The A-ZULU of KZN for Tourists - South African Painting Holidays by wuyunyi


									The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
            Enjoy your painting wherever you are

                                                   South African Painting Holidays
     The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                      Enjoy your painting wherever you are

Hi there
I live in KwaZulu Natal in South Africa and know from chatting to
people when I have been fortunate to travel to other parts of the world,
that many people only have a hazy idea of where South Africa is and
what it’s like in this country. That is why I wrote this little A-Zulu
booklet. As the country is so huge and our tours are predominantly in
KwaZulu Natal (KZN)I have based most of the info on KZN interest
          I hope it helps you get a clearer picture of how it
          is here in this warm, friendly and exciting part
          of the world called South Africa

                                                             South African Painting Holidays
        The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                                Enjoy your painting wherever you are

A is for Artists the San people left us their rock art galleries as
       a record of their lives. In the 19th century it was left to
       the likes of people like Thomas Baines and Thomas
       Bowler, to record history in their pictures. In the 20th
       century Walter Battiss, used a more uniquely South
       African style of art and George Pemba and Gerald
       Sekoto in the 1940’s showed the world art through a
       Black artists eyes. Today there are an increasing
       number of artists offering a variety of styles of original
       artwork which is sold at the numerous markets and
A is for Architecture which is particularly diverse in KwaZulu Natal: in the rural areas
       and the cultural villages you can see architecture that hasn’t changed for years
       and continues to be central to people’s lives but in the cities and towns you can
       enjoy a mixture of building styles from modern skyscrapers to Durban’s world
       famous, Art Deco, plus plenty Victorian or Edwardian buildings. Traveling around
       is always interesting to spot these different styles showing the history that makes
       up this diverse country.

A is for Astronomy - stargazing is easy in the wonderfully clear skies in South Africa.
       Tour guides of the galaxies can be found at various Drakensberg Hotels
A is for Adventure If you relish adventure with a capital A then South Africa has got
       what you are looking for in spadesful. Enjoy any of the following adventure
       packages designed for someone like you

                                                                                South African Painting Holidays
        The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                                Enjoy your painting wherever you are

      KwaZulu Natal Adventurer – abseiling, mountain biking,
      paragliding, diving and kite boarding, 4x4 trails, whale &
      dolphin viewing, guided horse trails, stargazing, river
      rafting, fly in safari,
      Big 5 - Luxury Private Game Reserve
      This Big 5, luxury private game reserve, situated 4hours drive north of Durban, in
      Zululand, is a special piece of African bush. Luxury accommodation, fine cuisine
      & fantastic animal sightings.
      Elephant-back Safari
      Enjoy this unique safari in South Africa's Mpumalanga province – ELEPHANT
      BACK safaris will get you up-close to wild animals, including the Big 5, as you
      silently walk in single file through the bush up there on your elephant.
      Sardine Run and Safari South Africa
      The Greatest Shoal on Earth - migration of the sardines from the Cape to Natal.
      The biggest marine event of the year around June, July or August - thousands of
      dolphins, whales, sharks and sea birds can be seen as the sardines make their
      way up the coast of KZN.
      Scuba Diving Safari
      Dive the best South Africa has to offer its East coast. From Aliwal Shoal to
      Sodwana Bay in warm sub tropical water with an abundant fish, coral & shark
      life. After your diving enjoy a 5 star safari
A to Do
      Abseiling: There are so many great sites to abseil in KwaZulu Natal. For more
      information ask Sally at South African Painting Holidays

B is for BAT centre. Short for the Bartle Arts Trust, a great little cultural spot right in
       the middle of Durban’s harbour, the BAT Centre is a hotbed of local visual art
       and musical creativity.
B is for Banks Where you can cash your travelers’ cheques. Some hotels and shops
       also provide this service.
       Banks are open Monday to Friday 09:00 – 15:30
       and on Saturday 9:00 – 11:00 ATM’s are all over
       SA and are open 24 hours. As in all countries take
       care around ATM’s.
B is for Beaches There are many beautiful beaches
       several of which have been accredited with
       International 'Blue Flag' status, namely, Margate,
       Ramsgate, Marina Beach and Hibberdene all in

                                                                                    South African Painting Holidays
        The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                               Enjoy your painting wherever you are

B is for Bilharzia: Have you heard about this parasite? It’s found in some dams,
       streams, rivers and lakes mainly in the north of SA therefore it is safer to avoid
       contact with those water sources. If in doubt ask the people where you are
       staying they will know.
Battlefields are a must if you have the urge for a feel of bygone days. The area is
       littered with history and guides who can tell you all about the people of the
       battles covering the Zulu Wars, Zulu/Boer, Anglo/Zulu and Anglo/Boer wars, why
       not do it on Horseback!
B to Do
      Bungi jumping 131m from 35 storeys up! Not for the meek hearted.
      Follow that with the Oribi Gorge Swing a 70 metre freefall
      Followed by a 100metre arced swing across the gorge or maybe you’d rather the
      110 metre abseil

C is for Climate – The one really good
       reason to be coming to KwaZulu
       Natal. The main summer months
       are generally accepted as being
       December to February and are hot
       and humid with temperatures
       fluctuating from a low of 26°C to
       32°C in the heat of the day often
       with high humidity due to the
       In winter the temperature varies
       from 14°C to 22°C and is
       generally dry and thought to be the ideal time to visit as the air is fresh and the
       vegetation not too bushy making animal spotting easier. The inland areas of KZN
       vary from coastal belt to the Drakensberg Mountains which can experience snow
       in winter and are much cooler than the coast in summer. Check out today’s
       weather on our website and see what you are missing.
C is for Currency & Travelers Cheques: The currency
       units are Rand (denoted by the symbol "R") and
       cents ("c").
       100cents = R1.
       Notes: R10, R20, R50, R100 & R200
       Coins: (1c, 2c, 5c, - these are seldom used now)
       10c, 20c & 50c, R1, R2 & R5. You can change
       foreign currency at commercial banks and
       exchange bureaus such as American Express and
       Rennies Travel. Most hotels will also assist you in
       changing money. You will need to carry cash in
       remote areas, but we recommend only carrying small amounts of cash and the
       rest as travelers’ cheques, this being the safest option.

                                                                                  South African Painting Holidays
        The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                               Enjoy your painting wherever you are

C is for Credit Cards: the most widely accepted credit cards are MasterCard, Visa,
       Diners Club and American Express and are accepted in the major centres.
       These cards along with their affiliates can also be used to withdraw money from
       ATMs, which are easy to find throughout SA. Please note that you cannot buy
       fuel with credit cards.
C is for Crime: The situation in South Africa has been of some concern to tourists, and
       although crime is a reality in South Africa, it has largely been exaggerated.
       Police say that provided one is sensible and you take sensible precautions, there
       is no need for more than a healthy concern, so keep wallets, passports or other
       valuable items out of sight. Don’t flaunt expensive cameras or high tech
       equipment while sight seeing. It is not recommended to walk around at night in
       dark deserted areas.
Cultural Villages there are several villages in KZN Stewarts Farm, - Shakaland, -
      Phezulu at Bothas Hill, - iZinthaba at Hillcrest Simunye Cultural Village at St
      Lucia Wetland Park
Cycling Tour - Another wonderful way to get to your holiday destination.
C to Do
       Fancy a Crocodile Ramble out in the bush checking out the crocs with your own
      personal Crocodile Dundee? Or would you prefer a tamer look at crocs by
      visiting one of the Crocodile farms? Crocodile night feeding in Summer at the
      Croc Centre, St Lucia. Whatever you choose you have the ultimate victory as
      you can enjoy eating tasty crocodile steak after your tour at an on site croc

D is for Dancing and there is nothing quite like a
       Zulu dance to raise the hairs on your neck.
       The dancers are full of energy and sprinkle the
       dance with gymnastic leaps and can be seen
       at most cultural villages.
D is for Diving and is some of the most exciting and
       best to be found are here in South Africa. The
       Aliwal Shoal ranges in depth from 5msw to
       27msw. The opportunity to dive on the two
       wrecks in the area, the MV Produce and SS Nebo or from July to February shark
       diving as the Ragged Toothed Sharks come as part of their annual migratory
       travels, A memorable dive opportunity.
D is for Diamond Tour As South Africa is famous across the world for its diamonds
       and gold why not make a visit to Mark Gold, one of our best jewellery designers.
       At his shop you can combine maybe the best cappuccino in town whilst browsing
       through his fresh innovative designs. His shop is opposite Mitchell’s Gardens in
       Durban. Certificates are given with all purchases.

                                                                                South African Painting Holidays
          The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                              Enjoy your painting wherever you are

D to Do
      Dolphins - A cheerful display is given daily by the dolphins at Ushaka Marine
      World in Durban or if you rather see them in the wild there are several
      companies who supply dolphin tours especially good on the Dolphin Coast off

E is for Electricity 220/230 volts AC at 50 cycles per second is the standard supply in
       South Africa the plugs though are 3 pronged round head so you will need an
       adapter. Most hotels however will supply a 110 volt outlet for electric shavers
       and other small appliances.
E to Do
      Elephant riding a phenomenal way to travel
      and see wildlife is astride one of the
      elephants that make up the largest and only
      indigenous herd at Tembe Game reserve

F is for Fish Whether you like to eat them or
       catch them for supper or simply take time
       out to sit back and watch them we have
       fish aplenty for you. Most restaurants will
       offer a fisherman’s choice on the menu
       amongst other fish dishes and of course
       there are some that specialize in fish such
       as the Fishmongers which can be found at
       Gateway World of Shopping at Umhlanga.
       To see the fish up-close-and-personal, a
       day out at uShaka is a must, you can even
       eat with the sharks there.
F to Do
      Fitzsimons Snake Park will show you all the
      slithery snakes you love to hate you can even
      watch them feed on Saturdays & Sundays
      after the show.

G is for Gratuities - see Tipping Also for
G is for Giraffes these gentle animals can be
       found in game parks scattered all over
       South Africa

                                                                               South African Painting Holidays
          The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                               Enjoy your painting wherever you are

G is for Ghost Tours a well-researched info-tainment type tour run at the beginning &
       end of every 3rd month in Durban - call Computicket: 083-915-8000 7am to
       12pm to find out the next tour dates This is a strictly 18 years of age & up only
       tour as it is a blend of the science of para-psychology mixed with a bit of history
       and some entertainment & pub stops, something to suit all tastes. Or you could
       visit Ghost Mountain where it is said a long dead Impi is sometimes seen
G toDo
      Join a Golfing Safari in KZN often called the Golf Coast as it has so many golf
      courses to enjoy

H is for Hitch hiking and is not advisable in South Africa. It is not advisable to pick up
       a hitch hiker either, as it may well be a ploy for robbery.
H is for Hiking Check out the KZN trails No matter what your ability or the time
       constraints you have you can find a trail to suit you. A few hours or overnight,
       camping or in a cave, up in the mountains or on a beach.
H to Do
      Horse Riding South Africa is one of the best countries to ride horses as the
      weather is nearly always great. You will find horse rides all over SA. You can go
      for beach rides; safari rides, battlefield rides or a leisurely fun ride.

I is for Immunisation: No international immunisation is required when entering South
        Africa. The only inoculation requirement is a valid yellow fever vaccination
        certificate for people arriving in South Africa from a yellow fever zone. See M for
I to Do
      Indian Heritage Tour Follow the history of Indians in South Africa by visiting the
       Genesha Temple a National Monument, the Hari Krishna Temple which is the
       biggest in Southern Hemisphere, the Soofie Saheb Mosque and of course the
       Gandhi Settlement

J is for JACKAL - the butt of many a South African folk-tales. Here is one tale thanks
       to Jackal and Hyena were together, it is said, when a
       white cloud rose. Jackal descended upon it, and ate of the cloud as if it were fat.
       When he wanted to come down, he said to Hyena, "My sister, as I am going to
       divide with thee, catch me well." So she caught him, and broke his fall. Then she
       also went up and ate there, high up on the top of the cloud. When she was
       satisfied, she said, "My greyish brother, now catch me well." The greyish rogue
       said to his friend, "My sister, I shall catch thee well. Come therefore down." He
       held up his hands, and she came down from the cloud, and when she was near,

                                                                                  South African Painting Holidays
          The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                               Enjoy your painting wherever you are

       Jackal cried out (painfully jumping to one side), "My sister, do not take it ill. Oh
       me! Oh me! A thorn has pricked me and sticks in me.” Thus she fell down from
       above, and was badly hurt. Since that day, it is said that Hyena's hind feet have
       been shorter and smaller than the front ones.
J to Do
      Jumping – Whether you want to jump out of a plane Tandem Parachuting or
      jump off a bridge attached to a Bungee rope, KZN is only too glad to oblige and
      a guide will happily take you off to Oribi Gorge or Ellingham Resort, both just a
      few minutes out of Durban.

K is for Kamberg Valley A fantastic place to fly in a hot air balloon plus plenty of other
       activities to participate in including a number of self guided trails
K is for Kamberg San Rock Art Trail and Interpretive Centre which offer visitors
       information about the world of the San, and the opportunity to walk to Game
       Pass Shelter, in the company of a trained community guide, to view outstanding
       examples of Bushman art.
Kitesurfing or boarding if you wish to catch the kite surfing thrill there are lessons
      given where they guarantee to get you going in a few hours. If you aren’t quite
      up to the sport yourself they offer a wonderful display to watch. There are many
      sites along the coast where people can be seen enjoying the wind and surf.
K to Do
      Karkloof Canopy Tours – You will get a real buzz as you glide like a bird through
      the trees high above the ground on zip lines.

L is for Languages: English is spoken throughout most of the country, however there
       are 11 official languages with the four most popular
       being Zulu, Xhosa Afrikaans and English.
L is for Lion one of the Big 5. Catch them on camera on a
L is for Literature which is well represented by SA in
       English, Afrikaans and Zulu. There is a major drive to
       ensure everyone learns the joy of reading and is
       seen as a way to a better life for those trapped in
       Nadine Gordimer (1991) and JM Coetzee (2003)
       have both been awarded the Nobel prize for literature their theme and that of
       many other SA writers is questioning apartheid including classics such as Cry
       the Beloved Country by Alan Paton in 1948 which starts its story in KZN with
       “There is a valley in Ixopo” Others include Down Second Avenue by Es’kia
       Mphahlele in 1959 and Country of my Skull by Antjie Krog in 1998. Wilbur Smith
       is one of the best known South African authors and can always be depended on

                                                                                   South African Painting Holidays
          The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                                Enjoy your painting wherever you are

       for a ripping good yarn usually based in South Africa the book relating most to
       KZN are Burning Shore(1985) and
       Blue Horizon(2003).
L to Do
      Lake Eland Game Reserve has a wonderful 80
      metre suspension bridge high over Oribi Gorge.
      Stand out on the ledge if you dare! There is also
      plenty of game to see

M is for Medical Services: Medical services in the larger centres of South Africa are
       readily available and private medical care is of an exceptionally high standard.
       South Africa has no reciprocal national health scheme so it is advisable to get
       travel insurance to cover any and all medical expenses you might have while on
M is for Music which in South Africa is made up from all the cultures. Whether the
       instrument is; marimbas; cowhide drums, electric guitars or a Stradivarius violin,
       someone here will consider it a traditional instrument and more often than not
       you will see a selection of instruments being used to produce a South African
       sound. You can expect to hear kwaito, afro rap, reggae, jazz, blues, classical
       hard rock and general pop. Well-known
M is for Musicians include Hugh Masekela a jazz trumpeter and Miriam Makeba who
       both attained international recognition in the 1960’s. Yvonne Chaka Chaka has a
       huge following as does Abdullah Ibrahim for his piano playing. In the 1970’s
       Johnny Clegg with his bands Juluka and Savuka pioneered a mix of soft rock
       and Zulu music to great acclaim. Both Mango Groove and The Soweto String
       Quartet have travelled internationally thrilling thousands with their infectious style
       of jazz/pop mixed with traditional African music. Today there are many artists
       who are contributing to a growing awareness of South African music on the
       international scene from Mandoza to Danny K to Freshly Ground, Mean Mr
       Mustard and Arno Karstens.
M is for Malaria: Regions where you are currently in danger of contracting malaria
       include parts of Northern South Africa , so if you plan on visiting there it is
       advisable to take the standard precautions namely malaria tablets, and insect
       repellent. The symptoms of malaria are similar to those of flu and include;
       diarrhoea, fever, fatigue, headaches, nausea, muscular pains and joint pains. If
       you experience any of these symptoms you should consult a doctor immediately
       and tell them you have visited Africa recently.
M to Do
      Muthi’ Market Midlands Meander Imagine going to a flea
      market, but driving from one stall to next, rather than
      walking, you just follow the Butterfly signs and stop off at all
      the Climb at Monteseel Micro-lighting is very popular from
      La Mercy at Ballito. You can see the world from such a

                                                                                   South African Painting Holidays
        The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                               Enjoy your painting wherever you are

       great height and spot things you wouldn’t normally see. Usually a flight will take
       you down the coast. Look out you for dolphins and whales, quite unique.

N is for North Coast which has so much to offer, St Lucia Wetlands, Game Parks
       galore as Nelson Mandela once said “this must be the only place on the globe
       where the world’s oldest land mammal (rhino) and the world’s biggest terrestrial
       mammal (elephant) share an ecosystem with the world’s oldest fish (coelacanth)
       and the world’s biggest marine mammal (whale).” Now chuck in all the
       ADVENTURES and You’ve got to agree this is some place and well worth a visit.
N to Do
      Visit the Nottingham Road Brewing Company a Micro-Brewery in the Midlands.
      reckons on “changing your taste for beer for good” with beers going by the
      names of Pickled Pig and Whistling Weasel

O is for Oribi Gorge Which has so much to offer if you like activities that are a little on
       the wild side. It’s the third largest gorge in the world being 24 kilometres long, 5
       kilometres wide with sandstone cliffs cut 300 metre deep by the Umzimkulwana
       River and it offers adventures from Abseiling 110m, Swinging 170m, Mountain
       biking and White water rafting.
O to Do
      O'Ringen 125 orienteers from 11 countries participated in Dullstroom and
      Lakenvlei Forest during a weekend in February 2007. Sunshine, tough
      competitions and a nice atmosphere made this very enjoyable and it was agreed
      that next year about the same time in February they will do it again. Don’t
      snooze you can have a fantastic holiday on the back of a great run!

P is for Proteas a family of shrubs with unusual and beautiful
       flowers. These flowers were named after the Greek god
       Proteus, who, according to legend, was able to change his
       appearance at will. They grow mainly in the Cape. The
       South African national flower is the King Protea.
P is for Post office times 08:00 – 16:30 and 8:00 – 12:00 on a
       Saturday Stamps can be bought at the post office and
       branches of CNA and some cafes. Most large post offices
       have a Post Restante service available Post offices are often found inside other
       shops like Clicks or a pharmacy so ask around if you can’t see where one is
P is for Postnet - This is a private postal service which is very reliable and charges the
       same as the post office
P is for Police - SAPS can be contact 24hrs a day and are identified by their blue and

                                                                                  South African Painting Holidays
          The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                                Enjoy your painting wherever you are

       white cars and their blue uniforms. The emergency number is 10111 There is
       often a private security guard at hotels etc.
P to Do
      Partying is what we do well in South Africa we even offer a tour so you can join in
      the fun safely travelling from wine bars to nightclubs and home again in a bus.

Q is for Queen Elizabeth Park in Pietermaritzberg
       and home to Art in The Park, An annual event
       where artists from around the country meet to
       exhibit their pictures. There is always tough
       competition to gain a much sort after spot here
       and lovely for the enthusiast, or art collector as
       there are so many artists all together and the
       setting is simply grand. If you are in the area in
       late May it’s a highly recommended outing.
Q to Do
      Quad Biking can be done at many hotels and guest houses and there is always a
      meander through the sugar cane where you will definitely get muddy!

R is for Rules of the Road: We drive on the left in South Africa and the wearing of
       seat belts is compulsory. If you intend driving you must have a valid driving
       license, which carries a photograph and is either printed in English or
       authenticated in English. Speed limits are clearly signposted, but generally the
       speed limit, on the freeways (motorways) is 120 km per hour and 60 km per hour
       in built up areas unless otherwise indicated. There are regular random police
       speed traps especially remember that KwaZulu Natal is a zero tolerance
R is for Raffia Palms are indigenous palms found around Kosi Bay on the Elephant
       Coast, where in the twenties the mayor of Mtunzini planted a commemorative
       grove of Raffia Palms at Mtunzini. Apart from being useful for making brooms
       they also provide the habitat for the very rare Palmnut Vulture which is the only
       vulture species to be increasing in numbers in southern Africa.
R is for Rhino Darting – see if you can join the Wildlife Society on one of their darting
       expeditions for something really out of the ordinary and bound to be the talk of
       the supper table when you get home!
R to Do
      Restaurants Are various and abundant. The quality is invariably good and
      portions border on the large side. For more info visit our Foodie Page

                                                                                South African Painting Holidays
          The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                                 Enjoy your painting wherever you are

S is for Sun Protection: The sun in KwaZulu Natal is hot and burns you quickly due to
       the high percentage of ultraviolet rays found here even on a cloudy day, so a
       good factor 15-30 sun block used daily is prudent to prevent sunburn.
       Remember to re-apply after a swim.
S is for Security & Safety - Your valuables and passports should be locked up in a
       safe where possible and when on you carried carefully especially in busy areas.
       Hawkers’ usually only offer fakes or stolen property so beware and pavement
       games are often gang organized to help you loose your money.
S is for San Bushmen Take a trip to the forgotten people who are once more involved
       explaining their history to visitors.- "A long, long time
       ago, we, the Bushmen, roamed these mountains,
       masters of the unpredictable ways of nature. We
       were nomads then, moving with the great herds of
       game and the changing of seasons. When the
       animals migrated we followed, leaving no houses or
       roads to mark our presence here. All we left behind
       was our story painted in the rock, in the shelters, the
       story of sacred animals and our journeys to the spirit
       world. These mountains once gave us shelter and
       the herds of antelope gave sustenance and meaning
       to our lives. Especially the eland, for it is the animal
       of the greatest spiritual power. For us, it is the animal
       of well being and healing, of beauty and peace and plenty. The eland could take
       us on journeys to the world beyond and connect us to God."
                 Thanks to for the quote and photo above

S is for Surfing all levels of surfers from beginner to advanced can get Surfing lessons
       and join in a
S is for Surfing Safari. The Zulu Kingdom is world renowned for the variety and quality
       of its surf, from the beaches along Durban's golden mile to Green-point on the
       South Coast, any surfer will be stoked. Pop into South Africa's only surfing
       museum too its there at North Beach Durban
S to Do
      Steam Trains Who doesn’t enjoy the thrill of travel by steam train? Take a trip on
      one of these sedate old ladies: Banana Express from Port Shepstone to Izotsha
      on Thursday or to Paddock on Wednesday Umgeni Steam Railway – Kloof to
      Bothas Hill Hilton Steam Train rides or Paton's Express Adventures which takes
      you on a trip through Alan Paton's Country along the route described in "Cry the
      beloved Country"

                                                                                       South African Painting Holidays
          The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                               Enjoy your painting wherever you are

T is for Telephones You can make international calls from any public telephone by
       dialling 00 then the country code then the area code followed by the actual
T is for Tipping: The majority of the service industry works on a gratuity basis. The
       housekeeping staff in hotels will appreciate it if you leave something for them,
       Waitrons usually get little to no basic pay so work on 10-15% for them depending
       on quality of service, Porters usually get about R5 per suitcase. Taxi drivers can
       receive 5% on top of the fare and in most car parks there will be a Car Guard
       who we usually tip between R1 – R2 depending on how long we were parked for.
T is for Toilets Well my sister as a child would not use a toilet when on holiday except
       at our base camp. If you are dubious about public toilets I can assure you that by
       and large the standard of hygiene is fairly high and toilets can generally be found
       at shopping centres, petrol stations (the bigger the better) national parks and
       along the beach front. I use them all regularly.
T is for Time Here we do not have Daylight saving time and there are no time zone
       differences within the country so all year round we are Two hours ahead of
       Greenwich Mean Time (Universal Standard Time) One hour ahead of Central
       European Winter Time, Seven hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Winter Time
       and Eight hours behind Australian eastern Standard Time.
T is for Trails There are numerous trails of varying distances and difficulty so you are
       bound to find one that suits your requirements
T to Do
      Turtle tours can be undertaken if you happen to visit the
      Elephant Coast between November and January. As
      that is when the ladies return to our shores to lay their
      eggs and you can creep, late at night onto the shore with
      your guide to watch. A magical excursion

U is for Useful Numbers Directory Enquiries 1023
       International Calls 00 (country number) then (area code) (recipient’s number)
       Police 10111
U is for Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park a World Heritage Site of both natural beauty
       and cultural significance. The 230 000 hectare is a protected area and contains
       500 known sites of San rock art.
Umhlanga If you spend much time at all in the sea, you should consider a visit to the
     Sharks Board in Umhlanga, just north of Durban city, where you can learn all
     about these fascinating creatures as they're not the bloodthirsty killing machines
     they're made out to be.
Ultimatum Tree near Zinkwazi is where the British gave their impossible ultimatum to
      Cetswayo which resulted in the terrible Zulu-Anglo Battles.

                                                                                South African Painting Holidays
          The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                               Enjoy your painting wherever you are

U to Stay
      Umkomaas Guest House is an ideal holiday location for Golfers as it is situated
      on the third tee of Umkomaas Golf course on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast
      and for the divers the Aliwal Shoal, a must do dive site, is just down the road.
      Umsuluzi Riverside Lodge – A Bush lodge near Winterton in the northern
U to Do
      Umgeni River Bird Park In Durban has a stunning display by the raptors daily.

V is for Value Added Tax (VAT): Vat is currently 14% and is included in the marked
       price of most goods. Foreign visitors must pay the VAT on all purchased items,
       however you can claim the VAT back on items you are taking out of the country
       if the total value is over R250-00.This can be done before going through customs
       at your port of departure.
V is for Visas: Visa requirements have recently been relaxed and passport holders
       from more than 80 countries including the European Union countries, Japan,
       Canada and the United State of America can visit South Africa without requiring
       a visa. If you have any queries you can contact the South African diplomatic
       representative in your country. You will need to show immigration officers that
       you can support yourself during your stay and that you have a ticket to get back
       out of the country
V is for Valley of 1000 Hills a remarkably beautiful area of rolling hills as far as the eye
       can see and fresh air that has attracted people to this area since the 1800’s.
       Home of many hostelries and great restaurants it is also the area that hosts
       adventure - the tough Duzi Canoe Marathon whooshes through every January,
       the world famous road race the Comrades Marathon trots through in June, or
       you can try out your climbing skills at Monteseel. While at Inanda Dam all the
       water sports can be entertained, you can also be entertained by watching one of
       the colourful Zulu ceremonies at Phezulu or step back in time and take a balloon
       ride over the hills or the Umgeni Steam train from Kloof to Bothas Hill
V to Do
      Visitors that come from all over the world to see what only South Africa and KZN
      in particular has to offer – do come and see for yourself

W is for Water: The tap water in South Africa’s major cities, towns and most game
       reserves is purified and thus 100% safe to consume. In fact some bottled water
       you can buy in the shops is filled with “Rand Water”! You can drink the water
       from many of the streams in the Drakensberg as there is no habitation around
       but do check with park authorities to be sure.
W- also for The Wine Cellar - on the Midlands Meander, a speciality wine and coffee
      shop, stocking a wide variety of wines, liqueurs, beers, coffees and cigars.

                                                                                  South African Painting Holidays
          The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                               Enjoy your painting wherever you are

       Cheese platter/picnic basket by prior arrangement, can be enjoyed beside the
       river. B&B / Self-catering cottage is also available.
       You can have your choice of wine delivered direct to your home by visiting
       chatting to Sally. Beats lugging bottles on planes, all you have to do is the tasting
       in South Africa and the buying from the comfort of your home
W is for Whale Watching you can take a 2 hour trip on a deep-sea boat tour to see a
       + 40 ton whale from as close as 50m from the boat in June to Nov You will feel
       the wind rushing out of the huge lungs of Southern Right Whales and Humpback
       Whales as they spray a fine vapor of salt water into the air.
W to Do
      Walking - Take a Walking safari in Phindi Game Reserve, Kosi Bay to get you
      really up close and personal with the wild animals. You will be relatively safe
      though as you walk with an experienced, armed ranger.

X is for Xhosa The x represents a click sound like one would make in English to hurry
       on your horse then an exhalation represented by the h. In English it is often
       pronounced by using the k sound for the x. The Xhosa are one of the tribes in
       South Africa to which Nelson Mandela belongs, and we all know he was the first
       president elected in the first democratic election in 1994.

Y is for Yellowoods a tree still to be found but was greatly exploited due to its
       wonderful colour and furniture making qualities.
Y to Do
      Yell it out loud that you are going to have the best holiday ever in KZN South

Z is for Zulus - The traditional head of the Zulus is the
       Inkosi. He is like a father figure to his clan. He is
       also the spiritual symbol for the tribe and the man
       who determines the fate of his people. A good
       and fun way to understand the culture of the
       Zulus is to visit with them. You can stay over in a
       cultural village or at a Township B&B or Guest
       house. Graham Stewart, a world-renowned
       anthropologist, has established the village
       DimaZulu Traditional Village near Hluhluwe as a
       living museum where you can see traditions
       practiced during Shaka's reign accurately
       recaptured in daily displays.
       Shakaland near Eshowe was once a film set and is now also a living museum
       where you can overnight in a ‘bee hive hut.’

                                                                                    South African Painting Holidays
          The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                             Enjoy your painting wherever you are

      Some famous Zulus are; the musical group Ladysmith Black Mambazo which
      gained international fame when they played at Gracelands with Paul Simon.
Z to Do
     The Zululand Flying Service is an air charter company, with aircraft flying to and
     from Zululand, Drakensberg Mountains and Durban. Their smallest plane carries
     2 passengers with their luggage and the largest plane carries 12 passengers and
     luggage. These planes are ideal for landing on the remote airstrips, situated at
     lodges including White Elephant Lodge. The Zululand Flying Service supports
     the Aids Orphans of Zululand and Maputaland and so by using their air charter
     flying service for your vacation, you know you are also helping the community.

                                                                             South African Painting Holidays
 The “A-Zulu” for Travelers to South Africa
                 Enjoy your painting wherever you are

Thanks for reading my tips for travelers, I hope you found
it useful and maybe answered some of your queries about
South Africa.
We live a very Western lifestyle but are fortunate to have a
few added extras in the country to make it exciting to visit
so do come you’ll really enjoy yourself!
                                              Have a wonderful visit…
                                             In friendly South Africa
                                                        Warm Regards

                                                              South African Painting Holidays

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