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                                                                                                                  Business Guild
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Providing valuation advice to the Chatham   Supporting visitor attraction development at                          Tourism and the Economy Kent and Medway
Historic Dockyard Trust                     Scone Palace and Heartwood Forest

                                                                                                                  Venue: The Commissioner’s House Chatham Historic Dockyard
                                                                                                                  (Chatham Historic Dockyard and it’s Defences are included on
                                                                                                                  the 2011 UK Tentative List for World Heritage Site status)

                                                                                                                  Thursday 22nd September 2011
                                                                         Tim Cathcart        Mike Wooldridge
                                                                         Maidstone office    Maidstone office     The participation of Chatham Historic Dockyard is greatly appreciated.
                                                                         01732 879057        01732 879052
Estate Managers Farm Managers Architects Building Surveyors              tim.cathcart        michael.wooldridge
Planners Valuers Sustainability Consultants Foresters          
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A Welcome From                                                                                 Keynote Speaker
JOHN A SPENCE OBE DL                                                                           John Penrose MP
Chairman, Business Guild Steering Group
                                                                                               Minister for Tourism and Heritage
                             It would take a very brave man to make predictions about          •	 Tourism	
                             the economy at this time and our growth out of the                •	 Heritage	and	the	Built	Environment	
                             recession. The majority of those attending the Seminar,
                                                                                               •	 Royal	Parks	and	Royal	Household	
                             however, will be in a position to influence for the better the
                             Tourism Industry that contributes £2.5 billion to the Kent        •	 National	Lottery	
                             and Medway economy. All will benefit in some way from             •	 Licensing	
                             the growth in the Industry.
                                                                                               •	 Gambling	
                             It is well known that Cathedrals contribute substantially to      •	 Horseracing
                             the local economy by attracting visitors and of course they
                             benefit directly themselves from visitors. Rochester              Biography
                             Cathedral has 150,000 visitors annually and so there is not       John Penrose was elected as MP for Weston-super-Mare in 2005.
                             a little self interest in this Seminar.
                                                                                               Before	being	elected	to	Parliament,	Mr	Penrose	was	Chairman	of	Logotron	Ltd,	a	
The Seminar will take a challenging look at what the Industry in Kent and Medway is doing      small independent company creating educational software for schools. Previously
and this will lead us, I hope, to an equally challenging look at what we could do better.      he	worked	in	publishing,	including	as	managing	director	of	Longman,	management	
Certainly we cannot stand still.                                                               consulting and banking.
The Business Guild was launched in 2008 to strengthen our links with the business              Mr Penrose was Shadow Business Minister 2009-2010 and has served on the Work
community. And our annual programme of meetings aims to inform our members.                    and Pensions Select Committee.
Welcome then to a Seminar in which we have a mutual interest.

                                                                                              TOURISM: An Opportunity For Growth
                                                                                              “I am confident that we can grow this already world class industry
                                                                                              and make the coming years the best ever for tourism opportunity
The Business Guild supports the cathedral’s                                                   in Britain. With this strategy, we are bringing a whole new ‘For
musical and education work in the community
                                                                                              Growth’ approach to tourism, removing barriers to growth and
                                                                                              backing the industry all the way. The challenge now is to make
                                                                                              sure we deliver on these plans and make the most of this
The venue, The Commissioner’s House, one of                                                   opportunity to make Britain’s tourist industry thrive.”
the Dockyard’s iconic buildings (1704)
                                                                                              David Cameron, Government Tourism Policy
Speakers                                                                                                                        Paul Hudson
                    Joss Croft                                                                                                  SE	England	Lottery	Fund	and	
                    Head of Marketing                                                                                           Infrastructure Planning Commisson
                                                                                                                                Paul	Hudson	was	appointed	the	Chair	of	the	Heritage	Lottery	Fund	(HLF)	South	
                  VisitBritain is preparing for the roll out of its £100 million public/private marketing                       East	 England	 committee	 in	April	 2010.	 He	 is	 a	 Commissioner	 of	 the	 national	
                  programme over the next four years. Joss draws on his recent experience at                                    Infrastructure Planning Commission, established to determine applications for
                  VisitBritain	as	Regional	Director	for	Europe,	Head	of	Business	Visits	and	Events	         major infrastructure projects. He served as Thames Gateway Director in the Homes and Communities
                  and manager of Strategic Partnerships as well as managing operations and                  Agency	 on	 secondment	 from	 the	 Department	 for	 Communities	 and	 Local	 Government	 where	 he	
marketing from VisitBritain’s Madrid office for Spain and Portugal for 3 years.                             was	Director	of	Delivery	in	the	Thames	Gateway	Executive,	having	been	appointed	the	Government’s	
                                                                                                            Chief	Planner	in	2006.	He	was	Executive	Director	of	Development	and	Infrastructure	at	the	South	
He previously worked in sales and marketing for Futuroscope Poitiers, Disneyland Paris and the              East	England	Development	Agency	from	1999	to	2006.	Prior	to	that	was	Chief	Executive	of	Locate	
London	Tourist	Board.	In	February	2010	he	was	awarded	Industry	Personality	of	the	Year	by	the	              in Kent, City Technical Director of Rochester upon Medway City Council, Divisional Director at the
Readers	of	Meetings	and	Incentive	Travel.	Although	born	in	London	and	having	lived	elsewhere,	he	           Travers Morgan Consulting Group and for nearly 20 years held a variety of planning and economic
now lives with his wife and two children in the heart of Rochester and has had family links to the          development posts at Kent County Council.
area for the past 35 years.

                                                                                                                                Sandra Matthews-Marsh
                    Neil Davies                                                                                                 Chief	Executive
                    Chief	Executive                                                                                             Visit Kent
                    Medway Council
                                                                                                                                Sandra has been dedicated to promoting tourism in the county for the last 13
                    Neil	 was	 previously	 Director	 of	 Finance	 and	 Corporate	 Services	 and	 Deputy	                        years. With over 20 years in the tourism industry Sandra has worked in both the
                    Chief	Executive	for	Medway	Council.	Neil	began	work	at	Medway	Council	in	July	                              public and private sectors. She has lead the public/private sector marketing
                    1999 as Assistant Director of Resources (Financial Planning and Audit), before                              company	as	Chief	Executive	of	the	Visit	Kent	for	the	last	five	years,	following	on	
                    becoming Director of Finance and Corporate Services and Deputy Chief                    from	her	role	as	Director	at	Leeds	Castle	for	five	years,	with	her	final	role	at	Leeds	Castle,	as	acting	
Executive	in	April	2001.	Neil’s	aim	is	to	help	Medway	to	become	an	excellent	local	authority	and	           Managing Director until July 2004. Sandra is no stranger to destination marketing, as her experience
certainly one of the leading unitaries in the country.                                                      also	 includes	 working	 as	 Director	 of	 Marketing	 at	 the	 South	 East	Tourist	 Board	 between	 1997	 –	
                                                                                                            1999.	 	 	 Sandra	 was	 educated	 in	 Surrey	 and	 gained	 her	 degree	 from	 Loughborough	 University.	
Neil’s	interests	include	reading,	fitness,	the	workings	of	the	human	mind,	good	food	and	wine.	Neil	
                                                                                                            Sandra	has	played	a	key	role	recently	in	securing	€7million	of	European	funding	over	the	next	three	
is	a	Council	Member	of	the	University	of	Kent.	
                                                                                                            years for the development of tourism in the run up to the 2012 Games. She has recently been
                                                                                                            appointed	to	the	Boards	of	both	Tourism	South	East	and	the	Tourism	Society.	
                    Stephen Grix
                    Chief	Executive	and	Principal
                                                                                                                                Dexter Moren b.arch, ms arch & urban design, mba, MIA, RIBA
                    Mid Kent College
                   Stephen began his career as a part-time bricklaying student at Mid Kent College                              Dexter Moren Associates
                   and in total completed eight years of part-time study at the college. Stephen’s
                                                                                                                                Dexter is recognized as an industry leader in the hotel & leisure sector. He is the
                   career includes teaching at Bexley, Barking and Basingstoke colleges, as well as
                                                                                                                                founding	director	of	Dexter	Moren	Associates,	London	and	Moren	Williams	Lotter	
                   Principalship of a Sixth Form College, Senior Civil Servant at Ofsted and as
                                                                                                                                Forsythe,	South	Africa.	He	is	a	graduate	of	London’s	Architectural	Association	
Director	of	Education	in	Tower	Hamlets	LEA.	
                                                                                                                                and	New	York’s	Columbia	University.	With	over	20	years	experience,	Dexter	has	
Stephen	was	appointed	as	Principal	and	Chief	Executive	of	Mid	Kent	College	in	March	2005	and	in	            worked	with	the	majority	of	leading	brands	in	the	UK,	Europe,	Africa,	Middle	East	and	more	recently	
the Autumn of 2008 successfully completed the Advanced Management Programme at the Harvard                  in Asia. He is currently leading the design for a new Intercontinental in Westminster, a boutique hotel
Business School.                                                                                            and	aparthotel	in	East	London	and	a	Hilton	in	Southwark.	He	is	driven	by	the	principles	of	design	
                                                                                                            excellence and sustainability whilst maintaining the joy of a creative working experience for his
                                                                                                            team, consultants and clients.
           Time     Details                                                       Speaker                                             Chairman

     9.00	–	9.30    Registration & Coffee

            9.30    Welcome                                                       John Spence

                                                                                  Ken	Robinson	(National)
                    Tourisms	contribution	to	the	Economy	of	Kent	&	Medway
    9.30	–	10.30                                                                  Sandra Matthews-Marsh (Kent)                        Amanda Cottrell
                    Setting the Scene
                                                                                  Neil	Davies	(Medway)

  10.30	–	11.10     Minister for Tourism & Heritage Address & Questions           John Penrose MP                                     John Spence

   11.10	–	11.30    Coffee

                    “Inbound Market & Opportunities”                              Joss Croft
  11.30	–	12.30                                                                                                                       Bill Ferris
                    “UK	Hotels		2012	and	Beyond”                                  Dexter Moren

    12.30	–	2.00    Lunch	&	Networking	(Rope	Walk	demonstration	1.20pm)

                    Produced in Kent                                              Frazer Thompson
     2.00	–	2.40                                                                                                                      Theresa Bruton
                    Training in Kent                                              Stephen Grix
                                                                                  Frazer Thompson
                    Questions                                                     Stephen Grix
     2.40	–	3.30                                                                                                                      Ken Robinson
                    Audience Response and Contributions                           Joss Croft
                                                                                  Sandra Matthews-Marsh

     3.30	–	4.00    Tourism & Heritage led Regeneration                           Paul Hudson                                         Sir Brandon Gough

            4.00    Closure                                                       John Spence

                    Visit	“Titanic	Honour	&	Glory”	No	1	Smithery	-	The	Gallery                                                        Host
     4.00	–	5.30    Tea	available	in	No	1	Smithery                                                                                    Sir Ian Garnett

The Rochester Cathedral Business Guild is pleased to                             The Rochester Cathedral Business Guild is pleased to
acknowledge and is grateful for the sponsorship of Smiths Gore.                  acknowledge and is grateful for the support of Visit Kent.
                     Ken Robinson CBE FTS                                                                                              Amanda Cottrell OBE DL
                     Chairman                                                                                                          Chairman
                     Tourism Alliance                                                                                                  Visit Kent

                     Ken Robinson is immediate past Chair of the Tourism Alliance (2009/10/11) and a                                 Amanda Cottrell is a Kent Ambassador as well as a Trustee of Canterbury
                     Board	member	of	the	Tourism	Society	–	chairing	its	Think	Tank.	He	describes	himself	                            Cathedral, the Avante Partnership and the Godinton House Preservation Trust.
                     as “a tourism enthusiast”, and is an independent adviser who speaks and writes on                               She is Patron of Produced in Kent and the Caldecott Foundation, co-Patron of the
                     tourism topics. His goal is to be a pragmatic pioneer of new initiatives, strategies and                        Strode Park Foundation, a Vice President of the Canterbury Festival and of the
solutions to optimise the economic and social benefits of tourism. He believes Britain’s intrinsic tourism        Maidstone	Museum,	County	President	of	the	Girl	Guides	Association	and	of	the	East	Kent	Stroke	
assets require political commitment to help the industry compete globally, and realise its potential.             Association, as well as the Director of a small bus company which serves the rural areas of Kent.
Having been involved in tourism management and development since 1965, advising and managing the
private,	public	and	charitable	sectors.	Ken	was	a	Vice-Chair	of	Partners	for	England	and	is	a	member	of	          She	is	a	Liveryman	of	the	Worshipful	Company	of	Fruiterers	and	a	Freeman	of	the	City	of	London.	
VisitEngland’s	new	Strategic	Industry	Advisory	Group,	and	VisitBritain’s	British	Tourism	Industry	Group.	     	   She is also Chairman of her local Parish Council, a school governor, and County President of the
He	is	an	adviser	to	the	UN’s	International	Trade	Centre,	on	national	and	destination	Tourism	strategy	            Girl	Guide	movement.	In	2006–07	Amanda	was	High	Sheriff	of	Kent,	and	she	was	a	magistrate	for	
development. He is a Board member and Trustee of several other Tourism bodies. Ken was awarded                    23	years.		She	holds	an	Honarary	Fellowship	of	Canterbury	Christchurch	University	and	an	Honorary	
the	CBE	for	services	to	Tourism	in	1997.                                                                          Doctorate	of	Civil	Law	from	the	University	of	Kent.	

                                                                                                                  Amanda was widowed in 1996, and has four children and ten grandchildren and lives in the
                     Frazer Thompson                                                                              village	of	Challock.		She	was	invested	with	the	OBE	in	2011	in	recognition	of	her	services	to	Kent,	
                     Chief	Executive                                                                              and	has	recently	been	appointed	as	a	Director	to	the	Board	of	VisitEngland,	and	Deputy	Lieutenant	
                     English	Wines	Group	plc                                                                      of Kent.

                     Frazer	graduated	in	1981	and	joined	Media	Audits	Ltd	before	moving	to	Express	
                     Newspapers.	He	started	his	marketing	career	with	Denby	Coloroll,	before	joining	                                  Bill Ferris OBE
                     Whitbread Inns as Operational Standards Manager for their Inns division. He                                       Chief	Executive
                     was part of a small team that developed the Brewer’s Fayre concept. At the age                                    Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust
of 29, having co-led a team to acquire and integrate the Boddingtons brand and develop a highly
successful strategy as a response to the Beer Orders, he was made a director of Whitbread plc. In                                      Trained as an accountant Bill gained a 1st Class Honours Degree in Managerial
1995	he	became	Global	Brand	Director	for	Heineken	NV	and	was	one	of	the	most	influential	figures	                                      and	Administrative	Studies	from	the	University	of	Aston.	
in the International brewing and marketing world. He accepted the position of Managing Director of
                                                                                                                                      He ran his own wholesale and retail bakery business in Devon for six years
English	Wines	in	November	2001.	Chapel	Down	has	now	won	many	International	awards	for	their	
                                                                                                                  before moving into the heritage sector in 1988. In 1988 Bill became the first Commercial Manager
wines. Frazer was Chairman of the Institute of Directors in Kent from 2007-9 and was Plus Market
                                                                                                                  at	the	Yorkshire	Mining	Museum	(now	the	National	Museum	of	Coalmining),	seeing	it	through	its	
Investors’	CEO	of	the	Year	in	2008.	He	lives	at	Sissinghurst	Castle	Farmhouse,	is	married	to	Sue	
                                                                                                                  last phases of development and early years of operation. He left this prestigious project in 1990
and they have three sons aged 22, 21 and 21.
                                                                                                                  to join Heritage Projects for whom he has managed two projects, A Day at the Wells and the White
                                                                                                                  Cliffs	Experience.		
                                                                                                                  After	 three	 years	 he	 was	 promoted	 to	 Operations’	 Director	 with	 a	 National	 role.	 This	 led	 to	 him	
                                                                                                                  undertaking a range of consultancy work for Heritage Projects, working on a number of Millennium
                    Theresa Bruton
                                                                                                                  and	Lottery	funded	initiatives.	He	joined	Chatham	Historic	Dockyard	Trust	in	December	2000	having	
                    Head of Regeneration Projects
                                                                                                                  responsibility for all aspects of the Trust’s operations including the property portfolio and museum
                    Kent County Council
                                                                                                                  and heritage business.
                   With the primary aim of supporting economic growth and job creation Theresa’s
                                                                                                                  Bill is currently on the Board of Visit Kent, and has just retired as Chairman of both the Association
                   team is responsible for a wide range of regeneration projects related to bringing
                                                                                                                  of Independent Museums after 6 years service and the Medway Tourism Association after 10 years.
                   forward employment sites, supporting key and emerging sectors including
                                                                                                                  He	was	appointed	an	OBE	in	June	this	year.
                   tourism, rural, low carbon and housing. Activity also covers partnership projects
in coastal and growth areas across the County and a business programme promoting inward
investment,	 export	 initiatives	 and	 the	 Kent	 Excellence	 in	 Business	 Awards.	 Theresa	 is	 a	 board	
member of Visit Kent and a Governor of Hadlow College.
                    Admiral Sir Ian Garnett KCB                                                                                     John A Spence OBE DL
                    Chairman                                                                                                        Chairman
                    Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust                                                                                 Rochester Cathedral Business Guild

                    Born	in	Surrey,	England	in	1944,	Admiral	Ian	Garnett	joined	the	Royal	Navy	in	                                 John	 Spence	 trained	 as	 an	 Engineer	 but	 has	 held	 a	 number	 of	 diverse	
                    1962.		After	sea	service	in	HM	ships	LONDON,	BEACHAMPTON	and	the	Royal	                                        appointments	both	before	and	since	early	retirement,	including	Education,	and	
                    Yacht	 BRITANNIA,	 he	 was	 selected	 for	 flying	 training,	 qualified	 as	 an	 anti-                         was formally Chairman of Mid Kent College and a Council Member of Kent
                    submarine warfare helicopter pilot and joined 814 Squadron on board HMS                                        University	 (Chairman	 of	Audit).	A	 non	 exec	 Chairman	 /	 Director	 various	 small	
HERMES.		On	promotion	to	commander	in	1978,	he	became	the	Deputy	Director	(RN)	of	the	Joint	                    private companies, non exec Director Radio Invicta 1995-2000. He served in local Government
Maritime	 Operations	 Training	 School	 before	 assuming	 command	 of	 HMS	 AMAZON,	 a	 Type	 21	               (1961-93) first on Gillingham Council then on Kent County Council holding key chairmanships
Frigate,	operating	in	home	waters,	the	Far	East	and	the	South	Atlantic.		                                       (including Finance) and political appointments. He is a Kent Ambassador.

Selected	for	Captain	while	attending	the	Royal	Naval	Staff	College	in	1983,	he	joined	the	Ministry	of	          At	 National	 he	 chaired	 the	 Local	 Government	 Finance	 Committee	 of	 the	Association	 of	 County	
Defence as the Assistant Director (Ships) in the Operational Requirements Division. He then                     Councils and served on Home Office and other departmental committees. He is a past Chairman of
commanded	HMS	ACTIVE	as	the	Captain,	Fourth	Frigate	Squadron	before	leading	the	Royal	Navy	                     the Kent Police Authority. In the Health Service from 1987—1997 he chaired first the Medway
Presentation Team in 1988-89. In February 1999 he was appointed Chief of Joint Operations at the                Health	Authority	and	the	Kent	Ambulance	Service	and	then	the	Medway	NHS	Hospital	Trust.	He	is	
Permanent	 Joint	 Headquarters	 (United	 Kingdom)	 and	 in	 September	 2001	 he	 was	 promoted	 to	             Chairman of Rochester Cathedral Council and is a Cathedral Trustee; a board member of Rochester
Admiral	and	assumed	his	final	post	as	Chief	of	Staff	SHAPE.	He	retired	from	the	Royal	Navy	in	                  Bridge	Trust	and	Chatham	Historic	Dockyard	and	was	Chairman	of	Master	Ropemakers	Limited.	He	
December 2004 and became Commandant of the Royal College of Defence Studies between                             has	 a	 number	 of	 charitable	 interests.	 Deputy	 Lieutenant	 of	 Kent	 2001,	 OBE	 2005	 (services	 to	
January 2005 and January 2008. He has served as a Commissioner and Vice Chairman of the                         Heritage),		Hon.	DCL	Kent	University,	Hon.Fellow	Southbank	University.	
Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

                                                                                                                   The Cathedral
                    Sir Brandon Gough DL
                    Chairman                                                                                       Founded	 in	 604AD,	 Rochester	 Cathedral	 is	 the	 second	 oldest	 foundation	 in	 the	 United	
                    Locate	in	Kent                                                                                 Kingdom and serves 1,2m people in the Diocese of Rochester. On average it welcomes

                     Sir	 Brandon	 Gough’s	 career	 began	 with	 Coopers	 and	 Lybrand.	 Until	 1983	 he	          3,000 visitors each week, with 400 attending services.
                     was engaged on both the business and professional development sides of audit
                                                                                                                   Each	year	the	Cathedral	hosts	over	100	special	services	and	events,	including	university	
                     and financial advice. He was elected Chairman in 1983 and became responsible
                     to the partners for the strategic direction of the firm during a period of major              degree	 ceremonies,	 concerts,	 civic	 and	 community	 celebrations.	 It	 runs	 an	 Educational	
change and growth for the accountancy profession. He made a significant contribution to the                        programme for 17,000 school children each year, and a Music Outreach project in Medway
organisation’s	 global	 and	 European	 development	 and	 oversaw	 the	 merger	 with	 Deloitte	 Haskins	            schools. The Cathedral has never been in greater demand in its 1400 year history.
and	Sells	in	1990.	He	has	also	served	as	Chairman	of	Yorkshire	Water	plc	(now	Kelda	Group	plc)	
and Deputy Chairman of SG Warburg Group plc. He was the former Chairman of the Review Body                         Rochester Cathedral Business Guild
for Doctors and Dentists Remuneration and on 1 August 2003 he was appointed Chancellor,
University	 of	 East	Anglia.	 Sir	 Brandon	 was	 Chairman	 of	 De	 La	 Rue	 plc,	 a	 global	 leader	 in	 the	      For further details on the Business Guild please contact:
banknote and cash handling technology business.                                                                    Lynne	Bax,	Development	Office,	Garth	House,	Rochester,	ME1	1SX
                                                                                                                   Tel: 01634 810074
His links with higher education stretch back to 1993 when he was appointed as chair of the Higher
Education	 Funding	 Council	 for	 England	 and	 oversaw	 the	 bringing	 together	 of	 the	 university	 and	
polytechnic	sectors.	He	has	also	served	on	the	Council	of	City	University	and	the	influential	Council	
                                                                                                                   Rochester Cathedral
for	 Industry	 and	 Higher	 Education.	 Sir	 Brandon	 has	 held	 a	 number	 of	 public	 and	 charitable	
                                                                                                                   Nurturing	the	Radical	Hope	of	
appointments including chair of the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ remuneration for eight
years from 1993 and chair of the Common Purpose Charitable Trust. He is a Trustee of the Hospice                   Human Flourishing in Jesus Christ
in	the	Weald.		He	was	knighted	in	the	New	Years	Honours	of	2002	for	his	public	service.	Born	on	
Merseyside	in	1937,	he	is	a	Deputy	Lord	Lieutenant	of	Kent	and	is	married	with	three	children	and	       
seven grandchildren. He lives in Weald, Kent.
                                                                                                                   Front cover photograph by David Robinson

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