4 th commitee minutes by lanyuehua


									                                 Old Anandian 97 Group
                                    Committee Meeting
Minutes of the 4th Committee Meeting held on the 10th of May 2007 at Ananda College at 1800

                                     Committee Members
1. T.H.Alokabandara             2. Laknath Jayawickrama         3. Yasitha Alahakoon

4. A.Rathnaweera                5. Yasela Sumanasinghe          5. Milinda Wijesinghe

6. Sudam Jayawardena            7. Isuru Jayasooriya            8. Udara Nuwandika

                                     Media Coordinators
1. Mahesh Hettiarachchi


                                   Non Committee Members
1. Kalum Sirisena               2. Tharindu Charith Gamage

                                     Committee Members

1.Saman Marasinghe              2. Tharanath Palliyaguruge      3. Buddika Jayasekara

4. Rajeewa Kariyawasam          5. Hasitha Ekanayaka            6. Thivanka Thennakoon

7. Prabath Weerasinghe          8. Suranjith Samaranayaka       9. Isuru Premawardena

10. Thivanka Wijesinge          11. Eranga Weerasinghe          12. Sajith Rathnayaka

13. Ranga Chandrarathne         13. Thivanka Wijesinghe
President Alokabandara presided the meeting and welcomed the all participants.

 1. Signing of the Previous Meeting

It was brought to attention that Mahesh Hettiarachchi participated for the third committee meeting, as
such that should be amended.

Except for above amendment, meeting minutes of 3rd committee meeting which held on 20th of March
2007, was approved without objections.

Milinda proposed that meeting minutes were correct. Sudam seconded the proposal.

 2. Matters Arising From the Previous Meeting

2.1 Alokabandara said that still 15 nos. of T-shirts are available to distribute which are from second
stock. He requested relevant members to collect their T-shirts immediately possible.

2.2 It was noted that 97 group representation for the Main OB schedules normally on 3rd week of every
month. Hence it was proposed to schedule the 97 Group Committee meeting after the above meeting
where committee may more enlighten with latest developments.

2.3 Alokabandara renewed his repeated call for project proposals in order to prepare annual events
calendar. He emphasized the importance of project proposals from the members where yet to receive

2.4 Milinda said although he still to submit the proposal regarding annual get- together presently he is
working out on ways and means of doing it. He clarified that current proposal is to hold a dinner dance
and cover the expenses from sponsorship banners and ticket sales. In addition there is a suggestion for
contribute to the welfare fund from the earnings.

2.5 Project proposal regarding separate welfare fund is lead by Eranga. Due to his absence progress of
above was not taken to the discussion.

2.6 Yasitha explained the current progress of the website development project. He said although it was
scheduled to launch the new web site for Old Anandian Association on 08th of May 2007 subsequently it
was postponed to 24th of May 2007. Yasitha explained reasons that currently Ananda College web site
and Old Anandian web sites are functioning as a one unit where Open Arc (pvt) ltd. is responsible for
the updating and controlling. Since due to the various practical issues between Main OBA and the Open
Arc (pvt) Ltd., necessary approvals for separation of Main OBA website & Ananda College web site is
still to receive.

2.7 Yasitha explained that already new web sites of Old Anandian web site and 97 group website are
ready. Yasitha has given the job to private company for develop the main structure of web sites and
made a payment of Rs.25,000.00 from his pocket. The cost is intended to cover from the 4 nos. of
advertisements which may allow depicting in the websites. Alokabandara requested members’ fullest
support for finding of sponsors of advertisements. Yasitha was assigned to determine the rates for
advertisements and types of web hosting packages that can be given.

2.8 Information gathering for updating of new web sites is leading by Laknath & Thivanka. Laknath
said that they have already made several visits to the school regarding this and they have formed a
student group in the broadcasting unit to gather the information. He emphasized the need to collect the
information on softcopy format. He requested members to provide any information that can useful for
updating of web site.

Udara said already he had collected the information reference to school hockey club and will submit
with the soft copy of them.

Isuru said that he can help to provide the soft copy for already collected information.

2.9 Different views & suggestions came from the members regarding the new web site project.

        Launching of 97 Group web site with a function incase of delaying of the Main OBA decisions
        regarding other web sites.

        Waiting until 24th of June and get the decision accordingly.

        Launching of new web site for Old Anadians without collaborating with Open Arc

        Carrying out the functions of 97 Group web site and waiting to get the ceremony until matters
        relating to school web sites and Old Anandian web site get resolved.

    Finally decision was taken to wait until 16th of June where 97 Group meets Main OBA officials.
    3. Future Projects

3.1 Kelum proposed to hold a musical concert with the backing of old Anandian artists. He said he
already had some discussion with some artists regarding the subject. Milinda said there is another
suggestion to stag a concert with Sahan and his musical crew. Committee was of the view that, since one
concert is possible for a one year most cost effective project should prioritized with keeping the vision
of 97 group on the mind. Alokabandara requested Kelum to submit his proposal in the formal Project
Proposal format.

3.2 Alokabadara said if there is a possibility to depict advertisements in each and every e-mail among 97
Group that can be capitalized to strengthen the financial status of 97 Group.

4. Any Other Matters

4.1 Committee members expressed their condolence for Sajith regarding his beloved mothers death.

    5.Next Meeting

Next meeting will be informed.

Since there being no other matters for discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 2000 hrs.

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