Shelf Lot Description 1 Pewter Hamilton Mint plate_ Wallace silver by wuyunyi


									Shelf Lot   Description
    1       Pewter Hamilton Mint plate, Wallace silver soldered cup holder that says "Benjamin
            Franklin", Rogers Co silver plate trophy cup

   2        1975 International pewter plate "Caught", Elktinn plate marked Norway

   3        SP bun warmer, SP with gold wash letter holder
   4        4 SP Revere bowls, SP bread tray
   5        51 pc goldwash flatware with chest
   6        3 SP cupboard vegetables, one with glass liner
   7        2 pcs SP, one is a buffet warmer with glass tray, the other is a casserole with glass insert

   8        SP: footed casserole warmer, pitcher, silent butler

   9        SP: ornate footed serving tray, large footed bowl

   10       SP: buffet server, 2 ice buckets, frame
   11       SP: champagne bucket, 3 trivets, bread tray
   12       SP: 2 buffet trays with no inserts
   13       Piece of Nambe serving dish, SP low bowl, SP relish tray with brass insert

   14       SP: expandable trivet, Christmas bell, 6 napkin rings, condiment server with no inserts, 2 pcs
            silver overlay, 12 state teaspoons

   15       SP: double handled serving tray, oval tray, round tray, teapot, covered butter, trivet, child's
            cup with assorted teaspoons

   16       SP: ice bucket, 4 demi cups with no inserts, teapot, souvenir tray,2 child's cups

   17       9 pewter tankards, bread tray, 2 West German serving bowls, assorted SP flatware

   18       3 serving trays
   19       Stainless steel round tray made in Denmark, 50 pc flatware set marked Copenhagan Cutlery

   20       Brass gallery tray, 2 pcs copper and brass wine bottle holders

   21       2 cat cookie jars with a cat teapot
   22       Ironstone pitcher with 2 cups marked Made In Germany

   23       15 assorted sized glasses with a fox decal
   24       3 Lladro Christmas plates 1971/1972/1973 with 2 Limoges plates

   25       20 Mikasa Happy Holidays plates with 8 Nikko Holiday mugs with a Mikasa coffee pot and
            covered casserole
26   6 figurines: Norman Rockwell "Babies First Steps", Norman Rockwell "Mother's Little
     Angels", Norman Rockwell "New Arrival", Norman Rockwell "Bark if they Bite", Norman
     Rockwell "Bride and Groom", "Saturday Evening Post" by Dave Grossman

27   Porcelain lot: newer version of Chinese export bowl, 3 white porcelain utensil holders, Fritz
     and Floyd serving dish

28   Clear glass lot: tidbit server, 2 condiment servers, decanter, mug, creamer with 2 salts

29   7 pcs modern porcelain, mostly vases, not signed

30   13 Spode Christmas Tree plates with 6 Salem Christmas plates and 8 Salem Christmas cups

31   20 assorted pcs of Candlewick glassware
32   Porcelain lot: 2 Noritake serving pcs, 4 German open salts, set of collector ashtrays from
     California, 12 flowered cup plates, Nippon type mustard jar

33   Stangl "Terra Rose" flower pot with another unmarked flower pot and a large turquoise vase
     marked "534"

34   12 pcs of Fritz & Floyd "Palais"
35   Glass lot: 3 decanters with 2 covered jars, a large round tray, 6 footed glasses, 2 smaller trays

36   Green hand blown top hat, clear vase,ruby flash etched vase, ruby flash covered jar, large
     amethyst footed vase

37   Candlewick lot: covered jar, divided condiment dish with spoons, 3 ashtrays, covered butter,
     heart shaped nappy

38   4 pcs milkglass: footed open sugar, trumpet vase, footed cake dish, flower pot

39   3 pitchers, one is marked USA, one is Hull, third is unmarked

40   Brass lot: pr of double armed sconces with glass inserts, 4 candleholders, bell

41   Clear glass: pinched decanter, bamboo shaped pitcher, 10 etched stems

42   3 porcelain wall hangings with Wedgwood type jasper inserts along with 2 Wedgwood blue
     jasper plates

43   Candlewick lot: 7 cups, 8 saucers, salt and pepper shakers, along with a covered and etched
     candy dish and an etched footed vase
44   Porcelain lot: 2 blue and white rice bowls, Delano Studios Monticello plate with a Queen
     Elizabeth II commemorative plate, 2 commemorative plates from the First Methodist
     Church in Media PA, and a pink transfer pitcher marked Vista

45   Punch bowl with ladle, 18 cups and a smaller ice bucket

46   Double candleholder (porcelain with cherries and leaves made in Italy) along with a compote
     containing beaded flowers

47   19 Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates 1977-1999
48   Box of 8 Christmas hand painted blown glass ornaments, one has damage, with a Jesus in
     manger marked "Made in Spain", one finger has damage

49   Lg cat figure, along with a sitting poodle
50   3 very large vases
51   3 pcs of porcelain: Nippon type basket, Austrian pitcher, unmarked vase

52   19 finger bowls, 12 of the 19 are etched
53   Clear glass pitcher with an applied amethyst handle with 6 amethyst glasses

54   3 cobalt water glasses, cranberry etched finger bowl, blue single rose vase, aqua threaded
     rose bowl, Murano type ashtray

55   Hand blown yellow crackle glass vase with applied clear glass decoration, amethyst Blenko
     vase, orange pitcher with applied handle, along with a swirled glass vase

56   Clear glass: 2 starcut bowls, etched bell, covered sugar bowl, nappy, etched and pressed
     bowl, etched underplate

57   4 pcs of milkglass: pink covered jar, footed candy dish, white tophat, 3 stemmed white

58   2 pcs of art pottery: one is a napkin vase with a face marked Baillie along with a ladies face
     wall pocket marked Baillie

59   10 assorted shoes: milkglass, wood, clear glass, porcelain, frosted glass

60   Clear green glass mortar and pestle, clear rose bowl, and a vase

61   Footed banana boat, compote, covered compote, all clear glass
62   6 demitasse cups and saucers marked PULS Germany, along with a porcelain handleless cup
     and saucer and 9 Limoges plates

63   Clear glass: modern style mustard, oil and vinegar set on a tray, 2 ashtrays, covered low bowl
     marked Weeb England along with a Stuart fluted vase

64   2 compotes along with 2 Crown type flower frogs

65   3 compotes marked Fern WH Grnidley
66   Set of glassware: tumblers, stems, and water pitcher

67   2 heart shaped candy dishes marked Dresden with a porcelain nappy marked Elite, and a
     floral bowl marked Limoges

68   3 pcs of C.Ahrenfeldt Limoges: 2 covered vegetables with an oval platter

69   4 pcs porcelain: reticulated Dresden candy dish, flowered Nymphenburg candy dish, Nippon
     dish, and a Limoges candy dish

70   6 pcs of white ironstone china marked "Knowels, Taylor, and Knowels"

71   5 pcs of assorted glass: green bottle, turquoise vase, end of day vase, with 2 other vases

72   10 cream soups with lids Ambassadore ware, some crazing

73   Lenox lot: compote, 4 fruit bowls (pattern is Cinderella), swan, leaf candy dish

74   Oriental lot: vase, cupboard cracker jar, and a blue enamel on copper ginger jar

75   5 pcs of colored glass: light blue vase, red swirl vase, opaque green underplate, light green
     rose bowl, cobalt finger bowl

76   Clear glass lot: dog figurine, pr of candleholders, etched decanter, rosebowl

77   2 pcs Paris Royal Porcelain china
78   2 figurines, both with slight damage, they have an embossed H on the bottom, with a
     Bavarian cobalt decorated bowl

79   4 pcs clear glass: footed cake stand, pressed bowl, etched celery, Lenox vase

80   4 pcs clear glass: 3 covered compotes with an open compote

81   2 pcs of glass with gold overlay, a light green vase with enameled reeds and flowers and a
     tall clear vase with enameled flowers

82   2 cruets, a perfume, a spice jar, a cut bread tray
83    White porcelain fruit bowl, white porcelain flower ring, flowered candleholder with
      removable center rose, and a double condiment holder

84    5 assorted tophats: cranberry coinspot ruffled, threaded glass Mt. Washington tophat, Val
      St. lambert frosted tophat, opaque pink ruffled top, pink to blue tophat

85    4 pcs of porcelain: T & V Limoges dresser tray, 2 Paris Porcelain round plates, Depose round

86    13 Coalport cups and saucers #Y4846
87    Porcelain lot: 4 demitasse cups and saucers marked W & V, Tuscan creamer, hand painted
      creamer, T & V creamer, 5 GDA cake plates, lg D & C dresser tray

88    2 pcs of Lenox, cat paperweight, paperweight with a goose, egg shaped paperweight, 5 pcs of
      Wedgwood Jasperware

89    10 handpainted divided plates from Italy
90    24 clear glass oyster plates
91    Oriental lot: 3 low bowls with a Japanese covered sugar bowl

92    Oriental lot: 2 covered rice bowls, dresser tray, Chinese vase, Chinese miniature teapot

93    Pr of blue tinted perfume bottles and a Duncan pink ruffled bowl

94    Clear glass lot: lg round tray, lg dome, 3 ashtrays, 3 open salts, wine taster

95    7 assorted clear glass canisters
96    3 glass lamp shades: one is frosted, one is pressed, one is etched

97    9 cut punch cups, 7 cut and etched water glasses

98    Small Lenox cornucopia, Oriental chocolate pot with damage, Staffordshire, porcelain flower
      bouquet, lg Chinese center bowl

 99   3 compotes, one with a brass holder
100   2 framed porcelain plaques marked Alt Meissen Art, both with some damage

101   4 pcs clear glass: compote, etched low bowl, syrup, Candlewick bowl

102   Light green depression cake dish, small condiment server, divided pc of carnival glass, along
      with a sterling footed bowl

103   3 pcs of glass: vase with a frosted bottom, vase with a frosted design, clear ice bucket
104   Etched and pressed bowl, candy kiss candy dish, an etched vase marked USA, pink swirl
      candy dish

105   4 pcs of clear glass: center bowl, compote, pitcher, pressed vase, as is

106   Lenox lot: 2 vases, candy dish, 2 ashtrays, covered box, chip and dip server

107   Russian porcelain music box, Knowles covered music box, Lenox type bell (missing
      clapper), pc of yellow jasper Wedgwood, Royal Winton pin tray, 7 pc German teaset

108   2 pcs pink depression glass:compote and cake plate, amber hen on nest, amber syrup set

109   5 German fruit decorated plates, 6 decorated Nippon plates, 6 romantic scene plates, 4
      Bavarian plates with peacock, 8 PV plates…some chips possible

110   12 Haviland Christmas plates 1970-1981 (12 Days of Christmas)

111   Clear glass lot: 2 vases, footed cake server, compote, decanter, candy dish

112   5 prs of porcelain figurines, some with damage
113   2 coinspot creamers, blue shoe, amethyst toothpick holder, cased ruffled vase

114   7 pcs of cut and pressed clear glass: biscuit jar, 5 serving bowls

115   Limoges flambeau plate, RS German floral plate, Royal Tapestry plate

116   6 assorted perfume bottles: porcelain, china, and clear glass

117   3 pcs of Stone china marked J.W. and Son: covered casserole with underplate, soup tureen

118   5 assorted colored glass covered candy dishes
119   Clear glass lot: 3 baskets, 2 nappys, pr of candlesticks

120   4 pcs of clear glass: decanter, footed compote, smaller compote, 2 pc candleholder

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