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The 1-2-3 way to create web forms
         123ContactForm Company Profile
                    123ContactForm, a leading online form builder for web and mobile, has established itself
                    as a major player in the industry through its signature concept of creating forms and
                    surveys as easy as 1-2-3.

                    The enterprise-ready form building solutions offered by 123ContactForm serve a wide
                    range of customers, from home based businesses to large corporations, with a focus on
                     small business and web design agencies. At present, thousands of websites and blogs
                     across the world run live forms created with 123ContactForm.

                     123ContactForm has earned customer loyalty by offering everybody a simple method to:
                     - get in contact with website visitors
                     - generate leads
                     - collect event registrations and mailing list subscriptions
                     - sell goods or services online
                     - survey groups of people
                     For some brick and mortar businesses, 123ContactForm meant the first step in shifting
                     from offline exclusivity towards web presence. Others made a leap to an increased
                     automation of their sales, marketing and HR processes with 123ContactForm. Third but
                     not least, we should mention the thousands of blog owners who use 123ContactForm to
                     offer the audience an easy way to reach their favorite authors and subscribe.
                     (See our Case studies)

123ContactForm was founded by Florin Cornianu and Tudor Bastea in 2008. It is bred in Timisoara Software
Business Incubator, under the nourishing mentorship of Radu Ticiu on the Romanian side and George M.
Etheridge on the American bandwagon.
The company evolved from a promising startup to a global service with an increasing success in the US and
European markets. This ascendance was stimulated by a local angel investor, Adrian Gheara, whose
contribution in 2011 led to a complete redesign of the platform to the shape it is today.
123ContactForm is committed to business responsibility and social involvement. With a freemium model, the
company strives to offer customers the best value for every service plan. NPOs and all organizations that have
the mission of doing good deeds for the community receive a substantial discount when they upgrade for
any premium plan with 123ContactForm.
    The mission of 123ContactForm is to provide quality and cost-effective solutions
    to build web and mobile forms and surveys as easy as 1-2-3.

   We share small businesses’ frame of            This is the specialty and daily job of
    mind. Here at 123ContactForm we                123ContactForm. When our customers
    started as a two people co-op back in          demanded features that exceeded our
    2008. It’s perhaps no coincidence that         field,   for     example  email    list
    the majority of our customers are SMEs.        management, we chose to integrate with
    This is because we simply understand the       third party applications that could
    spirit of doing small business, and our        provide each function at the highest
    solutions are tailored accordingly.            possible proficiency.
   We like working smarter, not harder.          We advocate human interaction. Behind
    With 123ContactForm, everybody can             123ContactForm there is a real-life team
    create a fully-functional web form             that likes to spice every new customer
    without the tedious process of actually        interaction with that unique personal
    coding it. 123ContactForm can be used          touch that we all enjoy. Each username
    successfully even by people with no            relies to a person, one who deserves
    technical experience. There is no              quality assistance all the way while using
    programming involved – users simply            our service. Support is provided 24/7
    design the form and copy-paste the code        through live chat as well as on our
    generated onto their webpages.                 Facebook page and via e-mail. Our
                                                   technical specialists just love to go the
   We believe in the magic of doing one           extra mile by the side of each person
    thing at the time. And we are sure we’re       who requests technical advice. It’s not us
    doing it well: providing users with the        who say that – reviews we received from
    finest tools to create, share and manage       our awesome customers prove it.
    their web forms.
123ContactForm Factsheet
The platform runs on dedicated servers provided by ServInt. All information is stored in data centers under
CCTV surveillance, 24/7 monitored. Periodic off-site backup is performed.
123ContactForm features an Ajax-based interface, UX optimized at the highest standards. The real-time drag
& drop form builder gives instant and centralized access to form options and settings at the power of one click.
All types of forms and surveys can be created and customized using 123ContactForm: email contact forms,
event registration forms, payment forms (integrated with PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net).
123ContactForm also offers customized form templates for various business purposes: customer satisfactory
surveys, donation forms, job recruiting forms and others.

Top features of 123ContactForm: multi-language form translations, field branching (based on dynamical
conditional logic), page breaks in lengthy forms, domain aliasing and white label forms and surveys, sub-users
on the same account, SSL data encryption, data export to CSV, customized survey report charts.
Flexible publishing options. Forms can be styled to match the exact look and feel of any webpage, using
custom CSS. When accessed through text and image links, lightboxes or floating buttons, forms open in
another browser instance. For users who prefer not to have an additional link there are various embedding
options, including JavaScript and inline HTML. Forms can be shared on Facebook pages through a dedicated
app. 123ContactForm also provides a WordPress plugin as well as solutions for Blogger and Google Sites.
Plans and pricing: For casual users there is a basic plan, forever free, which includes 5 forms with 10 fields per
form and 100 submissions per month. The premium plans (Gold, Platinum and Diamond) start from $14.95 per
month and offer extended features such as SSL data encryption, sub-users and a wealth of integrations.

Third party apps that 123ContactForm integrates with:

… 2 PCs and a server were the starting equipment back in 2008

… 52 languages translation support for web forms

… 184 countries form the customer base at present

… 120,000 unique pageviews per month

… 200,000 users have tried 123ContactForm so far

… thousands of websites across the world run live forms created with 123ContactForm
Our team
Florin Cornianu and Tudor Bastea, the two co-founders of 123ContactForm, met during
college when both studied Computer Science in Timisoara. The two started doing their
own business together at the age of 21, as Windows apps developers.
The idea of 123ContactForm came at a point where Florin and Tudor needed a form
generator for their own use. They quickly realized it was not only them who lacked a
reliable form building solution, but the whole market itself, so the two decided to create it
on their own. Next came a genuine chance meeting with Radu Ticiu at Timisoara Software
Business Incubator, which now sustains the growth of 123ContactForm. And… the rest is

                        Florin Cornianu              Tudor Bastea
                       Cofounder & CEO              Cofounder & CTO


                       Alexandra Draghici             Nicolae Micle
                      Community Manager               Web Developer


                          Laura Moisei                     CONTACT US
                         Brand Manager
                         Phone: 0040-721-323759

                                                           Fax: 0040-771-442717
 Testimonials & Press Coverage
                       “As a web designer, I believe that online forms are one of the most
                       important tools of communication for my clients. Your service allows me
                       to provide flawless forms and most importantly - change or update them
Donna Powell           in seconds. You have taken the work and the errors out of form creation
Charleston Webweaver   and forms management. Thanks for your great service! “

  “It’s always exciting to see what 123ContactForm is going to do next. They are
  passionate about their product and it really shows. Not only are they constantly
  making upgrades to their product and their killer website, but the forms are easy
  to style and embed, they are secure, and most importantly - the forms always
  work. As if all that were not enough, you even have the option of using a drop      Dixie Haynes
  down list of recipients which is nearly impossible to find anywhere else. I just
  signed up for my second year as a Platinum subscriber and feel that I have made
  a friend for life. 123ContactForm seems to always be searching for a way to
  outdo themselves, and I for one can’t wait to see what they do next.”

 Business Insider – Sramana Mitra makes a quick outline of 123ContactForm and
 its prospects after meeting the CEO at a 1 Million by 1 Million roundtable

 How to Web Blog – an interview with Florin about the 2011 angel investment

 Network World – review of 123ContactForm

 AppAppeal – 123ContactForm is ranked 6th among form builder apps worldwide
 (Alexa-based) and receives a 5 out of 5 star rating

 iBlogZone – a detailed review with an accent upon the use of 123ContactForm on

How to create and customize a simple contact form
123ContactForm plugin for WordPress

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