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1. At the beginning of the school year, a first grade teacher assesses the students to determine their
   understanding of print book. This will best be demonstrated by the students…
       a. Hearing and retelling the story
       b. Showing where to start reading the text
       c. Pointing and matching one- to-one
       d. Indicating the space between words

2. Mrs. Rivera’s kindergarten class asked her to write their favorite poem. She writes each phrase or
   sentence the child dictates. She directs their attention to the beginning and ending of each line as she
   writes and then orderly repeats the dictation to reinforce…
       a. Letter-learned knowledge
       b. Left to right writing knowledge
       c. Indication of sentence parts
       d. Letter-sound knowledge

3. When students dictate stories reread their stories then practice the words on flash cards, the teacher
   is using…
       a. The writing process
       b. Language experience approach
       c. Linguistic approach
       d. The language development approach

4. A teacher wants to enlist the assistance of her students’ reading performance. The most effective
   way to involve the parents is to…
       a. Parent-child pair reading
       b. Manuscript writing tits
       c. Send letter to parents
       d. Parent-child tits

5. A teacher read numerous word plat book to and with her students. This activity primarily promote
   the development of …
       a. Comprehension
       b. Phonological awareness
       c. Story structure
       d. Structural analysis

6. Which word recognition method would be most effective for teaching the following words? Mail
   man, fire place, anchor woman…
      a. Sight words
      b. Contextual analysis
      c. Structural analysis

       d. Phonemic analysis

7. It is very difficult for student to accommodate new information that conflicts the previous
   information of belief. Which of the following explains this phenomenon?
        a. Knowledge hypothesis
        b. Metacognitive process
        c. Text structure
        d. Schema

8. Which of the following illustrates a directed reading approach sequence?
     a. Teacher puts the student in group, read orally while students follow in the book, and discuss
         the lesson
     b. The teacher prepares the students for reading by reading aloud to them, conducts oral
         reading, and discuss the lesson
     c. The teacher prepares student for reading with vocabulary in background information, conduct
         oral reading, and provide for silent reading
     d. The teacher assign the student specific materials to read and test regularly

9. Mr. Sutton is beginning a new unit in his social studies textbook. He instructs the class to read the
   title; read the introduction, summary and question; read the heading and sub headings; read the print;
   study visual materials such as pictures, maps and diagram. Which of the following study skill is he
        a. Previewing
        b. Outlining
        c. Note taking
        d. Summarizing

10. Textual factors that affect comprehension include…
       a. nn
       b. Motivation, sentence complexity, and visual displays
       c. Study structure, word frequency, and visual displays
       d. Word identification, background, and visual displays

11. Following a student incorrect response, a teacher rephrases the question again. This activity is
    appropriate …
        a. Appropriate because it helps the student focus on the question
        b. Inappropriate because the extra time takes away instructional time
        c. Inappropriate because it makes the task too easy
        d. Appropriate because it makes all the student attend to the question

12. Will thought he was a poor writer because he misspelled so many words even though his teacher
    found the story he wrote exciting. The best method to help Will with his spelling ability is to have
       a. Use a word wall to look up his words

       b. Take a weekly spelling test
       c. Write each misspelled word 10 times
       d. d. Practice a spelling list each night

13. Mr. Mixon develops a set of word cards emphasizing the at sound. Each of Mr. Mixon’s word has
    the at sound that has different beginning. He asks the student to read each word. If a student cannot
    read a word then Mr. Mixon points out the letter difference and how it is pronounced. Mr. Mixon is
    asking the students to do what?
        a. Syntactic cues
        b. Close cues
        c. graphophonemic cues

14. When reading a paragraph in her social studies textbook, Mary has difficulty distinguishing a main
    idea from supportive points and details. An appropriate activity that will help her will be to…
        a. Skim an entire reading selection rapidly
        b. Complete a partially filled in outline
        c. Create a list of unfamiliar vocabulary text
        d. Read aloud to a class

15. A teacher is helping his student locate, who, what when and why in reading. This activity will help
    student develop which of the following reading skills?
        a. Creative reading skills
        b. Literal reading skills
        c. Critical reading skills
        d. Word recognition skills

16. The study of acronyms would help students understand the meaning of which of the following
       a. Scuba, sonar, zip
       b. Atlas, echo, panic, epicure
       c. Brainy, crafty, intelligent, smart
       d. Cup, mug, glass, tumble

17. Which instructional methods will help students recognize the following words?
    Shred, flake, crumble, bake, broil, fried, stir, toss, fold, mixture, and blend…
       a. Paraphrasing
       b. Thesaurus usage
       c. Semantic mapping
       d. Feature analysis

18. Knowledge of vocabulary or word meaning correlates strongly with
       a. Study skills
       b. Word recognition
       c. Reading comprehension
       d. Picture interpretation

19. Mr. Cury’s 4th grade class will do a unit on Florida’s early history. Students will read about the
    major events from this period. Which graphic organizer will help facilitate student’s understandings
    of this unit?
        a. Venn diagram
        b. Time line
        c. Readers response journal
        d. Two-Colum chat

20. One of the best ways to help student learn to read graph is to…
       a. Ask student to record their reading rate on a graph
       b. Have student construct graphs themselves
       c. Assign work pages from the basal series
       d. Cut graphs from current news paper

21. The local newspaper contains two articles on an editorial on the same subject. The two articles could
    be used in the language arts to teach…
        a. Cause and effect
        b. Facts and opinions
        c. Hidden messages
        d. Feature writing

22. Mrs. Thomas wants to teach critical thinking skills to her third grade class. What would be the most
    effective strategy in doing this?
        a. Use words practiced in solving problems
        b. Assign text book reading that provide hypothetical problems to solve
        c. Provide open-end reading problems to solve in groups
        d. Use pictures, puzzles and audio visual to provide mental exercise

23. After his student read a detective story from a basal reader, Mr. Voran ask them to make a judgment
    about the guilt or innocent of the main character. What type of thinking is Mr. Voran promoting?
       a. Divergent
       b. Collective
       c. Literal
       d. Convergent

24. Directions for characters is an example of element most frequently found in …
       a. Drama
       b. Poetry
       c. Realistic fiction
       d. Science fiction

25. Which genre of literature describes deeds of heroes or heroine who are swift, moving rate, magic and
    with happy endings…
       a. Poetry
       b. Parable

       c. Mystery
       d. Fairy tails

26. Identify the literary device used in the following example; “his nose is a s red as rose.”
       a. Metaphor
       b. Simile
       c. Allegory
       d. Irony

27. A media specialist selected mostly award winning classified literature for the media center. This
    selection process was…
        a. Appropriate because the selection represents the best writing models
        b. Inappropriate because the selection did not consider students’ interest and abilities
        c. Appropriate because the selection enhance the cultural development of the students
        d. Inappropriate because the process did not consider the readability levels of the students

28. Students are working on several groups around the classroom after becoming familiar with the
    textbook Williams Staige. Some are constructing murals. Others are dramatizing the story. The rest
    of the students are constructing the story a large paper Marche model. Which grouping style is used
    in this situation?
        a. Ability
        b. Interest
        c. Individualized
        d. Group level

29. According to reader responses theory, what activity would be most appropriate to be used in advance
    6th grade class who are reading demuapassant’s “The Necklace”?
        a. Assign the story for homework follow with a quiz the next day; grade the quiz in class
        b. Read the text in class and explain the major event
        c. Have the student take turns reading aloud in class; call on each at random
        d. Elicit students’ experiences relevant to the story; assign readings followed by discussions

30. A student in the beginning stage of writing development will be most likely to…
        a. Develop keyboarding skills
        b. Edit writing with clear features
        c. Compose five point paragraph
        d. Develop sentence writing

31. A 6th grade course guide requires students to revise all parts of writing process- prewriting, drafting,
    revising and editing. What will be the best approach at the beginning of the school year?
        a. Show a paragraph explaining all phases of the writing process to the students, assign the first
            paper on a given topic
        b. Explain all phases of the writing process, provide visual stimuli, and brainstorm ideas on the
            topic to be assigned
        c. Provide a worksheet with definitions explaining the development of the phrases of writing
            process, tell the students they will be quizzed

       d. Write the definition of the phrases of the writing process on the board, have student copy
          them in their journals for reference.

32. A 1st grade teacher shares a poem about mice and nice and says, “I think mice are nice!” each child
    is asked something about mice. This exercise represents which type of writing process?
        a. Prewriting
        b. Drafting
        c. Revising
        d. Publishing

33. Choose the sentence that contains no errors.
       a. My brother-in-law, in my opinion, is a “stuffed shirt.”

34. Choose the sentence that contains no errors.
       a. Geneses Laboratory is ready for production as their cancer detection compound gets
          approved for clinical trials
       b. Geneses Laboratory, is ready for production as its cancer detection compound gets approved
          for clinical trials
       c. Geneses Laboratory is ready for production as its cancer detection compound gets approved
          for clinical trials
       d. Geneses Laboratory is ready for production, as its cancer detection compound gets approved
          for clinical trials

35. Miss Bankraft wants her students to write an essay that would cause then to consider ways that they
    have acquired and currently use language. What kind of piece would be most effective foe this
       a. Literary analysis
       b. Linguistic study
       c. Literacy autobiography
       d. Literature survey

36. In her writing tasks Mrs. Charles has asked her students to write a selection that will include
    characters, action relative to problem and solutions. This an example of what writing mode?
        a. Persuasive
        b. Narrative
        c. Descriptive
        d. Expository*

37. Which mode of writing is best characterized as using metaphor, similes, and details to create a
        a. Persuasive
        b. Descriptive*
        c. Expository
        d. Narrative

38. What writing format is used when writing a friend or relative?

       a.   Letter*
       b.   Essay
       c.   Expository
       d.   Narrative

39. A first grade has completed a unit on nature and science and syllabication in reading. When the class
    creates these words as interdisciplinary project, what type of writing is appropriate?
        a. Journal*
        b. Narrative
        c. Poetry
        d. Expository

40. An effective way to determine students’ ability to recall information is …
       a. Summarizing*
       b. Outlining
       c. Sequencing
       d. Note taking

41. Tad is a 3rd grade student working on a 2.5 instructional reading level. He enjoys reading but has
    difficulty in comprehension. He is having difficulties in pronouncing words. What would the first
    appropriate test foe the teacher to administer?
        a. Phonics test*
        b. Concept of print test
        c. Close word recognition
        d. Multiple choice word recognition test

42. Simon scored at the 80th percentile on a standardized reading achievement test. This indicates that
    Simon is...
       a. Mastered 80% of the skills covered on the test
       b. Reading at a level of 20% above his grade placement
       c. Scored as well as or better then 80% of the norming group*
       d. He scored 80% out of 100% on the test

43. Which is an example of emergent literacy student progress?

44. Rubric is used for a student …
       a. Writing an essay*
       b. Taking a vocabulary test
       c. Taking a phonics test
       d. Reading orally

45. The FCAT writing test is graded on a scale of…
       a. 0-5

       b. 0-6
       c. 1-5
       d. 1-6*

46. Mr. Howard works with a big red book in his kindergarten class, he reads the title and the authors
    name, emphasizing and explaining the words title and author to stress …
       a. Prediction of story content
       b. Left to right directionality
       c. Identification of sight words
       d. Parts of a book*

47. The concept of reading depends on more then letter cues can be developed through the use of…
       a. Linguistic reader
       b. Explicit graphophonics analysis
       c. Linguistic attack
       d. The language development approach

48. Which vocabulary skill would a student use to do the exercise presented below? The boy hit the tall
    ball bat with a bat….
        a. Use of classification skill
        b. Knowledge of homophones
        c. Use of context clues*
        d. Use of root words

49. What is the largest vocabulary for a 2nd grade child?
      a. Reading
      b. Writing
      c. Speaking*
      d. Listening

50. Jerry a bright 6th grade student did not read a short passage and subsequently could not answer the
    teacher’s questions. Which corrective strategy would be most appropriate?
        a. Direct him to read the key portion of the text silently*
        b. Call on some one else to answer the question
        c. Provide the answer and ignore the behavior
        d. Have him read the story orally into a tape recorder

51. Using letter/sound connection is an example of what type of cueing system?
       a. Syntactic
       b. Semantic
       c. Graph phonic*
       d. Morphologic

52. Which strategy will be most useful for increasing a students understanding of a main idea?
      a. Supply missing words or phrase of a text in a close paragraph
      b. Categorizes phrases in the lesson to a central idea*

       c. Analyze and for positive praising
       d. List words to describe a magazine picture

53. Identify the instructional methods that will help students to recognize the relationship among the
    following words: alligators, frogs, crocodiles, toads, salamanders
        a. Semantic feature analysis*

54. The study of acronyms would help students understand the meaning of which of the following
       a. Radar, laser, sonar, scanner*
       b. Dough, square, cool, rock
       c. Inspect, spectacles, respect, introspection
       d. Rodeo, palomino, bareback, corral

55. The following excerpt appears in 5th grade social studies textbook: “the trouble was getting worse.
    People in many of the small towns were getting ready for war. Men and teenage boys were being
    trained to fight. They were called minutemen because they were ready to fight a moments notice.”
    Which question would be most effective in directing students’ attention to the cause effect
        a. What war is being written about in this section
        b. What does small town mean
        c. What could they have done to improve the situation
        d. Why were men and teenage boys being trained to fight*

56. Students in a 6th grade class are encouraged to read the news paper for a part of the class period 3
    days a week. The teacher should suggest to the student that the best approach for reading a
    newspaper is to…
       a. Read the entire newspaper, story by story, trying to memorize details
       b. Read the entire newspaper, noticing obvious errors in mechanics and sentence structured
       c. Skim the entire newspaper, then read closely the important and interested articles*
       d. Scan the entire newspaper, then reread the all article completely to understand details

57. To help her 6th grade students apply critical thinking skills Mrs. Flores wants her students to identify
    propaganda techniques. The most effective instructional practice would be to have the students…
       a. Read a newspaper editorial and highlight biased or loaded words or phrases.
       b. Copy a list of biased or loaded words or phrase that the teacher has written on the board
       c. Create a dictionary of biased or loaded words and phrases*
       d. Complete a worksheet identifying biased or loaded words and phrases

58. A selection in a 5th grade textbook about the first woman astronaut Sally Ride exemplifies the genre
       a. Parable
       b. Biography
       c. Mystery
       d. Fairy tail

59. Mrs. Green realizes her classroom need a wider selection of multicultural books. To help her choose
    good books she would refer to…
       a. IRA’s children book choice list
       b. The Peabody book award list
       c. The media center’s collection
       d. Publishers annotated catalogs

60. Which 6th grade activity represents a student-centered approach of responding to the Theodore
    Taylor novel, the sniper?
       a. Following reading, students answer teacher centered questions
       b. Following reading, students participate in teacher led discussion
       c. Following reading, students participate in student led discussion
       d. Following reading, students write book summary

61. 3rd graders have listened to the teacher read the humorous part of a book just for you. They each have
    written an original sentence after the book, the teacher intends to collect their work in a book loaned
    out in the media center. The students are now in the process of illustrating their own sentences. For
    which of the following are the children preparing?
         a. Drafting
         b. Revising
         c. Editing
         d. Publishing

62. Choose the sentence that contains no errors.
       a. An affective way to teach a large group of students, in grades three, four, and five is through
          the use of flexible groups
       b. An affective way to teach a large group of students In grades three, four, and five is through
          the use of flexible groups
       c. An effective way, to teach a large group of students in grades three, four, and five is through
          the use of flexible groups
       d. An effective way to teach a large group of students in grades three, four, and five is through
          the use of flexible groups

63. A student is writing a cause and effect paper and asks for assistance with transitions. Which group of
    transitions would be the best choice?
        a. Since, therefore, consequently
        b. In addition, furthermore, another
        c. To begin, next, finally
        d. But, however, in contrast

64. The mode of writing that includes many details and often uses adjectives and verbs to evoke images
    in a readers mind is called…
        a. Descriptive
        b. Expository
        c. Persuasive
        d. Narrative

65. After a unit on book report the teacher receives the following response from the writing assignment.
    “I grew up in a citrus grove in central Florida. One of my duties was to help pick the oranges.” This
    is an example of what type of writing?
        a. Autobiography
        b. Biography
        c. Persuasion
        d. Reflection

66. At the beginning of the year a teacher wanted to determine her student independent and instructional
    levels. Which assessment instrument is most appropriate?
        a. Informal reading inventory
        b. Running record
        c. Miscues analysis
        d. Standardized test

67. The following information has been recorded about Gonzalez, a 2nd grader
    Running record note1: Read words accurately but slowly
    Anecdotal note2: resist reading silently
    Running record 2: Read words accurately but slowly
    Performance on informal silent reading test 1: poor comprehension
    What instructional strategies would probably be most beneficial for Gonzalez?
    a. Provide a software program that includes short passages, questions, and feed back on
    b. Providing extensive reading experiences followed by story retelling, intermittent summarizing,
        and or story mapping
    c. Provide independent work involving close passages
    d. Providing extensive oral reading experience

68. Which of the following is used to….


69. Which one of the following statements best describes the effect of race relationship in the United
    States after WW II?
        a. The federal government was firm in its policy of segregating both men and African
            Americans officers (C is the ans.)

70. Which primary source would provide the most authentic resources for students to develop an oral
    and visual presentation of Luis and Clerk expedition?
       a. A news paper editorial written during that period, a map of that period
       b. A diary kept during that period, a novel written about that period, and the length of that
       c. A text book that covers that period, a map of that period, a picture book of that period
       d. A diary kept during that period, a map of the period, something of participant

71. Development of democracy was first associated with which civilization?
       a. Romans
       b. Egyptians
       c. Greeks
       d. Incans

72. Block printing originated in which country?
       a. Japan
       b. Egypt
       c. England
       d. China

73. Beginning in June 1948, the allies in Berlin under took airlift of food for ten and a half months
       a. Stalin had stopped traffic by road, rail and cannel
       b. The war had left the roads unmotorable

74. Whom did Julius Cesar defeat to gain control of the Roman senate?
      a. Brutus
      b. Cassius
      c. Alexander
      d. Pompeii

75. Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, and Soweto are all associated with which world issue?
       a. Apartheid (option D)

76. The colony of Georgia’s trustee James Oglethorpe did what?
       a. Encourage settlement of criminals, the poor, and the segregated (option D)

77. Which of the following provided the greatest stimulus for the idea which form the American two
    party system?
        a. Differing view point of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton
        b. The constitutional power of congress
        c. The bill of rights
        d. The political views of Thomas Payne and Benjamin Franklyn

78. Which immigrant gained recognition as the king of the steel industry?
      a. J. Pierpont Morgan
      b. John D. Rockefeller
      c. Andrew Carnegie
      d. King C. Gillette

79. John O’ Sulivan coined the term manifest destiny in 1845 to describe the tremendous westward
    migration in the United States to mean…
       a. Uncontrolled west ward migration will cause a civil war

       b. Expansion of the pacific was part of the divine fate of a super nation
       c. Those families living west would have……
       d. The eastern coast would be left under populated and vulnerable to attack

80. Which event has the greatest impact on Florida?
        a. The Muriel boat lift because most of the people involved came to Florida (option C)
81. According to one source, there is and area in which wild life has sustained a trading and trail
    trapping for hundreds of years. According to the information, there were mosquitoes 3 months in the
    year and ice the remaining 9 months. What geographic theme is being addressed?
        a. Location
        b. Transportation
        c. Movement
        d. Human environmental interaction

82. Country       land in square miles population in millions
    Iraq               168870               19.2
    Israel              7850                5.3
    Jordan              34340               3.8
    Kuwait              6880                1.7
    According to the above data, which in the Middle East is the most densely populated?
        a. Iraq
        b. Israel
        c. Jordan
        d. Kuwait

83. Which landform would be the most logical place to build a canal to connect two large bodies of
       a. Strait
       b. Plateau
       c. Atoll
       d. Isthmus

84. Areas of low-lying land formed by soil deposited at the oceans are…
       a. Valleys
       b. Deltas
       c. Gulf
       d. Bays

85. The best example of ensuring Roman influence on Europe stemming from the spread of the Roman
    Empire in the 1st century is…
       a. The pristine maintenance of Celtic languages in the British Isles
       b. The major high ways that followed the routs established by the Romans
       c. The uniformity of shared values in preparation of food across countries
       d. The establishments of a single currency across Europe

86. When the Spanish introduced horse into the Americas, the greatest effect on the lives on the plain’s
    Indian was that…
        a. Instead of running buffalos off peaks to kill them, they used horses to hunt
        b. The horse overgrazed the plains creating erosion problems
        c. The establishments of horse ended the nomadic lifestyle
        d. They killed the horses for food and used the hides for clothing and tents

87. Which statement best describes the effect of the development of barbed wire on the American west?
      a. It made settlers and ranchers depended on beef a food staple
      b. It encroached on the ranged land and land to the development of stable ranches
      c. It caused major outbreak of tetanus and nearly ruined the economy
      d. It leads to major overgrazing in concentrated areas and created a drought

88. How did the greening of swamp land near Fort Lauderdale affected Florida’s growth?
      a. The land became one of Florida’s best agriculture regions
      b. Hundreds of land spectators moved to the states
      c. Hundreds of jobs were created to develop the natural resources located there
      d. Development of the paper mills in this area leads to forest conservation problems

89. The economic development of the Canadian Province of Quebec and Ontario was influenced
    positively by the proximity
       a. Answer ---St. Lawrence

90. While the United States and Canada share a long boundary and many characteristics, those in
    Canada will have…
       a. A high standard of living and a low standard of education
       b. English as the predominant language
       c. A majority of the people living along the southern borders
       d. Large plain with arable farmland and natural resources

91. The US supreme courts calls of judicial review enable it to…
       a. Rule on state and local laws
       b. Determine the constitutionality of federal and state laws
       c. Vote on maters of impeachments of the president of the US
       d. Censure misconduct of members of both house of the US congress

92. An individual claims that another individual had wronged him. Which of he following actions would
    most likely settle the issue?
       a. Filing a civil law suit
       b. Writing a letter to the editor of the local newspaper
       c. Filing a criminal law suit
       d. Consulting a financial advisor

93. Which amendments are called the bill of rights?
      a. I-X (one to ten)

94. Which term accurately describes the preamble of the US constitution?
      a. Power of government
      b. Purpose of government
      c. Organization of government
      d. Limitation of government

95. According to the constitution which of the following has the power to remove the president?
       a. Supreme courts
       b. Cabinet
       c. Congress
       d. Retired general

96. Which is a constitutional responsibility of the legislative branch of the US?
      a. Declaration of war
      b. Issues of passports and visas
      c. Administration of laws
      d. Issuance of pardons or reprieves

97. To be elected president of the US a candidate must receive …
       a. Majority of popular vote
       b. Majority of electoral vote
       c. Plurality of popular votes
       d. Plurality of electoral votes

98. Which of the following executive department maintains most nationally owned public land and
    natural resources?
        a. Department of justice
        b. Department of agriculture
        c. Department of energy
        d. Interior

99. Which US federal agency is responsible for attempting to alleviate the housing problems in the US?
      a. HUD option c

100.   The relationship between social community and political institution is best illustrated by…
       a. Business, a crime watch committee, and the local police working together to prevention
       b. Off duty police man serving as a security guard for a gated community
       c. The community assisting high school teachers and students organizing a fund raiser to
          support their basketball team
       d. A bank conducting its share holder meeting at the local restaurant

101.   In the Persian Gulf War the US adapted which foreign policy to achieve its goals?
       a. Assumed an isolationist policy and ignoring the conflict while attempting to find a new oil

       b. Rallying its allies to protect friendly neighboring countries and punishing the invading
          country both economically and militarily until it withdraws
       c. Institute a war of safety diplomatic policy and holding sanction against the invading
          countries until it withdraws
       d. Pursuing a human right policy and providing financial aid to the oppressed country

102. The Arab oil embargo, began in 1973 after the US decision to aid Israel, was mostly the course
   of …
      a. The beginning of the Persian gulf war
      b. American farmers stopped selling their food products to the middle east
      c. American realized they did not have unlimited resources and needed flues
      d. The US was forced to withdraw its support for Israel

103.   Which is the only institution to insure depositors’ money
       a. Credit union
       b. Federal reserves
       c. The US mint
       d. Banks

104.   When a nation’s expenditure exceeds its revenue, the result is…
       a. An economic draught
       b. –
       c. Deficit
       d. Debit

105. Mary’s parents will buy her a 10,000 car or pay $5,000 towards her tuition. What will Mary’s
   opportunity cost be in choosing the tuition money?
      a. $0
      b. $5,000
      c. $10,000
      d. $15,000

106. Which primary resource would best present the condition under which the Rough Rider operated
   during Spanish world war?
       a. Biography of a rough rider
       b. Interview with the widow of a rough rider
       c. Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt
       d. History textbook covering the Spanish world war

107.   What was the principal contribution of Lorenzo De Medici to the Italian Renaissance?
       a. Patron of saints
       b. Patron of the arts
       c. Patron of military endeavors
       d. Patron of Rome

108.   The man considered being the principal author of the United States Constitution is…

       a.   Thomas Jefferson
       b.   George Washington
       c.   James Monroe
       d.   James Madison

109.   Clusters of catholic lived in the southeastern region of the US primarily because Catholics…
       a. Moved in from the northeast region of the US
       b. Arrived from European countries, especially Ireland
       c. Moved in from Latin America
       d. Converted from Protestantism

110.   In a lesson on geographic themes, a 5th grade class comparing and contrasting two maps
   showing the transportation routes of two different geographic areas is studying…
      a. Human-environment interaction
      b. Place
      c. Movement
      d. Region

111.   Which factor most likely would have influenced a medieval king in selecting a castle location?
       a. Moderate climate
       b. Proximity to the sea
       c. Natural barriers
       d. Proximity to a village

112.   Characteristic Guyana        Suriname        French Guyana
       Area ml2       83,000         63,250           35,000

       Historical colony controlled by       Dutch & English      Dutch & English      French
        Date of independence                        1966              1975              ------

Based on the information from the table, which of the following statement is a correct conclusion
relating to the geographic theme of a place?
        a. Having a small landmass contributes to achieving early independence
        b. Great Britten and the Netherlands both had colonies in Latin America
        c. Guyana is larger in area than Suriname and French Guyana combined
        d. The French are better at maintaining their colonial interest

113. The response of the people of the Netherlands is having nearly a quarter of the countries area
   below sea level has been…
       a. Justified the acquisition of over seas territories that remain colonies today
       b. Bargaining with neighboring nations to use farmlands as a seasonal basis
       c. Use reclamation, dikes, and polders to create and protest useable land
       d. Develop sate of the art under water habits using the latest technology

114.   The leading cause of rural to urban migration in Colombia and Venezuela is…
       a. A growing petroleum industry

       b. The reforestation of rural areas
       c. The replacement of commercial agriculture by the substance agriculture
       d. The climatic change due to the green house effect

115.   Countries that have a relatively warm climate with hot. Dry summer and mild winter are…
       a. Italy, Spain and Germany
       b. Spain, Belgium and Greece
       c. Italy, Spain and Greece
       d. Italy Greece and England

116.   A search warrant is required for
       a. Stopping and searching for reasonable suspension
       b. Investigating evidence that is in plain view
       c. Searching school lockers foe a contraband
       d. Examining the content of a hotel room

117. What were the objectives of the farmers of the US Constitution when they established the system
   of check and balance?
       a. To prevent one branch of government from dominating another
       b. To limit the power of the federal government
       c. To prevent entanglement of the foreign alliances
       d. To prevent ant political parties from dominating national policies

118. To appoint cabinet members and ambassadors, the president the US must have the consent of
   what group?
      a. Cabinet
      b. Senate
      c. House of representative
      d. Supreme court

119.   Settling legal disagreement between the state and the federal government is the duty of the…
       a. State supreme court
       b. Federal court
       c. County court
       d. State courts of appeal

120.   The ides that a ruler’s power has certain limits was originally stated in the…
       a. Constitution of the US
       b. Magna carta
       c. English bill of rights
       d. Declaration of independence

121. In the US legal system, the individual responsible of prosecuting legal offenders in criminal
   cases is the …
       a. a. District Attorney (option B)

122.   Following WW II the US joined with 11 other countries to form an alliance called the…
       a. United European Treaty Organization
       b. North Atlantic Treaty Organization
       c. United Nations
       d. League of nation

123.   A consumer’s first payment on a loan payment serves almost entirely to pay…
       a. The interest

124.   Which institutions can make personal loans?
       a. Bank and the federal reserves
       b. The federal reserve and brokerage firms
       c. Banks and credit unions
       d. The US treasury and credit unions

125.   A person could decrease fixed expense by
       a. Getting a job that pays higher wages
       b. Moving to a less expensive apartment
       c. Spending less on clothing and shoe
       d. Avoiding impulse purchases

126. If the US eliminated its tariff on cars, and Japan maintain tariff on cars, the price of imports cars
   to the US consumers would…
       a. Decline, and the demand for US exports products would stay the same
       b. Decline, and the demand for US exports products would decline
       c. Increase, and the demand for US exports products would decline
       d. Increase, and the demand for US exports products would stay the same

127. The area of a free market economy that relies more heavily on human resources and less heavily
   on natural recourse is the…
       a. Service sector
       b. Agriculture sector
       c. Manufacturing sector
       d. Mining sector

128. The main reason for US companies moving their factories overseas is that many developing
      a. Have more natural resources
      b. Have cheaper distribution system
      c. Have more stringent pollution control
      d. Can provide cheaper labor force

129. The study of which discipline necessitates resources to document such as private sources,
   humanity and biographies?

       a.   Geography
       b.   History
       c.   Economics
       d.   Psychology

130. The best method for determining whether a student understands the sequence of events that led
   to the outbreak of the civil war is to have the student…
       a. Recite in chronological order, from an appendix in the textbook, the pertinent dates during
           the 25 years preceding the civil war
       b. Work in group with other students, following a unit study of the era, to construct a flow chart
           indicating at least 5 causal events leading to war
       c. Read a primary source document written by a confederate general explaining the outbreak of
           the civil war
       d. Conduct an opinion survey, including at least 20 students and 20 adults about the primary
           causes of the civil war


131. Using circuit station that includes a horizontal ladder, rope climb, and a climbing wall would
   improve students…
      a. Cardiovascular endurance
      b. Muscular endurance
      c. Power
      d. Speed

132.   The ability of improved flexibility is reduced…
       a. Probability of muscular degeneration
       b. Muscle mass
       c. Cardiovascular fitness
       d. Hand eye coordination

133.   Which nutrient is mostly deficient in children’s diet?
       a. Calcium, phosphors, and vitamin B
       b. Iron, calcium and vitamin A&C
       c. Iron, fluoride, vitamin B1 & B10
       d. Iron, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin

134. The most appropriate augmentation strategy used to help students practice a specific life skill as
   a health behavior is…
       a. Contacts
       b. Evidentiary
       c. Observation
       d. Intervention

135.   Fluoride deficiency is commonly known to contribute to…
       a. Dental care

       b. Goiter
       c. Molting of tooth enamel
       d. Osteoporosis

136.   The risk factor of diabetes that can be modified is.
       a. Age
       b. Obesity
       c. Heredity
       d. Race/ ethnicity

137.   Which system enables movements of the body?
       a. Respiratory
       b. Circulatory
       c. Muscular
       d. Cardiovascular

138. A first grade class has been involved in learning a variety of fundamental loco-motor skills. The
   students have just finished learning to jump properly; the teacher is planning a beginning lesson
   emphasizing hopping. The best initial activity for the children would be to practice hopping…
       a. For distance
       b. In place on either foot
       c. Over a low rope
       d. To specific spots on the floor

139. Which of the following methods is the most appropriate practice to finding games and or
   forming groups for an elementary class?
      a. Education plan with the student skill level in mind
      b. The class pose the official rule so that the students can learn them
      c. Student captain publicly select group members
      d. The teacher select games to keep the students busy and happy

140.   Which topic would be LEAST appropriate to teach in early elementary grade?
       a. Symptoms of chronic diseases
       b. Good personal hygiene
       c. The relationship between good personal hygiene and disease prevention
       d. Growth difference common to children

141.   What will be the least constructive methods to solve conflict in relationship?
       a. Addressing the problem not the person
       b. Taking time to cool down
       c. Telling your partner what you do not like about him or her
       d. Telling your partner what you like about him or her

142.   Which of the following is LEAST effective in helping student manage stress?
       a. Physical activity
       b. Progressive muscle relaxation

       c. Video game
       d. Deep breathing techniques

143.   What is the body initial physiological response to stress?
       a. Adrenaline is produced to the anti body in a state of readiness
       b. All body functions slowdown resulting in a chemical lethargy
       c. Blood diverted from the large muscle goes to the brain for clear thinking
       d. Protein in metabolized to produced an immediate source of energy for action

144. In a human sexuality lesson on chills sexual abuse for elementary students, which topic would be
   LEAST appropriate?
     a. Difference between good touching and bad touching

145. The consequences for children who have grown in alcoholic homes are that as adults, they are at
   greater risk to…
       a. Becoming alcoholic
       b. Becoming involved in drug trafficking
       c. Becoming less productive worker
       d. Becoming more prone to accidental injuries

146. Fourth grade students are asked to design a food guide pyramid. Which of the following will be
   the most appropriate for this project?
       a. Health related videos
       b. Computer programs
       c. Health related magazines
       d. Daily newspaper

147.   Helping students to achieve a successful non-violence solution to problem is called …
       a. Stress management
       b. Special health
       c. Self acceptance
       d. Conflict mediation

148. Florida residence living in coastal areas should practice evacuation procedures on which of the
   following severe weather bulletin is issued?
       a. Tropical storms
       b. Tornado watch
       c. Severe thunder storm
       d. Hurricane warning

149.   Which activity is most appropriate for enhancing balancing in first students?
       a. Building pyramids
       b. Jumping over lines
       c. Vaulting
       d. Walking vines

150. An objective that ask student to understand why they should step forward on the opposite foot in
   throwing hatching is…
       a. Affective objective
       b. Cognitive objective
       c. Psychomotor odjective
       d. Management objective

151. The most important consideration in providing a safe environment for physical activities in the
   beginning of the school year is to provide time for students to…
      a. Develop and practice class set rules
      b. Learn and practice sporting techniques
      c. Learn how to inspect sporting equipments’
      d. Run off excess energy

152.   Increased TV viewing by children has resulted in…
       a. Decrease playtime
       b. Decrease public support of physical education
       c. Increase knowledge of need of healthy safe life
       d. Increase participation in leisure activity


153.   Which example below is most appropriate for performance by a fifth grade cores?
       a. Halleluiah cores (handle)
       b. My little duckling (traditional)
       c. American folk song
       d. Requiem (Mozart)

154.   Which strategy will help extend children vocal range?
       a. Play recording of different people singing
       b. Ask them to list 10 sounds they can with their inner “ear”
       c. Use their voice to make siren sounds
       d. Ask them if learning to listen carefully is essential to learning to sing

155. When Mariah plays the Autoharp she produces an annoying dissonant sound. The most likely
   course of this of this problem is…
      a. Strumming too high
      b. Holding the pick in the wrong hand
      c. Playing too fast
      d. Pushing the cord bars too lightly

156.   What are the names of the treble cleft staff from low to high?
       a. A C E G
       b. A G E D F
       c. G D E F H

       d. F A C E

157. Country-Western styles music developed with instruments that are easy to carry and easy to
   repair, commonly uses…
       a. Guitar, harmonica and violins
       b. Flutes, harps and trumpet
       c. Castanets, tambourines and cymbals
       d. Kazoos, maracas, and recorders

158. Music that follows rules of forms, is mathematically precise, and is predictable, such as the
   music of J.S Bach and G.S. Handle is an example from which period in music history?
      a. Baroque
      b. Classical
      c. Romantic
      d. Contemporary

159. Which statement most accurately reflects what a teacher should do to teach the aesthetic of
      a. Help student become aware of qualities to evoke feelings, sounds as if evoke feelings
      b. Stress accuracy in rules, rhythm, and technical accuracy
      c. Provide information on insight into historical time and culture that produce the music
      d. Use objective terms, adjectives

160. To best keep the interest of all students during class session, a teacher should make use of
      a. In a variety of style
      b. From the master
      c. In all styles

161. To ensure that a student knows how to play the notes B-A-G on the recorder, the teacher should
   ask the student to…
       a. Take a written test on the rules of the notes
       b. Perform the notes on the recorder
       c. Know the notes as the teacher plays them
       d. Draw the notes
162. Which concept is best taught through the objective listed below?
       Singing a song with number of ---
       Playing pitch patterns
       Listening and following scores
       a. tinere
       b. Rhythmic notation
       c. Melodic notation
       d. Art of singing

163.   What scale is shown in the music note?
       a. G major

       b. ggg minor
       c. B major
       d. Bbb minor

164.   In teaching a lesson on how to create music, a teacher should remember that children…
       a. Must be able to read music before they can create it
       b. Must be able to create both an original melody and original pattern to create music
       c. Must focus attention on the melodic contour of their creation
       d. Require a structure frame work from which to create

165. When analyzing a selection of classroom related activity, what should be the teacher’s primary
      a. Have the student heard this before
      b. Was this piece composed for children this age
      c. What can I help children hear in this music
      d. In what key is this written?


166. When using charcoal and pastels in the classroom, what is the most important safety precaution
   for a teacher to take?
       a. Instruct the students to avoid smearing and smudging of their drawing to eliminate dust
       b. Have student substitute hair spray to aerosol spray fixative because hair spray is less toxic
           and cost less
       c. Have student use aerosol spray in a large open hallway or corridor
       d. Have student use aerosol spray in areas that have adequate ventilation preferably outside

167.   Average mixed media can be best descried as…
       a. A combination of objects such as books, food, etc that an artist arranges for a subject matter
       b. The qualities of the- relationships among one or more of the elements
       c. The use of more then one art material
       d. Area of the –collecting multiple copies of a single painting

168. A student makes a design using orange and blue and the most important colors. These colors are
   known as
      a. Arbitrary
      b. Tertiary
      c. Complementary
      d. Supplementary

169. Mr. William’s 6th grade class is getting the idea of – modern culture. The idea will best be
   exemplified by the painting of…
      a. Edward Munch
      b. Grant Wood
      c. Andrew Wythe

       d. Claude Monett

170.   French impressionist painters were primarily concerned with…
       a. Inner feeling and imagination
       b. The quest for order
       c. Everyday experience
       d. The observation of…

171.   What painting style depended on accident and hence, with no attempts represent subject matter…
       a. Abstract expression
       b. Fauvism
       c. Post impressionism
       d. Romanticism

172. To assess 5th graders knowledge of the concept about the chronology of Michael Angelo’s life
   the teacher should have the students…
       a. Take a test on Michael Angelo’s life
       b. Construct time line of events of Michael Angelo’s life
       c. Research and write individual reports on Michael Angelo’s life
       d. Give oral report about Michael Angelo’s life

                                           Part II

173.   A chemical reaction involves…
       a. Both the release and absorption of energy

174.   Which of the following describes the mass of an electron?
       a. It is equal to the mass of proton
       b. It is greater then the mass of proton
       c. It is negligible
       d. It is immeasurable

175.   Which sub atomic particle is negatively charged?
       a. Proton
       b. Neutron
       c. Electron
       d. Meson

176. A 2nd grade teacher wants to know the principles of invisible energy. Which material will she
      a. Candle and match
      b. Magnet and iron filling
      c. Battery and flashlight
      d. Piece of wood and saw

177. If a vibrating anchored at each end were shortened in length with tension remaining constant, one
   would notice an apparent…
      a. Volume increase
      b. Pitch increase
      c. Pitch decrease
      d. Volume decrease

178.   Which of the following is generally associated with causing common sunburns?
       a. Infra red rays
       b. Cosmic rays
       c. Ultra violet rays
       d. X-rays

179.   Which of the following is an example of compound?
       a. Ink
       b. Milk
       c. Salt

180.   Atoms that differ in number of neutrons are called…
       a. Ions
       b. Allotropes
       c. Isotopes

181.   The measurement used to determine the warmness or coldness of a body is called?
       a. Thermal energy
       b. Humidity
       c. Temperature
       d. Kinetic energy

182.   Which force is related to the concentration of a bungee cord?
       a. Electrostatic
       b. Nuclear
       c. Static
       d. Elastic

183.    Which type of simple machine is used when a screwdriver is used to open a can of paint?
       a. Incline pain
       b. Lever
       c. Pulley
       d. Wheel axel

184.   The appropriate change in frequency when the suns ray approaches an observer is referred to …
       a. Red shift
       b. Doppler effect
       c. A parallax

185.   The purpose of a convex lens in the eyepiece of a telescope is to…
       a. Bring the distant object into focus
       b. Converge the ray so they will be directed to the eye
       c. Produce a real image of the distance object
       d. Magnify the distance of object

186.   The speed of light…
       a. The same as the speed of sound wave
       b. Two variable to be considered a universal constant
       c. So fast that light travels instantly cover across galaxies
       d. The same as the speed as x-ray

187.   Two objects with opposite electrostatic charge will have…
       a. No effect on one another
       b. Attract one another
       c. Repel one another
       d. Have no discharge between them

188. When a bulb burns out in an electronic circuit all of the other bulbs also go out. This is an
   example of what type of circuit?
      a. Series

189. A large metal disk suspended on a crane is used to hoist an entire automobile. This disk
   combines the power of magnetism with…
      a. Nuclear power
      b. Solar energy
      c. Electricity
      d. Gravity

190.   A transformer works with…
       a. Electricity
       b. Solar energy
       c. Batteries
       d. Alternating currents

191. A power uses plant to generate electricity. The heat is produced by fission of 28 grams of
   uranium ore, which is equal to 60 metric tons of coal. The main form of energy used in the power
   plant to generate electricity is …
       a. Electrical energy
       b. Chemical energy
       c. Nuclear energy
       d. Radiant energy

192. Fossil remains of a certain species found in Africa and South America in deep layers of bedrock
   would indicate that the rock is…

       a.   Metamorphic
       b.   Of similar age
       c.   Pre Cambria
       d.   Dark in color

193.   Marble, serpentine, and Schist are examples of which kind of rock?
       a. Sedimentary
       b. Magma
       c. Igneous
       d. _____

194.   In the hydrologic cycle which of the following events occurs in the process of transpiration?
       a. Water is released into the air
       b. Water is absorbed in the air
       c. Rain droplets are transformed into sleets
       d. Water droplets are transformed into rain droplets

195.   The heat transfer process of conduction is defined as…
       a. Transfer of energy from atom to atom in a substance through collision
       b. Mass transport of energetic particles in a substance
       c. Emission of electro magnetic energy in the form of waves
       d. Release of energy by combining light atoms to form heavier atoms

196.   Hawaiian island are example of…
       a. An island…
       b. Island building occurring over a hot spot
       c. Short block information

197.   Fossils of seashell formed along a mountain range most likely indicate that…
       a. This portion of the earths crust was once part of the ocean flow and moves as a result of crust
       b. This portion of the earth crust folded near a coast line thus exposing the earth crust to sea life
       c. This portion of the earth crust was subcauted in the ocean and later exposed.
       d. Coral islands or sea shells appeared ______ an ______

198. Weather for Thursday October 5th 2001 lows and highs: a map shows two cold fronts and the
   pressure system associated with each. Based on the map the most accurate forecast is:
       a. A lower temperature in the west on Friday and sun in Florida

199. Pre-existing rocks that is transformed by high heat and or extreme pressure into new rocks is
       a. Igneous
       b. Sedimentary
       c. Metamorphic
       d. Precipitated

200.   Atmospheric ozone depletion by fluorocarbons would…
       a. Cause rapid growth of all
       b. Significantly cool the lower atmosphere
       c. Allow more ultraviolet radiation to reach the surface of the earth
       d. Cause sun light to be intolerably brighter

201.   What microorganism produces the “red tide” in Florida’s golf waters?
       a. Coccid bacteria
       b. Dinoflogelladis
       c. Amoebas
       d. Fungi

202. Mark and Trina conducted a project in their physical science class. They recorded the
   temperature of container of water each minute for 5 minutes. Their recordings are shown below with
   time and corresponding temperatures: 1 minute-20oC. 2 minutes 24oC. 3 minutes-27 oC, 4 minutes-
   31oC, 5 minutes___oC?
      a. 38
      b. 31
      c. 34
      d. 37

203. A 1st grade teacher is planning a classification activity with a verity of un shield nuts. According
   to Jean Piaget’s theory of intellectuals’ development, which of the following direction to the students
   would be most appropriate?
       a. Group all pecans together, all brazil nut together and so on
       b. Group all the nut which are identical together
       c. Group all the nut I have give you into two groups
       d. Group all nuts so that the ones that are identical in some way are together

204. A teacher is giving state adapted instructional materials that include knowledge of activities
   using chemicals. Which of the following is the right assumption of the teacher?
       a. All the chemical in the activities in the instructional materials are acceptable for the use of
       b. It is the teacher responsibility to determine which material are acceptable for use in the
       c. The chemical are appropriate for the grade level for which the instructional materials are
       d. The procedures for use of chemical as described in the instructional materials are safe

205.   Thundershowers usually accompany the arrival of what find of front?
       a. Cold
       b. ______
       c. Stationary
       d. Warm

206. Transpiration, evaporation, precipitation, condensation, run-off, and infiltration are associated
   with what process?
      a. Green house effect
      b. Carbon dioxide
      c. Hydrologic cycle
      d. Ozone depletion

207.   A way to decrease run off land is to increase…
       a. Plant vegetation
       b. The slope of the land
       c. The size of the rock on the land
       d. The number of the rocks on the land

208.   The color of the stars is determined by…
       a. Temperature

209.   The earth’s ocean tide are directly related to…
       a. The sun
       b. The moon

210.   Waning the moon is it appear to be…
       a. A full moon
       b. A new moon
       c. Becoming large
       d. Becoming smaller

211.   How does the sun compare with the average star?
       a. About the same is temperature and luminosity
       b. Higher in temperature and lower in luminosity
       c. Lower in luminosity
       d. Higher in temperature and in luminosity

212. Which is the best way for a 2nd grade teacher to help students understand what causes day and
      a. Get a globe a piece of clay and a bright source. Stick the clay on the city where the student
           live and rotate the globe while holding the light still. Have students determine which position
           in the rotation represents represent day or night for the piece of clay.

213.   A crystal is a non-living organism because…
       a. It does not change
       b. It does not grow
       c. It does not respond to stimuli
       d. It is composed of molecules

214.   Many anti bodies that are beneficial for humans are produced…
       a. White blood cells

       b. In red blood cells
       c. By blue-green algae
       d. By molds

215.   An activity considered necessary for continuation of an organism’s life is …
       a. Reproduction
       b. Thermal insulation
       c. Protein synthesis
       d. Photosynthesis

216.   What is the function of the mitochondria?
       a. Digestion of food
       b. Release of energy
       c. Synthesis of protein
       d. Transmission of nerve pulse

217.   In the human brain, which of the following is closely associated with motor control?
       a. Medulla and hypothalamus
       b. Mid brain and tons
       c. Frontal lobe and cerebellum
       d. Thalamus and partial lobe

218.   Production of energy in the cells occurs primarily in the…
       a. Chloroplast
       b. Mitochondria
       c. Ribosome
       d. Liposome

219. During a plant growth unit, students place one group of plants in the sun another group of plant
   in the dark. This experiment demonstrates
       a. Respiration
       b. Photosynthesis
       c. Transpiration

220.   The life cycle of a butterfly is an example of…
       a. Parthenogenesis
       b. Hybridization
       c. Incomplete metamorphosis
       d. Complete metamorphosis

221.   Which of the following represent the flow of blood from the left atrium to the left ventricle?
       a. Aorta, arteries, capillaries, veins, vena cava
       b. Arteries, aorta, capillaries, vena cava
       c. Arterioles, Arteries, capillaries, veins, veinules
       d. Vena cava, Arteries, veinules, capillaries, veins

222.   In most ecosystem bacteria and fungi perform an important role as:
       a. Autotrophs
       b. Decomposers
       c. Hatarotroths
       d. Photo synthesizers

223.   Coral reefs are said to be in danger of extinction through pollution. What process is occurring?
       a. Pollution often increase algae production coral reef are extremely sensitive to…
       b. Algae, which need sunlight, survive living inside the coral reef. The algae produce the
          nutrient and oxygen necessary to the coral reef polyps.
       c. Coral reef needs cooler warmer temperatures. Because of the pollutions, the temperature of
          the ocean is rising, endangering the habitat necessary for the coral polyps to reproduce.

224. Viceroy, King and Monarch resemble each other. Although the Monarch is the only one
   poisonous, most birds avoid all three species. This represents which type of adaptations.
       a. Mimicry
       b. Camouflage
       c. Competition
       d. Avoidance

225.   Why is recycling aluminum desirable?
       a. Recycled aluminum is more pure then aluminum
       b. Aluminum is a slow renewable resource
       c. Less energy is required by recycling aluminum than producing from ore

226.   What process is used to group chemicals according to their physical properties?
       a. Observing
       b. Measuring
       c. Predicting
       d. Classifying

227. A 3rd grade teacher is exploring the concept of control and variable in science experiment. The
   class decides to grow as a part of this unit. Which set of variables is the most realistic to control in
   the classroom?
       a. Nutrients, temperature, water
       b. Light, soil, water

228.   What instrument detect radioactivity/
       a. Geiger counter
       b. Seismograph
       c. Computer
       d. Barometer

229.   Which is a shelf storage technique?
       a. Store no chemical above eye level

230. Which of the statements below appropriately describes the conditions of science and or
   technology in our society today…
                   I.      Science has had both positive and negative influence on societal decision
                   II.     Moral and ethical beliefs of individuals determine the way science is applied
                   III.    The controversy over controlling or not controlling what phase of science to
                   IV.     Advances in science and technology have made it unnecessary to cud human
                           population growth.
     a. (I x II) b. (I x IV) c. (II x III) d. (I x III)

231. A science project has generated extensive numerical data. Which kind of computer software
   program would be used in working out all the calculation?
      a. Electronic spreadsheet
      b. Data base software
      c. Word process
      d. Graphic software

232. A teacher must compile information on each of his students, such as phone numbers, addresses,
   parents, and special courses, exceptionalities. Which of the following could be most effectively used
   to record this information, store it over time and make changes up date?
       a. Internet
       b. Class role chart
       c. Spread sheet
       d. Color coded file folders

233.   What advantage can peer drill program have over expert practice activities?
       a. Providing a wider variety of problems
       b. Identifying and reinforcing weak areas
       c. Generating more difficult problems
       d. Conducting timed tests

234. Given an assignment of using the computer to prepare a list of geographical location. Where can
   one find examples of fossilized substances?
      a. Perform a search using one of the internet search engines

235. Teachers from several schools around the states would lick to meet after school once a month to
   discuss education issues. Which mechanism would be most effective in stimulating interest and
   simultaneously providing immediate response to each other?
       a. Web page
       b. Video conference
       c. Real time electronic mail search
       d. News letter

236. A 2nd grade teacher brings an interactive computer game that is used to improve math skills
   dramatically. For a teacher to incorporate all these skill into lessons for all his students, he should:

       a. Purchase a slide license for his class so that the game can be loaded on several computers for
          all students to use.

237. The Ramirez family planned for gold on their recent vacation to California then recorded their
   findings in this chart with family member and his/her corresponding number of ounces of gold: Luis
   14/10; Maria 1.87;Norma 6.24; Gabriel 16/6. Which of the family members received the second
   largest ounces of gold?
       a. Gabriel
       b. Luis
       c. Maria
       d. Norma

238.   The expression (52) 2 is equivalent to
       a. 30
       b. 125
       c. 625
       d. 15626

239.   In general, multiplication can be defined by the equation: ab=c only if b=c-a
       a. b=c-a
       b. b=ac
       c. b=a/c provided c is not equal to zero

240. A school purchases computers for students to use at the cost of $824.o6 each. The ration of
   students available for each computer is 8.682 students. Which of the following would be the most
   appropriate mental computation?
       a. 800/9
       b. 820/9
       c. 824/8.1
       d. 900/8

241.   Which equation illustrates the property of the identity element of addition?
       a. 7+3=3+7
       b. (7+3)=1
       c. 3+-3=0
       d. 3+0=3

242.   Find the greatest common factor (GCF) of 36,135,144.
       a. 3
       b. 9
       c. 12
       d. 16

243. Curtis just purchased 3 shirt, 1 skirt, and 2 pairs of shoes. She would like to compute the change
   she should receive from $100.00 bill. Which operation should she use last?
       a. Addition
       b. Division
       c. Multiplication
       d. Subtraction

244.   The average of 5 scores is X. what is the new average if a 6th scores of 100?
       a. 5x +100
       b. 6/5x +100
       c. 5x +100 all over 6
       d. X+100 – 5/6(100-x)

245. Two matchboxes can be stacked in two different ways as shown. The boxes are identical. Which
   of the following statements are true about the boxes.
       a. Fig A and fig B have the same surface area
       b. Fig A has more surface area then fig B
       c. Fig B has more volume then fig A
       d. Fig A has more volume then fig B

246. Mrs. Michaels has installed a new more powerful sprinkler system, but the new system will go
   20 meters farther then the old system picture below. What is the circumference of the spraying area
   of the new system?
       a. 125.6 meters
       b. 188.4 meters
       c. 314.3 meters
       d. 439.6 meters

247. John wants to cover his workbench with 10 cm vinyl tiles. The surface of the bench is 3.4 meter
   square. How many tiles are needed to cover the bench?
      a. 340,000
      b. 34,000
      c. 3,400
      d. 340

248.   Estimate average height of an adult male
       a. 180 inches
       b. 180mm
       c. 180cm
       d. 180m

249.   A regular polygon has eight sides. Find the measure of an exterior angle of the polygon…
       a. 45
       b. 135
       c. 180
       d. 1440

250. Find the sum of the interior angle of the polygon shown in the figure (a pentagon that looks like
   a house).
       a. 108
       b. 180
       c. 360
       d. 540

251.   Line AB represents which of the following?                      .
       a. The ray with end point B extending to point A
       b. The ray with end point A extending to point B

252.   Comparing two triangles
       a. Reflection
       b. Translation
       c. Rotation
       d. Tessellation

253.   Identify the coordinates of the vertexes of triangle PQR…
       a. P (4,1) Q (0, -4) R (-3, -1)

254.   Find the eighth term of the geometric sequence: -9, 36, -144,
       a. 147456
       b. –147456
       c. 589824
       d. –589824

255. An athlete swam 100 yards in 52 seconds. To the nearest 10th, what was the average number of
   feet per second traveled?
       a. 0.2 feet per second
       b. 0.5 feet per second
       c. 1.9 feet per second
       d. 5.8 feet per second

256. The altitude to the base of an isosceles triangle is 6. If each of the equal sides measures 10 find
   the length of the base.
       a. 4
       b. 8
       c. 16
       d. 64

257. The weekly wages of 7 employees are shown below: 180, 340, 360, 714, 300, 256, and 180. Find
   the range
       a. 180
       b. 256
       c. 319

       d. 534

258. A customer decides to give a tip to a waiter of only one coin randomly selected from 8 coins
   from his pocket. What are the odds of his giving the waiter a quarter if he has 3 quarters, 2 half
   dollars, and 1 dime and 2 pennies?
       a. 3:5
       b. 5:3
       c. 3:8
       d. 5:8

259. A graph showing actual and predicted rainfall. Determine the month with the largest difference
   between the actual and predicted rainfall.
      a. August

260.   Pie chart rate of AIDS with African American 37%, Caucasians 47%, Hispanic 15% other 1 %.
       a. The rate of aids patients is highest among Caucasians

261.   Which activity is most appropriate to introduce geometric shapes to a 1st grade class?
       a. Have students draw various geometric shapes on graph paper

262. Which instructional aid would be most appropriate to introduce the concept of “place values of 3
   digit numbers” to a 2nd grade class?
       a. Counting beads
       b. Jelly beans
       c. Pattern block
       d. Base 10 blocks

263.   Calculators can be used most effectively in an elementary school for …
       a. Introducing mathematical concepts
       b. Eliminating grills
       c. Solving word problems
       d. Estimating answers

264. Sections of this cake have been decorated either with chocolate or vanilla icing. Which of the
   following best describes the area covered by icing?
       a. 0.25

265.   Which of the following numbers is the largest?
       a. 2/6=3.33
       b. .2/6=0.33
       c. .2/6=0.03

266. Company XYZ has s total monthly payment of 6894 of which 1447.74 is for employee fringe
   benefits. What percent of the total payroll goes for fringe benefits?
      a. 4.76%
      b. 14%

       c. 21%
       d. 25%

267.   Calculator using scientific notation will display 7,000,000 as which of the following?
       a. 7X106

268.   Calculator using scientific notation will display 3,200,000 as which of the following?

269.   In general subtraction can be defined by which equation?
       a. x-y=z provided that z+y=x

270. A sweater is marked 25% off the original price. Which expression represents the cost of the
   sweater after mark down?
      a. P-025

271. In the latest census of a state, it was found that 62.4% of the population is Caucasian and 87.3%
   of the population was right handed. To estimate the population of Caucasian right handed people,
   which of the following will be the most appropriate mental computation?
       a. .5 x. 9
       b. .6 x. 87
       c. .6 x .9
       d. .62 x.87

272.   Find the least common multiple (LCM) of 12,15,20
       a. 60

273.   Which equation illustrates the property of he identity element of addition?
       a. 7+3=3+7
       b. 3 1/3=1
       c. 3+1/3=0
       d. 3+0=3

274. Find the perimeter of a rectangle of a rectangle ABCD with a side of 8 inches and a diagonal of
   10 inches as shown in the diagram.
       a. 28

275. A school district has a stop sign with a side of 8 inches. Each side will be extended by 2 inches.
   What will the perimeter of the new stop sign?
     a. 80 inches

276.   Sprinkler has a radius of 50 feet. What is the maximum circumference this sprinkler can cover?
       a. 314

277.   A box contains 1.5 lbs of nuts. How many 8 oz. Bags can be made from the box?
       a. 3

278. A contractor is tiling a bathroom with an area of 36 square feet. How many square yards of area
   is he working on?
       a. 4 square yards

279.   Estimate the capacity of a family swimming pool.
       a. 10 ml
       b. 10l
       c. 10kl
       d. 10 gallon

280.   Which unit will be most appropriate for measuring a prescribed dose of medicine?
       a. L
       b. Cup
       c. Pint
       d. Ml

281.   Given that line m is parallel to line n, angle 3 and angle 7 are what type of angle?
       a. Corresponding angles

282.   Two planes that do not intercept are called?
       a. Parallel

283.   What is the total measure of the interior angles of the geometric shape?
       a. 1800

284. What is the length of one of the equal sides of the triangle with a perimeter of 32 inches and a
   base of 8 inches?
      a. 12

285.   If a triangle has exactly 1 angle that is 600, how is the triangle classified in every case?
       a. Acute
       b. Equilateral
       c. Scalene
       d. Obtuse

286. The diagonals of a quadrilateral are congruent perpendicular bisectors of each other. Identify the
      a. Rhombus
      b. Rectangle
      c. Square
      d. Parallelogram

287.   Triangle ZWVT has two congruent sides as marked. What are the two-conguuent angles?
       a. WVZ and VZW

288.   In the congruent triangles below, find the measure of RT..
       a. RT= 15

289.   A student typed 3750 words in 1 hr 15 min. Find his average words per minute?
       a. 50

290. A worker packs 105 cases of candles. Each case contains 12 boxes. In 1.5 hours how many boxes
   of candles were packed per minutes.
       a. 7
       b. 8
       c. 14
       d. 18

291. How much pure anti freeze must be added to 10 gal of 10% antifreeze solution to increase its
   concentration to 60 % anti freeze? If X represents the number of pure antifreeze solution, what is the
   correct statement of the problem?
       a. .4(10+x) = .6(10+x)
       b. .4(10) = .6(10+x)
       c. .4(10+x) =. (10)
       d. .4(10) + x = .6(x+10)

292. Laser printer prints 30 pages of document at 4 pages per minute. After 6 minutes how many
   pages of document remains to be printed
      a. 30-4x

293. A company earns the following commissions on saleslastyear: 12811, 17750, 27092, 32253,
   37354, 49584, and 98583. Find the mean commission for this company.
      a. 35772
      b. 39418
      c. 32400
      d. 32253

294. Two yellow and three red marbles are placed in a box. One marble is drawn and a second is
   drawn without being replacement. What is the probability that both will be red?
      a. 3/10
      b. 3/5
      c. 1/10
      d. 9/20

295. In a multiple choice test the probability of getting the correct answer by guessing alone is 20%.
   What are the odds against getting the correct answer by pure guessing?
     a. 4:5
     b. 1:4
     c. 4:1
     d. 5:4

296. Burritos are served with various choices of three layers of toppings. Customers may choose one
   of the following as they wish: beans, beef, chicken. They may choose on vegetable topping, lettuce,
   tomatoes, onions, or olives. They may also choose one condiment topping, souse. Cream,
   guacemoun, cheese or salsa. How many different burritos can be made from all these choices?
       a. 11
       b. 24
       c. 38
       d. 48

297. According to the graph, what is the range of average monthly temperature in Ottawa from April
   to November?
       a. 4

298. A family annual income is 25,000. If the family spends 30% on food and 10% on clothing, how
   much of the annual income was spent on food and clothing?
      a. 4000
      b. 10000
      c. 7500
      d. 25000

299.   The turtle population in Citrus Hill was as follows:
1790    100,000
1980     87500
1990     75000
2000     62500

   If the trend continues, when will the turtle population be extinct?
        a. 2030
        b. 2040
        c. 2050
        d. 2060

300. Two guys are biking at different rates. Determine from the graph when both bikers will cross
   each other.
      a. 11 minutes

301. After teaching the concept of addition with addends, an appropriate application will be to have
   the students find what?
       a. Volume of the classroom
       b. Area of the classroom
       c. Length of the classroom
       d. Perimeter of the classroom

302. The best instruction methods most appropriate in 3rd grade for learning and creating graphs will
   be to:
       a. Allow the students to tally their math scores and graphs using these scores

303. When students are using the calculator to solve a division problem. Which of the following
   should be entered first?
      a. Quotient
      b. Dividend
      c. Divisor
      d. Division symbol

304.  A child calculated a subtraction problem incorrectly and arrives at the following answer: 782
     = 544
Which statement is most valued assessment of her error?
      a. The student does not have mastery of the basic subtraction facts
      b. The student regroup directly from hundreds to ones
      c. The student subtracted the smaller number from the bigger number
      d. The student regroup unnecessarily


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