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       ZrO2-Probes for the Measurement of Oxygen
                      in Flue Gases

The wide range of applications of ZrO2-probes for the measurement of oxygen requires
 the adaptation of this measuring system to varying process conditions like temperature,
aggressive flue gas and even hazardous areas. A short response time and durability of the
sensor are further major customer demands. But also ease of use, reliability and minimum
            maintenance of the analysis system are important design features.

   Twenty years of experience in system technology enable AMS Analysen-, Mess- und
    Systemtechnik to provide ZrO2-probes with these features already built-in while still
                               keeping an attractive price.

High-temperature probe AMS 3211-700, electronic controller AMS 3220 (EEx-version)

Applications                                         System features
The oxygen measuring units are used for the              Specially AMS designed sensor for flue
determination of the oxygen concentration in flue        gas applications, operator replaceable
gases of incinerators or in pure industrial gases        TÜV-approval for large boilers in power
covering the temperature range from 20°C to              plants, industrial furnaces and for waste
1750°C.                                                  incenerators and for crematoria
Since the Zirconia measuring cell is located in          Gas wetted parts made of stainless steel,
the flue gas flow the measurement takes place            other materials are available
directly (in-situ) allowing the sample extraction        Range of probe lengths from 150 mm
and conditioning system to be omitted.                   to 3000 mm
Specific applications demand probes aligned to           Gas temperatures up to 1750°C
the particular process environment: e.g. to              EEx d II B + H2-probe for zone 1
hazardous areas classified as zone 1 or 2, to            Electronic controller:
residue free combustion processes using                  Self diagnostics with fault signals
natural gas or to flue gas ducts with small              Automatic calibration
diameters.                                               Plausibility check of the correction data

System components
The oxygen measuring system consists of the ZrO2-probe with temperature controlled measuring cell,
the electronic controller as well as of the pneumatic unit for the air supply. The measuring procedure is
based on the galvanic oxygen concentration cell with solid electrolyte.
To match the varying application areas seven different probe models can be supplied. The electronic
controller is the same for all probes. The latter is installed separately but can be built into the pneumatic
cabinet as well.

Standard probe AMS 3211-500
The in-situ probe AMS 3211-500 for flue gas tem-         only 2x4 screws are to be removed for this pur-
peratures up to 600°C (temporarily up to 800°C)          pose.
is manufactured in three standard lengths (500           The 6 mm Swagelok gas inlets for calibration gas
mm, 1000 mm, 1500 mm) using stainless steel;             and reference gas (instrument air) are fixed on
other lengths (150 mm to 3000 mm) are avail-             the mounting flange of the probe.
able. Probes made of special materials like
INCONEL or Hastelloy C are supplied on demand.
The ZrO2-sensor is located directly in the flue gas
duct mounted on the probe tip. The specially de-
signed sensor used in all AMS Zirkonia probes
has a life-time of at least two years due to the low
operating temperature of less than 600°C.
The replacement of the O2-sensor is easily done:

High-temperature probe AMS 3211-700, up to 1100°C
The semi-extractive probe AMS 3211-700 gives             pump is not necessary anymore.
the user some operating advantages, additional           Being flange mounted outside the flue gas duct
to the high-temperature feature:                         the thermal load of the sensor is remarkably re-
       Neither aspirator pump air nor reference air      duced, thus increasing its life time to the
       lines are needed                                  customer´s benefit.
       The aspirator pump, usually flange inte-
       grated, can be omitted
       The sensor life is substantially increased
The introduction of a Venturi gas jet at the top of
the probe is the basic innovation: The probe gas
flow through the Venturi generates a reduced
pressure in the inner tube of the probe thus suck-
ing flue gas through the perforated bottom plate
of the outer probe tube. That´s why the aspirator

High-temperature probe AMS 3211-600, up to 1750°C
The semi-extractive probe AMS 3211-600 can be            the sensor via an aspirator pump integrated into
utilized at temperatures up to 1750°C employing          the flange and will be fed back into the process:
a sample tube made of ceramic. Vertical set-up           This arrangement keeps the dew point fixed while
of the probe will be provided in this case. Given a      avoiding blockage of the measuring system.
maximum flue gas temperature of 900°C the fit-
ting position may be freely chosen when special
materials have been used in making the probe.
The standard length of the probe is 1000 mm,
other lengths (150 mm to 1000 mm) can be sup-
plied on demand.
The Zirconia measuring cell is built into the mount-
ing flange of the probe. The measuring gas passes

EEx-approved probe, up to 500°C
The EEx-probe features a flameproof enclosure
for the sensor with flame barriers to separate
safely the sensor from the flue gas and the elec-
trical connections from the ambient area.
The probe is certified for hazardous areas zone 1
at surface temperatures up to 160°C (T3) and
ambient temperatures until 40°C. The installation
lengths may vary from 150 mm to 860 mm. The
probe is designed for flue gas temperatures up        Pneumatic unit and
to 500°C (short time 600°C).                          automatic calibration
EEx-approved probe for high tempera-                  To operate the ZrO2-probes, a reference gas as
tures, up to 1100°C                                   well as a test gas for calibration is required. The
This particular design combines the characteris-      corresponding tubing includes pressure control-
tic features of both the EEx-approved probe and       ler (or diaphragm pump), filter, switching valves
the semi-extractive high-temperature probe 3211-      and flow meter, all parts being mounted in a spe-
600.                                                  cial sample cabinet. For the gas supply, 6 mm
Flue gas temperatures up to 1100°C as well as         Schott terminals have been chosen. Power and
hazardous zone 1 applications proof the outstand-     signal connections are fitted to a row of terminals
ing capability of this specific ZrO2-probe.           located in the sample cabinet.
                                                      As reference gas ambient air or instrument air
Residue free combustion processes:                    can be used.
Probe AMS 3211-500L                                   Furthermore the automatic calibration of all AMS
For applications in combustion processes pro-         ZrO2-probes within preselectable time periods is
ducing no residues,e.g. natural gas heating, we       feasible while using the electronic unit AMS 3220.
recommend the probe AMS 3211-500L, properly
fitted to this application.
Ambient air is used as reference gas. As flue gas          AMS 3220 electronic controller

ducts operate under pressure conditions slightly                                                                     AMS 3220
                                                                                                                     solenoid controller
below ambient, this low pressure will continu-
ously suck air into the stach via a capillary tube.                                     F

This air passes by the reference side ot the                        AMS   3220

Zirkonia sensor and thereby provides the refer-
ence air required.                                                                                                            reference gas
The probe will be delivered with a mounting flange                                                                            for ZrO2-probe
                                                                                                  flowmeter for
DN65 PN6 and lenghts up to 500 mm, the weight             reference air                           reference air
is approximately 3 kg. The other technical data
correspond to the probe AMS 3211-500.                                                                                        calibration gas
                                                                                                                             for ZrO2-probe

Small diameter ducts:
AMS Screw-in probe                                           MV2

The ZrO2-sensor is to be fixed directly to the ex-                                                             flowmeter
haust duct with the flange featuring a metric M40x2       gas
                                                                                                               calibration gas

thread, and likewise as all other AMS probes too,         inlet
                                                                                 MV1: calibration gas for ZrO2-probe
                                                                                 MV2: control valve for calibration gas
shielded against dust particles from exhaust gas                                      (air or test gas)

by a filter head made from stainless steel. The
weight is approximately 0,45 kg.
The flue gas temperature may amount up to 450°C
                                                         Pneumatic unit and electronic controller
at most, the stack´s diameter should be about         Alternatively to the separate assembly of elec-
100 mm to 250 mm. As for the gas supply ambi-         tronic controller and pneumatic unit both systems
ent air will be used as reference gas. A connector    may be delivered installed in a single sample cabi-
for calibration gas or air can be added on demand.    net.

Electronic controller AMS3220
The electronic controller AMS 3220 is the supply-      consuming monitoring to a reasonable extent.
control- and evaluation unit for all AMS ZrO2-         All instrument parameters, e.g. the calibration and
probes; the unit can be delivered in several hous-     alarm data, the assignment of the display lines,
ing models.                                            and of the two analogue outputs can be comfort-
The measuring range for flue gas applications cov-     ably set at the control unit.
ers 0,1 - 25 vol-% oxygen permitting the operator
to adjust to the process values.
Considering process applications measuring
ranges from 1 ppm to 100 vol-% O2 can be ap-
plied. The calibration limits will be laid down in
the E-PROM of the controller correspondingly.
Programming and controlling the entire measur-
ing system will be executed with only three push
buttons: one for the operation mode, two for the
cursor. A display featuring two LCD rows indi-
cates the measuring value and user fed data as         Particularly important regarding the reliability of
well as the operation directions in plain text mes-    the O2 measurement is of course the identifica-
sages. A key operated switch locks the usually         tion and hence the error message while calibrat-
locked programming level, accessible via an spe-       ing: The stability of the measuring signal during
cific service mode, if required.                       calibration and the plausibility of the calculated
The self diagnostics of the controller with the cor-   correction data are subject to the continuous
responding fault signals reduce the usually time       check from the electronic controller.

Extended application areas for the AMS ZrO2-probes using
the electronic controller AMS 3220
The electronioc controller AMS 3220 succeeds the model AMS 3211. While keeping the well
known features some innovative functions have been integrated into the controller AMS 3220:
            TÜV-approval for large boilers in power plants, for industrial boilers and furnaces, for
            waste incinerators and for crematoria.

            In connection with the appropriate pneumatic units for automatic calibration, it offers
            the AUTOCAL routine.

            For the EEx-d-probe, also an EEx-d-housing for the electronic unit can be offered.
            Depending upon the application, either an EEx-IIC- or an EEx-d-IIB-housing is avail-

            The housing of the electronic unit is made from painted steel sheet; the enclosure
            complies with IP65 and warrants an improved dissipation of the heat produced.

            Signal from the sensor and heating power are galvanically isolated to keep away
            wandering signals.

            Galvanic separation of two 0/4 ... 20 mA outputs is standard.

            An improved A/D-converter provides better resolution and the continuous measure-
            ment from 25 vol-% down to 1 ppm Oxygen.

    ZrO2-probe           3211-500            3211-500L             3211-600            3211-700         EEx-approved         EEx-approved         Screw-in probe
                                                                                                           probe             probe for high

    operation mode    standard in-line     in-line probe for     semi-extractive     semi-extractive     2 in-line probes:    2 semi-extractive     low-cost probe
    construction      sensor probe tip       residue free       high-temperature    high-temperature     EEx-ATEX 2G-         high-temperature     screwed into the
    charateristics       mounted              combustion           probe with              probe             approved            probes with          exhaust duct
                                           sensor probe tip      aspirator pump       jet streaming       for zone 1and        aspirator pump:    for ducts with small
                                                mounted                            probe gas causing    EEx-ATEX 3G for      EEx-ATEX 2G and          dimensions
                                                                                   an pumping effect          zone 2            -3G approved

    gas temperature        500°C                500°C                1700°C             1100°C               400°C                1100°C                450°C

    protection              IP65                 IP65                 IP65                IP65               IP65                 IP65                  IP 44
                                                                                                        EEx d II B+H2 T3     EEx d II B+H2 T3

    length            150 to 3000 mm           500 mm            up to 1000 mm       up to 1000 mm       150 to 860 mm        up to 1000 mm               ---

    connection          DN 65 PN6            DN 65 PN6           DN 80 PN16           DN 65 PN 6         DN 80 PN 40           DN 80 PN 40        connection thread
    flange              DN 65 PN16           DN 65 PN16          DN 100 PN16          DN65 PN 16           or larger             or larger             M 40*2
                          or lager                                                    DN 80 PN16

    time constant          <2s                  <2s                  <5s                 <5s                 <5s                  <5s                   <2s
    t90-time               < 10 s               < 10 s               < 20 s              < 20 s              < 20 s               < 20 s                < 10 s

    position                  any                  any           depending from     up to 900°C: any            any                  any                  any
                      but to be adjusted   but to be adjusted      sample tube           adjusted       but to be adjusted   but to be adjusted   but to be adjusted
                         downwards            downwards               material         downwards           downwards            downwards            downwards
                                                                  recommended            >900°C:
                                                                vertical suspended vertical suspended

    weight                 6,5 kg                3 kg                6,5 kg               7 kg                10 kg                15 kg                0,3 kg
    (at length ...)      (1000 mm)             (500 mm)            (1000 mm)           (1000 mm)            (500 mm)            (1000 mm)
    ZrO2-probes           3211-500               3211-500L              3211-600             3211-700         EEx-approved         EEx-approved          Screw-in probe
                                                                                                                 probe             probe for high

    reference gas       instrument air           ambient air            ambient air         ambient air        instrument air        Iinstrument air        ambient air
    ~supply                   or                  duct under-           self diffusion      self diffusion           or                     or              self diffusion
                          ambient air          pressure causes                                                   ambient air           ambient air
                             pump             continuous sucking                                                    pump                  pump

    calibration gas   air and test gas        air and test gas        air and test gas    air and test gas    air and test gas     air and test gas       air or test gas
                        according to            according to            according to        according to        according to         according to          according to
                      measuring range         measuring range         measuring range     measuring range     measuring range      measuring range       measuring range

    sample flow         beyond 20 m/s           beyond 20 m/s          no limitations     higher as 5 m/s      beyond 20 m/s         no limitations        beyond 20 m/s
                       a shield made of        a shield made of                                               a shield made of                            a shield made of
                       stainless steel is      stainless steel is                                             stainless steel is                          stainless steel is
                      supplied to protect     supplied to protect                                            supplied to protect                         supplied to protect
                        the sinter filter       the sinter filter                                              the sinter filter                           the sinter filter

    dust content        beyond 5 g/m3           beyond 5 g/m3        beyond 20 g/m3        up to 20 g/m3       beyond 5 g/m3        beyond 20 g/m3         beyond 5 g/m3
                       a shield made of        a shield made of     a protection shield     wet dust not      a shield made of     a protection shield    a shield made of
                       stainless steel is      stainless steel is   made of stainless        allowed!         stainless steel is   made of stainless      stainless steel is
                      supplied to protect     supplied to protect         steel is                           supplied to protect         steel is        supplied to protect
                        the sinter filter       the sinter filter     recommended                              the sinter filter     recommended           the sinter filter

    probe heating         10 minutes              10 minutes            10 minutes           10 minutes          10 minutes           10 minutes            10 minutes

    cabinet           system assembly           eletrical connections             gas connections              protection                  dimensions             w eight
                                                                                                              w ith/w ithout
                                                                                                             cabinet w indow

    pneumatic unit        gas supply                clamp terminals             6 mm Schott terminals                                   300x400x200 mm             6,5 kg
                                                                                                                IP56/IP66                   (WxHxD)

    compact unit        gas supply and              clamp terminals             6 mm Schott terminals                                   500x500x300 mm             1 2 kg
                      electronic controller                                                                     IP56/IP66                   (WxHxD)
Technical data
Electronic controller AMS 3220
 Measuring range(s)                          standard: 0,1 to 25 vol-% O2 for flue gas applications
                                             option: 1 ppm to 100 vol-% O2 for process applications
 Resolution of display                       0,1 vol-% for measuring values >10,0 vol-%
                                             0,01 vol-% for measuring values from 1,00 to 9,99 vol-%
                                             display in ppmv for measuring values <1 vol-%
 Measuring accuracy                          + 0,1 vol-% O2 for standard measuring range
 Repeatability of the                        + 0,5 % rel. for range 25 vol-% to 10 vol-% O2
 measuring signal                            + 0,05 vol-% O2 for range 10 vol-% to 0,2 vol-% O2
 Drift/month                                 1 % rel. for standard measuring range, flue gas applications
 Display                                     alphanumeric display with 2 x 20 digits
 Monitoring                                  sensor voltage, heating cartridge (resistance), limits
 Signal outputs                              2 signal outputs 0/4 - 20 mA, galvanically isolated, max. load
                                             600 Ohm, freely programmable from 0,1 to 25 vol-% O2
                                             option: voltage output 0 - 1 V / 2,5 V
 Galvanic isolation                          signal outputs, heating power for the sensor
 Alarms for measuring signals                2 potential free relay contacts
                                             max. 60 V 1 A
                                             freely programmable for the entire measuring range
                                             for limits as well as for fast/hold
 Status output                               1 potential free relay contact, max. 1 A / 60 V; for e.g.
                                             sensor voltage, heating cartridge
 Digital interface                           standard: RS232
 Certifications                              TÜV-approved in compliance with European Directive
                                             2000/76/EC for waste incinerators
                                             TUV-approval for large boilers in power plants, for industrial
                                             boilers and furnaces, for waste incinerators and for
 Electrical safety                           CE 1996 as well as according to electromagnetic compati-
                                             bility standards and safety rules for electrical instruments
 Housing/Protection                          wall mounting case made of painted steel sheet/IP 65
                                             19" plug-in
                                             EEx-II C- or EEx-dII B-housing
 Dimensions                                  200 x 245 x 170 mm (WxHxD)
 Weight                                      approx. 3,5 kg
 Ambient temperature                          -20°C up to +60°C
 Voltage supply                              230/115/24 V AC       48-62 Hz
AMS GmbH 7.3/2005 Subject to technical modifications          Text, drawings and layout:   Analytic Journal   7

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