker, and a plank seat               Est. $150-200
       Windsor side chair, early 19th century
       Est. $150-200                                                 920	   Five watercolor sketches of Jamaican scenes,
                                                                            signed Cecile Johnson, framed
907	   Kerman design machine-made rug, 3 x 5                                Est. $250-300
       Est. $30-50
                                                                     921	   Continental Baroque style walnut low table
                                                                            Est. $80-125

16                                                                                                     alex cooper auctioneers
922	    Mikasa china partial dinner service                            935	   W Irving
        Est. $50-100                                                          Boats Docked at Pier
                                                                              oil on board, signed lr, framed Est. $50-100
923	    Victorian maple cheval mirror
        Est. $100-200                                                  936	   Glenn Walker
924	    American fancy painted and stenciled rush-seat side chair;            ink on paper, signed ll, framed Est. $50-70
        together with a Chippendale style mahogany armchair,
        and a Windsor style plank-seat chair                           937	   Framed Vanity Fair print depicting jockeys and horses
        Est. $100-200                                                         Est. $30-50

925	    Group of American hooked and braided scatter rugs              938	   Two pine folding bookcases
        Est. $50-100                                                          Est. $20-40

926	    Chinese mahogany nest of four tables                           939	   Fred Slocombe
        Est. $100-150                                                         Landscape with River and Cottage
                                                                              etching, signed ll, framed Est. $50-70
927	    Continental gilt chair; together with an Anglo-Indian inlaid
        teacart with trays                                             940	   Two framed landscaped oil paintings; together with
        Est. $100-200                                                         Jimmy Yellowhair, Hopi Indian dancing, acrylic on canvas
                                                                              Est. $100-200
928	    Kelim rug, Iran, 4 x 6.2
        Est. $50-100                                                   941	   Indonesian walnut table desk
                                                                              Est. $100-150
929	    Maple and wrought metal primitive school desk,
        cherrywood hanging corner cupboard, and a modern               942	   After Bartow
        side table                                                            Dog Chasing Birds
        Est. $60-80                                                           oil on artist board, signed lr, framed; together with Study of a
                                                                              Female Nude, oil on canvas, signed and dated lr, framed
930	    Soumak rug, Afghanistan, 3.2 x 4.7                                    Est. $50-100
        Est. $50-100
                                                                       943	   20th century, artist unknown
931	    Pair of oak glazed panel entertainment cabinets, and a                Art Gallery
        Chippendale style oak entertainment center                            color lithograph, signed illegibly lr, framed Est. $70-100
        Est. $50-80
                                                                       944	   E. Ginsburg
931A	   Pair of decoupage lamps                                               Woman with Plant
        Est. $100-200                                                         color lithograph, signed lr, framed Est. $50-70

932	    Three assorted pictures                                        945	   Pair of contemporary teak glass panel two-door cabinets
        Est. $30-60                                                           Est. $50-100

933	    Maddock china platter, contemporary art glass vase,            946	   Three landscape oil paintings, two framed
        contemporary ceramic sculpture, etc.                                  Est. $50-70
        Est. $100-200
                                                                       947	   Contemporary oak dining table; together with four side
934	    Frank H. Taylor, (American, 20th century)                             chairs and a matching armchair
        “The Constellation”                                                   Est. $70-100
        watercolor, signed lr, framed Est. $100-200
                                                                       948	   Assorted porcelain, glassware, Judaica, and decorations;
                                                                              together with an English floral decorated vase (as-is)
                                                                              Est. $125-200

alex cooper auctioneers                                                                                                                    17
949	    Primitive painted wood seaman’s trunk                         963	   Terri Fowler, (American Contemporary)
        Est. $30-50                                                          Native American Settlement
                                                                             watercolor on paper, signed lr, framed Est. $40-60
950	    Naugahyde upholstered cock-fighting chair
        Est. $20-40                                                   964	   Three framed Baltimore sports legends’ signatures
                                                                             Est. $50-100
951	    Afghani prayer rug, Afghanistan, modern, 3 x 5
        Est. $125-200                                                 965	   Six 19th century botanical hand-colored engravings, each
                                                                             in a bird’s-eye maple frame
952	    Victorian walnut marble top washstand, mid 19th century              Est. $200-300
        Est. $150-250
                                                                      966	   Persian design machine-made rug, 2.2 x 4
952A	   Famille Rose melon-form jar, and toleware planter                    Est. $20-40
        Est. $40-60
                                                                      967	   Timberlake Georgian style cherry entertainment center
953	    Mahogany bookshelf                                                   Est. $100-200
        Est. $30-50
                                                                      968	   20th century, artist unknown
954	    Six assorted Venetian art glass animals,                             Portrait of a Woman
        including: fish, owl, bird, etc.                                     water color on paper, signed illegibly lr, framed Est. $50-100
        Est. $200-300
                                                                      969	   Fred Walther, (American, 20th century)
955	    No Lot                                                               Forest Scene with Brook
                                                                             watercolor, signed and dated lr, framed Est. $70-125

956	    Chippendale style mahogany reverse ox bow-front               970	   Victorian painted cast iron brass bedstead
        fall-front desk in the Governor Winthrop style                       Est. $100-200
        Est. $150-250
                                                                      971	   Italian Louis XV style painted and giltwood
957	    Federal style maple kneehole desk; together with a                   lady’s writing desk
        contemporary oak sofa table                                          Est. $50-100
        Est. $60-90
                                                                      972	   Set of three George III patera and fan inlaid
958	    “Partridge Shooting,” print, in bird’s-eye maple frame               mahogany side chairs
        Est. $30-50                                                          Est. $600-800

959	    Assorted advertising mugs, Limoges porcelain partial          973	   Five assorted oil paintings
        dinner service, and a Meito china partial dinner service             Est. $70-125
        Est. $30-50
                                                                      974	   Elizabethan Revival walnut etagere
960	    Thomas Kinkade, (American Contemporary)                              Est. $125-200
        “Spring Gate”
        giclee, framed; together with a framed print Est. $100-200    975	   Victorian mahogany and giltwood mirror
                                                                             Est. $50-100
961	    Impressionistic Venetian Canal Scene
        oil on board, framed; together with Landscape with            976	   American hooked rug, 3 x 4.11
        Fishermen and Mountains, oil on canvas, framed, and a print          Est. $20-40
        Est. $60-90
                                                                      977	   Pair of Continental fruitwood triform side tables with
962	    Contemporary Sherrill three-cushion upholstered sofa;                marble inset tops (as is)
        together with an upholstered armchair                                Est. $70-100
        Est. $100-200

18                                                                                                     alex cooper auctioneers
978	   Pair of Chinese Export Famille Rose porcelain baluster       993	    Group of assorted cut glass, colorless glass articles, and a
       vases, late 19th century (as is)                                     piano-form hinged box
       Est. $200-300                                                        Est. $60-80

979	   American vernacular tiger maple drop leaf table,             994	    Louis XIV style painted and parcel-gilt hanging wall clock
       19th century                                                         Est. $60-80
       Est. $150-250
                                                                    995	    Victorian Eastlake painted wood bedroom set, comprising:
980	   Salt-glazed cobalt decorated stoneware crock,                        bed with large headboard, bureau with mirrored upright,
       similar jug, brownware batter pitcher and two marble                 two cane-seat chairs, cane-seat rocking chair, bedside
       dust classical figures                                               table, and washstand
       Est. $100-150                                                        Est. $250-400

981	   Set of three triform chinoiserie stackable shelves           996	    American vernacular softwood diminutive blanket chest
       Est. $80-125                                                         19th century Est. $70-125

982	   Pair of American Classical bird’s-eye maple cane-seat side   997	    Kelim rug, Iran, 4.1 x 6.4
       chairs, circa 1820                                                   Est. $50-100
       Est. $100-200
                                                                    998	    Bulova quartz clock
983	   Victorian Rococo Revival walnut button-back                          Est. $30-50
       upholstered settee, circa 1850
       Est. $150-250                                                999	    Victorian floral watercolor, framed
                                                                            Est. $100-200
984	   Victorian floral needlework picture, framed
       Est. $40-80                                                  1000	   20th century, artist unknown
                                                                            The Miracle at Fatima
985	   Georgian style Queen Anne diminutive candle stand                    oil on panel, signed lr, framed Est. $70-100
       Est. $20-40
                                                                    1001	   20th century, artist unknown
986	   Afghani Belouch, Afghanistan, 3.9 x 5                                French Court Scene
       Est. $30-50                                                          paint enhanced print, framed Est. $70-125

987	   Persian tribal rug, 3.6 x 6.9                                1002	   American School, 20th century
       Est. $40-80                                                          Geese Over a Winter Marsh
                                                                            oil on canvas, signed illegibly ll, framed Est. $150-250
988	   Pair of George III style diminutive mahogany
       bachelor’s chests                                            1003	   American School, 20th century
       Est. $200-300                                                        Landscape with Brook
                                                                            oil on canvas, framed Est. $70-125
989	   Group of assorted Franciscan ware, and a brass ink stand
       Est. $30-50                                                  1004	   Chippendale style painted wood secretary
                                                                            Est. $100-200
990	   Three hand-colored English hunting prints, H. Alken
       Est. $100-125                                                1005	   American vernacular cookie mold
                                                                            Est. $50-100
991	   Kelim rug, Iran, 3.4 x 6.4
       Est. $50-100                                                 1006	   Georgian oak hanging pipe box
                                                                            Est. $100-200
992	   Carved, painted, and gilt Chinese panel
       Est. $40-60                                                  1007	   Box of assorted silver-plated flatware
                                                                            Est. $30-50

alex cooper auctioneers                                                                                                                19
1008	   Edwardian cherrywood mirrored back server                    1022	   Afghani tribal rug, Afghanistan, 2.10 x 5.7
        Est. $150-250                                                        Est. $40-80

1009	   Group of assorted framed prints and photos                   1023	   Folding bridge table
        Est. $10-20                                                          Est. $10-20

1010	   Mahogany needlepoint piano bench                             1024	   Cryril Satorsky, (20th century)
        Est. $50-70                                                          Two Judaica woodcuts
                                                                             framed Est. $100-200
1011	   George III style Chinoiserie decorated side cabinet, and a
        pair of matching side chairs                                 1025	   Two Anglo-Indian style wood and wicker chairs
        Est. $150-250                                                        Est. $70-125

1012	   Pair of Bohemian calcide cut to emerald glass                1026	   Rug face pillow
        lamps; together with a glass lamp, and a wirework                    Est. $20-40
        pricket candlestick
        Est. $100-200                                                1027	   Victorian wood and painted metal book rack
                                                                             Est. $30-50
1013	   Victorian framed botanical print
        Est. $20-30                                                  1028	   American vernacular walnut drop leaf table
                                                                             Est. $150-250
1014	   Pair of fruit decorated painted wood chairs, 19th century
        Est. $50-100                                                 1029	   Assorted cut and pressed glass articles, including: nappies,
                                                                             celery dishes, vase, etc.
1015	   Maple cabinet (lacking top)                                          Est. $100-200
        Est. $10-20
                                                                     1030	   Shiraz saddlebag, Iran
1016	   Semi-antique Sereband rug, Persia, 3.6 x 6.4                         Est. $80-150
        Est. $30-50
                                                                     1031	   Dearbrook, (20th century)
1017	   Maple telephone stand; together with a portable snack                Two prints from the Aspen series, both framed Est. $70-100
        table with benches
        Est. $30-50                                                  1032	   Pair of Louis XV style carved walnut upholstered armchairs
                                                                             Est. $100-200
1018	   Assorted porcelain and glass articles, including: steins,
        rooster figure, hurricanes, stoneware jugs, and a modern     1033	   Chinese Nichols scatter rug, approx. 2.4 x 4
        metal sculpture                                                      Est. $50-100
        Est. $100-200
                                                                     1034	   Copper cooking pot with lid engraved “J.B.H.”,
1019	   Laminated wood C.D. shelf, and a Danish                              19th century, and two copper kettles
        Modern bookshelf                                                     Est. $100-200
        Est. $20-40
                                                                     1035	   George IV turned and inlaid mahogany flip-top table,
1020	   American vernacular tavern table                                     circa 1820
        19th century Est. $150-250                                           Est. $150-250

1021	   Assorted porcelain and glass articles,                       1036	   Wood camel stool with leather cushion
        including: etched stemware, Imari ginger jars,                       Est. $30-50
        ironstone soup tureen, dinner plates, etc.
        Est. $150-250                                                1037	   Pakistani Jaldar rug, modern, 3.2 x 4.9
                                                                             Est. $50-100

20                                                                                                     alex cooper auctioneers
1038	    Balkan Serapi rug, Roumania, 2.5 x 4                         1054	   Seven woven splint and wicker baskets
         Est. $40-80                                                          Est. $100-200

1039	    Pair of metal and onyx torcheres                             1055	   Crashing Waves
         Est. $100-200                                                        chromolithographic print, framed Est. $20-30

1040	    American Classical walnut drop leaf table, Pennsylvania      1056	   Georgian style mahogany nest of three tables
         Est. $200-300                                                        Est. $70-125

1041	    Assembled set of Red Willow transferware china               1057	   No Lot
         Est. $60-90
                                                                      1058	   Upholstered day bed
1042	    Classical style carved oak upholstered sofa                          Est. $20-30
         Est. $100-200
                                                                      1059	   Two American hooked scatter rugs, and a needlepoint rug
1043	    American Telephone Company dial pay phone                            Est. $100-200
         Est. $70-100
                                                                      1060	   Oval marble table top
1044	    Arts and Crafts style slag glass shade                               Est. $20-30
         Est. $20-30
                                                                      1061	   Pastel portrait of three black Cocker Spaniels,
1045	    Two frames group of miniature oil paintings, three in each           Portrait of a Woman, oil on canvas, and Portrait of a House,
         frame, and a framed print of puffins                                 oil on board, framed
         Est. $60-90                                                          Est. $30-50

1046	    Marble pedestal base and top section                         1062	   Upholstered sofa
         Est. $40-60                                                          Est. $20-30

1047	    Turkish runner, 2.4 x 8.9                                    1063	   Machine-made prayer rug, 2.2 x 3.8
         Est. $50-100                                                         Est. $20-30

1048	    Chinese scatter rug, 2.3 x 4.6                               1064	   Giltwood mirror
         Est. $20-40                                                          Est. $40-60

1049	    Afghani tribal rug, modern, 2.10 x 4.6                       1065	   Jacobean style oak sofa
         Est. $100-150                                                        Est. $50-100

1050	    Kerman rug, Iran, 2 x 2.10                                   1066	   Belouchistan rug, Iran, 2.2 x 3.2
         Est. $20-40                                                          Est. $20-40

1050A	 Shiraz rug, Iran, 3.6 x 5                                      1067	   Persian design machine-made, 2.3 x 3.9
       Est. $50-100                                                           Est. $10-20

1051	    Two carved and painted wood frames                           1068	   Antique Malayer rug, Persia, 4.2 x 5.8
         Est. $30-50                                                          Est. $20-40

1052	    Classical style mahogany upholstered sofa in the             1069	   Louis XV style painted wood bedroom suite, comprising:
         Philadelphia manner                                                  tall chest, bureau, bedstead, chest of drawers, dressing
         Est. $150-250                                                        station with chair, and a pair of side stands; together with a
                                                                              contemporary vinyl upholstered chair
1053	    Five assorted carved wood folk style canes                           Est. $200-300
         Est. $100-200

alex cooper auctioneers                                                                                                                 21
1070	   Royal Bonn ceramic mantel clock; together with a Seth         1084	   French Empire style walnut and caned king-size
        Thomas mantel clock, Waltham desk clock, and a Smith                  headboard
        wall clock                                                            Est. $40-60
        Est. $125-200
                                                                      1085	   American Classical carved walnut acorn post bed,
1071	   Statistical and historical map of Maryland, framed                    circa 1820
        Est. $30-50                                                           Est. $100-200

1072	   Three hand-colored engravings of noblemen, framed, from       1086	   Victorian walnut mirror
        the Coronation of George IV, July 19th, 1821                          Est. $100-200
        Est. $150-250
                                                                      1087	   Georgian style giltwood mirror
1073	   Walnut regulator clock                                                Est. $20-30
        Est. $100-200
                                                                      1088	   Hamadan design machine-made rug, 3 x 17.6
1074	   Four assorted silver plate and metal trays; together with a           Est. $100-150
        silver-plated trophy cup
        Est. $60-100                                                  1089	   Three American salt-glazed stoneware storage crocks, and
                                                                              a similar butter crock, and storage jar, one marked “Morton
1075	   Assortment of ceramics, dishes, and a lamp, etc.                      & Sons, Worcester, Mass.”
        Est. $70-100                                                          Est. $150-250

1076	   Byrnes & Helene. Performance advertising poster, framed;      1090	   Federal style stringer inlaid mahogany hall table
        together with a framed piece of Al Jolson sheet music                 Est. $50-100
        Est. $50-100
                                                                      1091	   Pair of glass hurricanes
1077	   After Picasso                                                         Est. $20-30
        “Two Women”
        color screenprint, framed Est. $50-100                        1092	   Indian etched and enameled brass charger
                                                                              Est. $70-100
1078	   No Lot
                                                                      1093	   Copper oval tub, and similar lidded copper pot
1079	   Framed needlework depicting Baltimore historical                      Est. $70-125
        landmarks, fanciful horse print, framed, and a poster
        depicting antiques                                            1094	   Four assorted pictures
        Est. $50-100                                                          Est. $30-50

1080	   Parts to an American Classical bedstead                       1095	   Assortment of medical forceps, and salad
        Est. $20-30                                                           serving implements
                                                                              Est. $10-20
1081	   Regency style ebonized and giltwood mirror
        Est. $70-125                                                  1096	   Zargoli classic suite of leather upholstered furniture,
                                                                              comprising: sofa, pair of armchairs, ottoman; together with
1082	   Regency style ebonized bedstead                                       a similar leather armchair
        Est. $20-40                                                           Est. $400-600

1083	   Rococo Revival carved walnut mirror                           1097	   Anheuser-Busch bicentennial beer crate; together with a
        Est. $50-100                                                          maple traveling desk
                                                                              Est. $40-60

22                                                                                                       alex cooper auctioneers
1098	   Four pieces of toleware, including: waste basket,                    1104	   Louis XV style maple kneehole desk with inset tooled
        reticulated tray, box, etc.                                                  leather top; together with a matching side table
        Est. $60-90                                                                  Est. $125-200

1099	   Contemporary walnut coffee table with inset glass top and            1105	   Assorted porcelain and glass, including: Chinese Export tea
        tooled leather under shelf                                                   service, English transferware tea service, art glass vase, etc.
        Est. $50-100                                                                 Est. $100-200

1100	   Chinese 90-line rug, 8.6 x 11.6                                      1106	   Tudor style wrought and cast iron twelve-light candlelight
        Est. $150-250                                                                chandelier, with Tudor Rose decoration
                                                                                     Est. $70-125
1101	   “Quack” machine, early 20th century
        Est. $30-50                                                          1107	   Pair of Chippendale style brass andirons
                                                                                     Est. $30-50
1101A	 Panasonic automatic reverse cassette changer
       Est. $10-20                                                           1108	   Two framed prints
                                                                                     Est. $10-20
1102	   American molded and glazed ceramic umbrella stand
        Est. $50-100                                                         1109-1149	No lots

1103	   Two wood and glass painted window panels
        Est. $30-50

                Monday, February 1, 2010 at 4:30 PM » Main Gallery
1150	   Browning Arms Co. Citori 20 gauge over/under double                  1153	   Browning 2000 semi-automatic shotgun,
        barrel shotgun                                                               serial number 36112C47
        serial number 09866N57; checkered walnut stock and                           parts manufactured in Belgium, assembled in Portugal;
        forearm, gold plated trigger, other metal parts with black                   12 gauge magnum 3” shell, single barrel; checkered figured
        finish; barrel 26 1/2 in. L., 43 3/4 in. L. overall. Est. $500-700           walnut stock and forearm, metal parts with black finish; the
                                                                                     barrel 27 5/8 in. L., 47 5/8 in. L. overall; together with two
1151	   Browning A500 shotgun, serial number 751PR06486                              additional barrels, one for 3” magnum, the other for 2 3/4”
        12 gauge, single barrel; checkered figured walnut stock and                  shells Est. $400-600
        forearm, metal parts with black finish; the barrel 28 1/4 in. L.,
        39 3/4 in. L. overall; with original box and manual                  1154	   Browning BS/S shotgun, serial number 6026A47
        Est. $300-400                                                                12 gauge, chambered for 2 3/4 and 3”; checkered walnut
                                                                                     stock and forearm, engraved frame, metal parts with black
1152	   Browning Auto 5 Magnum shotgun,                                              finish; the barrel 26 in. L., 43 in. L. overall Est. $350-500
        serial number 71V89308
        manufactured in Belgium; 12 gauge, 3” shell; checkered               1155	   Charles Daly over/under shotgun, made by Miroku, Japan,
        figured walnut stock and forearm, engraved receiver, metal                   serial number S509303
        parts with black finish; the barrel 27 1/2 in. L., 47 1/2 in.                12 gauge, chambered for 2 3/4”; checkered walnut stock and
        L. overall; together with two additional barrels: one with                   forearm, engraved metal parts with black finish; the barrel
        adjustable sights rather than ventilated rib, 23 3/4 in. L.; the             26 in. L., 43 in. L. overall Est. $400-600
        other 29 1/2 in. L. Est. $600-900

alex cooper auctioneers                                                                                                                          23
1156	   Weatherby Mark V rifle, serial number H211851                            1164	   Sturm, Ruger New Model Single-Six,
        .416 Weatherby Magnum caliber; black synthetic stock, the                        serial number 66-20809
        barrel with integral flash guard, monogram engraved on                           .22 caliber magnum, with second cylinder for .22 standard
        trap, metal parts with black finish; the barrel 25 in. L., 46 in. L.             cartridges; walnut grips, metal parts with black finish; the
        overall; together with two Weatherby Supreme scopes,                             barrel 6 1/2 in. L., 12 in. L. overall Est. $300-400
        1.75-5 X 20, with quick detachable mounts Est. $800-1,000
                                                                                 1165	   Smith & Wesson Model 19-3 revolver,
1157	   Weatherby Mark V rifle, serial number H202886                                    serial number 3K48907
        .340 Weatherby Magnum caliber; black synthetic stock,                            .357 magnum caliber; checkered walnut grips, metal parts
        monogram on trap, metal parts with black finish; the barrel                      with black finish, Pachmayr grip enlargement; the barrel
        23 1/2 in. L., 44 1/2 in. L. overall; together with a Weatherby                  2 1/2 in. L., 7 1/4 in. L. overall; together with a Bucheimer belt
        Supreme scope, 2-7X34, with quick detachable mounts                              holster Est. $200-300
        Est. $600-900
                                                                                 1166	   Smith & Wesson Model 59 semi-automatic pistol,
1158	   Weatherby Mark V rifle, serial number H72361                                     serial number A173099
        .300 Weatherby Magnum caliber; black synthetic stock, metal                      9mm caliber; checkered black plastic grips, metal parts with
        parts with black finish; the barrel 23 1/2 in. L., 44 1/2 in. L.                 black finish; the barrel 4 in. L., 7 1/2 in. L. overall; together with
        overall; together with a Leupold 3X9 VARI-X IIc scope                            an extra clip Est. $250-350
        Est. $600-900
                                                                                 1167	   Smith & Wesson Model 38 Air Weight semi-automatic
1159	   Weatherby Mark V rifle, serial number H183552                                    pistol, serial number J239849
        .270 Weatherby Magnum caliber; black synthetic stock,                            .38 special caliber; checkered walnut grips, metal parts
        monogram on trap, metal parts with black finish; the barrel                      stainless steel; the barrel 1 7/8 in. L., 6 1/4 in. L. overall;
        23 1/2 in. L., 44 1/2 in. L. overall; together with a Weatherby                  together with a cloth holster Est. $200-300
        Supreme scope, 3-9 X 44 Est. $500-700
                                                                                 1168	   Colt Mark IV Series ‘80 “Mustang” semi-automatic pistol,
1160	   Browning Model BLR lever action rifle, made by Miroku,                           serial number MU42358
        Japan, serial number 14788RT127                                                  .380 auto caliber; black thermoplastic grips, metal parts
        .308 caliber; checkered walnut stock and forearm, metal                          with light gray matte finish; the barrel 2 3/4 in. L., 5 1/2 in. L.
        parts with black finish; the barrel 19 1/2 in. L., 39 3/4 in. L.                 overall; together with and additional clip Est. $250-350
        overall; together with a Bushnell “Scope Chief VI,” 2.5-8 X 32
        Est. $300-500                                                            1169	   Browning Fabrique Nationale Herstal BDA-380
                                                                                         semi-automatic pistol, serial number 425 PP 06293
1161	   Browning BL-22 lever action rifle, serial number 71B37507                        made in Italy, .380 Auto or 9mm short caliber; walnut grips,
        .22 caliber; with checkered figured walnut stock and forearm,                    metal parts with black finish; the barrel 3 3/4 in. L., 6 3/4 in.
        engraved receiver, metal parts with black finish; the barrel                     L. overall; together with an additional clip and a black cloth
        19 1/2 in. L., 36 1/2 in. L. overall; together with a Weaver scope               holster Est. $250-350
        Est. $200-300
                                                                                 1170	   Kahr K9 semi-automatic pistol, serial number AF0323
1162	   Sturm, Ruger Redhawk revolver, serial number 500-44990                           9 mm.; textured black rubber grip, metal parts with matte
        .44 magnum caliber; black rubber and additional walnut                           gray finish; the barrel 3 1/4 in. L., 6 in. L. overall; with original
        grips, metal parts stainless steel; the barrel 7 1/2 in. L., 13 in. L.           case, second clip, and extra sights Est. $200-400
        overall; with the original box Est. $400-600
                                                                                 1171	   Glock 27 semi-automatic pistol, serial number BYY617US
1163	   Sturm, Ruger New Model Blackhawk revolver, serial                                made in Austria; .40 Smith & Wesson caliber; textured black
        number 600-09019                                                                 plastic grip and integral frame, metal parts with matte black
        .357 “maximum” caliber; black rubber and additional walnut                       finish; the barrel 3 3/8 in. L., 6 1/2 in. L. overall; with original
        grips, metal parts with black finish; the barrel 7 1/2 in. L..                   case and accessories Est. $200-300
        13 3/4 in. L. overall; with the original box Est. $350-500

24                                                                                                                     alex cooper auctioneers
1172	   Sig Sauer P229 semi-automatic pistol,
        serial number AB18590
        .40 Smith and Wesson caliber; textured black plastic grip,
        metal parts with black finish; the barrel 3 5/8 in. L., 7 in. L.
        overall; with original case and holster Est. $400-600

1173	   OMC “Back Up” semi-automatic pistol, serial number E0248
        9mm Kurz or .380 caliber; rosewood grips, metal parts
        stainless steel; the barrel 2 1/2 in. L., 5 in. L. overall
        (Manufactured briefly by this company, which was bought
        out by AMT.) Est. $150-250

1174	   Astra Unceta Cub semi-automatic pistol,
        serial number 961386
        made in Spain; .25 caliber; brown plastic grips, metal parts
        with black finish; the barrel 2 1/8 in. L., 4 1/2 in. L. overall; with
        a Bucheimer black leather holster Est. $125-175

1175	   American underhammer rifle, N. Kendall, Windsor, VT
        circa 1840; marked in addition “Smith’s Improved Patent Stud
        Lock”: about .50 cal., heavy octagonal barrel fitted with an
        adjustable rear sight, figured maple stock; 47 1/2 in. L. overall
        Est. $300-500

1176	   Americase secure aluminum travelling case suitable for
        handguns or other valuables
        10 X 18 X 6 1/2 in.; with keys. Est. $60-90

1177	   Three aluminum travelling cases for rifles or shotguns
        Est. $150-250

1178-1199	No lots

alex cooper auctioneers                                                                25

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