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                           Network Merchants
                           E-Commerce Gateway Offers Processing
                           Without Competition to ISOs
                           by Deborah Fisher

                                  n the current business climate,       substantial residuals without having to     to settlement. And merchants can use
                                  being able to provide that extra      worry about competition from the            recurring billing to bill their cus-
                                  service or product to your clients    gateway. Network Merchants’ pay-            tomers daily, weekly or monthly.
                                  is critical to success. “Companies    ment-processing gateway services may          With the company’s API integration
                           need to have value-add services and to       not be purchased by merchants direct-       solution, merchants will use the highest
                           stay on top of new features and ideas,”      ly, notes Cucci; the services offered       level of secure transaction infrastructure
                           says Matthew Schmidgall, chief tech-         can be provided only through an             available. The API uses secure sockets
                           nology officer of Chicago-based              approved ISO or MSP affiliate. This         layer digital certificate technology to
                           Network Merchants. “Companies can            exclusive channel of distribution           connect securely and directly between a
                           no longer just sit back and stay idle.”      strengthens relationships already built     merchant and the payment gateway.
                             More businesses than ever are ready to     by the affiliate with its merchant cus-       According to Schmidgall, security is
                           sell their products and services on the      tomers, increases the value of services     seeing more and stricter regulations.
                           Web. And they are seeking fast, easy         and products offered, and provides the      “There are higher regulations by card
                           and efficient ways to authorize and          affiliate with new revenue streams.         associations and additional require-
                           process online transactions. That’s one        “We don’t compete with the ISO. In        ments for PCI 1.1 standards,” he notes.
                           reason Network Merchants transformed         fact, all of our merchant accounts must       Network Merchants’ iSpyFraud
                           from its credit card fraud detection roots   come through an ISO,” explains Cucci.       Protection provides custom strategies
                           in 2001 to an e-commerce payment             “Our mission is to provide ISOs with        to distinguish between shoppers and
                           gateway that enables companies to            the best tools available to be lucrative    shoplifters. It provides strategy man-
                           process online transactions in real time     and still benefit the merchants.”           agement and customer service tools to
                           anywhere in the world. Network                 Network Merchants has a transparent       help merchants save legitimate trans-
                           Merchants also maintains and delivers a      portal that allows merchants to manage      actions that appear risky, and to set
                           suite of payment solutions through a         a suite of payment solutions from a sin-    policies for accepting and rejecting
                           unique channel of distribution.              gle location on the ISO’s or MSP’s Web      transactions. That means less risk to
                             This channel of distribution was           site, branded with the customer’s look      the merchant and a better relationship
                           designed exclusively for financial insti-    and feel. It also provides branded online   with the ISO or MSP.
                           tutions, independent sales organiza-         applications that enable merchants to         “Smaller gateways aren’t going to be
                           tions (ISOs) or a merchant service           sign up for payment processing and          able to implement all the necessary
                           provider (MSP), payment processors,          merchant accounts quickly and easily.       security measures because it is too
                           value-added resellers and other e-com-       And ISOs can offer their branded pay-       expensive,” says Cucci. “We can provide
                           merce developers interested in retain-       ment gateways to merchants.                 processing in a secure environment.”
                           ing their existing merchant customers          Through the use of a virtual terminal,      “Security is a major factor in being a
                           and acquiring new business. With an          merchants can authorize, process and        leader,” agrees Schmidgall.
                           easy-to-integrate private-label pro-         manage credit card transactions manu-         From the beginning, Network
                           gram, affiliate members maintain their       ally from any computer with an              Merchants focused on developing key
                           own look and feel while providing their      Internet connection and a Web brows-        relationships with companies interest-
                           merchant customers with efficient and        er. Network Merchants Electronic            ed in providing fast and secure credit
                           secure payment processing solutions.         Check enables online and traditional        card and electronic check processing
                             “Clients can brand the gateway as          merchants to accept and process elec-       services. Network Merchants built a
                           their own through the entire process,”       tronic check payments directly from         back-end payment solution that pro-
                           notes Ted Cucci, COO. “And, based            their Web site’s storefront or through      vides the tools necessary for ISO and
                           on rules defined by the customer, the        the virtual terminal. By accepting elec-    MSP affiliates to process transactions
                           advanced transaction routing interface       tronic checks, merchants are able to        for their merchant customers.
                           spreads the transaction volume across        expand the payment options available          “We like to say the company is pro-
                           different processors to manage the flow      to their customers and increase sales.      grammer rich,” says Cucci. “W hile it
                           of the merchants’ transactions.”               With batch upload, processing mer-        is internally difficult to create, we try
                             Network Merchants’ open architec-          chants will be able to control and          to make things as easy as possible for
                           tural design allows affiliates to earn       approve transactions manually prior         the end user.” TT

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