Andrews First
Andrews Hispanic Mission
                                     THE BAPTIST RECORDER
          Bethel                           Official Newsletter of Truett Baptist Association of Churches
    Bible Missionary                      Telephone 828-837-5401 Fax 828-837-5401 Email -
     Blessed Hope               Rev. Mitchell Shields, Director of Missions Mobile #828-360-5049
     Boiling Springs
    Downings Creek
      Fires Creek                                          February—March 2010
   Grace Fellowship
     Hanging Dog
                                                         Mitchell’s Musings
        Harmony            Today is January 26, only 11 months till Christmas and I thought, here we go again. Another
        Hopewell           year being swallowed up and what will I have to show for it, maybe a calendar full of appoint-
         Liberty           ments and association meetings. Will there be anything accomplished that will grow God’s
    Little Brasstown       Kingdom, help to bring us into a closer relationship with God, focus our attention on others
       Macedonia           and their needs for the purpose of sharing God’s love? Lord it is up to you! I will sit right
         Maltby            here and wait for you to do what you want done. Lord, what do you mean “you can’t drive a
     Marble Springs        car that is sitting still”? Ok, I see; driving infers that the car is moving, going somewhere. So
       Martin Hill         if I am sitting, then you are not in control, I am. Therefore I must be doing, going, being for
    Meadow Grove           you to be in control of my life. But Lord, I like being in control of my life. It feels more se-
    Moccasin Creek
                           cure. Did you say “That is why feelings get us in trouble”? So, feelings are based on circum-
    Moss Memorial
                           stances and circumstances change. Then we should rely on you, because you do not change
     Mount Carmel
     Mount Liberty
                           and you are more concerned about the end result of our life. So, when we get to the end of
     Mount Moriah          our earthly journey the winners will not be the ones with the most or biggest toys. It will be
     Mount Pisgah          the ones who wear their toys out by serving you.
    Mount Pleasant
      Mount Zion
                           For Truett Association the year 2009 ended well. Because of your sacrifice and our frugalness
      Murphy First
       New Hope
                           we have closed the financial books in a strong condition. But, if that is the strongest fact
  New Martins Creek        about Truett Association, then we are very weak. Have you made a commitment to pray for
          Notla            three (3) of your unchurched neighbors? Be part of this year’s theme: NABRIINABR. Start
  Oak Grove (Marble)       an intentional prayer time for your unchurched neighbors. Reach out to them and let them
  Oak Grove (Murphy)       get to know you and your church. For more information on NABRIINABR contact Truett
       Oak View            Association.
  Old Shooting Creek
  Peachtree Memorial       Haiti is in shambles and the world is trying to help. North Carolina Baptist Men are setting
         Pilgrim           the plans for a long term project to help Haiti. I have applied for a passport and will be going
      Pine Grove           to Haiti in the near future. If you would like to help you will need a passport and necessary
        Pine Log           shots. If you would like to make a financial contribution I suggest giving it through/to one of
         Ranger            these agencies Truett Association, NC Baptist Men or North American Mission Board. For
Shady Grove (Hayesville)   more information contact Truett Association.
 Shady Grove (Murphy)
          Shiloh                                                             A free Lunch for Pastors/Church Staff
      Shoal Creek                                                           and Key Church Leaders will be provided
    Simonds Chapel
        Snowhill                                                              On Thursday the 18th , 11:30 a.m. at
        Southend                                                              Chestnuts Restaurant in Andrews NC
        Swanson                                                             (Lunch will be paid for by Christian Lighthouse Ministry)
      Sweetwater                Febrary 17 & 18, 7:00 p.m.                  During this lunch meeting, Ike will be dealing with
        Tomotla                Andrews First Baptist Church                  the subject of Building an Evangelistic Church.
    Truett Memorial                                                         Everyone who attends the lunch will be able to
          Unaka                                                             purchase Ike Reighard and Zig Ziglars new book,
    Upper Peachtree            Speaker—Rev. Ike Reighard                    The One Year Daily Insights at 1/2 price.
      Valley River          Special Music including The Sonny
       Valleytown                    Reighard Singers                       If you are coming for the lunch, please call
   Vengeance Creek                                                          Fred Lunsford at 828-837-2605 or Truett Bap-
          Violet                      Everyone Invited !!                   tist Association at 828-837-5401
              IRS ANNOUNCES 2010
             Beginning January 1, 2010
•   50 cents per mile for business miles driven
•   16.5 cents per mile driven for medical or mov-
    ing purposes
•   14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable
    organizations                                          Truett Baptist Association Operation InAsMuch Date is
                                                                                 April 24, 2010.
        Join the                                                      Please let TBA know if
                                                                    your church will participate.
       Conference                                       Operation Inasmuch works because….It is a focused, one-
                                                        day event, it is local, it is hands-on, the cost is affordable, it
        February 22, 6:00 p.m.                          offers something for everyone, it facilitates brotherhood, mo-
                                                        bilizes large numbers of people, energizes a congregation
Location: Murphy First Baptist Church                   and builds fellowship.
       Meal provided at no cost                         For more information contact TBA at 828-837-5401 or email
       Encouragement for your                           at
       soul and your stomach.

      2010 DATES
June 14-18 Girls Week
       (girls ages 8-18 years)
June 21-25 Girls Week
       (girls ages 8-18 years)
July 4-9 Youth Music Week
       (9th grade to 20 years of age)
July 11-15 Junior Music Week
       (Grades 5 through 8)
July 19-23 Boys Week
       (Boys ages 8-18 years)
Contact Truett Camp at 828-389-8828 for
more details and registration information.

            Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
                   Location :
      First Baptist Church, Andrews NC
          Speaker—Rev. Ike Reighard
    Praise & Worship Leader—Hugh Kirby

  Mark your calendar and make plans to
 register a large group from your church.
More details and registration information will
             be coming soon !!!!
                                                    Truett Baptist Association Church Contribution Comparison
                                                                               January 1 - December 31
                                                                2009             2008                                                 2009          2008
     Andrews First Baptist Church                   $17,862.41              $8,684.90     New Hope Baptist Church                   $0.00         $0.00
     Andrews Hispanic Mission                          $224.52               $250.85      New Martins Creek Baptist Church       $2,687.63     $3,204.66
     Bealtown Baptist Church                                600.00           $600.00      Notla Baptist Church                    $600.00       $500.00
     Bethabara Baptist Church                                   0.00           $0.00      Oak Grove Baptist Church (Marble)       $640.91       $647.38
     Bethel Baptist Church                                      0.00           $0.00      Oak Grove Baptist Church (Murphy)      $3,365.56     $3,135.51
     Bible Missionary Baptist Church                            0.00          $55.28      Oak View Baptist Church                   $0.00         $0.00
     Blessed Hope Baptist Church                                0.00         $104.60      Ogreeta Baptist Church                  $300.00       $100.00
     Boiling Springs Baptist Church                             1325           $0.00      Old Shooting Creek Baptist Church      $2,019.16      $876.54
     Downings Creek Baptist Church                              0.00         $960.00      Peachtree Memorial Baptist Church $13,431.09        $13,067.05
     Ebenezer Baptist Church                         $3,849.64              $3,901.78     Pilgrim Baptist Church                    $0.00         $0.00
     Fires Creek Baptist Church                                 0.00           $0.00      Pine Grove Baptist Church                 $0.00         $0.00
     Friendship Baptist Church                       $3,600.00              $3,600.00     Pine Log Baptist Church                $1,128.31     $2,266.99
     Grace Fellowship Baptist Church                         $0.00             $0.00      Ranger Baptist Church                  $4,800.00     $4,800.00
     Hanging Dog Baptist Church                        $200.00               $300.00                                          $3,036.67
                                                                                          Shady Grove Baptist Church (Hayesville)              $2,798.00
     Harmony Baptist Church                                  $0.00             $0.00      Shady Grove Baptist Church (Murphy)$1,996.50         $2,491.00
     Hopewell Baptist Church                         $2,400.00              $2,400.00     Shiloh Baptist Church                     $0.00         $0.00
     Liberty Baptist Church                            $550.00               $500.00      Shoal Creek Baptist Church              $518.85       $563.57
     Little Brasstown Baptist Church                $13,000.00           $12,000.00       Simonds Chapel Baptist Church            $45.00        $73.00
     Macedonia Baptist Church                          $743.96               $875.46      Snow Hill Baptist Church                  $0.00         $0.00
     Maltby Baptist Church                                  $50.00           $400.00      South End Baptist Church                  $0.00         $0.00
     Marble Springs Baptist Church                  $10,193.11           $10,994.92       Swanson Baptist Church                    $0.00         $0.00
     Martin Hill Baptist Church                              $0.00             $0.00      Sweetwater Baptist Church               $213.00       $646.92
     Meadow Grove Baptist Church                       $400.00               $400.00      Tomotla Baptist Church                 $1,200.00     $1,100.00
     Moccasin Creek Baptist Church                           $0.00             $0.00      Truett Memorial First Baptist Church    $417.00      $5,004.00
     Moss Memorial Baptist Church                      $750.00              $1,000.00     Unaka Baptist Church                   $1,730.00     $1,842.24
     Mount Carmel Baptist Church                       $600.00               $900.00      Upper Peachtree Baptist Church         $1,200.00     $1,200.00
     Mount Liberty Baptist Church                    $1,716.00              $1,716.00     Valley River Baptist Church            $1,200.00     $1,200.00
     Mount Moriah Baptist Church                     $1,454.60              $1,900.25     Valleytown Baptist Church              $1,200.00     $1,200.00
     Mount Pisgah Baptist Church                       $624.00               $468.00      Vengeance Creek Baptist Church         $1,655.04     $1,655.00
     Mount Pleasant Baptist Church                  $23,075.30           $17,910.56       Violet Baptist Church                   $400.00       $600.00
     Mount Zion Baptist Church                       $1,330.85              $1,412.18     Individuals                              $70.00        $16.47
     Murphy First Baptist Church                    $10,000.04           $12,000.00         Grand Total                       $138,404.15    $132,323.11

                  Land Purchase Update                                                  CHURCH LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE TO OFFER CLASS
Balance 11-18-2009                                          $13,499.65              The next class offered by Church Leadership Institute is “History
Contributions from Churches:                                                     of Christianity”. Classes will begin on Thursday evening, April 1
           Andrews First                          516.68                         from 7:00—8:30 p.m. at the Truett Baptist Association Resource
           Little Brasstown                       200.00                         Center in Peachtree.
           Mt. Liberty                            170.00
                                                                                    Teacher of the class is Mr. John Hoyt, member at Murphy 1st Bap-
           Mt. Pleasant                           400.00
           Murphy First                           666.62                         tist Church. This class is not for formal education. The cost is
           Oak Grove (Marble)                      352.00                        $30.00 for registration and the cost of textbooks. Textbooks for the
           Peachtree Memorial                      200.00                        class are A Summary of Christian History, 3rd ed., by Robert Baker
           Shady Grove (Murphy)                    140.00                        and The Anabaptist Story, by William Estep. Textbooks can be or-
           Valley River                            170.00                        dered from To register or for more information con-
           Vengeance Creek                         200.00                        tact Mitchell Shields at Truett Baptist Association.
                       Church Contributions                 $    3,015.30
                       Individual Contributions             $      750.00
                                                            $   17,264.95
                                                                                                    ATTENTION — PASTORS
           Payments to First Citizens                       $    5,339.72          The Pastor’s meet each Monday Morning (8:00 a.m.)
           Balance 1-25-2010                                $   11,925.23        at the Truett Association Bldg. in Peachtree for Fellow-
    Land Purchase Pay-Off as of 1-27-2010                    $94,375.77          ship and Prayer . All pastors are invited and encouraged
                                                                                 to attend.
    September 8,9, & 10, 2010
                                       564 non-stop miles
                                         3 major events
         is a Baptist Children’s Home 125th Anniversary Event
      Campaign Goal $250,000.00    *** Challenge Goal $500,000.00
                       September 8,9, and 10, 2010
                                                  Chris Boone will ride non-stop 564 miles across North Caro-
 Become a sponsor:                                lina from MURPHY to MANTEO to help children and pro-
      Pacer (a gift in any amount)                mote BCH’s 125th year of “Growing Hope.” Chris hopes to
                                                  raise as much as $500,000.00 !!
        Mile of Pennies ($844.80)
       Mile-for-a-Child ($ 1,250)                 To reach this goal, we hope to recruit a sponsor for each of the
              Sprint ($2,500)                     564 miles Chris will ride. Churches, businesses and individu-
                                                  als are encouraged to “join Chris’ team” by being a part of this
              Prime ($5,000)
                                                  historical event. Together, we will make the way to “victory!”
         Breakaway ($12,500)
   Your gift in any amount will help a                 WHERE
    child and help Chris Boone raise                  THERES A
               $500,000.00.                            WHEEL,
  Sponsors will receive a certificate authenti-       THERES A
 cating the mile(s) they sponsor. Whether you
 choose to become a Ridenc2010 sponsor or not,           WAY!
   your gift of any amount will help a needy           Riding to
                                                      VICTORY !                Churches are encouraged to
                                                     Your support               invite Chris Boone to come
   Churches, Sunday School Classes, Youth
                                                    could make the               speak one evening at your
    Groups, Mission Groups... make plans
  now as to how you can help with this pro-           difference in                Vacation Bible School.
 ject…..It would be great if every church in          $500,000.00                        *******
 Truett Baptist Association could become a          for the children
    sponsor or do something to help Chris                                         On September 5th (The
  reach the challenge goal of $500,000. We                                     Sunday before Chris begins
  look forward to hearing what your church                                       Ridenc2010) churches are
                  will do!!!!!                                                being asked to invite a Baptist
                                                                               Children’s Home Speaker to
  Imagine one person riding the length of N.C. in record time. Imagine       their church. If you would like
thousands of supporters giving to raise a record amount of money. Imag-       a BCH speaker on September
 ine hundreds of hurting children’s lives touched because people like you
care enough to be a part of historic Ridenc2010. Chris Boone will attempt        5th, please contact Truett
  the    unimaginable and ride non-stop from Murphy to Manteo in less              Baptist Association at
than 40 hours. Boone currently holds the record for a non-stop ride of the    837-5401 so we can coordinate
 entire Blue Ridge Parkway. He tackled that challenge in 2000 riding 471                  this event.
                    miles in 29 hours and 36 minutes.
 3          Rev. Chris Matheson
 3          Patricia (Mrs. Danny) Hollifield
 9          Connie (Mrs. Rob) Dillard
 13         Judy (Mrs. Warren) Hall
 17         Jean (Mrs. Rick) Edwards
 17         Rev. Rob Dillard
 18         Julie (Mrs. Tommy) Hayes
 22         Deborah (Mrs. Tommy) Lamb
 28         Daisy (Mrs. Mitchell) Shields

             MARCH BIRTHDAYS
 1          Marie (Mrs. Roy) Phillips
 6          Rev. Carroll Roper
 9          Gail (Mrs. Edward) Carter
 16         Rev. Derrick Palmer                                                 Mars Hill College Presents
 26         Frankie (Mrs. Carroll) Roper             A Conference for Pastors’; Ministers of Education; and Workers/Teachers of Sunday
 31         Beth (Mrs. Clark) Moss                   School, Preschool, Day Care, and other Children’s Ministries
                                                            DEVELOPING A PRODUCTIVECHILDREN’S MINISTRY IN YOUR CHURCH
       FEBRUARY ANNIVERSARIES                          Led by Janice Haywood —Janice was a consultant with the Baptist State Convention of
 17   Ronny & Loretta Crisp                             North Carolina for 31 years, working in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.
 24   Bill & Linda Maughan                           For more information or to registration , please contact: Dr. Gordon Benton at
 26   Edward & Gail Carter                           Mars Hill College at 1-866-642-4968 or by Email:
 27   Herb & Fran Henderson
                                                           Would you consider receiving the TBA newsletter by Email?
           MARCH ANNIVERSARIES                       We are trying to cut costs in mailing the newsletter and asking every-
                                                     one that has an email address to consider receiving the newsletter by
 6 Tom & Joann Leatherwood
                                                     email each month. Please send us an email at or
 10 Billy & Helen Franklin
                                                     call us at 828.837.5401 to let us know if we can send you the newslet-
 20 Rick & Jean Edwards
                                                     ter by email instead of regular mail. Also, if you are receiving the
 21 Lennox & Sue Hedrick                             newsletter by email and by regular mail, please let us know so we can
                                                     eliminate this duplication. THANK YOU.

           Bibles, Books & Blessings                         Truett Baptist Association Of Churches             Non-Profit Organization
              Christian Bookstore                            2235 N.C. Highway 141                                U.S. Postage Paid
          A Ministry of Truett Baptist Association           Marble North Carolina 28905                         Permit Number One
       3090 Highway 64 West, Suite 114, Murphy NC                                                                 Marble NC 28905

The Bookstore will not be sponsoring a Vacation Bible
School Literature Preview Day this year. We will have
in stock the sampler kits from several of the publishers.


          See us for your church supplies !
       Remember — Bibles are discounted 15%

             BOOKSTORE HOURS:
              Thanksgiving thru Christmas
                  Monday—CLOSED                                February & March 2010
      Tuesday thru Thursday 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
              Friday-10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.                           Newsletter
           Saturday—11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
                                 CHURCHES PRAYING                                    Remember to Pray for the Children
                                   FOR CHURCHES                                      in Care at TBA Children’s Home
                               AND OUR COMMUNITIES !                                              H.A.   I.P.    T.L.

     The churches listed below have signed up to pray on a specific day
     each month. We talk about the importance of prayer. Our country                      PRAY FOR MISSIONARIES
     and community needs us to pray.                                                         FROM OUR TOWN
     Would you join these churches in making prayer a priority in the life
                                                                                           Kevin & Becky Miller (Guatemala)
     of your church and in your personal life?
                                                                                              Mandy Perkins (Honduras)
                                                                                                 Geno & Judy Bacon
                              The Challenge! Acts 1:8                                           (Guinea, West Africa)
                            The Answer! Matthew 9:38                                         (North Africa/Middle East)

Has your church signed up to pray a day                            SPECIAL PRAYER REQUESTS
each month? 31 Churches have signed up.         *Churches searching for a
                                                                                  Men & Women            Savannah M. Dockery
We can have two churches per day.               Pastor
                                                                                  Serving in Military:   Dustin Berry
     Please prayerfully consider this           *Andrews Hispanic Mission
                                                                                  DeEtte LaCharite’      Chris Berry
              opportunity                       *TBA Children’s Home
1     Vengeance Creek Baptist Church            *Ohio Partnership                 Michael Johnson        Dana Miles
2     Oak Grove Baptist Church, Marble          *Area Schools and Teachers        Ashley Allen           Galen Edwards
3     Downings Creek Baptist Church             *Mountain Area Dental             Jonathan White
4     Oak Grove Baptist Church, Murphy
                                                                                                         Nathan Rhoton
                                                Ministry                          Brandon Cordon
5     Ebenezer Baptist Church                                                                            Brian Shields
                                                *Those serving in Military
6     Vengeance Creek Baptist Church            If your son/daughter/father/      Cpl. Christopher       Travis McClure
7     Marble Springs Baptist Church             mother is serving and you         Raper
                                                                                                         Jarrett Graves
      Oak View Baptist Church                   would like for us to list their   Justin Jensen
8     Peachtree Memorial Baptist Church         names to pray for them,                                  Megan Bateman
9     Notla Baptist Church                      please contact us at              Isaac Rhodes
10    Liberty Baptist Church                    828.837.5401 or                   T.J. Posey
11    Grace Fellowship Baptist Church
12    Old Shooting Creek Baptist Church
13    Blessed Hope Baptist Church
14    Meadow Grove Baptist Church                   Baptist
15    Pine Log Baptist Church
      Bible Missionary Baptist Church
      Murphy First Baptist Church
      Rebecca S.S. Class-Murphy First Baptist
      Men’s Bible Study, FBC Murphy
                                                Homes of North
      Moccasin Creek Baptist Church
      Unaka Baptist Church
21    Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church
22    Vengeance Creek Baptist Church                         The 2010
23    Mt. Liberty Baptist Church                            North Carolina
24    Friendship Baptist Church                             Offering and
25    Andrews 1st Baptist Church
                                                            Week of Prayer
26    Shoal Creek Baptist Church
27    Valleytown Baptist Church
                                                            for Older
28    Murphy Church of God                      Adults is observed
29    Macedonia Baptist Church , Wolfcreek      February 7-14, 2010.
30    Shady Grove Baptist, Murphy               Every dollar contributed
31 Truett Memorial Baptist Church (last         is used to financially assist
   day of month)
                                                Older Adults who cannot
    Sign up your church to pray on a            pay the total cost of their
    specific day...we can have more             care. For information visit
       than one church each day.                their website at

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