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   THEY DIDNT LIKE THE DANCE                                                                                                                         BALTIMORE.
                                                                                                                                                                      M D . (jQaeeaai),—Chauncey
                                                                                                                                              and George M. Cohan were the sensation of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     CINCINNATI (Special).—That          hilarious little
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  farce, " A Pair of Queens," opened a t the Lyric
                                                                                                                                              town, week Oct. Hi. The new American drama,                         Sunday. Oct. 15. and succeeded in getting as
Women's Church Federation in Chicago Hale Manager to Court                                                                                    " Honest John O'Brien." by Cohan, and in which
                                                                                                                                              Olcott is appearing threatened to become a sub-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  many laughs out of a Cincinnati audience a s it Is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  reported to have secured in other places. Evi-
                                                                                                                                              ject for argument and debate wherever and                           dently we have not become so prosaic that we
  —Bacheller's " Keeping Up with Lizzie " for the Stage                                                                                       whenever discussed among Olcott's loyal and
                                                                                                                                              devoted admirers on one side and the habitual
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  cannot appreciate the humor of a ludicrous situa-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  tion, however far fetched.        Maude Eburne a s
  CHICAGO.       Oct.    26    (Special).    — Auditorium:
                                                                                                                                              theatergoer on the other side. The new play will                    Martha was easily the hit of the show, although
                                                                          A. W. Pingwall was called to Milwaukee re-                          probably hold the record for furnishing t h e                       the cast which Included Charles Butler. Ida
 " My Home Town G i r l . " with Hymans and Mc-                       cently by the death of her mother.                                      biggest surprise of the season, a t least to those                  Stanhope. Hugh Cameron Harry Stubbs. Thos.
Intjrre and other players known in Chicago, has                           Frank C. Payne is here doing the press work                         who were not tipped off in advance. The role                        V. Emory. Frank McGinn (still a detective).
big business right along, tickets having been                         for " 20.000 Leagues Under the S e a . " which                          of O'Brien is that of a middle-aged gambler, a                      Edwina Boyd. Arielyn Bushnell and Richard
disposed of in advance by police officers                      The    s t a r t s off like a big success a t the Studebaker.                  man of refinement and culture, of t h e highest                     French, was a particularly capable one. I.ew
affair is a benefit for the Policemen's Benevolent                        The Ellis Grand Opera company, which is                             principles and uiitliuching honor.      Incidentally                Fields in " Step This W a y . " 22.
Association.                                                          practically the Chicago Grand Opera company                             olcott has George M. Cohan to thank for pro-
    Blackstone: " P a r k C a r o l i n e " opens Oct. 30.            and carries that orchestra, opened i t s tour a t                       viding him with the best role of h i s career. I t                     Elsa Ryan Is with us again. She has endeared
    C a r t : " F a i r and W a r m e r " is in i t s twelfth         Toledo. Ohio, last week, and will eover a circle                        revealed him ui an entirely new and interesting                     herself to Clncinnatians in t h e title role of
week.                                                                 of cities including Milwaukee. Minneapolis. St.                         light, and proved conclusively once and for                         " Peg O' My H e a r t . " and is receiving a warm
    C o h a n s G r a n d : " T h e Great Lover " i s in i t s        Paul. Fort Worth. St. Louis and Cincinnati be-                          all that Olcott possesses an ability and versa-                     welcome at Keith's, appearing in " Peg For
fourth week.                                                          fore returning here.                                                    tility hitherto unsuspected. The play is doubly                     S h o r t . " Too bad Michael isn't back too. We
    Chicago: " The Blue Paradise " is in its sixth                        Joe Birnes. deputy organizer of t h e White Rats                    interesting because it on the other hand re-                        had come to look upon them as inseparable
week.                                                                 Actors' Union, attended the meeting of t h e Illi-                      veals George M. Cohan in another light. I t is                      companions. The rest of the Keith bill is ac-
     G a r i i c k : " P r i n c e s s P a t " is in its fourth       nois Federation of Labor at Quincy last week.                           a serious drama from beginning to last, with                        ceptable but not startling.
week and will continue three weeks more.                              and Will P . Conley formerly deputy organizer                           just the smallest touch of comedy relief, and                         The much heralded " Chin Chin " is here. Per-
    Illinois: " A l o n e a t Last " is in i t s second               for this section, looked after his duties in Chi-                       marks a new departure for this prolific author.                     haps we a r e satiated with musical comedy, but
week : very well liked.                                               cago during his absence. Mr. Conley was man-                            The play had i t s premiere in Detroit, week                        the fact remains that it was more to see Mont-
    Little T h e a t e r :          " M a r y Blocnie " is in its     ager of " Somewhere in F r a n c e . " which had a                      Oct. 7. and Is to be seen a t an early date in                      gomery and Stone that a capacity audience
iwi-ond week.                                                         short season on the International circuit, which                        New York. The action i s continuous until the                       packed the Grand Monday night, and after It
    o i v m p i c : " C o m m o n C l a y " is in its ninth           explains his presence in Chicago.                                       finale of the third a c t . the fourth being some-                  was all over it was the almost unanimous
week.                                                                     Harry G. Keenan. a t one time treasurer of                          what more of an epilogue than an act. T h e                         opinion that the stars were better than t h e
      Princess: " T h e Unchastened W o m a n " is in                 Powers's Theater and well known in t h e Chicago                        interest is held throughout and suspense is                         performance.       Not that t h e production didn't
its fourth week.                                                      theatrical colony, is back here atfer four years                        adroitly injected from the very first line.                         please, but the ciever comedians llterallv worked
    P o w e r s : " J u s t i c e " is in i t s second week.          of picture work on the Coast.                                                                                                               " above " t h e Hues. • There is a large beauty
    The Star and Garter Theater was dark last                             " The Oefective." written by an Oak Park                Cohan and Harris provided a cast which                                          chorus and the piece Is handsomely mounted.
week.             " The London Belles." the advertised                physician, tried a s a legitimate attraction a t       played with a vengeance, extracting every ounce                                        The Empress bill is good, featuring " Chevenne
attraction, canceled a t the last minute and                          Powers and as a vaudeville act a t the Wilson          of merit from both the lines and situations.                                         P a y s . " an act which includes roping and riding
would not come here from Cincinnati. The fail-                        Avenue without success, will be sent out next          Willette Kershaw, well rememtiered here for                                          bv cowboys. It is full of action. Clifford and
ure of a Columbia wheel burlesque show to till                        season for a tour of legitimate houses, according      her splendid work in stock, gave a remarkable                                        wills are clever in a humorous sketch called
a date caused a g r e a t deal of talk in play circles.               to present plans.                                      performance of K i t t y : Joe Kilgour. Edward                                       " At Jasper Junction." and P e Anno and Mar-
Nothing definite can be learned. Gossip has i t                           Keith Ritchie was placed with the National         Gillespie the former a s t h e elder Heywood, and                                    guerite are entertaining lugsrlers.
t h a t Hyde and Behman. who operate the house,                       Musical Stock company a t Oetroit. Mich., last         the latter a s the detective, were most con-                                           The Olympic with " The New Bon Tons " and
held out for fifty-five per cent of t h e gross, while                week by A. Milo Bennett.                               vincing and virile: Marion Barney, although only                                     Peoples with the " C a s i n o C i r l s . " oresent an
the show demanded fifty-fifty terms.                                      " Please Help Emily " w a s put aside following    given a few lines a s the wife made it one of the                                    array of good burlesque for the week.
    The Gaiety Theater, on South State Street,                        the recent engagement a t Powers.                      most imoortant and best acted bits of the sea-
                                                                                                                       Charles                                                                                       Auction sales of seats for the local Svmphony
also a burlesque house, bobbed into the public                        Cherry and John Harwood Joined William Faver-          son : Grace Goodall and Calvin Thomas, each                                          Orchestra season have been unusuallv large The
eye when I. M. Herk. the manager, was brought                         sham in " Getting Married."                            played with distinction and their performances                                         s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  [| t of soloists announced Includes Eddv Brown"
into court last week charged by the Women's                               George Hoskins. a t one time a well-known          were sincere and finished. The audience seemed                                       Pablo Casals Josef Hoffman. Frit/. ' Kreisler
(htirch hederation                   with running a disorderly        actor, who has been putting on a show called           most favorably improssed with the piece and real Julia Cultv carl Frtedber*. Ruth Deyo. Metafile
house.             " The Follies of Pleasure " appeared               " Under the Stars and Stripes " a t National           enthusiasm marked the first performance                           Kurt. TolUMto Mero and Emll Heermiin.
there recently and Mae Mills did a dance upon                         Guard benefits for some years, with headquarters            An immense audience filled the Academy on
which the charges were based.                      Miss Mills per-    a t Quincy. Mass.. is to locate in Chicago, de-                                                                              Roller skating promises to be a popular amuse-
formed the same dance before the iudge in order                                                                              Monday. 23. when the Empty Stocking Club gave ment during the coming winter.                                        The Music
                                                                      voting his efforts to Mid-West territory for some      their annual benefit to raise funds for t h e Hall rink onened. 20.
that the court might see what had excited the                         time. He was recently on t h e border with the         poor children of the city a t Christmas. The
crusade :>nd is saiil to have worn exactly the                        guardsmen.                                                                                                                   The Little
                                                                                                                             play chosen was " Our Mrs. MeChesney." and tion of thePlayhouse Wednesday its first attrac-        presented
same costume she did when playing the burlesque                           Fred Byers has " The Frame-Up " in Western         what made it doubly interesting, was t h e fact                                        season                     evening °.">
house.                                                                one-night stands, and t h e show Is doing a nice                                                                           ' The Art of
                                                                                                                             t h a t Rose Stahl enacted the part of Emma Mc- eron was the Being Bored." a comedv bv Paill-
    Gazzalo. G a t t s and Clifford, a new firm of pro-               business. The play is looked upon a s a possi-         Chesney. which Ethel Barrymore created last                                             attraction.
ducers, have secured t h e rights of " Keeping                        bility for the cities, as it h a s been running in     season.          It provides Miss Stahl with the best                 The Ellis Grand Opera Comnanv is scheduled
Up With Lizzie." a novel by Irving Bacheller.                         Kngland for some time.                                 role which has fallen to her since Maggie Pepper. ror two performances on November 3-4 giving
and will make it the first production of the new                          William Anthony Maguire. author of " The           Phillips- Tead as Jack McCtarsney, Edward Field-                      Carmen " and " II Trovatore."
Arm. following it up with " The Katzeniammer                          Pivorce Question." i s writing for Ed. W. Row-         ing a s T. A. Buck. J r . . Roy La Rue and John
Kids."              " K e e p i n g Up With L i z z i e " will be                                                            Taylor each help materially in making the plav                       The Empire, a moving picture house en Spring
                                                                      land and Lorin J . Howard, being engaged on
dramatized by t h e " author of a current success                     both dramatic plays and vaudeville acts.               both an agreeable and entertaining comedy. Week da r v V < 1o" V e a U e W 8 S b a ( " V ,,anla >•'* >,1 • » n r p Mon-
on Broadway." according to the announcement                               " The Elopers *' is out in one-night stands of     Oct. 30. " The Merry Wives of Windsor "                               An engrossed testimonial expressing the regret
find will be prodix-ed in a loop theater. The                         the Mid-West and h a s recently made some              with Tom Wise.                                                    of Cincinnati friends because of his departure
novel is a very interesting one and is believed                       changes in the east.              Fred Rubell. Stedman
to possess splendid possibilities for the stage.                                                                                  The emphatic success which attended the first for Decatur. III. where he will manage the Lin-
                                                                      Sisters Midgie Carroll. Ray Glover. Jack Bor-          play built around " Potash and P e r l m u t t e r . " is coln Square theater, has been presented to Harry
    George Klimt ran into Chicago last week from                      t>erg. Charles Manley. and others left the com-        being duplicated again current week, at Ford's, K. Shockley.
Louisville, where his " The Millionaires Son                          pany.                                                  where the second edition, entitled " Potash and
anil the Shop Girl " attracted good business in                                                                                                                                                    Prominent among the current film productions
spite of the fact that that city has heretofore                            " The P a y s of Real Sport." a cartoon play      Perlmutter in Society " was received with the are Lenore Ulrich in " Intrigue " a t the Strand.
been a dark spot of the new International cir-                        which will be sent out by Ed. W. Rowland. Sr..         greatest acclaim. Al. H . Woods has given t h e Alice Bradv In " T h e Gilded C a g e " Walnut:
cuit. Klimt's play opened to S152 in that city                        and Lorin J . Howard, will play one-night stands       play a splendid cast including Barney Bernard, " T h e Return of Draw Egan " with Win. S.
and on Tuesday night did $300. KHmt paid a                            early this season, and if it looks as good as the      who is again seen in his original creation of H a r t at the F a m i l y : J u n e Caprice In " T h e
Tisit to Milwaukee, where he ordered a full line                      promoters anticipate the show will be brought into     Potash. Week Oct. 30. May Irwin in " No. 13 • a m e n Princess." a t the Star.
of paper for h i s new play, f i e plans sending a                    Chicago next Spring for a run and given those          Washington Square."                                                                           WM.    SMITH GOLPENBIRH.
second company to the one-night stands.                               touches required for big cities.
                                                                          " Circus Girls " Is t h e title of t h e newest         " While t h e City Sleeps." is the attraction a t
    The Jack Bessey company appeared a t Gary.                        Menlo Moore. I n c . . vaudeville production which     the Auditorium this week, and opened to fair
Ind. last week and almost t h e entire company                                                                               business. I t strikes us that t h e patrons of the                                       INDIANAPOLIS
came into Chicago Wednesday afternoon to wit-                         goes into rehearsal this week.              " A Fireside
                                                                                                                             International would appreciate a little comedy
                                                                      Reverie." another Moore production, opened for                                                                               INPIAVAPOMS          (Special).—"       An   Old    Sweet-
ness a performance of John Barryniore in                              Marcus Loew recently in New York and is get-           once in a while, and a few more dramas of tin- heart of Mine." which onened the season a t
;* J u s t i c e . " The company is having a very suc-                ting fine reports. " On the Veranda " is doing         type of " The Natural Law " and " Eternal English's. Oct. 2-7. and was held over for a
cessful season. A new play. " Barriers Burned                                                                                Magdelene." With the exception of " Bringing second
Away. • by Howard Mi-Kent Barnes, was added                           nicely on Association time. " The Funny Sheet."
                                                                      seen a t the Avenue last week, has worked into
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   i-onclnded its
                                                                                                                             up F a t h e r . " the cartoon musical play, whose Meor«e week replaced James engagement a s Squire
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Gox                        Ij)ckaye
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Oct. 14.
to the repertory recently and i s credited with                       a dandy comedy offering.                               success was so overwhelming that a hoiise twice Hawkins, the second week; otherwise the com-
a t t r a c t i n g good business a s well as pleasing                                                                       the size of the Auditorium would not have
those interested in the dramatization of the E.                          The International circuit houses in Chicago are     taken care of the crowds who clamored for seats, pany remained the same                                    with Orrin John-
P. Roe novel.                                                         doing a profitable business.            Melodramas are
                                                                      doing so well that there is some thought of a          all the offerings in Baltimore thus far have been son. Agnes Findlay. Frederick B e d s . " with Lola
                                                                                                                                                                                               Barhei' and others.            " Twin
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Burton. Richard
    Ralph T. Kettering, author of " W h i c h One                     loop house for that circuit. " Thurston " is a t       plays of a serious nature.                                        Bolton and others returned for a third engage-
Shall I Marry? " turned down an offer of $3 000.                      the National this week and " The Old Home-                  " Powerful " and " intense " aptly describe ment Oct. 10-18. The " Cohan Revue. 1910."
In the shape of a certified check, for h i s one-                     stead " is a t t h e Imperial.                         " T h e House of Glass." which through t h e ap- week Oct. 23 Elsie Ferguson in " Shirley K a y e . "
fourth interest in the production.                       Kettering,                                                          peal, strictly on the merit of its being one week Oct. 30.
who is press agent for Jones. Linick and                                  Legitimate houses devoted to pictures are pros-
                                                                      pering.         " The Birth of a Nation *• i s doing a of the best constructed and ably written dramas
Si-haefer. did not even hesitate. He has another
                                                                      remarkable business a t t h e Colonial. The house
                                                                                                                                                                                                  The Boston National
                                                                                                                             seen in Baltimore in three or four seasons, plus Played a short engagementGrand Onera company         a t the Shubert Mnrat.
play under way in which four different rooms                                                                                 the added advantage of well nigh perfect acting Oct.
                                                                      was leased by Jones. Linick and Scbaefer to
are shown in one set. with action in all of them
                                                                      this Ann for $2 500 a week and one-fourth of
                                                                                                                             scored one of the most pronounced successes of " I r i s . " and " presentingbeforeAndreaFaust."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     "             Chenler."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           audiences far too
a t o m e which necessitate* the writing of so                                                                               any play this season, and as a result F o r d ' s small considering the excellence of the company
much business Into the script that the advance                        the profits for a term of six months.              When
                                                                      " The Birth of a Nation " fails to draw " In-          enjoyed enonnous business all week.                       Mary and the productions. Pnviowa-Onkrninskv Ballet
in < of white paper i s explained.                                                                                       Ryan's work is a revelation.
    W n i t a Fitzhntrh is in failing health and h a s                tolerance " comes to that house.                " 20.000                                                                 eomnnny matinee and nk-ht. Oct. I S : " A P a i r
relinquished the title-role of " The Princess                         Leagues Under the Sea " is doing a remarkable              George M. Cohan and Sam H a r r i s were much of Silk S t o c k i n g s " (return!. Oct. 2 0 - 2 1 : " T h e
Pat " giving way to Blanche Dnffleld. who as-                         business at the Studebaker.            " Where Are My  in evidence a t the Academy on Monday night Other G i r l " ( r e t u r n ) . Oct. 23-25
sumed the role last week at the Garrick. acquit-                      C h i l d r e n ? " concludes i t s run a t the La Salle
                                                                                                                             of last week for the opening performance of
ting herself very creditably.                                         Nov. 3.                                                  ' Honest John O'Brien." On Tuesday they left " At Keith's Oct 9-14. back                             James B. Carson In
    one-night stand business is very encouraging                          " Johnny H a n d . " well known Chicago band
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Models Abroad " enme
                                                                                                                             for Allentown to tie on hand for the opening pretty girls and nretty costumes with aact much                             cast of
as far as Chicago producers a r e concerned.                          leader possibly best known of the musicians of         of " Buried T r e a s u r e . "          Mr. Cohan has every the same a s " The Red Heads inj an                " very enter-
Robert Sherman's " The Girl Without a Chance "                        that city, died CM. 14.                                confidence in his new play and stated that he taining but hardly so eaetf, Yvett" violinist and
did $040 business on a Saturday recently a t                              Mrs. John J . Holland, wife of the former man-     woiild now begin work immediately on t h e sim-er. was one of the blsreest hits of the bill
» anion. Ohio, and W. B. Patton in " Lazy                             ager of advance manager of Ruseo and Holland's         1 9 1 . Revue, to be produced Christmas Night.                    ^Isin Pilcer and Pudlev Hon«las. Clark and
 Bill ' is having many houses with from «3tn»                         Minstrels, who has been Eastern representative             The Baltimore Symphoi y Orchestra gave t h e Verdi Togan and Geneva scored                                     Fnv Wallace
to S4<>n gross in Iowa.                      Business generally is    of the Chine Ramona Syndicate for six months           first concert of its season a t the Lyric Oct. M end Reran Huchston in " Fortv Winks " and the
over the 9206 mark, which insures a profit for                        past, died in Chicago Oct. M of heart disease.         before an overflow house.                   The program in- Chonwii Four nlcased. Week Oct. 10. Mercedes,
th<- average attraction travelling out of here.                           Azora Reno, of the vaudeville act of Reno and      cluded the beautiful Dvorak New World Sym- assisted hv Mile. Stantone, n<*nin entertained
     " T h e Golden L i l y " by Arthur Lamb and                      Azora. died Oct. 1G. in Milwaukee. Wis., follow-       phony which was given a verv interesting and and mvstlfled his audiences: Mabel'e Adnms and
Jules Cbcauvenet. which has been rehearsing                           ing an operation.                                      original reading by Gustav Strube.                    Marcella
here for some time, will take to the road Get.                            Pauline, t h e two-and-a-half-year-old daughter    <>aft was the soloist and received an ova- Marion Murray went MP- in a 1ollv little finish:                 a                act
2ft, aci-ording to t h e most recent announcement.                    of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kay Smith, known in
                                                                                                                                                                                               " Cotton Stockings
                                                                                                                             tion. It marked her first appearance in Balti- Fdna M»nsev s i n f e ": with                                    musical
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           r Harry B. Lester, enter-
 Ihe opening date has twen frequently postponed.                      vaudeville as Smith and Arado. died in Chicago         more a s a concert artiste.                                       t a i n e r : Onnedin Duo : Y a t e s ' a n d Wheeler: Rillv
A new corporation is being formed to launch the                       Oct. 15. The parents were on the road and did              The bills a t t h e Maryland during the past Bouncer and Eadie and Ramsden ples-ed. Week
enterprise.              I t is asserted that the company             not reach Chicago in time to see her alive.            two weeks have shown a marked improvement. Oct. 23. Four Marx Brothers, in " Home
will play a couple of weeks of one-aight stands                                                                              Hermanie Shone"* act entitled. " Marv Ann " Again " : Clnodo and Fannie C«her in " Fa<*an's
and th'-n go into the big cities.                                                                    E. E. M E R E D I T H .
                                                                                                                             was one of t h e most original and lies't staged Peeislr-n •• : Minnie Allen, the American Four
    ft"W             and Maevlttv will shortly produce a                                                                     things seen in vaudeville in recent seasons. The and others.
m w play by Howard McKent Barnes, with t h e                                                                                 playlet. " Mary's Angle." a t this house a few
title •• Ihe Knd of a Perfect D a v . " and are                                        SYRACUSE. N. Y.                       weeks ago. and produced by May Tully will                            The Park had an excellent attraction the cur- the cast.                  Barnes is best known as            SYRACUSE. N. Y. (Special).—This   city was the probably a t t r a c t attention                in vaudeville this rent week in " The Woman He Married " with
author of " The Little Shepherd of Bargain                                                                                                                                                     Marie Pette« and a good cast. " Step Lively."
Kow.                                                                  recipient the first part of week Oct. IK-21 of season, due to i t s exceptional merit and unusual week Oct. 23.
    Harvey P . Orr who has two companies in the                       two very pleasing comedies:       At the Empire acting.                                                                      As a tribute to the memory of the late James
one-mghts in " The Million Pollar P o l l . " is with                 May Robson was seen in " The Making Over of                Joseph Sweeney, who is giving such a de- Whitcomb Riley on his birthday Oct. 7. t h e
his Eastern show which played Quebec last Fri-                        Mrs. M a t t . " and a t the Wieting. " Hobson's lightful performance in " Potash und Perl entire cast of the Rilev pluv in " An Old
day _ and Saturday and is now in New Kngland                          Choice " was produced.       The former was the mutter " this week is a former member of the
Louise Willis, a character woman who is widely                        best vehicle in which Miss Itobson has yet ap- I o n stock organization in this city. He made Sweetheart of Hilln e " playing nt English's,      Mi
kn.-wn in the West, is with the company.                              peared and gives her a fine opportunity of which rapid strides with the company during i t s stay went to Crown his tomb.                              Comcterv and placed floral
    • My Home Town G i r l . " in which Hvams and
                                                                                                                                                                                               wreaths about
                                                                      she makes the t>est. Jack Storey as Junior was here and on several occasions his work was of author of the play, was in Robert of the serv-                      charge
M.-lntyre a r e featured, is playing the annual                       very good.       Rldler Pavies took the part of six h a high standard of excellence a s to place ' < > P S » .                                                  PEARI, K I K K W O O P .
poiii-eman s Iwneflt a t the Auditorium and is                        Charlotte, Avery in an exceedingly pleasing man- it in a class by itself.                             I. B . K R E I S .
satisfying the ••omiiiittee in charge to such ex-                     ner. The play was well received by good-sized
t e r t that the engagement was extended a couple                     houses.                                                                                                                                        LONDON. CAN.
-f day* (Oet 30-31). which is a compliment to                             " Hobson's Choice " is a round of steady                                KNOXVILLE, TENN.                                LONOOX. CAN. (SnrHal).—Grand                 Opera House:
   *:rr«-w - . K e l ! T w h ° swpn'ied the attraction.               laughter from tn-ginning to end and is a very               KNOXVII.I.E. T E N N . (s,„rUil).~\         typical Mutt     " A Pair of Silk Stockings " Sept. SO. pleased
         W h a t * l o , ) r Husband Poing " Is likely to             pleasing comedy.       Margaret Nybloe and Ed-                                                                           large audiences both matinee and night. " The
fw- revived. The engagement here was not looked                       ward Thelan starred and could not be better and Jeff show delighted two birr houses Oct 11
upon a s hiirhly successful, but the biggest week
                                                                                                                                                                                               Birth             Nation " Oct.
                                                                      suited to their parts. Jane Ross. A. P Kaye A satisfactory cast made " Fair and Wanner " pacity.of a Kvorvwonian •* 0. 10 ( r e t u r n ) , to per-
                                                                                                                                                                                                               "                    11-12: excellent
                                                                      and Helen hvily proved a good sporting cast            very funny to a full house. 10. Sager Midgley
of the three run to $9.CM gross and the poorest                       Robert Whitehouse. Henry Pornton. and Robert as the model husband, was dei-idedlv the star                               formance by splendid company to S. R. O. three
w e e k w a a half that amount. Maclyn Arbueklc                       Forsyth added much to the piece in their parts         Knoxville is now ably supporting two pooular- nerfornmnoos. " \ Pair of Oueens." 1 8 : " T h e
and Thomas W Ross were the stars of the plav                                                                                 priced vaudeville houses, the Bijou and the Black F e a t h e r . " 10
during u s trial here. Arbuckle Is said to have                       Very good houses attended.
a fonrth interest in t h e show.                                                                                             ! ; -7," H l ' i\_ nd . t n p y i n return are Hying unusual          The Hyatt and LeNore Musical Comedv Co 1»
                                                                      , - J t the Empire. 20-28. Chauncey Olcott In bills                   The former is on the Keith Circuit and pleasing good attendance a t the Princess Theater
    J-'hn P Williams were here for the opening of                         Honest John O'Brien."                              the latter books from Sullivan and Considine                                                               C. E. A. W E B B E .
     Justice           a t Powers.                                                               FREDERICK     E. MORTON.                                                         C I I A S . E. K R C T C H .                (Continued     on page    15)
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                                                                                                                                              Thomas M. Tryniski
                                                                                                                                              309 South 4th Street
                                                                                                                                              Fulton New York


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