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					Unit I: The Foundations of
  the American Political
System and the Creation
   of the Constitution
       Law and Government
      Essential Questions
• Why do we have rules/laws?

• Who should govern/rule?

• What are the roles and responsibilities of

• What rights should all human beings have?
                   Key terms
• Govern: to exercise power or authority to control others

• Law: a binding custom enforced by controlling authority

• Republic: gov’t in which citizens elect representatives to
  run the country

• Natural / Human Rights: the rights that all humans should
  have regardless of wealth, social status, birth (text, pp. 16-

• Constitution: a written document that establishes the
  system of gov’t (text, pp. 8-9)
• Aristotle: natural law
  • society should be governed by certain ethical principles
  • Gov’t must respect the citizens
               Origins: Con’t
• Enlightenment: 17th & 18th century.
  • sought alternatives to oppressive gov’t
  • popular consent: people should be able to participate directly
  • John Locke: social contract theory:
     • individuals are naturally free
     • people give their consent to be governed
     • people formed gov’ts to preserve life, liberty, property,
        and to assure justice.
     • if the gov’t decides to interfere with this, the contract is
       Two Key Questions
• Political Science looks at issues of power,
  especially who gets what, when, how. Key
  things to consider as a political scientist:

• 1.   Where is the power?

• 2. Who can participate?
               Types of Gov’t
• Monarchy: hereditary rulers (people who share the same
  bloodline) wield absolute pwr.

• Dictatorship: Rule by one with absolute pwr.

• Oligarchy / Autocracy: a body of individuals possessing high levels
  of wealth, social or military status, rule with absolute pwr.

• Democracy: Citizens make all gov’t decisions

• Republic
                Wrap Up
• Complete chart given to you in class

• Complete the summary section of the Cornell
  Notes. To do this
  • Work to incorporate what we have studied
    about the origins of government
  • Try to answer the following Essential Question:
    Who should govern/rule?

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