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					                                                Credit Card Processing

                                                                                                 Credit cards are an important
                                                                                                 payment option that may be
                                                                                                 vital to your sales success.

                                 PacNet gives you the ability to o er customers convenient local-currency payment options via
                                 the web, direct mail, or other direct sales channels virtually anywhere in the world.

     Your one-stop               Our robust, end-to-end credit card processing solution includes: merchant accounts in the
   global payment                currencies you need; batch processing; real-time processing; a virtual terminal for handling
           solution              refunds, telephone orders and exceptions; and clear, concise online reporting.

                                 The bene ts are clear:
Clear cheques,
credit cards,                          . Extended Market Reach - Visa and MasterCard merchant accounts in the national
postal orders,                           currencies of over 30 countries.
direct debits,                         . Speed - International cards authorised within seconds and rapid settlement in the
bank transfers                           currency of your choice.
and more                               . Convenience - 24 / 7 secure access to Payment Files, Reports, and Transaction
through a single                         History along with a Virtual Terminal, ideal for refunds, telephone orders, and
client account                           exceptions.
at PacNet.                             . Security - CVV2 capabilities and proprietary fraud screening.
                                       . Savings - All-inclusive percentage commissions without miscellaneous fees.

                                 How it works:
In North America
                                 The currency of your merchant account and the descriptor that appears on cardholders’
PacNet Services Ltd.
Vancouver, BC                    statements will be chosen to meet your unique business needs. Merchant accounts can be
CANADA                           established in as many currencies as you require.
Tel: +1 604 689 0399
Fax: +1 604 689 0313             Transactions can be authorised either in batches, or individually via secure link from your          shopping cart, or through the RAVEN virtual terminal. Files of approved transactions can be
                                 released with the click of a button at the end of each business day.
In Europe
                                 Funds are settled to your PacNet account in the currency of your choice, usually within two
PacNet Services (Europe) Ltd.
SFZ, Co Clare                    business days. Maintain the balance as a credit on your client account, or forward the funds
IRELAND                          by wire to whichever bank account you use today.
Tel: +353 (0)61 714360
Fax: +353 (0)61 714369           Requirements for real-time authorisation:
                                        .   Static internet address
                                        .   Accurate system clock (for server submitting payments)
                                        .   Existing sales application (shopping cart with secure web server)
                                        .   Some application integration expertise

                                Call today to speak with a sales representative about your needs
                                +353 (0)61 714360 or email

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