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4,2009 August

To WhomIt May Concernl
As a follow-up, I want to clarify that I am only evaluatingDauiel Kauwe for his to condition. He hasbegunheatmentand seems be toleratingthis well. He is work. Aside from the stressofhis HIV condition, there due for follow-up blood other HIV related medical conditions that limit his currentwork activities. I have askedthe patient sirrcewe met initially and over eaohof our visits and evaluated apsychiatist andpsychologist.I have by discussed havehis stress to that Ali Azi in Beverly Hills, CA andJames Peckin Santa Monioa"CA to ev for his significant stf,ess anxioty in this disability clnim. and Sincerely, n to be no


Emery H Chang,MD


1 3 99 S out h Rox b u ry Drivp.,Suita 100, L$s Angeles, CA s0035 Office:(310)557-?273 F



: (310) 557- 3460

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No , 8 1 5 4P . 2

25, June 2009

To Whom It May Concern: This letteris written with the permissionof the patientDauielKauvreDOB 5.12.19?2. Me Kauwe is under disability considerationdue to his HIV, I don't have information on the initial claims. He hasHIV and will needmedical treatmentsoon. This will be likely a once a day set of medicationswhich areusually well toleratedthough canhavo someminor side effects. We have disoussed treatmerrtoptions andplan to initiate this soon. the The patient statesthat he can do admrnistrativework but not physical labor for a prolongedperiod of time. He ie asrobicallywell ashe biked ?0 miles from Woodland Hills to CostaMesa CA this ureek. From a medical standpoint,there is no limitations to his work activities under the information that I have available. With his upcoming treatne,nt,I recommendthat therebe accommodations time off if for there are any unexpectedside eflects as well as for our regular appointmente Cenfury irr City in Los Angeles. Cune,ntlyhe is not on eny medications. I have referred him to cognitive behaviouraltherapywith lames Peckin SantaMonica CA aswell as apsychiatristAli Aziz in BevenlyHills CA.

He mayreturnto work.

EmeryH ChangMD


1 3 99 S out h Rox b u ry D ri v e ,, $ u i te 1 0 0 , L o s A ngel €s, C A 90035 qti cer (310) 557-2273 Fax: (310) 557- 3460

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