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             March/April 2006, Vol. 4 No. 5

                                              Delhi’s Fab Four                    Professor
                                                                                  Sturdevant has
State University of New York

                                              Four Delhi faculty and staff
                                              members have been nominated to      been nomi-
                                              receive this year’s SUNY Chan-      nated for the
                                              cellor’s Awards for excellence—     Chancellor’s
                                              Lynda Preiser, Student Health       Award for
                                              Services Director, Richard L.       Excellence
                                              Golding, Assistant Professor        in Teaching.
                                              of Hospitality Management, Dr.      A professor
                                              Michael J. Petrillose, Associate    who is both
                                              Professor of Hospitality Manage-    demanding
                                              ment, and Barbara Sturdevant,       and well-liked,
                                              Professor of Business (pictured     Sturdevant has
                                              from left to right). If approved,   taught a wide
                                              they will be recognized at SUNY     range of courses in accounting,
                                              Delhi’s 89th commencement on        computer processing and manage-     the college’s baccalaureate degree
                                              May 20.                             ment, teaching in both the Busi-    in Information Technology.            program. In the past, Professor
                                                                                  ness and Hospitality Management                                           Sturdevant has served as chair
                                              “We look forward to celebrating     programs. She has developed         Professor Sturdevant has been a       of the promotion committee and
                                              the achievement of these extraor-   many new courses for the Busi-      leader in many college initiatives,   co-chair of the strategic planning
                                              dinary members of the Delhi         ness program, including Comput-     committees and workgroups.            committee. She has been recog-
                                              campus community,” says Presi-      erized Accounting, Government       She currently serves as chair of      nized with the college’s Academic
                                              dent Candace Vancko. “They          and Non-Profit Accounting, and      Delhi’s curriculum committee and      Advisor of the Year Award. For
                                              contribute to the success of our    Accounting for Small Businesses.    has served for many years as chair    over 10 years, Professor Stur-
                                              students in so many ways, both in   Professor Sturdevant has also       of the college’s United University    devant has served as Associate
                                              and outside of the classroom.”      played a major role in developing   Professionals Individual Awards                                  (cont.)
                                                                                                                         Director of the NJCAA Division
CampusScoop                                                 Q & A with…                                                  III Men’s Basketball Champion-
                                                                                                                         ship and has ensured the success
                                                            Joan Erickson                                                of the college’s hosting of the

                                                            Occupation: Instructor, Mathematics                          Professor Golding has been nomi-
                                                                                                                         nated for the Chancellor’s Award
                                                            Birthplace: Taiwan                                           for Excellence in Faculty Service.
                                                            Education: A B.S. in Chemical Engineering from               An active member of the campus
                                                                                                                         community, Professor Golding has
                                                            the University of Mississippi and an M.S. in Natural
                                                                                                                         served four years on the academic
                                                            Sciences from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.              policy committee and has served a
                                                                                                                         vital role as a member of Delhi’s
                                                             What do you like most about your job?                       budget and planning committee.
                                                             I like my subject area. I like teaching it, and I like      He currently volunteers at Re-
                                                                                                                         galia, the college’s gently-used
                                                             learning it since there is always something new to
                                                                                                                         clothing store. He has also served
                                                             play with. I feel this job is so worth it when I see        as a co-planner and master of
                                                             students giving their earnest effort trying to solve math   ceremonies for the store’s annual
                                                             problems. I honestly feel it is such a privilege to be a    fashion show. His other campus
                                                             teacher. I consider college the place where academia        activities include acting as master
                                                                                                                         of ceremonies for staff develop-
                                                             meets the real-world work skills. Every young person
                                                                                                                         ment presentations, presenting
              in college learns what their academic strengths are, what careers may be a good match for their            many customer service seminars
              interests and capabilities, and ultimately they come to realize who they are as individuals. And I feel    for faculty and staff, and assist-
              that we are here to make a lasting impression upon their learning experience before we send them           ing with the college’s DAD Day
              off to the big world.                                                                                      program, open houses, scholarship
                                                                                                                         dinners, Family Day, and SUNY’s
                                                                                                                         legislative activities in Albany.
              Who do you most admire? My parents, especially my mother. The term “immigrant’s dream”                     Although his instructional focus
              is very real to my family and me. I watched my parents work through hardships and challenges by            is restaurant and hotel manage-
              sheer determination. That’s why I admire anyone who refuses to be defeated by challenges.                  ment, Professor Golding regularly
                                                                                                                         assists the culinary students dur-
              What is your greatest achievement? I am achieving it right now.                                            ing their competitions. Professor
                                                                                                                         Golding serves as the advisor for
              If you could change jobs with someone for a day, who would that be? My dog. I want to                      Hotel Sales & Marketing Asso-
     2        know how it feels to wait for hours before someone comes home and takes me for a walk.                     ciation International, a student-
                Delhi’s new Agora, which will be completed this fall.
              professional organization on the      relates to supervisory communica-
CampusScoop   Delhi campus. In that capacity, he    tion. He presented his findings         Wearing of the Green
              received the 2004-2005 Student        at the International Society for
              Activities Advisor of the Year.       Performance Improvement annual
              In addition to his service on the
              Delhi campus, Professor Gold-         In 2005, Dr. Petrillose received a
              ing has served his community as       “Conversations in the Disciplines”
              president of the Deposit Chamber      Award from SUNY to organize a
              of Commerce, a member of the          one-day symposium on brand rec-
              Town of Deposit Planning Board,       ognition and corporate reputation,
              a member of the Deposit Eco-          which brought industry profes-
              nomic Development Revolving           sionals and international scholars
              Loan Fund Committee, and Clerk        to the Delhi campus. That same
              of Session for the Deposit Presby-    year he received the SUNY Chan-
              terian Church.                        cellor’s Recognition for Research
                                                    and Scholarship. More recently,
              Dr. Petrillose has been nominated     Dr. Petrillose is exploring trends
              for the Chancellor’s Award for        in labor shortages within business-
              Excellence in Scholarship and         es today, as well as generational
              Creative Activities. Dr. Petril-      difference and the legal and social     Who says green’s only for showing your Delhi spirit? Faculty and
              lose’s studies on human resources     impacts in today’s workplace.           staff celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day by wearing their green Delhi
              management within the hospital-                                               flashing sun glasses and dancing the jog to the sounds of Instructor
              ity industry have been published      Lynda Preiser has been nomi-            Pete Campbell’s pipes. From left to right are Roberta Hudson,
              nationally and internationally.       nated for the Chancellor’s Award
                                                                                            Secretary II, Suzanne Puffer, President’s Secretary, Campbell,
              Since joining the Delhi faculty in    for Excellence in Professional
              2002, he has continued his re-        Service. As Director of Student         and Barbara Kaplan, Secretary II.
              search, investigating topics such     Health Services, Preiser has
              as a potential employee’s ten-        initiated several improvements to      on good health. She has instruct-     overall health care of the cam-
              dency toward customer service.        student health care which include      ed on a variety of wellness topics    pus community by introducing
              In 2004, Dr. Petrillose received a    a self-care cold clinic, improved      that include sexually transmitted     automated external defibrillators
              Marriott Faculty Fellowship that      laboratory services, and disease       diseases, birth control, CPR and      (AEDs) to key areas on the Delhi
              enabled him to work closely with      testing on campus. Through her         the Heimlich maneuver. In addi-       campus and instructing faculty
              the company’s loss prevention and     efforts, the college offers low-cost   tion to instructing on health, she    and staff on CPR and the use of
              ethical investigation department.     birth control options to students as   has trained students in diversity     the AEDs. She has also made flu
              In addition, Dr. Petrillose sought    well as free vitamins.                 issues, conducted peer educa-         vaccinations available to faculty
              the expertise of a retired FBI                                               tion classes, and taught classes in   and staff in addition to the student
     3        agent/profiler to better understand   Preiser has played a significant       student success. Preiser has been     population.
              workplace violence and how it         role in educating Delhi students       instrumental in improving the
                                                       the Deans’ Council this month.
CampusCurrents    Kudos                                Senior Assistant Librarian Steve
                                                       Dixon received $150 to attend the
                                                       SUNY Training Center’s Spring
                                                       2006 Conference on Teaching and
                                                       Learning in Buffalo. Instructor
                                                       Jamie Rotter received $225 to
                                                       pursue his certification as an ex-
                                                       ecutive chef through the American
                                                       Culinary Federation.

                                                       Delhi’s Center for Community
                                                       Service was awarded $50,000
                                                       in matching grants from the
                                                       O’Connor Foundation. “We are
                                                       very excited about the new grant,”
                 Assistant Professor Tom Recinella     says Martha E. Vink, Coordina-
                                                       tor. “It sends a clear message that
                 Assistant Professor Tom Reci-         the O’Connor Foundation sup-
                                                                                             Delhi nursing students hosted this year’s Teddy Bear
                 nella won his first international     ports our operation and that they
                                                       are impressed with our results.”      Clinic in the new South Hall facility. Children from Delhi’s
                 individual gold medal at the
                 International Culinary Competi-                                             Child Care Center brought their favorite stuffed animal
                 tion in Marina deMassa, Italy.                                              to the clinic to learn what it’s like to visit the doctor. The
                 Winning the gold in the cold food      In Print                             nursing students also made presentations on good health
                 category, he was also named the                                             and well being.
                 2006 National Champion of the         Associate Professor Floyd Vogt
                 Cold Kitchen.                         has just completed
                                                       a revision to his                             practices across the nation.   foundations, framing, interior and
                 The Hudson Valley Chapter of          textbook, Carpen-                             He interviewed dozens of       exterior surfaces, cabinetry and
                 Golf Course Superintendents As-       try. This effort                              workers and took hun-          flooring, and more.
                 sociation recently awarded $1,000     required him to                              dreds of photos for the
                 scholarships to two students of the   travel to Dallas,                           book. Carpentry, 4th Edi-
                 Golf Course Management Super-         TX, Port St.                               tion follows the logical path      New Face
                 intendent program—Dan Dulin           Lucie, FL, and                            of a residential project, using
                 and George Lang IV.                   Valencia, CA                             reader-friendly presentations       Marilyn Stever is the new
                                                       to gather in-                           and easy-to-follow diagrams to       Keyboard Specialist for Records
                 Two Professional Development          formation on varia-                    explore building plans, site-         and Registration and Information
       4         Grants have been awarded by           tions in residential construction     work and layout, footings and          Systems.
                                                                                            Family Services Brace Facility in
CampusCurrents   Making the Most of Break                                                   Masonville.

                                                                                            SUNY Delhi was the place for
                                                                                            culinary and academic compe-
                                                                                            tition in February. Hospitality
                                                                                            Management hosted the New
                                                                                            York State Hot Food Team ACF
                                                                                            competition with Delhi’s culinary        A Gerald Scheck original
                                                                                            team winning a silver medal. The
                                                                                            college also hosted its annual       meeting of the SUNY Orientation
                                                                                            MathCounts for area high school      Directors at SUNY Albany.
                                                                                            students, thanks to Professor Walt
                                                                                            Bray. The regional Skills-VICA       Assistant Professor Gerald
                                                                                            competition returned to Delhi in     Scheck’s Catskill landscapes are
                                                                                            February hosting 19 high schools     currently featured in an exhibi-
                   This year students and staff volunteers traveled to Oxnard, CA to        from across New York State. As-      tion at the Ink Shop Printmak-
                   work with Habitat for Humanity during mid-winter break. From             sistant Professor Eric Robert and    ing Center in Ithaca. The gallery
                                                                                            Secretary II Denise McLean           exhibit will be on display through
                   left to right: (top row) Martha E. Vink, Campus Minister and
                                                                                            organized this campus-wide event.    April 30.
                   O’Connor Center Coordinator; David “Buzz” Bussing, Habi-
                   tat for Humanity Site Manager; Danny Lockwood; Heather                                                        Hospitality Management fac-
                                                                                            Janet Bodisco-Massink, Nurse
                   Byrnes; Carlos Lopez; Toni Bederka; Dan Ratto; Jamie                                                          ulty hosted their first Travel and
                                                                                            I, Lori Osterhoudt, Director of
                   Popiel; Laurence O’Connell; Bill Forshaw; Frank Far-                                                          Tourism Educators’ Symposium
                                                                                            Counseling, and Barbara Jones,
                                                                                                                                 on February 17. The program
                   rington; Kelly Herzog; Pete Campbell, Technology Instructor;             Vice President of Student Life,
                                                                                                                                 featured a panel discussion with
                   Katie Lynn; (front row) Lynda Preiser, Student Health Services           traveled to Albany to serve on the
                                                                                                                                 industry specialists from Ameri-
                                                                                            selection committee for the 2006
                   Director; Kevin Pawlowski; and Dr. Gary Preiser.                                                              can Express, New York State Hos-
                                                                                            SUNY Chancellor’s Award for
                                                                                                                                 pitality and Tourism Association,
                                                                                            Student Excellence.
                                                                                                                                 Saratoga County Convention and
                                                     Officer Ladd Dawson partici-                                                Tourism Bureau, Liberty Travel,
                  Out and About                      pated in a Breathalyzer seminar in     Lori Osterhoudt, Director of         and Delhi’s own Associate Profes-
                 University Police have been busy    Oneonta. Officer James McCart-         Counseling Services, recently        sor Bob Seibert.
                 participating in professional de-   ney was recently certified in the      attended a meeting of the SUNY
                 velopment and offering presenta-    use of breath alcohol testers. Chief   Counseling Center Directors          Senior Counselor Mary Wake at-
                 tions. Lieutenant Timothy Hess      Perri DeFreece gave a presen-          Organization at SUNY Oneonta.        tended the regional meeting of the
                 attended a training seminar on      tation to 20 youths at the New         Osterhoudt is secretary of the       National Orientation Director’s
                 drug investigation in Binghamton.   York State Office of Children and      organization. She also attended a    Association in Lake Placid.

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