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									Electronic Records Possibilities
Brian Ehrlich
Director of Program Administration, Florida Institute of Technology
Brian holds Master of Applied Communication from University of Denver and a Bachelor of Arts in
Psychology from Western State College of Colorado. He is currently the Director of Online Program
Administration at Florida institute of Technology. Prior to Florida Tech Brian was with the University of
Denver. His career has always been in the higher education working with nontraditional students.

Andrea Morley
Military and Veterans Affairs Coordinator, Florida Institute of Technology
Andrea has held the position as Military and Veterans Affairs Coordinator for the last 2 years at Florida
Institute of Technology. Prior to the coordinator position, Andrea spent two years in the office of
financial aid for Florida Institute of Technology. Andrea will graduate in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in
Criminal Justice from Florida Institute of Technology.
• Launch of undergraduate online
  programs in 2008
• Traditional campus system and process
  was not viable
• 8 week format not 16 week semester
           Different Needs
•   Not just a staffing issue
•   Higher volume
•   Faster process
•   Multipoint access
•   Can something different be done
•   Physical space limits
          Old Process
• Collect DD 214, COE, 22-1990, 22-
• Other documents based on specific
  chapter of benefits
• Submitted hardcopy to advisor along
  with transcripts in the admission
       Ideas for a solution
• Higher additional staff – no economy of
• Banner school that uses xtender for
  student records-can that be used?
• Sharepoint tracking system?
  Technology as the Solution
• Use of current campus system
• Shared network-restricted drive
• Planned format and structure
Xtender Example 1
Example 1 Con’t
S Drive Example 2
                 Example 3
• Student file
• VA Info:
     • DD214
     • COE
     • VA Application
     • Registration (Banner)
     • Certification (VA-ONCE)
         Example 3 Cont.
• Academic Info:
    • Transcripts
    • Admittance Letter
    • Application
    • Bio (VA-ONCE)
    • Grades
    • Major (Banner)
         Example 3 Cont.
• Academic Info
    • Program Evaluation (Degree Plan)
    • Program Curriculum
    • TCE (Transfer Credit Evaluation Letter)
    • Test Scores (Ugrad Placement Exams)
    • XCRPT (Unofficial Transfer Credit
• Access queries from Business Analysts
    • Applications
    • Telephone number lookup
    • Emails for mass information
    • Drops by term
    • Academic Probation by term
    • Graduation by term
         What really happens
• Student applies
• Registration documents signed
        Information generated from the documents is
sent to an alias email. Next example is what the
Certifying Official receives in order to contact student for
proper certification papers. The Certifying Official then
emails the student with instructions and links to the
proper VA applications. Once the student complies
certification in VA-ONCE can occur.
                               Example 4
First Name: John
Last Name: Doe
Student ID: 1234
Student Type: Re-Enroll
Transient Student? No
SSN: 0000

150 W University Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32901
email: John.Doe@yahoo.com

Degree: BA in Business Administration/Health Care Management

Are you a Veterans Administration (VA) benefits recipient? Yes
Have You submitted your VA paperwork to the school certifying official? Yes
Do you receive Tuition Assistance from the military? No
Do you receive Veterans Assistance? Yes
VA Benefits: Chapter 30 MGIB
Are you on Active Duty? No
•   Access issues
•   Cost
•   Hardware failure
•   Down time
•   Human error
•   Florida factor-hurricanes
•   Multi-user access
•   Remote access
•   Back up is secure
•   Physical space savings
•   Green – paper free
•   Security
•   Florida Factor – again..
•   SAA / Federal Audit – Perfect
•   Productive staff time
•   Lower cost
•   Faster certification
           Questions ?

Director of Online Program Administration

Military and Veterans Affairs Coordinator
              Email list
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  please provide your name and email
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