May 31 - Brookhaven College by lanyuehua


									                                       BROOKHAVEN COLLEGE
                                      DEANS’ MEETING MINUTES
                                             May 31, 2012

Members:        Thomas Anderson, Rodger Bennett, Michael Dennehy, Brenda Dalton, Lisa Ehrich,
                Sarah Ferguson, Juanita Flint, Sam Govea, Vernon Hawkins, Marilyn Lynch,
                Rick Maxwell, Mark Meyer, Joe Monroy, Doris Rousey, Grant Sisk, Kendra Vaglienti,
                Sandy Wyche, Anne Brophy

Attendees:      Thomas Anderson, Rodger Bennett, Christi Carter, Brenda Dalton, Michael Dennehy,
                Lisa Ehrich, Sarah Ferguson, Vernon Hawkins, Marilyn Lynch, Rick Maxwell, Mark
                Meyer, Doris Rousey, Kendra Vaglienti, Sandy Wyche, Anne Brophy

Important Things to Know
Rodger Bennett thanked Lisa Ehrich for her time spent with this group representing the faculty council.

Perkins 2012-2013
Michael Dennehy reviewed the list of proposed Perkins requests. As agreed at the May 24 deans’
meeting, the group will prioritize the items requested. When asked, Marilyn Lynch said she did not have
the figure for the Perkins allocation but thought it would be close to what was allocated for 2011-2012
($185,000). She reminded the group that Perkins allocations are based on CTE and students receiving
Pell grants.

Listed below are #1 priority items:
    1.  Automotive – Coats tire changer                                                   $ 9,000.00
    2.  Computer Science - iMACS for k213 (24)                                              29,379.00
    3.  EMS – Renewal of CAAHEP accreditation                                                5,000.00
    4.  GIS – Trimble Geo Explorer 6000 GIS kit                                             11,000.00
    5.  RAD TECH – Convert one of the x-ray rooms to flat panel digital equipment         125,000.00
    6.  VICOM - Adobe CS6 Package (four items on the list)                                  27,587.00
                                                                      Total               $206,966.00
#2 priority
    1.   Computer Science – Renew IT Academy Certification                                 $ 1,750.00
    2.   EMS – HAL patient simulator                                                        44,000.00
    3.   GIS – GIS Server                                                                    7,500.00
    4.   RAD TECH – Human Skeleton Models – Flexible Spine                                   1,950.00
                                                                           Total           $55,200.00

However, Vernon Hawkins suggested that CTE/VICOM should look at getting a license for Adobe
CS6 package. Marilyn will check on it. She will also check if a site license is possible, will upgrades be
available also. Marilyn will check this too.

On the iMACS for K213 – Sandy Wyche will check with Michael Deason.

After discussion it was agreed that further review of labs will be conducted before prioritizing the list.
Also clarification of CS6 software will occur. Michael Dennehy recommended that we conduct a work
flow mapping project over the Tech and Cap process so the responsibilities are clarified for all the

Marilyn received an RFA – application for Perkins. Requirements have been tightened. Six indicators
are included. Michael Dennehy has pulled activities relating to the indicators from SPOL. However,
SPOL does not have all the indicators needed. Application must contain specific activities and outcomes.
The application is due July 6. Marilyn will have it completed before then. She is having surgery around
that time.

Marilyn also reported that the Office of Vocational and Adult Education is reviewing all CTE secondary
and higher education programs, especially those not in compliance with federal guidelines on individual

Thomas Anderson distributed a report of Tech/Cap, $7,500 and Perkins funds. Thomas reviewed the list
with the group and asked them to let him know where corrections are necessary. He went over some of
the notations on the report

       X means no information on costs broken down.
       Yellow means unspent.
       ? means no notation of workgroup. There was a question about 15 iMACS.

Kendra said she is over $7,500. Jin Kim notifies her when is over; therefore, $6,300 is incorrect. Thomas
will check with Jin. Rodger asked everyone to be sure to keep a file of requisitions that can be accessed
when needed. Thomas asked the group to use the report he distributed to indicate changes. Michael
Dennehy suggested developing a flow chart outlining the process. He will talk with Cathy Todd.

Summer Enrollment Numbers
Kendra Vaglienti reported development writing numbers are already filling in for Summer II. Doris
Rousey reported transfer classes in math/science are filling up.

Cathy Todd is doing a registration survey.

Brenda Dalton suggested combining classes. Online classes are also down. After discussion it was
agreed no one will cancel classes until Tuesday morning, June 5. Rodger asked that the deans keep
Brenda updated on any changes made.

There was a discussion on a fall/spring schedule build for credit and non-credit. Rodger will bring to VP

There was a question about the spring 2013 schedule not rolling over. Rodger will check on this issue.

Meeting adjourned at 3:50 p.m.

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