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          Baker & McKenzie                                                             Success Story

               Baker & McKenzie uses Lexmark’s Managed Print Service to increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

          Reaping business value through Managed Print Services. Baker & McKenzie evaluated their
          operations and identified document workflow as a key component that can make or break
          their competitive edge.
          The Company
          One of the world’s leading global law firm, Baker & McKenzie provides           “With Lexmark’s Managed Print Service, we enjoy
          sophisticated legal advice and services to many of the world’s most             full access to the printers without the hassles of
          dynamic and global organizations for more than 50 years. With a 3,000           owning the printers as hardware assets. We have
          strong of locally qualified and internationally experienced lawyers in 38       also gained greater control over our output-related
          countries, Baker & McKenzie is focused on delivering a full range of legal
                                                                                          costs as they only need to account for printer
          services to both international and local clients.
          Today, Baker & McKenzie houses 300+ employees in their Millenia Tower                                                                    – Victor Wee
                                                                                                                                IT Business Solutions Manager
          office and is renowned for their strength in banking, finance and major
                                                                                       juggle between over- and under-ordering increasing the amount of

          The Challenge                                                                administrative duties.

          Baker’s was determined to upgrade its printer system. “Extensive
          downtimes from printer breakdowns or supplies depletion lead to              The Solution
          unnecessary waste of administrative resources and time, as well as           Wee finally decided on Lexmark’s Managed Print Service as it provides
          delays in critical projects as important legal documents and briefs are      a customised solution to his company’s needs. Since leaving the printer
          integral to Baker’s business,” said Victor Wee, IT Business Solutions

          Currently printer breakdowns last up to seven working days and these
          downtimes are critical to Baker’s productivity. Being highly information-
          based, document printing runs intertwined throughout Baker‘s work
          processes. In addition, as the firm runs multiple projects and churns out
          over 350,000 pages every month, printer reliability and cost savings are a
          top priority.

          Due to the importance of ensuring the printers are kept running, the IT
          team also had to monitor the toner supplies constantly to ensure that the
          supplies were sufficient to meet user demands. There was a constant
Baker & McKenzie                                                                                                            Success Story                                                                   2

management and maintenance to the print specialist, Baker now enjoys                                                        Lexmark’s printer design like the side open panel for toner replacements
full access to the printers without the hassles of owning the printers as                                                   also made a difference in meeting Baker’s needs.
hardware assets. The company has also gained greater control over their
outputrelated costs as they only need to account for printer supplies.                                                      “Being able to leverage Lexmark’s managed print services gives us a
                                                                                                                            huge advantage. This valuable tool gives our customers greater insights
Two key aspects of Baker’s printer downtimes are printer breakdowns                                                         into their printing fleet and allows them to reduce costs,” said Toh-Lik Koh,
or toner needs. Since implementation, these downtimes are triggered                                                         Account Manager, Lexmark Singapore. Since then, Baker has worked with
automatically to Lexmark’s support team, whom are committed to
resolve the issue within four hours, a significant improvement over the                                                     Lexmark’s print consultants to streamline their printer fleet, while
previous response rate of seven working days. In addition, the printers                                                     maximizing printer usage and productivity for its operations.
are remotely monitored and managed securely to fix issues as soon as
they are detected. Toner shortages are also significantly reduced when a                                                    This, together with the printers’ ease of use, has significantly reduced

customised supplies replenishment schedule is set up based on Baker’s                                                       their employees learning curves and allowed the organisation to quickly

usage patterns, which are constantly monitored.                                                                             and effectively maximise printer usage, while increasing inter-usability
                                                                                                                            throughout the office. Impressed with Lexmark’s full commitment and
Wee said, ”Through Lexmark’s customised service-oriented solution, we                                                       flexibility to provide the right solution fit, Baker is now working to extend
are able to successfully eliminate the lengthy order process and numerous                                                   similar models and printer networks to their offices in KL and Jakarta.
administrative tasks we need to undergo when attending to printer
breakdowns and toner requests. By removing these hassles, our staff can
now spend more time on productive work that adds more value to Baker.”

Another important deciding factor is the standard security features
including confidential print, job expiration and document encryption
available in Lexmark’s printers. Through printout controls like pin codes,
encryption of print jobs and harddisk wiping, Baker gained assurance in
knowing that classified documents are printed securely and retrieved by
the right users.

Due to size limitations determined by their custom-built office furniture,
Baker had to put off printer upgrades till now. Lexmark’s smaller footprint
                                                                                                                            Baker & Makenzie runs multiple projects and churns out over 350,000 pages
fitted perfectly in Baker’s customised printer furniture. Little touches in                                                 every month, making printer reliability and cost savings top priority.

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