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									 Volume 43, Issue 38                                                                                           October 10 - 16, 2010

                                                The Beacon
                                                   First United Methodist Church
                                       A Light for Christ in Cleburne County and the World
   Upcoming Events                                  Pastor’s Moment                                              October 16
        October 13                                       This is a beautiful time of year when temps are     North District UMW
     Wednesday Night                                absolutely incredible. Air is crisp and cool, and           Fall Meeting
     Fellowship Meal                                summer humidity is but a distant memory. Sea-               Bull Shoals UMC
          5:00 PM in FLC                                                                                         Church bus will
                                                    sons change but the scriptures teach us that God is
    Beef Sausage Pasta Bake                                                                                          depart at
       Mediterranean Salad                          the same God who spoke all of creation into being.           6:30 AM for the
            Garlic Bread                                I am reminded of that each day here in the              9:00 AM meeting.
               Dessert               church as we strive to shine His light in this corner of creation.
            Adults $4.00             We help people every day. You can read Matthew 25 and see                  October 24
           Children $2.00            what Jesus says about helping others.                                  Charge Conference
           Family $10.00                                                                                   2:00 PM in Sanctuary
      To Go Orders Available             I am thankful that it's not only on Sunday morning that our
                                                                                                                We are hosting:
Stop by or call the church office at parking lot is full. About any day of the week you can drive by
362-2696 to sign up by Tuesday,
                                                                                                                 Mt. Pleasant,
                                     the church and there is something taking place that is building              Mt. Pisgah,
10/12 at Noon.
            October 15               up God's kingdom. Last Wednesday night I pulled into the park-               Oak Grove,
                                     ing lot and here came a group of children who washed my wind-                Pangburn,
          Chili Supper
         5:00 PM - 7:30 PM
                                                                                                                 Quitman, and
                                     shield. Then I walked into the Family Life Center to see a gym               Rose Bud.
Adults : $5.00
Children: $3.00
                                     full of youth. Friends, this doesn't even mention the Bible stud-
                                                                                                                  October 30
    (5 - 10 years old)               ies going on. How truly blessed we are to be a part of what God
Children: Free
                                                                                                                Trunk or Treat
                                     is blessing. That's the key anyway. We not only live in a beauti-          6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
   (4 & under)
Desserts: $2.00                      ful part of Arkansas but we are part of a growing, exciting church        Court House Square
                                                                                                            400 bags of candy is what
Take Out Available                   that is leading others to the saving grace of our Lord and Savior
Proceeds go to:                                                                                            we were requesting and we
                                     Jesus Christ. My prayer is that we will all truly thank God for all      have received 100 bags
  Children’s Christmas Party
Sponsored by:                        we have and continue to give God our best.                            already. Please keep bring-
           Pairs & Spares                                                                                    ing your donations to the
                                           See you Sunday.                                                    church office so we can
      Sunday School Class                                   Tommy                                             make this event fun and
                                                                                                            successful. Let’s shine the
      Photo Sessions                                                                                       “Light of Christ” to our com-
 for New Pictorial Directory                                                                                  munity during a time of
         October 5 - 9 &                              Sermon for October 10:                                         darkness.
         October 12 - 16                        “Thank you...It’s More than Manners”
 Appointments will be Tuesday -                      Scripture: Luke 17:11-19                                  SHOES! SHOES!
 Friday 1:00 - 8:30 PM and                                                                                 FUMC provides an
 Saturday 10:30 AM - 4:30 PM.                                                                              average of 75 children
 Please call the church office                                                                             with a new pair of
                                           October 16, 22, 23, 28, 29, & 30 MADD House
 362-2696 , if you haven’t                                                                                 athletic shoes and socks
 made your appointment!           6:00 - 10:00 PM Old Lakeland Lodge Rest Home 600 S. 11th St.
                                  $5.00 a person. Children must be accompanied by adult. Dona-             each Fall and Spring.
                                  tions are appreciated!                                                   This is all made possible
   Cleburne County                   For more information, please contact : Pat Daniel, 362-5633           by donations, which can
        Cares                     Proceeds from this event will help buy portable Alcoholic Breath         be made through the
 Has a one time request:          Testers to be placed in each police and sheriff’s car. These             church office or through
 Pease donate a box of cereal     testers cost $400 each. A total of 24 have been given out                Sunday’s offering plate.
 for the food pantry. You may     including to Heber Police and Cleburne County Sheriff’s                  This will take place the
 take to Cares, or bring to       Department.
                                                                                                           last week of October.
 Church office.
  P a g e   2                                      The Beacon                                        C h u r c h
                                                                                                    C a l e n d a r
            Charle’s              VESSELS FOR THE LORD CONFERENCE                              Sunday, October 10
            Comments:             Everyone is invited to attend an inspiring conference on      8:25 Morning Worship *
             Did you notice Saturday, October 16, at First United Methodist Church in           9:20 Wiggle Worship *
                                                                                                9:35 “Come As You Are” Service *
           the article in last Russellville, AR. Registration with begin at 8:30 AM, and the    9:45 Sunday School *
           Thursday’s De-      conference will end at 3:30 PM. A light breakfast and lunch     10:50 Promiseland, FH*
                               will be provided.                                               10:55 Morning Worship *
mocrat Gazette about the                                                                       10:55 Sunday School *
“Sons of Thunder?”                We are excited to announce ministering in word and deed       7:00 Godpleasers, Sancturary
  That’s the name of the new   will be Rev. Treccie Cook, Rev. Mary Welch, and Rev. Dorothy     7:30 Narcotics Anonymous, 208
                               Jones. For more information, please contact conference          Monday, October 11
area men’s organization                                                                         8:00 Mothers’ Day Out, 106
                               manager Nancy Scott at 501-337-0065, or email                    8:30 Staff Meeting, 104
which some of the men from                                              8:45 Gentle Fitness, FLC
our church have attended in Please visit their website:             10:30 Stephen Ministry Peer Group, 104
                                                                                               12:00 Women’s Bible Study, 207
recent months. Attendance                                                                       6:00 Disciple 1, 207
has been running between                                                                        6:00 Cub Scouts
150 to 400.
                                          Community Action Program for                          7:00 Boy Scouts
                                                                                                8:00 Narcotics Anonymous, 208
  These meetings have been                  Central Arkansas (CAPCA)                           Tuesday, October 12
an inspiration due to the          CAPCA is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. One of           7:00 Men’s Prayer Breakfast, FH
                                                                                                9:00 Disciple I, 104
enthusiasm, good food, great     the programs operated by CAPCA is the Cleburne                 9:30 Explorer’s Bible Study
singing and most of all hear-    County Food Pantry.                                           12:00 Newsletter Deadline
                                                                                               12:30 Line Dancing, FLC
ing men tell their own stories      On November 19, CAPCA will be providing 150 low-            1:00 Prayer Shawl Ministry, Parlor
about how God has and is         income families in the Cleburne County area with food          1:00-8:40 Photos for Directory, 111
                                                                                                1:30 Dorcas Circle, FH
still working in their lives.    boxes at the First Assembly of God church.                      5:30 Joy Circle @ Michaels’s Resturant
They each quote passages            CAPCA is currently seeking donations. Monetary              6:00 Disciple 2, 206
                                                                                                6:30 Disciple 4, 104
of Scripture which has been      donations or food would be greatly appreciated.                Wednesday, October 13
instrumental in helping them       A list of items needed include: canned yams, brownie         8:00 Mothers’ Day Out, 106
                                                                                                8:45 Gentle Fitness, FLC
make necessary and vital         mix, dinner rolls, macaroni and cheese, stuffing mix           1:00-8:40 Photos for Directory, 111
changes in their lives.          (boxed), punch drink mix (canned).                             3:30 Lighthouse, FH
                                                                                                5:00 Fellowship Meal, FLC
  I am so thankful to be a         Send or drop off your donations to CAPCA, 305 Searcy         5:30 Sonshine Singers, 204
part of a congregation which     Street, Heber Springs, 501-362-8231.                           5:30 Joyous Carillons, 203
                                                                                                6:00 FaithWeaver Friends
demonstrates all of those                                                                       6:00 Intercessory Prayer Group, 210
ingredients every Sunday              October is Pastor Appreciation Month                      6:30 Kingdom People, 104
                                 Please let Tommy and Charle know how much you                  6:30 Spirit, Soul, & Body, 207
morning. We are so blessed                                                                      7:00 Chancel Choir, 204
to have a pastor who             appreciate them and all their hard work for us and the         7:00 Praise Team, Sanctuary
                                 Lord. We love you Tommy and Charle!                            7:00 SPAM, FLC
believes the Bible is                                                                          Thursday, October 14
                                                                                                1:30 Wesleyan Circle, FH
important and preaches it                                                                       1:30-8:40 Photos for Directory, 111
with commitment and                                    Thank you,                               5:30 Disciple 2, 104
enthusiasm, and for a music                          Bailey Pearce,                             7:00 Stephen Ministry Peer Group, 206
                                                                                                8:00 Narcotics Anonymous, 208
staff that leads us to praise    for washing my car windows Wednesday night. You               Friday, October 15
the Lord in great song           touched my heart!                                              8:00 Mother’s Day Out, 106
                                                                                                8:45 Gentle Fitness, FLC
services.                                    Anonymous                                          1:30-8:40 Photos for Directory, 111
                                                                                                5:00 Pairs & Spares Chili Supper, FLC
    The enthusiasm for and                                                                      7:30 Narcotics Anonymous, 208
within our church just keeps                                                                   Saturday, October 16
                                                                                                6:30 UMW to Bull Shoals
growing and growing. For                                                                       10:00 Narcotics Anonymous, 208
this, I am very thankful. To                             IN HIS STEPS 2011                     10:30-4:40 Photos for Directory, 111
                                                                                                8:00 Emmaus Reunion Group, FH
God be the glory!                             Please watch your mailboxes for the scrip-
      Praise God!                             tural basis for the “In His Steps” model of      “Feeling gratitude and not expressing
        In the name of Jesus,                 ministry. Be in prayer, read the scriptures           it is like wrapping a present
              Charle Cayton                   and listen for what God is calling you to do                 and not giving it.” -
                                                                                                         William Arthur Ward
                                              In His Steps.
   V o l u m e   4 3 ,   I s s u e   3 8
                                                                                                                                 P a g e   3
R e m e m b e r              i n     P r a y e r
 Baptist-NLR: Brenda Alexander                                                          Why, Pastor, Why
 Southridge Nursing: Verna Dunn,
 Forrest Hergert & Jean Standford
                                                                           As I see you standing there behind the pulpit
 Concerns: Art Aist, Betty Amberson (Jim                                             reading from God’s Word
 Bolhuis’ sister), Audrey Arnoult, Pam Beckham, Karen                 I think back to all those wonderful, blessed sermons
 Brinley, Katy Brinley (Bill & Karen Brinley’s daughter), Larry                       from you that I’ve heard.
 Buffalo (Ryan Buffalo’s father), Travis Burnette, Darryl Cad-           No, there’s no secret why God brought you out.
 wallader Family, Howard Calhoun, Lois Carr, Lester Carter            Oh! The many times your joy has made me shout!!!
 Family (Paul Rawlings’ friend), Vi Cassman, James Chap-         You see, Pastor, there was a reason that God saved your soul
 man, Ed Cleek, Wilma Crouch (Audrey Arnoult’s sister),              because He knew that serving Him with all your heart
 Cora Lou Davis (Ricky Davis' mother), Elmo Davis (Karen                             would be your life’s goal.
 Tubb’s uncle), L. E. Deckard, Ann Dye (Sandra Cherry’s
                                                                      You see, Pastor, there was a reason that it was you
 sister), John Estes (David Estes' father), Bill Faircloth (Bill
 Brinley’s grandson), JoAnn Farin (Selena Evan’s mother),                                   that God chose.
 Kolsen Fleming (Renae Hudspeth’s nephew), Ed Giles,                 Not your good looks, perfect hair, and stylish clothes.
 Dotty Bea Gish, Bobbie Griffin (Cora Mae Barnett's sister),       No, Pastor, the reason that God reached down His hand
 Jeanie Hayes, Reba Hicks (Karen Van Dyke's mother),                                         and saved you
 Randy Hodges, Robert Holt (Debra Woods’ grandfather),                                  Let there be no doubt!
 Janet Jones (Margaret Park's daughter), Ronnie Jordan, Tim                         The reason God chose you
 & Donna Kemp, Debra King (Dot Richmond's daughter),                                     is because He knew
 Dan Konkle, Mike Linn, (Debbie Robus’ brother-in-law),                               how you would turn out!
 John Lowe (Alyce Davis’ grandson), Mary Lucky (Tommy                  The reason, Pastor, that you mean so much to me
 Armstrong’s mother), Margueritte Madding (JoAnn James'                              is that when I look at you
 mother), Charles Master (Dave Master's father), C.L. Moore,
                                                                                         it’s Jesus that I see.
 O.L. Payton (Cindy Davis' father), Vera Perry, Mary Cath-
 erine Poole (Mary Poole’s mother), Mary Pruett, Josie Rast                  For in your footsteps I so gratefully trod,
 (Selena Evan’s niece), Bobby Ray, Joe Rork, Bob Ross                          because I know that in following you
 ( Lynnette Files’ cousin)Terry Sapio, Ben Shearer, Mark                                  I am following God!
 Shearer, Lisa Simmons (Bill & Dianne Simmon’s daughter-in
 -law), Nell Shelley (Carol Fick’s mother), Jeff Stanford, Don-
 ald Taylor (Linda Tredway's cousin), Andrea Tomkiel (Roger                             By Richard Vincent Rose
 & Rebecca Mathison’s daughter), Heather Tyree (Jamie
 Jarvis’ friend), Dan Verser (Opal Womack’s son), Bud Wil-           The office of the Pastor is the highest office in the land.
 liams, Opal Williams (John Haugen's mother), Sharon Wil-                    For, the people choose the President…
 liams, Myra & Samantha Williford, Tim Yeisley (Bill & Karen                         God chooses the Pastor.
 Brinley’s son-in-law) and to all members of our U.S. Armed
 Forces protecting our country.                                   EQUIPPING THE SAINTS
                                                                  In Ephesians 4, Paul talks about pastors and other leaders as gifts
                                                                  God has given the church. Sunday Brother Tommy spoke about
     UMW Celebrates their New Members!                            our gifts and how we can serve the Lord through our church work.
                                                                  God has given the church "to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for
                                                                  building up the body of Christ." Stephen Ministry has given us an organ-
                                                                  ized way to equip those gifted for caring ministries so they can build up the
                                                                  body of Christ by providing Christian care and support to those experi-
                                                                  encing a difficult time. Many of you have loved ones who have been hospi-
                                                                  talized or are home recovering. Sometimes you need a listening ear.
                                                                  Stephen Ministry Leaders
      Left to right: Kelli Callender, Carolyn McNamee,            Linda Storm                     270-2571
       Jane Everett, Rebecca Mathison, Jan Moon,                  Cynthia Carpenter               362-5303
      Elaine Harwell, Lynnette Files, Charleen Linsky.            Bill or Karen Brinley           362-3984
                                                                  Glenda Langston                 362-1829
                                                                  Clara Konkle                    362-8633
P a g e   4                                                           The Beacon

                                                                                                                                                                          Chris Schlicker & Alesha Presley – Youth Directors
                    Serving In His Steps
               A light for Christ through
      Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service & Witness

                                                                                                                                                                          Selena Evans – Promiseland Coordinator
                                                                                                                                                                          James Carr – Audio/Visual Coordinator
                   By Our Presence

                                                                                                                                                                          Martha Gail Richmond – Admin. Asst.
   Attendance October 3                  580
     8:25 Service             92

                                                                                                                                                                          Greg Luetschwager – Custodian
     9:35 Service           245

                                                                                                                                                                          David Jones – Administrator
    10:55 Service           171
    Sunday School                       284
       Adult                 168

                                                                                                                                             Rev. Tommy Toombs – Pastor
       Children & Youth 116

                      By Our Gifts

                                                                                                                              Church Staff
      Weekly needs                                   16,829.58
      Giving last week                               23,239.81

                                                                                                                                                                          Carolyn McNamee – Office Manager/Music Dir.
      YTD needs                                     656,353.50

                                                                                                                                                                          Ashley Herring - Dir. of Children’s Ministries
      YTD budget giving                             735,123.67
                     By Our Service

                                                                       First United Methodist Church

                                                                                                                                                                          Charle Cayton – Minister of Visitation
Acolytes - 10/10

                                                                       Heber Springs, AR 72543
 8:35 -

                                                                                                                                                                          Mike Wagner – Office Assistant
 9:35 - Sterling Thomas & Lilly Thomas
10:55 -

Attendance Registration Stewards
   10/10 Ed & Rhonda Guillotte 10/17 Mike & Melissa Graham

                                                                                                                                                                          Barbara Little - Pianist
                                                                       1099 W. Pine St
AV Ministry

                                                                                                                                                                          Jo Wells - Organist
  10/10 - 8:25 Charles Stuart, James Carr                              501-362-2696
           9:35 James Carr, Sherry Shearer & April Woods
         10:55 James Carr, Kelley McCormick, Greg McCormick
  10/17 - 8:25 James Carr, Mark Spanel
           9:35 Rick Gardner, Logan Rolleigh, Calvin Brannon
         10:55 Scott Tomlinson, James Carr, Rocky Togni
Birthday Card Ministry - October Linda Storm
Bread Delivery - October Dot Duncan                                                              Memorials
Bus Driver - Ernest Flippo 362-7751                                   The following gifts have been given to the glory of God and in
Card Ministry - 10/10 Bee Buchman           10/17 Caroline Hindsley
                                                                      memory of….
Flower Delivery - 10/10 Nita Magruder 10/17 Tom & Sue Barnett
Liturgist                                                                                       Choir Fund
   10/10 8:25 Maggie Douglas 10/17 8:25 Kathy Alexander               Scott Fowler by Dr. & Mrs. James Pulliam, Mr. & Mrs. E.G.
          9:35 Gary Redd                    9:35 Kent Hulsey          VanTrain, Dr. & Mrs. Steve Schoettle, Sue Roussel, Mr. & Mrs.
        10:55 Lois Carr                    10:55 Bill Wells           Ken Kendrick, Mr. & Mrs. James Speas, Mr. & Mrs. Marc
Name Tag Ministry                                                     Moody
    10/10 Yvonne Harvey             10/17 Jerry Bise                                           General Fund
Nursery Volunteers                                                    Lindy Barnett, Curtis Cayton, and Melvin Harper by Mr. & Mrs.
  10/10 9:35 Chris & Sarah Tate 10/17 9:35 Kelli Harris
                                                                      E.G. VanTrain
                  Olivia Herring                 Savannah Thomas
        10:55 Sherry Shearer             10:55 Beverly Luetschwager                      Pastor's Emergency Fund
Sanctuary Stewards                                                    Scott Fowler by Mr. & Mrs. Don Brown
  10/10 Betty Daschler &            10/17 Ernest & Dona Flippo
           Marion Moeller                                                                       Honorariums
Telephone Ministry - October Marcella Wester                          The following gifts have been given to the glory of God and in
Ushers 10/10 - 8:25 Dick & Arleen St. Clair, Leslie & Gwen Thorn      honor of….
                9:35 Scott Tomlinson, Sam & Kathy Ward,                                  Pastor's Emergency Fund
                       Rodney Watson, Stephen Choate, Matt Vowels
                                                                      Jim Heigle by Mr. & Mrs. Andy Richmond
               10:55 Mike & Melissa Graham, Carolyn Hathcock,
                       Barbara Pitts, Sylvia Lybrand
        10/17 - 8:25 Ira & Shirley Ashley, Ron Gillespie,                                              Our Purpose Statement
                        James Johnson                                                  To be a light for Christ in Cleburne County and the
                9:35 Pat Dudeck, Burt Eddington, Tom & Darlene
                        Ellis, Henry & Barbara Engler                                  world by exalting Christ in worship, encouraging fellowship in
                10:55 Gynelle Linder, Ann Germano, Scott & Sissy                       the family, enlightening disciples with biblical truths, equipping
                         Jones, Keith & Gloria Cathey                                  the saints for service, and evangelizing all in the name of Christ.

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