June 7 - Brookhaven College by lanyuehua


									                                     BROOKHAVEN COLLEGE
                                    DEANS’ MEETING MINUTES
                                           June 7, 2012

Members:        Thomas Anderson, Ray Attner, Rodger Bennett, Michael Dennehy, Brenda Dalton,
                Sarah Ferguson, Juanita Flint, Sam Govea, Vernon Hawkins, Marilyn Lynch,
                Rick Maxwell, Mark Meyer, Doris Rousey, Grant Sisk, Christie Stone, Kendra
                Vaglienti, Sandy Wyche, Anne Brophy

Attendees:      Thomas Anderson, Ray Attner, Rodger Bennett, Michael Dennehy, , Sarah Ferguson,
                Juanita Flint, Sam Govea, Vernon Hawkins, Marilyn Lynch, Rick Maxwell, Mark Meyer,
                Doris Rousey, Christie Stone, Kendra Vaglienti, Sandy Wyche, Anne Brophy

Important Things to Know
Rodger Bennett told the story of his travels to Baltimore and back this past week. He then welcomed
Christi Stone, new PSS president, and Ray Attner, faculty council president.

Summer Class Enrollments
Rodger thanked everyone for their work on Summer I enrollment numbers.

There was a discussion about what form to use when moving a student from a canceled class to another

Before classes begin - Use add/drop form
After first day - use lateral form

There is a form available. Please send to Rodger and he will request that it be put on P drive as a Omni

Fall Cancelation Status
Sarah Ferguson would like to table this item until the next meeting.

Tech/Cap Report
Thomas Anderson thanked everyone for their help with the Tech/Cap report. After reviewing files he
reported that there are funds available as follows:

Tech/Cap        $16,000
$7,500 Acct      11,000

Juanita said she still has requisitions that have not been processed under $7,500. That has been taken into

Rodger asked the group how they would like to spend the $16,000; in addition, the $18,000 in Perkins
funds. An amendment for the Perkins funds needs to be sent as soon as possible. SMART rooms were
discussed. Below is a list of what was presented at the May 31 meeting.
Next Thursday, June 14, bring the number one priority (safety) item to the meeting.

Listed below are #1 priority items:
    1.  Automotive – Coats tire changer                                                   $ 9,000.00
    2.  Computer Science - iMACS for K213 (24)                                              29,379.00
    3.  EMS – Renewal of CAAHEP accreditation                                                5,000.00
    4.  GIS – Trimble Geo Explorer 6000 GIS kit                                             11,000.00
    5.  RAD TECH – Convert one of the x-ray rooms to flat panel digital equipment         125,000.00
    6.  VICOM - Adobe CS6 Package (four items on the list)                                  27,587.00
                                                                      Total               $206,966.00
#2 priority
    1.   Computer Science – Renew IT Academy Certification                                $ 1,750.00
    2.   EMS – HAL patient simulator                                                       44,000.00
    3.   GIS – GIS Server                                                                   7,500.00
    4.   RAD TECH – Human Skeleton Models – Flexible Spine                                  1,950.00
                                                                          Total           $55,200.00

Comments from Institute on General Education & Assessment Retreat
Rodger reported on the meeting he and four members of the CCST attended in Baltimore this past week.
Five-five colleges participated, mainly four year schools. Rodger reported that when designing the CORE
Tier system LEAP rubics were integrated into the system. This tier system was rated very highly in
comparison to other colleges, However, there are no pre-requisites included in the system that would
insure success in higher level classes. It was agreed the tier system should be reviewed with plan
including curricula, pedagogy and process with a timeline. Including pre-requisites may bring some
questions from some disciplines. The final plan from CCST will assess CORE objectives. The plan is
due to vice presidents by May 2013. Presentations will be made at forums for more input from faculty.

The Steering Team will draft recommendation and send back to campuses for final review. Will then
submit to vice presidents and then to Chancellor’s Cabinet for review. The final document has to be to
the Coordinating Board by November 2013. Rodger noted that Kendra Vaglienti is on the CORE
learning committee.

Rodger also mentioned another recommendation changing CORE curriculum date. Change will include
area universities to look at setting up articulation and alignment agreements taking what the universities
believe is needed for students to achieve success in four year schools. Curriculum chairs from UNT and
UNT Dallas, UTD, UTA and TWU will be invited.

Next Week: Finalize current tech/cap funds             $16,000
           Add funds in $7,500 to the tech/fund         11,000

Will also look at $18,000 in Perkins fund

Finalize Perkins for 2012-2013

Michael Dennehy working on a flow chart for tracking accounts.

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