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									                       City of Anaheim
                       FIRE DEPARTMENT
                       Administration Division

                         To:           Hong Chou, GeoSpatial Technologies, Inc.

                         From:         Bob Logue, Division Chief Fire Administration

                         Date:         May 19, 2006

                         RE:           GeoSpatial Tracking Technology

                       I am writing the letter to express my sincere thanks for all of the work done
                       during the last three years by your dedicated staff on behalf of the Anaheim Fire
                       Department and our affiliated partners.

                       I continue to be impressed with GST’s ability to take concepts expressed in
                       informal brain storming session and turn them into fully realized operating
                       systems. This best example of this unique working relationship is the application
                       for tracking of Nextel handsets through GST software. I brought a concept
                       forward to you and the team from Nextel and with a few short months we had a
                       product that allowed fire departments and emergency responders to track assets
                       through their mobile phones. The ability to pre-load the application in our
                       Emergency Response Team phones has been an integral part of our planning and
                       deployment for major sporting events in Anaheim. This software and application
                       has now become an integral part of our operating policy. I am sure the ability to
                       quickly and cost effectively implement a full functioning AVL system will allow
                       this software solution to fulfill the critical ask of tracking resources in a large
                       number of public and private agencies around the country.

                       Our current joint project list and development programs will take Anaheim Fire,
                       Police, Public Utilities and our Metro Net partners into a new era of on scene
                       assets management and information accessibility. I am looking forward to seeing
                       what the future holds for your company as it grows and expands it’s partnership
                       with other industry innovators.

                       I only hope that when you ask them tough question and place demands like I
                       have on you that their answer comes back as yours always seems to and that is
                       “Yes we can do that, when do you need it by.”


                       Bob Logue
                       Division Chief
                       Anaheim Fire Department
201 S. Anaheim Blvd.
Suite 301
Anaheim, CA 92805
TEL: 714.765.4000
 FAX: 714.765.4008

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