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                                1st – 6th September, 2006

Spain - 06/09/2006                                      The sixty fraternities of the movement in Eu-
European meeting of the Champagnat                      rope were represented by forty-two partici-
Movement                                                pants (thirty-three laypeople and nine broth-
MANY WAYS OF REALISING THE SAME                         ers) with the accompaniment of Brothers
LIFE PROJECT                                            Pedro Herreros, C.G., and Pau Fornells, di-
                                                        rector of the Institute’s Bureau for the Laity,
From the 10th to the 13th August, the first             and with delegations from Spain, France,
European Meeting of leaders of the                      Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Greece
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family                and Syria.
took place at the Cardinal Cisneros University          Starting with the slogan of the meeting, “To
school in Alcala de Henares (Madrid - Spain).           be Marists, a passion that is always new!” we
This meeting is part of the Movement’s                  proposed three fundamental objectives:
awareness and animation programme by the                1. To have a mutual knowledge of our frater-
Bureau for the Laity, which started last No-            nities from the five Provinces of Europe and
vember with the first American Meeting held             to study our way of structuring, encouraging
at Fusagasuga (Colombia).                               and forming ourselves, as well as our activi-
                                                        ties and commitments, etc.
                UPDATE              Number 224       Rome, August 31 , 2006              page 2

2. To reflect together on the identity of the      c) To intensify the use of the already existing
Movement in Europe: a Marist lay identity,         means of communication: web page, the blog
the role of the brother in the fraternities, be-   on the laity, e-mails, magazines, etc. to ex-
longing to the Church, etc.                        change information and reflection material, to
3. To consider the future of the Movement:         give information about meetings for formation
structure for a better development, the role       and retreats, to maintain contact between
that the Bureau for the Laity can fulfil, the      fraternities and with the Bureau for the Laity,
way of sharing our experiences and our re-         etc.
sources in the region and in the Institute, etc.   Here are some points of view expressed by
The atmosphere was very fraternal and the          the participants in the final evaluation of the
family spirit helped to break down the barriers    meeting:
of language and diversity. Marcellin’s desire      * I feel a great joy in seeing so many people
for one heart and one soul was something           on the same journey as myself, even if I am
that was very easy to translate by words and       very much aware of need to make more pro-
gestures that were repeated throughout the         gress.
entire meeting. The time seemed too brief for      * I am returning home with a great feeling of
so many things that we wanted to share and         confidence and of hope. I have felt encour-
to learn from others. At the end, a very strong    aged to participate in our fraternities through
feeling dominated: the Spirit predicts a           everything that I have heard and all that has
splendid future for the Movement in Europe.        been discussed in our meetings.
There are many expectations and concerns;          * I feel filled with the Spirit, confidant, moti-
there is a lot of creativity and daring and the    vated, interested. I would like to stress the
will to grow.                                      feeling of fraternity towards all.
                                                   * I feel I am a member of a large family, inte-
                                                   grated, encouraged, sustained. I was very
                                                   encouraged by our interest and our desire to
                                                   advance, to grow, knowing that many more
                                                   things unite us than separate us.
                                                   * I leave enchanted and enthusiastic, know-
                                                   ing that I belong to a movement that is fun-
                                                   damental in my life. I knew this already, but
                                                   the meeting has completely confirmed this.
                                                   * I am happy to feel part of the Movement
                                                   and to see many ways of realising the same
                                                   life project. The great richness of diversity
                                                   has encouraged me, but I have also been
As a grain of mustard for the structuring of       discouraged by fears of going forward fur-
the Champagnat Movement in Europe, the             ther.
participants decided to submit the following       * I recognise that our tent has been enlarged
three propositions to the five Brothers Pro-       and that the Marist charism of Champagnat
vincial of Europe:                                 continues to live in more and more people… I
a) To continue to organise a meeting of those      was encouraged by the harmony of what we
responsible for the Champagnat Movement            share: charism, spirituality and mission. Noth-
in each Province at the European level every       ing has discouraged me, but I am concerned
four years, before the General Conferences         that we need to work more in two Provinces:
and General Chapters of the Institute.             a greater harmony between the former Prov-
b) To create a European Council of the             inces that now form just one and a greater
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family,          autonomy of lay people and fraternities.
formed by one lay delegate from each of the        * I felt welcomed as in a family. I leave with
Provinces, which will meet annually with the       new dreams and renewed energy. I was en-
Bureau for the Laity of the Institute and which    couraged to see that, in the diversity, one
will have as its aims to analyse the progress      same spirit and one same charism unite us
of the fraternities and to animate them.           and I have the certitude that it is possible to
                UPDATE              Number 224       Rome, August 31 , 2006             page 3

work together in order to create the future.       residing for the next five months, copies of
Discouragement does not beat me but leads          the Orientation Program and schedules for
me to go further.                                  every day of this introductory week and so
* It was very enjoyable to be with all the Prov-   forth.
inces of Europe to share and to give us new        The opening day, 7th August, was marked by
impetus. The reticence of some persons to          two liturgy celebrations. The first one took
go forward further discouraged me. Marist          place in the morning in the beautiful chapel of
Europe must be turned towards the future.          the Charles Borromeo Centre.
* A very positive atmosphere that gave me          Brother Luis Garcia Sobrado, Vicar General,
the desire to go further. I rejoice that we want   was delegated by Brother Superior General
to go forward even if there are a few excep-       to mark the occasion. Sr. Torika, SM, and
tions. Discouraged? By positions that are too      Brother Robert McGovern who has been a
rigid.                                             missionary in the Philippines for many years,
* I feel I am more Marist. I leave with my         made everyone feel the strong presence of
heart and spirit full of emotions, of gratitude    the four Marist branches and of the Philippine
and of fraternity. This meeting was fraternal,     FMS Province on the island of Mindanao
motivating and life giving. What encouraged        where Davao is situated.
me the most was knowing that I am a Marist
among so many others and we can foresee a
better future for my fraternity of laypeople.
Above all we were: animating brothers and
accompanying laypeople… I hope that, from
now on, we will be able to have an animating
layperson (helped by a team, in which there
could also be a brother) and other members
of the fraternity who will be brothers and lay-
people. Nothing discouraged me.
* I feel very happy with my brothers and sis-
ters, to share the same spirituality and the
same charism. Seeing people who have
common hopes and concerns encouraged               The prayer was patterned after a typical
me. I am concerned a bit about the rigidity of     morning prayer. The reading of Jeremiah 1,4-
some, especially when it concerns ideas.           10 inspired the prayer and the reflections of
* I feel part of a family. I did not want this     the participants. One of the more significant
meeting to ever finish. In force for the future,   moments of this morning opening celebration
for continuing. for building…                      was the procession by Continental groups,
                                                   including the three members of the Orienta-
Philippines - 06/09/2006                           tion Team: four Brothers from Asia-
Opening of the first orientation session in        Madagascar, five from the Americas, five
Davao                                              from Europe, six from Asia/Oceania. Each
MISSION AD GENTES                                  one of the four groups carried a candle rep-
August 7, 2006 had been fixed by the Gen-          resenting the four corners of the World. They
eral Council as the date to open the first Ori-    were lit and placed on the altar around a big-
entation session for Missionary Brothers who       ger candle that represented Jesus Christ:
have offered themselves to Brother Superior        Light to the Nations.
General for the Asia Mission Ad Gentes Pro-        Sister Torika, Brother Luis G Sobrado and
ject.                                              Brother Tim Leen (Director of the Orientation
The Orientation Team (Brothers Tim Leen,           Sessions) delivered moving messages high-
Alfredo Herrera and Roy Deita) had been            lighting the historic meaning of this celebra-
working hard to make it happen. Every detail       tion and the wish that it all be very much in
had been taken care of: arrival lists, transport   keeping with St. Marcellin’s spirit of “If the
from the International Airport to the Charles      Lord does not build the house”…
Borromeo Centre where our Brothers will be
                UPDATE               Number 224       Rome, August 31 , 2006              page 4

The day offered ample time for informal talk        version to Christ, which they will live intensely
among the Brothers. Many shared in different        during their 2 years of novitiate.
ways the experience of their offering them-         The ceremony of delivering the constitutions
selves for the Mission Ad Gentes Project and        took place in the parish of Maria Madre, to
the first experiences of traveling to Davao         which the Novitiate House belongs, in the city
and finding their way about on tricycles and        of Morelia Michoacán; during which time the
jeepneys.                                           Brother Provincials from Western Mexico and
In the evening the Opening Eucharistic cele-        Central Mexico encouraged the young novic-
bration took place. It was presided by Marist       es to put on the new man who, through the
Fr. Larry Duffy. The Gospel reading was de-         death of Christ, the Father has created in
liberately chosen for the occasion: John 21,        true sanctity and justice.
15-19: “Simon, do you love me?”                     The first-year Brother novices are: from
On the whole, this first day of the first Orien-    Western Mexico: Fernando Luis Alberto
tation session for Missionary Brothers of the       López (Cocula, Jal); Mario Alejandro Esparza
Asia Mission Ad Gentes Project was a day            (Cocula, Jal) and Iván Almaráz (Pto. Vallarta,
filled with the experience of fraternal mutual      Jal) and from Central Mexico: Agustín García
support and a prayerful day: a sense of             (Orizaba, Ver); Jesus Martínez Canales (Ori-
something important beginning to happen             zaba, Ver) and José Merced Díaz (Toluca,
and a sense of being totally in the hands of        Mex).
God.                                                In the same ceremony the novices: Luis Del-
This brief report could not be ended without a      gado Fernando and Caesar Vargas, both
special word of thanks and congratulations to       belonging to the Province of Western Mexico,
our three Brothers in the Orientation Team:         began their second year of formation under
Tim Leen, Roy Deita and Alfredo Herrera.            the direction of Brothers Antonio Bueno
Their sense of detail and organization as well      Cavazos and Luis Felipe González.
as their fraternal warmth and care made this        After the Eucharistic celebration, all those
first day of the Orientation Session look like it   taking part: Brothers and family, went back to
all had happened many times before. Thank           the Novitiate to enjoy a typical Mexican
you, as well, to the brave seventeen first Mis-     breakfast with tamales and atole.
sionary Brothers who took the challenge of          We ask the Lord of life to bless the efforts of
being the pioneers in facing this new Marist        this formative community in making reality,
venture.                                            today, the dream of Champagnat.

Mexico - 05/09/2006                                 Italy - 05/09/2006
Taking of the Habit in the Interprovincial          The first stages of the third age session
Novitiate of Mexico                                 GRACE HAS NOT BEEN FRUITLESS IN ME
                                                    Two weeks of the session for brothers of the
GOD                                                 3rd age have already passed by and the
                                                    chronicler believes it is the right moment to
                                                    inform you about this programme and the
                                                    good disposition of the participants.
                                                    On the 11th August, Brothers Innocencio
                                                    Martinez, director of the session, and Antonio
                                                    Ramalho, representing the General Council,
                                                    welcomed the nineteen participants to the
                                                    course, twenty-three if we add Brother Carlos
                                                    Wielganczuk, sub-director, Brother George
                                                    Fontana, administrator and Father Pascual
                                                    Calvo, chaplain. The participants come from
                                                    Brazil (5), Mexico (4), Spain (4), Colombia
                                                    (2), Argentina (1) and Central America (1).
This Sunday of August 13th 2006, 6 young            Two Spanish Marianists, totally integrated
men set out on their great adventure of con-        into the group have also joined us. Our ages
               UPDATE              Number 224       Rome, August 31 , 2006             page 5

range between 67 and 78 years and we are          experience a sense of loss and distance from
all in good health to bear the rigours of the     God. But God is always present in order to
humid heat of the Roman countryside.              realise his designs for us. Consequently, let’s
In his words of welcome, Brother Innocencio       stop seeing what happens to us only through
insisted on the grace of being able to dispose    human eyes and start to experience this
of a special time to look back on our lives and   through our faith.
our journey until today, so as to discern the     Brother Carlos Wielganczuk is currently pre-
graces and to see our faith and our confi-        senting Marist apostolic spirituality to us and
dence in God and in Mary in order to under-       the way in which to live it. Later, the Brother
take this last stage of maturity. This was        Vicar General will present the subject of the
highlighted by the life testimonies of the        older brother in the life of the Institute. We
brothers and confirmed throughout several         will be able to tell you about this later.
days the words of Mary: “The Lord has done        As times of lectures, reflection and prayer
great things in me,” or those of Paul “Grace      alternate with exchanges and leisure activi-
has not been fruitless in me.”                    ties, on the 12th August we explored the vol-
                                                  canic crater lake of Lake Bracciano, visiting
                                                  the towns of Bracciano and Anguillara. On
                                                  the 15th August, we went to Rome to share
                                                  with the brothers of the General House the
                                                  joy of celebrating the Assumption of Mary,
                                                  patronal feast day of the Institute. We were
                                                  able to meet four General Councillors: Luis
                                                  Garcia, Pedro Herrero, Antonio Ramalho and
                                                  Théoneste Kalisa. Brother Onorino Rota
                                                  showed us around the house and we cele-
                                                  brated the Eucharist together, with prayers
                                                  and hymns in Spanish, Italian and Portu-
                                                  guese. Brother Gaudencio, econome of the
The session has gone according to plan. The       House, offered us an aperitif and a great
first theme of community life was treated by      banquet. We returned to Manziana after a
Brother Pau Fornells, who spoke of our doc-       visit to the Divino Amore sanctuary. On the
uments “in proposing to recreate community        18th, we explored Rome. I still remember the
life” through seven stages: from disenchant-      image of a group of brothers jostling the
ment to hope, from critical judgement to a        crowd to get to our bus with the crowd follow-
welcoming attitude, from activism to atten-       ing them simply smiling as their way was
tiveness to the word, from the concern for        blocked by this group.
efficiency to gratuitousness, from the per-       Packed days would be hard and difficult to
sonal seeking of prestige to the gift of self     bear if we did not have some free time. In
through love, from human prudence to divine       principle, all the afternoons are free, though
excessiveness, from false spiritualism to a       on occasion they are used for complemen-
committed religious life. In a second talk,       tary information sessions for the good run-
through a sort of exhortation, Brother Pau        ning of the house. Only Sunday is totally free
insisted on the need to recover the meaning       for us; we can go to Rome to visit monu-
of the three vows and of the lay dimension of     ments or stay at home or roam through the
our vocation.                                     local village. As the train system and its time-
In continuing the doctrinal expositions, Broth-   table are not familiar to us, someone, instead
er Ernesto Sanchez presented our lives to us      of returning to Manziana, took the road to
as stories of salvation: with the same ele-       Civitavecchia. Happily, he was able to
ments as the election of the people of Israel,    change direction at Cerveteri and arrive at
chosen and set apart: experience of God,          the house where all were anxiously waiting
faith in him commitment regarding the cove-       for him. But didn’t this also happen to Jesus
nant. But in the biblical story, faced with the   when returning from Jerusalem?
continually saving action of God, we often
                UPDATE                Number 224       Rome, August 31 , 2006               page 6

Ghana - 01/09/2006                                   With him came Brothers Julián Sanz and
Third chapter of the District of West Africa         Millán Jarque who assisted us with their ad-
UNITED ABOVE THE DIVERSITY OF LAN-                   vice. Representing the General Council was
GUAGES AND OF CULTURES                               Brother Maurice Berquet, the link councillor
                                                     for Africa.
                                                     The positive evaluation made by the Broth-
                                                     ers, the enthusiasm and the life that were
                                                     reflected in the work of the chapter are signs
                                                     of hope for the Brothers of the District, con-
                                                     sisting at the moment of 68 Brothers, of
                                                     whom 49 are African and 35 of them perpet-
                                                     ual professed. Eight novices are beginning
                                                     their second year.

                                                     France - 01/09/2006
                                                     L'Hermitage Province: II Chapter
                                                     A CHAPTER IN THE CRADLE OF THE IN-
The patronal feast of the Assumption of Mary         The Provincial Chapter of L’Hermitage Prov-
has coincided with the closing of the 3rd            ince took place in ND de L’Hermitage from
Chapter of our District. For the first time, we      the 3rd – 8th August. The Assembly consist-
have been able to have this important meet-          ed of 51 Brothers Capitulants, 6 invited lay
ing in the District House, in Accra, Ghana.
                                                     people and Brother Emili Turú, General
In the House, 17 Brothers took part, natives         Councillor. Also there to assist were 3 auxilia-
of the 6 countries that form the District            ry secretaries, 3 translators and Father Ger-
(Cameroon, Costa of Ivory, Ghana, Equatori-          maine Ronzon, Marist Father, chaplain of the
al Guinea, Chad and Liberia) and of Spain,
and with an average age of 43 year.                  Brother Xavier Barceló, elected for a second
United above the diversity of languages and
                                                     term, opened the Chapter officially on Thurs-
cultures, we have been able to analyze and           day 3rd at 15 h. Brother Emili Turú, on behalf
to give thanks to God for the road travelled         of Brother Superior General, thanked Brother
during the first 6 years of the life of the Dis-
                                                     Xavier and his outgoing Council for their de-
trict, under the leadership of the Brother José      votion and dedication, as well as the gener-
Antonio Ruiz.                                        osity of Brother Xavier on again accepting
Then, in groups, we identified the major are-
                                                     this service to the Brothers. He likewise
as that will help us to continue consolidating       acknowledged the appointment made by the
the District during the next three years, under
                                                     General Council, putting in place the second
the direction of our new Superior, Brother
                                                     term of Brother Xavier.
Sylvain Yao.                                         The rest of the afternoon was given over to
The new Council, chosen by the Chapter, is           choosing the Central Commission, as well as
yet another proof of the sense of internation-       approving the Rules of the Chapter.
ality that exists in the District. It is formed by   Day 4 was dedicated to the evaluation of the
Brothers Francis Lukong, 43 years old, from          triennium 2003-2006. For this was taken as a
Cameroon, Vice superior; Aureliano García,           basis the Plan of Government of the outgoing
40 years old, from Spain, working in Ghana,
                                                     Provincial Council complete with reports from
Oliver Tata, 36 years old, from Cameroon,            different commissions (mission, laity, for-
and Etienne Balma, 33 years old, from the            mation, Service of Marist Works, "Tutelle",
Ivory Coast working at the moment in Ghana.
                                                     Marist areas, older Brothers…) the secretari-
A young Council for a young District with            al services and the provincial administration.
many hopes.
                                                     The work in small groups served to underline
During the Chapter we appreciated the pres-          the strong points and the weaknesses of the
ence of Brother Manuel Jorques, as the Dis-          triennium, as well as identifying signs of vitali-
trict depends on the Mediterranean Province.         ty for the future.
               UPDATE              Number 224       Rome, August 31 , 2006              page 7

Starting from the work of the previous day,       eral Councillor, addressed the assembly,
day 5, following various dynamics a process       using the image of the motto "One heart, one
was put in place to move towards the priori-      mission", to encourage the Brothers to con-
ties or guidance that the Chapter will offer to   tinue in their determination to build a dynam-
the new provincial Council, together with the     ic, united and committed Province.
complete reflection carried out in the course     The Chapter closed with some words of
of these days in the different groups or in the   thanks from Brother Xavier Barceló, Provin-
assembly. This same day 5 saw the start of        cial, and his encouragement to each
discussion on the Norms of the Province           capitulant to be the first to convey the chapter
which have been followed "ad experimentum"        to his own community.
for the last three years.
On Sunday morning of day 6, the Chapter           General House - 31/08/2006
approved a special recommendation to draw         Calendar of visits and meetings from July
together the work of the groups of the previ-     to December 2006
ous days. Next a reflection took place on how     ACTIVITIES OF THE GENERAL COUNCIL
to relay information from the Chapter to the
Province.                                         Community
                                                  16-18 July: Formia (Italy) holidays
                                                  19-25 July: Formia (Italy) retreat.

                                                  Activity of the Brother Superior General
                                                  14-17 July: Meeting of Brother Seán
                                                  Sammon with the young brothers of Brazil at
                                                  Mendes (Brazil).
                                                  18-19 July: Presentation to the Salvatorian’s
                                                  chapter at Logroño (Spain)
                                                  27 July - 05 August: Visit to the District of
                                                  05-12 August: Visit to the Province of Mel-
In the church of the house, which was             bourne
packed out, the capitulants celebrated the        13-18 August: Visit to the District of Korea
Feast of the Transfiguration with Christians      21-29 August: Visit to the Province of
from the surrounding areas. And in the after-     L’Hermitage
noon we went on pilgrimage to La Valla-en-        11-16 September: Visit to the District of Par-
Gier. A period of prayer in the chapel of         aguay
Notre-Dame de Pitié, and then a festive cele-     17-20 September: Visit to the Province of Rio
bration in our house of La Valla served to say    Grande do Sul
goodbye to our invited lay friends...             01-14 October: Visit to the Province of Brasil
On day 7 the provincial Norms were ap-            Centro-Sul
proved and will be presented for the approval     18-28 October: Visit to the Province of the
of Brother Superior General and his Council.      United States of America
Also on that day the process of choosing the
new Provincial Council began, ending on the       Regular Council Meetings
following day.                                    14 August: Rome
On day 8, the Provincial Council was chosen,      08 September: Rome
consisting of the following 8 Brothers: Miquel    31 October: Rome
Cubeles, Jean-Claude Christe, Jean-Pierre         28 November: Nairobi
Destombes, André Déculty, Pere Ferré, Mau-        15 December: Seoul
rice Goutagny, Josep María Soteras, and
Gabriel Villa-Real.                               Visits
After the election of the Council, the Chapter    17 August - 16 September: Visit to the Dis-
approved a Message to the Province. At the        trict of Amazônia. Pedro Herreros, Antonio
end of the morning, Brother Emili Turú, Gen-      Ramalho.
               UPDATE              Number 224       Rome, August 31 , 2006            page 8

14 September - 10 October: Visit to the Prov-     Alcalá de Henares (Spain). Pau Fornells,
ince of the Philippines. Peter Rodney, Emili      Pedro Herreros.
Turú.                                             16-20 August: American meeting on the Mar-
18 September - 21 October: Visit to the Prov-     ist mission at Mendes (Brazil). Emili Turú,
ince of Santa María de los Andes. Pedro           Juan Miguel Anaya
Herreros, Antonio Ramalho.                        25-29 August: Meeting of the youth ministry
16 September - 09 October: Visit to the Dis-      in America at Mendes (Brazil). Emili Turú,
trict of West Africa. Théoneste Kalisa, Mau-      Juan Miguel Anaya, Ernesto Sánchez
rice Berquet.                                     25-29 October: African meeting on Marist
05-10 October: Visit to Romania. Emili Turú.      mission at Accra (Ghana). Emili Turú, Juan
25 October - 25 November: Visit to the Prov-      Miguel Anaya.
ince of Southern Africa. Théoneste Kalisa,        8-12 November: Meeting of Marist universi-
Maurice Berquet.                                  ties at Guadalajara (Mexico). Emili Turú,
30 October - 5 November: Visit to Cuba. An-       Juan Miguel Anaya.
tonio Ramalho.                                    15-19 November: Meeting on management
28 November - 5 December: Extended Gen-           models at Campinas (Brazil). Emili Turú,
eral Council Meeting with the Provincial          Pedro Herreros
Councils of the Region of Africa in Nairobi.      25-27 November: Meeting of the General
15-21 December: Extended General Council          Council with the young people of Africa in
Meeting with the Provincial Councils of the       Nairobi (Kenya).
Region of Asia in Seoul in Korea.
                                                  Participation in meetings as invited
Meetings in Rome                                  guests
27-30 July: Meeting of the preparatory Com-       24-28 July: Conference of Provincials of Afri-
mission of the 1st Marist International Mission   ca in Nairobi (Kenya). Théoneste Kalisa.
Assembly, in Rome. Pedro Herreros, Juan           27 July - 2 August: Meeting of the Marist ap-
Miguel Anaya, Pau Fornells, Emili Turú.           ostolic spirituality network at Benalmádena
27-29 July: Meeting for the evaluation of the     (Spain). Antonio Ramalho.
Marist Spirituality Courses in Rome. Peter        2-6 August: Provincial Chapter of the Prov-
Rodney, Antonio Ramalho, Théoneste Kalisa.        ince of Mediterránea at Guardamar, Alicante
16-26 August: Meeting of the writing group        (Spain). Peter Rodney.
for the document on Marist Apostolic Spiritu-     3-8 August: Provincial Chapter of the Prov-
ality at Lavarone (Italy). Peter Rodney, Luis     ince of L’Hermitage. Emili Turú.
García Sobrado.                                   11-16 August: Provincial Chapter of the Dis-
11-17 September: Meeting of Provincial Sec-       trict of West Africa at Accra (Ghana). Maurice
retaries, one per continent, in Rome. Jean        Berquet.
Ronzon, Juan Miguel Anaya.                        21-23 August: Meeting of directors of Brazil
04 November: Meeting of the Commission for        at Mendes (Brazil). Emili Turú, Juan Miguel
beatifications, in Rome. Emili Turú, Onorino      Anaya.
Rota, Iván Buenfil.                               7-9 September: Provincial Assembly on Mar-
02-04 November: Meeting of the consultative       ist Mission at Compostela (Spain) Emili Turú.
Council of the mission ad gentes, in Rome.        12-15 October: Meeting of the Provincial
Michael Flanigan, Luis García Sobrado, Peter      Councils of Europe in Soesterberg (Neder-
Rodney.                                           land). Peter Rodney.
                                                  12-22 October: Provincial Assembly on Mar-
Meetings outside of Rome                          ist Mission in Thailand. Luis García Sobrado.
27-31 July: Meeting of the central Commis-        23-24 October: Meeting or Visit to MAPAC.
sion of the Hermitage project at the Her-         Peter Rodney.
mitage. Luis García Sobrado, Onorino Rota,        25-29 October: Meeting of the extended Pro-
Antonio Martínez Fernández and Michael            vincial Commission of initial formation, 3rd
Flanigan.                                         stage at Cruz del Sur. Ernesto Sánchez, An-
10-13 August: Meeting of the representatives      tonio Ramalho
of the Champagnat Movement in Europe at
               UPDATE             Number 224     Rome, August 31 , 2006           page 9

26-31 December: Provincial Chapter of the       13 September: Celebration of 30 years since
Province of Ibérica at Lardero, Logroño         the arrival of the brothers in Korea. Peter
(Spain). Seán Sammon                            Rodney.
27-30 December: Provincial Chapter of the       23 September – 17 October: Retreats for the
Province of Compostela at Santiago de           Province of Sydney. Luis García Sobrado.
Compostela, in Coruña (Spain). Emili Turú.      8 December: End of the orientation session
                                                for the mission ad gentes at Davao (Philip-
Other dates                                     pines). Seán Sammon, Luis García Sobrado.
5-12 August: Start of the orientation session
for the mission ad gentes at Davao (Philip-
pines). Luis García Sobrado.

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