A Central University

PlAceMent Brochure 2012

   School of management ScienceS
“Specialised Knowledge Promotes Creativity”

With a vision of transforming the scenario of higher education in the region,
The Department of Business Administration, Tezpur University has, over
the years, been developing in each student, a mastery of fundamentals,
versatility of mind and motivation for learning thus remaining true to the
spirit of leadership and, in the process, creating dynamic leaders of the
highest professional competence.

We are charged with the best performances, complete dedication,
professionalism and innovativeness…

We are ready to act…
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Vice-chancellor’s message

 Best of Luck

 The students of our Business Administration Department have been very enthusiastic about their placement
 brochure, as I have observed over the years. To this I have assured my support.

 This is surely a good idea because the prospective employers get direct information about the graduating
 students, including their strength and weakness. This in turn helps recruiting organizations to articulate
 their strategies when they visit our campus.

 Last year, the Department had Reserve Bank of India and Exim Bank, among many others, to select our
 students. I am sure all of them have been doing well.

 Importantly, the job market in the country is good but it is for the students to perform well in front of the
 employers. To this end, I suggest some additional efforts from the job seekers. While it is important to
 maintain a consistently good track record, it is equally important to convince the takers that you are the
 right candidate. A good networking with our alumni is beneficial.

 I would expect the brochure to highlight on our faculty and previous success stories.

 I wish the 2010-2012 batch of MBA students a Grand Success.

 12th September, 2011

                                                                              Professor Mihir K. Chaudhuri,
                                                                                                  FASc, FNA

                                                    [ 2 ]
from the dean’s desk

                       It gives me immense pleasure and pride in introducing the outgoing
                       batch of the coveted Master of Business Administration programme
                       of the University. The students selected through rigorous admission
                       criteria (that includes CAT and MAT) had undergone a thorough and
                       painstaking process over this two-year course. Employers would be
                       happy to know that apart from the syllabi that are without doubt
                       of international standard, students are continuously exposed to
                       the tricks of thinking out-of-the-box, a skill that is an essential
                       part of modern day management.
                       The beauty of being a part of a University set up is that the
                       students are exposed to diverse areas of knowledge, and I am
                       sure that this exposure would surely be translated into better and
                       pragmatic understanding of the problems that they are expected
                       to face throughout their career.
                       I strongly believe that the synergy that’s been created around each
                       student of the outgoing batch will be spotted by the employers
                       and thus would pick up the best match for them.
                       I wish a very successful placement season in the University.

                       7th October, 2011            Professor Mrinmoy Kumar Sarma
                                               Dean, School of Management Sciences

from the hod’s desk

                       I am extremely delighted to bring in front of you the profiles of
                       our MBA students who will be passing out in June 2012. Having
                       been rated as an “A+” category business school by Business India
                       and being the only non-IIM Business School from the Northeast to
                       achieve the status as well to have CAT as the one of the admission
                       criteria, the Department of Business Administration, Tezpur
                       University has established itself as a premier Business School of
                       the region within a very short span of time. Over the years the
                       students of this department have made a mark for themselves in
                       the industry both in India and abroad. The positive feedbacks we
                       constantly receive about them have vindicated our faith in our

                       I appeal to the industry to come and visit our campus and check
                       out the credentials of our students. I assure you that our students
                       are not only ready to meet your expectations but will also prove
                       to be an invaluable asset to your organization for a long time to

                       14th October, 2011           Professor Subhrangshu Sekhar Sarkar
                                                  Head, Dept. of Business Administration

                             [ 3 ]
        in a Nutshell
        Established in 1994 by an act of the
        Indian Parliament, Tezpur University
        is a non-affiliating residential
        Central University committed
        to creating a befitting academic
        ambience for advanced study and
        research in the frontier areas of
        select disciplines. It is seated on a
        sprawling 262-acre campus amidst
        the serene surroundings of Napaam
        on the outskirts of the Middle-
        Assam historic town of Tezpur.

               ver the years, the University has played
               a leading role in transforming the higher
               education scenario in the Northeast In-
        dia through innovative, employment-driven and
        interdisciplinary academic programmes with
        transparent and scientific evaluation system and
        strong work ethics. The University has presently
        17 Departments under 4 Schools offering a wide
        range of courses.

        A few salient features

         The state-of-the-art infrastructure of the
        University provides for a congenial environment
        for quality education and holistic development of
        the students.

         A modern Central Library with 50000+ vol-
        umes of print documents, 230+ print journals,
        788+ electronic journals, an INFLIBNET connec-
        tivity to facilitate access to online journals, data-
        bases, gateway portals and other libraries in the

         The University boasts of an excellent Sports
        Complex comprising a football ground with flood-
        lights, a cricket field cum practice ground, two
        volleyball courts, two basketball courts, a well-
        equipped gymnasium, a tennis court, five bad-
        minton courts, etc.

         Three strategically located Computer Cen-
        tres equipped with high-end PCs and servers with
        campus wide internet connectivity through Wi-Fi
        and LAN.

[ 4 ]
 Ten hostels – five for boys and five for girls - with all
modern facilities and amenities.

 On-campus medical facilities having qualified prac-
titioners and two dedicated ambulances along with an
embedded health insurance of Rs 50,000 for each stu-

 The University regularly organises national and in-
ternational level seminars and workshops.

 The University has tie-ups with various government
and private organizations from India and abroad to pro-
mote all-round development of the region.

 Relative grading with transparent and scientific
evaluation system.

 The North-East Centre of the Indian Statistical Insti-
tute, Kolkata is located on the University campus.

Ever since its inception, Tezpur University has been a
pioneer in nurturing young talents into corporate gems.
The strong alumni base generated though decades has
been carrying out the legacy forward. The intensity
of the involvement of the students showcased during
alumni meets, speaks highly of the strong values held by
these students, apart from that held in academics. The
buzz created by the alumni in the Corporate World has
been a significant driving force behind the increasing
number of organizations taking interest in the students
of the University.

For more information about the University
            kindly visit www.tezu.ernet.in

                                                         [ 5 ]
       he Department of Business Administration,           relationship and team spirit, etc. But that does not
       under the School of Management Sciences             mean that it’s all work and no fun, the Department has
       started functioning from 18th January, 1995.        its own Quiz club, share market group called Market
       The Department offers Master of Business            Intelligence Group, tradewinz - the wall magazine,
Administration (MBA), Full-Time and Part-Time, Post        and uttaran - the students’ e-magazine.
Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management (PGDTM)
and Ph.D programmes.                                       The Department always strives for excellence and
                                                           perfection and inspires its students to be honest,
Apart from academics, the Department has periodic          innovative and positive thinking. The ‘A+’ rating by
and annual events, such as, sampark - the industry-        Business India, ‘A3’ rating by AIMA and the ‘Dewang
academia interface; foRMeX, a platform through             Mehta B-School Leadership Award’ to the Department
which corporate personnel interact and share their real-   bears testimony to this fact.
world experiences with the students; McB Memorial
oration and Quiz, and tourism Day organised every          The low student-teacher ratio ensures the close-knit
year coinciding with the World Tourism Day.                interaction between the faculty and the students.
                                                           The Department has a unique mentorship programme
In the School of Management Sciences, ‘professionalism’    wherein 4 to 5 students per batch are mentored by
means to all-not just the students, but the teachers as    the faculty on academic as well as non-academic
well do follow a strict code of conduct which includes     issues. The low student intake also means that the
attendance above 85%, punctuality, formal and informal     Department is particularly choosy about the students
dress code on scheduled days, a strong interpersonal       it admits.


                                                      [ 6 ]
                                                                          h projec
                                                    -oriente  d researc , NEDFi,
                                        r industry                        RD
                                                               & PI, MH
                        Sev eral majo IDR, AICTE, MS                 rried out
                                                                                by the
                                     by IG                   been ca               mall
                        sponsored              , etc. hav
                                                                        eurship, S
                                    ICSSR, SSA such as, Entrepren                 Rural
                         MAKAIAS,              as,                     gement,
                                    thrust are               sm Mana                  e-
                         faculty in              ent, Touri               ent, Valu
                                       Managem            al   Developm             etc.
                         Enterprise             anization                ducation,
                                     ent, Org t, Micro Finance, E                  es of
                          Developm               en                     ing a seri
                                       Managem               n organiz                ent
                          Added Tax             as also b
                                                          ee               Managem
                                      rtment h               o urses and             uted
                          The Depa                fresher c               ves of rep
                                       es like Re mes for the Executi
                           programm t Program

                  n log on to
        informatio a/new/
for more rnet.in/db
                                                      [ 7 ]
                                      fAculty Profile

Faculty                                        Area(s) of Specialization / Secondments
Dr. M. K. Sarma, MBA, Ph.D.
Professor & Dean School of Management
                                               Marketing and Business Research
Visiting faculty at Asian Institute of
Email: mrinmoy@tezu.ernet.in
Dr. (Mrs) Chandana Goswami, MBA,
Ph.D. FDP (IIM-A), British Chevening
Scholar (2004)                                 Financial Management & General Management
Email: cg1@tezu.ernet.in
Dr. Subhrangshu Sekhar Sarkar,
M.Com, Ph.D, FDP(XLRI, Jamshedpur),
CPET (ISB, Hyderabad), Trained in Case
Pedagogy (Harvard Business School,             Accounting and Taxation
Professor & Head
Email: subh@tezu.ernet.in
Dr. Debabrata Das, M.Com, Ph.D
Professor                                      Finance
Email: ddas09@tezu.ernet.in
Dr. Chandan Goswami , MBA, Ph.D,
Associate Professor                            Marketing and Promotional Strategies
Email: chand@tezu.ernet.in
Dr. (Mrs) Papori Baruah, MBA, Ph.D.
                                               Change Management and Human Resource
Associate Professor
Email: papori@tezu.ernet.in
Dr. T. R. Sarma , BE (Mech.), DCSA,
                                               Systems Management
Associate Professor
Email: tridib@tezu.ernet.in
Dr. Anjan Bhuyan,M A(Eco), Ph.D
Associate Professor                            Economics, Entrepreneurship and Tourism
Email: anjanb@tezu.ernet.in
Ms. Heera Barpujary, MCA, LLB,
Assistant Professor                            Systems Management and E-Commerce
Email: heera@tezu.ernet.in
Mr. Arup Roy, MBA
Assistant Professor                            Finance, Investment Management
Email: arup@tezu.ernet.in
Mrs. Kakali Mahanta, MBA, Ph..D
Assistant Professor                            Human Resource Management
Email: kakali@tezu.ernet.in
Dr.Runumi Das, MBA, Ph.D
Assistant Professor                            Marketing
Email: runumi@tezu.ernet.in
Mr. Mridul Dutta, MBA
Assistant Professor                            Tourism, Marketing
Email: mridul@tezu.ernet.in

                                            [ 8 ]
                                          course structure

                                                                    tHIRD seMesteR
                  Foundation of Management                                            Operations Research
fIRst seMesteR

                  Managerial Communication                                            Cost and Management Accounting
                  Organizational Behaviour                                            Supply Chain Management

                                                  core coUrses
                  Managerial Economics                                                Management Information System
                  Quantitative Techniques                                             Knowledge Management
                  Financial Accounting                                                Summer Project
                  I T for Managers
                  Business Law                                                        Strategic Management

                                                                    fouRtH seMesteR
                                                                                      Project Management
                  Operations Management                                               International Business
                  Research Methods in Business                                        Entrepreneurship Development
secoND seMesteR

                  Systems Analysis and Design                                         Change Management
                  Business On-line Basics                                             Business Ethics and-Social
                  Working Capital Management                                          Responsibility
                  Capital Structure and Capital
                  Marketing Management
                  Human Resource Management

                                      eLectIVe/sPecIALIsAtIoN couRses
      Marketing Area                                   systems Area
      MINoR                                            MINoR
      l Relationship Marketing                         l Database Management Systems
      l Services Marketing                             l Object Oriented Analysis and Design
      l Marketing and Electronic Network               MAJoR
      l Business to Business Marketing                 l Software Project Management
      l International marketing Management             l Business Software System Design and
      l Brand Management                                   Development
      MAJoR                                            l Networking and Communication Operating
      l Salesmanship and Sales Management                  Systems
      l Logistics and Retail Management
      l Promotional Strategies                         Industrial Management Area
      l Consumer analysis                              MINoR
      l Advanced Marketing Research                    l Quality Management
                                                       l Materials Management and Inventory Control
      finance Area
      MINoR                                            MAJoR
      l Security Analysis and Portfolio Management     l Service Operations Management
      l Indian Financial Institutions and Financial    l Production Planning and Control
          Markets                                      l Transportation Management
      MAJoR                                            l Advanced Operation Research
      l Corporate Taxation                             l Productivity Management
      l Trends and Innovations in Financial Sector
      l	 Management Control Systems
      l International Finance
      l Financial Engineering
      l Advanced Financial Management                                                 ADD-oN
      Human Resource Area                                                             couRses
      l Human Resource Development                                                      French
      l Social and Industrial Psychology                                                chinese
      MAJoR                                                                              Yoga
      l Wage and Salary Administration
      l Industrial Relations                                     A complete syllabi can be obtained by sending
      l Labour Laws                                                   an e-mail to hod_ba@tezu.ernet.in

                                                  [ 9 ]
stuDent ActiVities
   A Kaleidoscopic View….

            [ 10 ]
Sampark…the interface is the benchmark annual industry-academia event of the Department of Business
Administration organised mainly by the students with the support and guidance of the faculty members. Sampark
aims at establishing a synergic relationship and interface between the academic and the industrial worlds by
providing an interactive platform where the management fraternity from both ends can share their experiences,
thus passing the facets of the real-world on to the students. Every year, Sampark is based on a business theme.
Some of the themes till date have been : Green Business: Clean Business, Brand India, Attrition & Retention
in Knowledge Economy, Quality of Execution, Corporate Expectations from an MBA-Myth & Reality. Sampark
2011 based around the theme ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ was a grand success with noted speakers from
renowned organizations like NEDFI, IOCL, Tata Teleservices, ITC, DLF, etc gracing the occasion.

Initiated as means to facilitate interaction between the students of the Department and the who’s who of the
management fraternity of the corporate as well as the academic world, foRMeX has been successfully serving its
purpose for the last decade. Some eminent personalities who interacted with the students during the academic
year 2010-2011 were:
   	Amlan Bora, Diageo, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
   	V.K. Aggarwal, chairman, R.B.I. services Board, Mumbai
   	Amit Haldar, senior executive, Wipro Limited
   	Preetam Dutta Chowdhury, tech Lead, Infosys
   	Kumar Sanjay Krishna, Principal secretary, Planning and Development, Assam
   	Jeevandas Narayan, chief General Manager, state Bank of India
   	Pankaj Chandra, Director, IIM Banglore
   	S.K Majumdar, chairman, PGP, IIM shillong
   	M. Srimannarayana, Professor, XLRI, Jamshedpur
   	Ranajit Chakrabarty, Professor, Dept. of Business Administration, calcutta university
   	T.G.K. Murthy, former Director, IsRo
   	Surajit Dutta, Director, kaziranga National Park
   	Ashoke K. Dutta, Director, IIM shillong

                                                    [ 11 ]
McB Memorial Quiz & oration
Organised every year on 16th November in the
memory of Late Prof. Madhab Chandra Bora, the
MCB Quiz has achieved a cult like status among the
quiz enthusiasts of the region. Attended by students
from several schools and colleges of the region, the
MCB Quiz is now one of the most awaited events of
the year. We are planning to extend the quiz to a
national level this year. The MCB Memorial Oration
which takes place on the same day has been
graced by a number of dignitaries. Last year Dr.
B. N. Das, Managing Director, Numaligarh Refinery
Limited delivered the oration on the topic- “Global
Slowdown: Advantage India”.                               Dr B N Das, Managing Director, Numaligarh Refinery
                                                          Limited being felicitated by the Pro Vice-Chancellor.

A brainchild of the students of the Department
of Business Administration, this e-magazine was
launched on the day of Sampark 2011. Though only
four issues old it has already garnered appreciation
from many quarters and has encouraged active
participation amongst the students. It boasts of
contents for different tastes–be it analytical,
creative, informative, logical and interestingly,
also illogical! To have a glance of Uttaran please
visit www.tezu.ernet.in/dba/new.

                                                       [ 12 ]
tourism Day
Organised every year on the occasion of World Tourism Day, the event is heralded not just by the PGDTM and the
management students, but by the entire University fraternity. Deliberations by eminent speakers from various
organisations on global tourism issues form an integral part of this day. Mr Mohan ch. Malakar, Retd. Principal
Chief Conservator of Forest, Govt. of Assam, and a renowned expert in the field of forest management graced
the occasion in 2010 as the Chief Guest. An exhibition-cum-sale by local craftsmen and artisans and a lively
cultural programme make the day come alive.

Achievements of the students of 2010-12 Batch
l	One of the students of this Department successfully completed student Leadership Programme held at the
  esteemed Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta during the International B-schools Meet in December,

l	 team of students of the Department bagged the 2nd prize in Markfest, a National Level Product Launching
  Competition held at the Asian school of Business Management, Bhubaneswar in the month of January,

l	 a National Level Case Study Competition shahyog held at t. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal, two of
  the students of the Department were finalists wherein they were exposed to a real-time crisis of a rural NGO
  and were asked to suggest financial and marketing strategies to the NGO.

l	 group of students of the Department bagged the 2nd prize during the National Level Ventura held at the
  prestigious Delhi School of Engineering in February 2011.

l	 group of students of the Department has registered a provisional patent for their product ‘compact and
  Handy first-Aid kit’ in 2011.

l	 group of students represented the Department and bagged the 1st prize at National Level techniche held
  at Indian Institute Technology, Guwahati in September 2011.

                                                    [ 13 ]
From the Alumni
The learning experience is very enriching at TUMBA
through the industry-focussed curriculum with
a strong emphasis on concepts. The approach to                                    1996 -1998 Batch
pedagogy empowers the students to face the ever                             Manas J Sharma
changing business environment with a strong vision                                     AVP
& dynamism.                                                      Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
                                                                                Dubai, UAE

                                   School of Management Sciences, Tezpur University has been
                                   a great source of knowledge and inspiration to my academic
                                   and professional achievement. The Department is equipped
                                   with latest IT technology set up for nurturing individuals.
                                   The high quality outgoing students placed in high positions
                                   of the organisation’s talk about the quality of teaching and
                                   learnings imparted to them. The Faculty has been great
                                   mentors to me and have been great guides in shaping my
                                   future during my two years of study at the University. I wish
   Samip Baruah                    Tezpur University Students a great placement and a bright
   National Sales Manager          future.
   ITC Ltd.
                   1994-1996 Batch

The biggest positive for TUMBA is its high quality
permanent faculty members and the proper academic
environment. It is difficult to get such quality faculties                        1994-1996 Batch
in the B Schools in metros and big cities. Quality
                                                                           Utpal Choudhury
faculty creates solid foundation for the students                           Research Head,
making them quick learner.                                                 Dalmia Securities

                                     Its a great feeling to see my Alma Mater growing and
   Dipankar Baishya                establishing itself as one of the premier business schools
   Product Manager
                                   in the eastern part of India. Proud to be a TUMBA.
   Biotech Cotton Traits
   Monsanto India
                      1997 - 1999 Batch

 My 2 years in TUMBA was a pivotal turning point
 in my career path, so it is for many of our alumni                                2001-2003 Batch
 spread across the globe. We fondly remember our
 Alma Mater for honing change leaders for new age                      Pallavi S Chakravarty
                                                                                 Manager MIS
 corporate challenges.                                          Anchor Health & Beauty Care

                                                 [ 14 ]
             Why to
         recruit MBAs
          from Tezpur
The Department of Business Administration, Tezpur University is the
only non-IIM Institute in the entire North East India to accept CAT
scores as one of the admission criteria.

The Department was awarded with the prestigious ‘Dewang Mehta
B School Leadership Award’ at Mumbai in November, 2010.

The Department received the ‘A+’ status in the B School Survey
conducted by Business India in 2010.

The Department featured in the ‘A3’ category of Management
Institutes as rated by the All India Management Association in 2011.

Last year’s major campus recruiters include Reserve Bank of India,
Exim Bank, Oil India Limited, State Bank of India Mumbai ...

                               [ 15 ]
An exceptional teacher-student ratio of               Students of the Department have the
‘1:9’ ensures that individual attention is            opportunity to learn widely spoken
paid to each student.                                 foreign languages, such as French and
                                                      Chinese, during their curriculum.
Students of the Department have
brought laurels and accolades in
several ‘National Level                               The inherent managerial qualities of the
Competitions’.                                        students are further groomed and refined
                                                      by the qualified faculty members with the
A transparent and scientific                          up-to-date pedagogy.
evaluation system prompt the students to
introspect their strengths and weaknesses
thereby improving their skill levels.

Spirit of professionalism is developed
through continuous interaction with the
industry personnel through corporate
events like ‘Sampark’.

Compulsory workshops on yoga
ensure that the students are both
physically and mentally fit.

All classrooms are ICT enabled
and connected through high speed LAN.

                                             [ 16 ]
Workshops like MBTI and seminars                          Central Computer Centre is equipped
by eminent National and International corporate           with the latest high end computer
professionals and educationalists are regularly           laced with latest hardware
organised in the Department.                              and software.

                                                          The state-of-the-art
                                                          infrastructure in the
                                                          University Campus helps the holistic
                                                          development of the students.

                                                    (2010-2012 batch)
                                                    Students from different
                                                    academic backgrounds...



                                           [ 17 ]
(2010-2012 Batch)
Students spread across three major specialisations...




(2010-2012 Batch)
Students spread across four minor specialisations...


(2010-2012 Batch)
Summer internship carried out by the students at diverse sectors

                          0    2       4        6   8   10   12
                          Number of students

                                       [ 18 ]
 Students’ Profile : finance

Date of Birth            : 20.07.1989
Previous Qualification   : B.Com(Accountancy)
Minor Specialisation     : Marketing
Summer Internship at     : Aircel Ltd.
Project Title            : An analysis of inventory management of Aircel Ltd,
                           Assam circle
Contact Number           : +919864271703,+919707024148
Email                    : abhijitsarkarghy@gmail.com

Date of Birth            :   04.12.1988
Previous Qualification   :   B.Sc. (Economics)
Minor Specialisation     :   Marketing
Summer Internship at     :   Export-Import Bank of India
Project Title            :   Nagaland: Export Potential and Prospects
Contact Number           :   +919707699058
Email                    :   biswa_garg@yahoo.com

Date of Birth          : 16.08.1985
Previous Qualification : B. E (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
Work Experience        : 6 months as a Lecturer in Electronics and
                         Telecommunication Dept. in Girijananda Institute of
                         Management and Technology, Guwahati
Minor Specialisation : Marketing
Summer Internship at : State Bank of India
Project Title          : Market Potential of Housing Loan and Car Loan in Tezpur
                         and Nagoan Centres
Contact Number         : +919864057420
Email                  : chandralekha.ece@gmail.com

Date of Birth            : 27.05.1988
Previous Qualification   : B.Com (Accountancy)
Minor Specialisation     : Marketing
Summer Internship at     : (North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Limited) NEDFi
Project Title            : A study on the scope for setting up an in house marketing cell in
                           NEDFi for providing marketing support and linkages to Rural
                           Entrepreneurs of the North East India.
Contact Number           : +919707676800
Email                    : debojit.chauhan@gmail.com

Date of Birth            : 12.01.1987
Previous Qualification   : B.A. (Economics)
Minor Specialisation     : Marketing
Summer Internship at     : National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
Project Title            : Effectiveness of Micro Enterprise Development Programme
                           (MEDP) Project of NABARD in the State of Assam
Contact Number           : +919957918980
Email                    : mithunkrbiswas@gmail.com

                               [ 19 ]
 Students’ Profile : finance
Date of Birth            : 21.06.1983
Previous Qualification   : B. Sc. (Applied Biotechnology)
Minor Specialisation     : Marketing
Summer Internship at     : R K Associate (Sub broker of SMC Global Securities Limited)
Project Title            : A study of commodity market in Dibrugarh town
                           with a special reference to SMC Global Securities Limited
Contact Number           : +919864322247
Email                    : chowdhurypriyaman21@gmail.com

Date of Birth            : 11.10.1987
Previous Qualification   : B.A. (Economics)
Minor Specialisation     : Marketing
Summer Internship at     : Numaligarh Refinery Limited
Project Title            : An analysis on the Treasury Management System of
                           Numaligarh Refinery Limited
Contact Number           : +919401393638
Email                    : priyabora90@gmail.com

Date of Birth            : 01.01.1990
Previous Qualificatio    : B.B.A. (Finance)
Minor Specialisation     : Marketing
Summer Internship at     : Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Project Title            : Comparative analysis of the three oil firms-IOCL,
                           BPCL & HPCL through Ratio Analysis.
Contact Number           : +919957014772
Email                    : rupam.kumar23@gmail.com

Date of Birth            :   4.08.1987
Previous Qualification   :   B.Sc (Zoology)
Minor Specialisation     :   Marketing
Summer Internship at     :   Oil India Limited
Project Title            :   Risk Analysis of Oil India Limited, Duliajan
Contact Number           :   +919957103591
Email                    :   rupanjoli.sharma@gmail.com

Date of Birth            : 26.03.1987
Previous Qualification   : BBA (Finance)
Minor Specialisation     : Human Resource
Summer Internship at     : State Bank of India
Project Title            : Popularity of SBI Mobile Banking Services among its
                           Customers. Suggest measures to improve registration
Contact Number           : +919706782125, +918822658130
Email                    : salmash_231@yahoo.com

                              [ 20 ]
Students’ Profile : finance

Date of Birth            :   30.11.1986
Previous Qualification   :   B.Com
Minor Specialisation     :   Marketing
Summer Internship at     :   Aircel Ltd.
Project Title            :   Generating Carbon Credits in Aircel (for Assam circle)
Contact Number           :   +919864779611
Email                    :   sanjibdmd@gmail.com

Date of Birth            :   27.09.1986
Previous Qualification   :   B. Sc. (Statistics)
Minor Specialisation     :   Marketing
Summer Internship at     :   Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Project Title            :   General Insurance - A survey of customer experience
Contact Number           :   9864022998
Email                    :   shahanayasmin4@gmail.com

Date of Birth            : 10.10.1989
Previous Qualification   : B.Com (Accounting and Finance)
Minor Specialisation     : Marketing
Summer Internship at     : R K Associate (Sub broker of SMC Global Securities Limited)
Project Title            : A study of Equity Operations in Dibrugarh town with special
                           reference to SMC Global Securities Limited
Contact Number           : +919864488622
Email                    : sonalij4@gmail.com

Date of Birth            : 15.03.1988
Previous Qualification   : B. Com. (Accountancy)
Minor Specialisation     : Marketing
Summer Internship at     : ING vysya Bank Ltd.
Project Title            : Potential market for working capital financing in FMCG
                           and consumer durable industries. A study of selected
                           distributors of Guwahati
Contact Number           : +919508860816
Email                    : sobikamaheshwari88@gmail.com

Date of Birth            : 13.08.1986
Previous Qualification   : B.B.A. (Finance)
Minor Specialisation     : Human Resource
Summer Internship at     : National Small Industries Corporation
Project Title            : Role of National Small Industries Corporation in financing
                           Micro Small and Medium scale enterprises
Contact Number           : +919435745641, +919957993413
Email                    : umananda13@gmail.com

                              [ 21 ]
Students’ Profile : hUman resoUrce
    Date of Birth            : 11.11.1987
    Previous Qualification   : B Sc (Botany)
    Minor Specialisation     : Finance
    Summer Internship at     : Indian Oil Corporation Limited
    Project Title            : Organisational communication and its impact on work
                               effectiveness: A study on IOCL, Guwahati Refinery
    Contact Number           : +919854551440
    Email                    : alakanandanet4u@yahoo.com

    BIJeetA HANDIQue
    Date of Birth            : 29.05.1988
    Previous Qualification   : B.Sc (Biotechnology)
    Minor Specialisation     : Marketing
    Summer Internship at     : Oil India Limited
    Project Title            : A Study on Perks and Benefits and Employee Satisfaction in Oil
                               India Limited.
    Contact Number           : +919401233400
    Email                    : bijeetahandique@gmail.com

    Date of Birth            : 26.03.1983
    Previous Qualification   : B.Tech (Electricals and Electronics Engineering)
    Work Experience          : Worked as a Consultant (Technical) in AERC, Six Mile, Guwahati
                               for 6 months, as an Assistant Manager (Elect.) in ASEB,
                               Paltan Bazaar, Guwahati for 1 year.
    Minor Specialisation     : Finance
    Summer Internship at     : Indian Oil Corporation Limited
    Project Title            : Impact of the Indian Oil Suggestion Scheme and its role in the
                               development of IOCL, Guwahati.
    Contact Number           : +919957943251, 03712-237872
    Email                    : madhurjya_tezpur@yahoo.co.in

    MADHusMItA DAs
    Date of Birth            : 12.02.1989
    Previous Qualification   : BBA (Marketing)
    Minor Specialisation     : Finance
    Summer Internship at     : Indian Oil Corporation
    Project Title            : A study on assessing the commitment level of employees in
                               Indian oil Corporation, Assam Oil Division, Digboi
    Contact Number           : +919854562724
    Email                    : madhusmitadas43@yahoo.com

    Date of Birth            : 02.01.1986
    Previous Qualification   : M.A. (English)
    Work Experience          : 6 months as a Lecturer in English in Manohari Devi Kanoi Girls College
    Minor Specialisation     : Marketing
    Summer Internship at     : Aircel Ltd.
    Project Title            : A Study on the Attrition Trends Analysis and
                               Retention Techniques used in Aircel, NESA
    Contact Number           : +919864889744
    Email                    : pb.bbaruah@gmail.com
    uPAsANA kALItA
    Date of Birth            : 26.12.1987
    Previous Qualification   : B.Sc(Chemistry)
    Minor Specialisation     : Marketing
    Summer Internship at     : Asomi
    Project Title            : A study on the performance of Asomi and its staff in delivering
                               Quality of Life Improvement Programmes to the unemployed
                               adults of Assam
    Contact Number           : +919854190433, +919854541088
    Email                    : upasanakalita05@gmail.com

                                 [ 22 ]
Students’ Profile : marketing

 Date of Birth            : 30.06.1986
 Previous Qualification   : B.Sc. (Economics)
 Minor Specialisation     : Finance
 Summer Internship at     : Pepsico India (Fritolay Division)
 Project Title            : A comparative study of Fritolay in the wholesale channel of
                            Guwahati market.
 Contact Number           : +919613248153
 Email                    : akalabya.bam10045@gmail.com

 AMIt kuMAR cHetRy
 Date of Birth            :   01.10.1985
 Previous Qualification   :   BA (Geography)
 Work Experience          :   Worked for 1 year at Jungle Travels India Ltd.
 Minor Specialisation     :   Finance
 Summer Internship at     :   AMUL (GCMMF)
 Project Title            :   Market potential of Amul Ice-Cream in and around Tezpur
 Contact Number           :   +919854475055
 Email                    :   amit.chetry10@gmail.com

 Date of Birth            : 28.09.1987
 Previous Qualification   : B. Tech. (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
 Minor Specialisation     : Finance
 Summer Internship at     : Pepsico India (Fritolay Division)
 Project Title            : To study the loyalty programs in FMCG companies
                            in the light of Frito Lay
 Contact Number           : +919435747187
 Email                    : ankur.bam10046@gmail.com

 Date of Birth            :   03.01.1985
 Previous Qualification   :   B.E. (Information Science)
 Work Experience          :   2 years (Emporis and Zaloni)
 Minor Specialisation     :   Finance
 Summer Internship at     :   Pepsico India (Fritolay Division)
 Project Title            :   Comparative market study of ‘Lehar Namkeen’ in Guwahati
 Contact Number           :   +919707092192
 Email                    :   anshumansaikiar111@gmail.com

 Date of Birth            : 30.09.1986
 Previous Qualification   : B. Sc. (Agricultural Science)
 Minor Specialisation     : Industrial Management
 Summer Internship at     : ITC Ltd.
 Project Title            : A study and understanding of the sales and distribution
                            dynamics as well as preference for pen in Kolkata city for
                            the General Trade and Modern Trade Channel with special
                            reference to ‘Classmate’ brand of ITC Ltd.
 Contact Number           : +919954649343
 Email                    : bhargabaau@gmail.com

                               [ 23 ]
Students’ Profile : marketing
  DeeP sINHA
  Date of Birth                : 03.01.1986
  Previous Qualification       : B. Tech. (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
  Minor Specialisation         : Industrial Management
  Summer Internship at         : Pepsico India (Fritolay Division)
  Project Title                : A detail study of various pack mixes of Frito Lay
                                 products and ways to increase sales of small pack
  Contact Number               : +919401942069
  Email                        : deep.snh@gmail.com

  DHRuBA JyotI cHouDHuRy
  Date of Birth                : 8.03.1988
  Previous Qualification       : B.Tech. (Leather Technology)
  Minor Specialisation         : Finance
  Summer Internship at         : Aircel Ltd.
  Project Title                : A study on the process of Converting Non Daily Revenue
                                 Earning Customer (NDREC) to Daily Revenue Earning
                                 Customer (DREC) of Prepaid Mobile Connection of Aircel
                                 in Assam Circle
  Contact Number               : +919085266811, +919434638201
  Email                        : dhrubajyoti.choudhury10@gmail.com

  Date of Birth                : 11.01.1989
  Previous Qualification       : B.B.A. (Marketing)
  Minor Specialisation         : Finance
  Summer Internship at         : ITC Ltd.
  Project Title                : A study on certain issues relating to marketing of
                                 pencils of the brand “Classmate” in Kolkata
  Contact Number               : +919954459180
  Email                        : firubisaikia@gmail.com

 IftekAR ALoM
 Date of Birth             : 05.09.1986
 Previous Qualification    : B.E. (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
 Minor Specialisation      : Finance
 Summer Internship at      : Godrej & Boyce Mfd. Co. Ltd.
 Project Title             : Comparative Study of relative furniture share of Godrej &
                             Boyce mfg co. over its competitors in Guwahati.
 Contact Number            : +919678839135
 Email                     : iftekaralom@gmail.com

 IPseetA DAs
 Date of Birth             : 13.09.1987
 Previous Qualification    : B. Tech. (Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering)
 Minor Specialisation      : Industrial Management
 Summer Internship at      : STAR cement
 Project Title             : A study of the Supply Chain Management of STAR Cement
                             with special focus on outbound logistics
 Contact Number            : +918876695492
 Email                     : idas1387@gmail.com

                               [ 24 ]
Students’ Profile : marketing

 Date of Birth            :   30.06.1989
 Previous Qualification   :   B.Sc. (Computer Science)
 Minor Specialisation     :   Finance
 Summer Internship at     :   Pepsico India (Fritolay Division)
 Project Title            :   Comparative study of ‘Desi Beats’ in Guwahati market
 Contact Number           :   +919508042247
 Email                    :   luhitparajuli1989@gmail.com

 Date of Birth            : 04.09.1987
 Previous Qualification   : B.A. (Sociology)
 Minor Specialisation     : Human Resource
 Summer Internship at     : North East Powerline Industries
 Project Title            : A study on the Customer Satisfaction
                            level of Kirloskar Green
 Contact Number           : +919401281284
 Email                    : mayuri.baruah6@gmail.com

 Date of Birth            : 26.02.1989
 Previous Qualification   : B.Sc. (IT)
 Minor Specialisation     : Finance
 Summer Internship at     : Tata AIG Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
 Project Title            : A Study of the market segmentation for recruitment of
                            Advisors in Silchar
 Contact Number           : +919864443238
 Email                    : monalisad44@gmail.com

 Date of Birth            : 07.10.1986
 Previous Qualification   : B. Com. (Management)
 Minor Specialisation     : Finance
 Summer Internship at     : Aircel Ltd.
 Project Title            : A Study on the mobile usage pattern of Lifetime
                            Prepaid Subscribers of Aircel Assam Circle
 Contact Number           : +918011354683,+919508820630
 Email                    : neelot3449@gmail.com, neelot3449@indiatimes.com

 Date of Birth            : 31.01.1986
 Previous Qualification   : B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)
 Work Experience          : 5 months at Tata Motors Ltd., Guwahati and 7 months
                            at Cognizant, Kolkata
 Minor Specialisation     : Industrial Management
 Summer Internship at     : The Times of India
 Project Title            : A study on the preferences of the Educational
                            Institutes of Assam while advertising in the Print Media
 Contact Number           : +919508776461
 Email                    : ritvikbhattacharya@yahoomail.com

                              [ 25 ]
Students’ Profile : marketing

 Date of Birth            :   14.02.1988
 Previous Qualification   :   B.A. (Economics)
 Minor Specialisation     :   Finance
 Summer Internship at     :   AMUL(GCMMF)
 Project Title            :   Demand analysis of Paneer in and around Tezpur.
 Contact Number           :   +918011280923
 Email                    :   saikiasandeep@yahoo.com

 sANGeetA BHuyAN
 Date of Birth            : 19.02.1988
 Previous Qualification   : B.Sc. (Chemistry)
 Minor Specialisation     : Finance
 Summer Internship at     : Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
 Project Title            : A study to find satisfaction of Maruti Suzuki customers and
                            their buying behaviour
 Contact Number           : +919707168186
 Email                    : sbhuyan880@gmail.com

 Date of Birth            : 24.08.1985
 Previous Qualification   : B. Tech. (Chemical Engineering)
 Minor Specialisation     : Human Resource
 Summer Internship at     : Kirloskar Green
 Project Title            : A study to analyse the brand loyalty of Kirloskar Green
                            Generators in Northeast, India and its position in the market
 Contact Number           : +919706453135
 Email                    : suman.chem.engg@gmail.com

                               [ 26 ]
  A Dynamic 2011-2013 Batch Follows
  swolloF hctaB 3102-1102 cimanyD A
NAMe                      PReVIous AcADeMIc BAckGRouND
ASHIM KONWAR              B.E(IT)
HIMADRI DAS               B.A(ENGLISH)

                        [ 27 ]
NAMe                           PReVIous AcADeMIc BAckGRouND
NEHA CHOWDHURy                 B.A (ECONOMICS)
NIKHIL SAIKIA                  B.Sc(IT)
PAPARI NAyAK                   BBA
POMPI BRAHMA                   B.SC(IT)
PUNEET CHOUDHURy               B.Sc
PRIyANKA DEKA                  B.E(CIvIL)
PUSHPANJALI DEvI               BBA
RADHAKANTA NAIK                B.COM
RAHUL DAS                      BBA
ROMILA SARKAR                  B.E(CSE)
SAGARIKA DUTTA                 BSC (ZOOLOGy)
TAZMA AHMED                    B.COM (ACCOUNTANCy )
vAISHALI GOSWAMI               B.TECH (IT)

    More than one fourth of the students of the 2011-13
     Batch have previous organisational experiences

                            [ 20 ]
Conference Hall                                                                                     Dining Hall

                          hospitality at its best
                            for recruiters…
                  It has always been a pleasure for the University to extend its generous
                  hospitality to its guests who visit the campus for various purposes including

                  A glimpse of the facilities available:
                   A state-of-the-art Guest House with 45 tastefully furnished rooms, a 30-
                    seater Conference Room, a 40-seater Dining Hall (all air conditioned),
                    lounges, perfectly matching upholsteries and a catering that carefully
                    prepares and serves vegetarian, non-vegetarian and continental cuisines.
                    It also has adequate parking facilities and 24-hour accessibility to the
                   Video conferencing facility at the request of the recruiters.
                   Facilities for conducting Aptitude Tests (including online), GDs and Personal
                   Local transport.

                     Guest House interior                            Guest House interior                         Guest House interior

                                                       [ 21 ]

the way to tezpur university…                              Direct flights are available from Kolkata on Monday,
The university is located in the very beautiful and        Wednesday and Friday.
historic city of Tezpur, ‘the city of eternal love’. The
city is well connected to Guwahati, ‘the gateway           For the convenience of both recruiters and the
to North-East India’, via road, rail and airways. To       student fraternity, it is desirable that the placement
reach Tezpur University, University Bus Services are       visits are made in accordance with the Tezpur
available from Tezpur ASTC Bus Station via Dolabari to     University MBA Academic Calendar which says:
University Campus in scheduled time
                                                           Autumn Semester            : July to Dec
Road connectivity to tezpur from                                                        (First and Third Semester)
Guwahati                                                   Mid Term Examination       : September
 National Highway No. 31 via Jalukbari upto
                                                           End Term Examination       : December
    Baihata Chariali and NH52 from Baihata Chariali
    via Mangaldoi. Distance : 181 kms                      Semester Break             : 1st of January to 15th
 National Highway No. 37 via Nagaon upto Kaliabor                                     of January
    Tinialiand NH 37A from Kaliabor Tiniali via Kolia      Spring Semester            : January to June
    Bhomora bridge. Distance : 198 kms.                                                 (Second and Fourth
There regular bus services to Tezpur from Guwahati                                      Semester)
(ISBT/Machkhowa). Private taxis also ply regularly on      Mid Term Examination       : March
the route.
                                                           End Term Examination       : May
Rail connectivity to tezpur from Guwahati                  Semester Break             : 1st June to 31st July
Tezpur Rail Station is connected to Guwahati through
                                                           Summer Internship          : June- July
meter gauge via Rangapara and Rangia Junctions
                                                           Program                      (8 weeks program)
Air connectivity to tezpur                                 Preferred Placement        : January onwards…
Nearest Airport: Salonibari Airport, 12 Kms away from      Season
Tezpur University Campus

                     For more detailed information log on to www.tezu.ernet.in/visitor/site.htm

                                                       [ 30 ]
                                 The city of eternal romance

       ituated on the Northern bank of the river
       Brahmaputra, Tezpur - the city of eternal
       romance - is steeped into history as a city
       that’s not only famous for its heritage of early
Indian civilization or for the eternal love of Usha and
Aniruddha or for the mythical fight between Lord Shiva
and Lord Vishnu, but also as the hub of prestigious
modern national institutions of which the Indian
Statistical Institute (ISI) is the latest addition. What
                                                                                                     Photo courtsey: Google images
makes Tezpur a great place to visit is, among others,
the culmination of mysticism and modernism and its
progress amid naturalism and modern technology.

                                                                                                     Photo courtsey: Google images

                                                                      Modernity mixed with tradition is how one can
                                                                      best describe Tezpur. This fifth largest town is
                                                                      conveniently located in the middle of the state
                                                                      with azure blue mountain of Arunachal Pradesh
                                                                      in the North and the mighty Brahmaputra in the
                                                                      Dotted with numerous tourist attractions like the
                                                                      Agnigarh, Chitralekha Udyan, Kalia Bhomora Setu,
                                                                      Padum Phukhuri, Rudrapath, Bamuni Pahar along
                                                                      with relics of the Da-Parbatia Gate and Hazara
                                                                      Phukhuri, Tezpur also accounts for its many famous
                                                                      temples and shrines, such as, Maha Bhairab,
                                                                      Bhairabhi Temple, Ganesh Ghat, Hanuman Temple,
                                                                      Haleswar, etc.

                                    Photo by Ritvik Bhattacharya

The famous national parks Kaziranga, Nameri and
Orang are an hour away from Tezpur while exotic
tourist destinations like Tawang and Bomdila are just a
day’s reach by an exciting zig-zag hilly road. The ECO
Camp of Nameri, often referred to as a 4-star hotel-
at-tents, the Tiger Sanctuary and the bird viewing site
“Eaglenest” all add sheen to the city’s glow.
Tezpur is also an important strategic station for
defence forces and therefore, it plays a host to
numerous Army, Air Force and Para military Bases.
                                                                                                   Photo by Ritvik Bhattacharya

                                                             [ 31 ]
                                       ConTaCT us aT…

Deputy Director,
Training and Placement Cell,
Tezpur University
Phone: +91 3712 267129 (o)      Email: rkdoley@tezu.ernet.in           Fax: +91 3712 267129
       : +91 99544 49475 (M)

Associate Professor and Placement Coordinator,
Department of business Administration,
Tezpur University
Phone: +91 3712-267128 (o)     Email: tridib@tezu.ernet.in              Fax: +91 3712 267128
      : +91 94350 80075 (M)

Head, Department of business Administration,
Tezpur University
Phone: + 913712-267128 (o)    Email: hod_ba@tezu.ernet.in               Fax: +91 3712 267128
      : +91 94350 81446 (M)

bhargab Kalita          ( Phone: +919954649343,                Email: bhargabaau@gmail.com
biswajit garg           ( Phone: +919707699058,                Email: biswa_garg@yahoo.com
Ritvik bhattacharya     ( Phone: +919508776461,                Email: ritvikbhattacharya@yahoomail.com
Sanjib Dutta malo Das   ( Phone: +919864779611,                Email: sanjibdmd@gmail.com
Umananda bordoloi       ( Phone: +919435745641,                Email: umananda13@gmail.com
Upasana Kalita          ( Phone: +919854190433,                Email: upasanakalita05@gmail.com

                                                   [ 32 ]
                           a parTIal lIsT

   American Express                             Airtel
   AMUL (I) Ltd                                 Anchor
   Assam State Electricity Board            	   Bank of Maharashtra
   Bell Ceramics                                Berger Paints (I) Ltd
   B & A Ltd                                    Balsara Hygiene Ltd
   Celstream Technologies                       Coca Cola (I) Ltd
   Dabur India Ltd                              Down Town Hospitals Ltd.
   Dibrugarh University                         EXIM Bank
   Frito Lays                                   Hindustan Sanitary
   HDFC Standard Life                           HCL Infosystems Ltd.
   Hindustan Lever Ltd.                         Honeywell
   HDFC                                         ITDC Ltd.
   ITC Ltd.                                     ICICI Bank
   IBM India                                    IDBI Bank
   IFB                                          ICI Dulux
   Indian Oil Corporation                       JUSCO, Jamshedpur
   Jenson & Nicholson (I) Ltd.                  LG Electronics Ltd.
   Mudra Communication Ltd.                     MOL India Ltd.
   Mosanto                                      Nicholas Piramal
   Nestle India                                 Numaligarh Refinery Ltd.
   NEDFi                                        Net Decisions
   Oil India Limited                            Orpat
   ONGC                                         OM Kotak Mahindra
   Philips (I) Ltd.                             Patni Computers
   Parker                                       Reliance Mobile
   Reliance India Ltd.                          Reserve Bank of India
   Samsung (I) Ltd.                             Standard Chartered
   State Bank of India                          Stock Holding Corp. (I) Ltd.
   TATA AIG                                     TvS Electronics Ltd.
   T & I Global India Ltd.                      Tezpur University
   UB Groups                                    vST Industries Ltd.
   Wipro Infotech                               Williamson Magor & Co. Ltd.
   Zydus Cadila

                                    [ 33 ]
tezpur university... an aerial view

                                  OUR MAILING ADDRESS:
                           Department of Business Administration
                                School of Management Sciences
                   Tezpur University, Napaam, Sonitpur, Assam 784028, India
                          Ph: +91 3712 267128, Fax: +91 3712 267128
                                 email: hod_ba@tezu.ernet.in

                            website: www.tezu.ernet.in

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