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									Not all businesses that seem to fill your bank account
with uncountable money, are actually that profitable.
 Grass on the other side is always greener. Before you
 proceed to write the B & B business plan, get a clear
     understanding of some important aspects of the
 Understanding What Is B & B Business
 Understanding The Business Demands
 Understanding The Profit Potential
 Understanding The Market Segments
    A Bed and breakfast inn is a kind of luxury accommodation that
   provides the best of home luxuries as well. While the ambiance is
   quite romantic and royal, the food is home cooked. It is usually a
                           small establishment, unlike chain hotels.

 The idea is to provide expensive luxury living with the best of home
food delicacies. B & B inns also treat their guests with small gestures
and surprises like Jacuzzi, luxury bathing salts, antique lighting, and
      more. For the owner, it’s a full time occupation that demands a
                                               specific kind of lifestyle.
 Your involvement in the day-to-day operations of the business will
      be as much or as little as you want. You essentially need to be
  present at inn at all times. Your most important task should be to
    meet the occupants, talk to them while taking a stroll or have a
                                      quick chat over a cup of coffee.

 You and your family should be prepared for and enthusiastic about
   fulfilling the expectations of the visitors and making it a brilliant
experience for them. It is very demanding if you are not planning to
  hire people for everyday tasks at the inn. These decisions will give
                you the basic framework for your B & B business plan.
 The primary reason for running a business is profits. There is no
   straight way of calculating profits. It is a complex function that
     includes a number of variables. It depends on factors like the
 location of your inn, the holiday season, average occupancy rate,
                            how popular is our business and more.

  Bed and breakfast inns have become really popular in the recent
years. They are a great experience for the customers, but it is not a
very high profit industry. Make sure you are aware of the industry
 averages before you decide to enter this industry. Passion for this
                                             business is important.
You must know where your business comes from and what the
 target market segment is. It is an important part of the B & B
    business plan. The typical customer segments for bed and
                                            breakfast inns are

                  Business Travelers
                 Local Getaway Seekers
Tourists like staying at a place that makes them feel relaxed and provides the comforts
of home. Make sure you provide a heavenly experience and make them feel pampered
             on their vacation. The tourist market, however, has seasonal fluctuations.

Business travelers look for a place that provides them a quiet and serene environment.
  It should turn down the city buzz and still keep you connected to the world. Unlike,
                               tourists, the business travelers offer a year round market.

Romantic getaway seeker can be those who want to indulge in the luxuries of staying a
 huge mansion, snuggle up in a light quilt and sip a cup of coffee with eggs and bagels
          for breakfast. Their stays are short, but they don’t mind being extravagant!
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