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					         The Reading Area Report
                          Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce
      READING, MI 49274

 READING, MI 49274
   PERMIT NO. 27

July-Sept. 2010                                       Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                   Page One
                           The Reading Area Report
                   Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

          125 S. Main St., Reading, MI 49274 • 517-283-2000
   Summer Hours: Tues.-Thurs., 11 a.m.-5 p.m. • Fri. & Sat., 11 a.m.-7 p.m.

                                                                                   It’s a new day for Gallery 49 and the “Vision” just keeps growing! In
                                                                              just a few short weeks the gallery will be moving to its new location on
                                                                              the corner of Michigan Street and Main (M-49). The old drug store and
                                                                              dentist office will be converted to a hub of new activity. And there is a
                                                                              little historical surprise that we will be featuring!
                                                                                   Artist studios will be built for several artists to work in. A pottery stu-
                                                                              dio is in the works which will allow you to enjoy watching the process of
                                                                              pottery making. A painter’s studio, a framing studio, a clay sculpture stu-
                                                                              dio and an open artist studio will also be available for visitors to watch
                                                                              artists at work. Our open artist studio will be for any gallery artist to use.
                                                                              A rotation of artists will be on hand most of our regular business hours.
                                                                                   An entertainment center will be created for musicians and other enter-
                                                                              tainers to perform. We plan to have regular events using the “Center.”
                                                                              This area will also serve as a meeting and small conference center.
                                                                                   Of course, we will continue to feature our gallery artists and hold
                                                                              receptions in honor of their work.
                                                                                   At this point the possibilities are endless as to what we can do here
                                                                              and how we can share our vision with this great community! We want to
                                                                              work with other area organizations and businesses to coordinate events.
                                                                              We welcome all organizations and businesses to visit with us and share
                                                                              their visions for Reading so we can work together to create a fun and
                                                                              exciting place to visit.

July-Sept. 2010                                    Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                                Page Two
                               The Reading Area Report
                     Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

                                          READING CITY NEWS
 Kym Blythe, City Manager/Clerk/Treasurer                              Tracy Donihue, Mayor                                         Eric Stolberg, Officer in Charge
 Karleen Marsh, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer                                Nancy Briggs, Councilor                                              Cory Dow, Police Officer
 Jack O’Donnell, Chief Deputy Clerk/Treasurer                           Dale Cook, Councilor                                  Tom Stephenson, DPW Superintendent
 Albert Wheeler, Councilor                                            Emma Everett, Councilor                                   Seamoran Wright, Street Department
                                                                    Larry Montgomery, Cemetery

   CITY OF READING                           •    Amended the City of Reading Zoning
                                                  Ordinance District Use Section 306.1:
                                                                                             Equalizer format.
                                                                                             New Business
                                                                                                                                             insurance coverage for the city in the
                                                                                                                                             amount of $26,977.44 for 2010/2011 Fiscal
   2010 SUMMER TAX                                Special Land Uses in the R-1, R-2, R-           Council declared May 13, 14, and 15        Year.
                                                  3, 1-1 and 1-2 districts by adding         as “Poppy Days” for the American Legion             Approved to purchase larger chlorine
     COLLECTION                                   “Other similar and compatible uses to      Auxiliary.                                      pumps for the water treatment plant at a
Reading City Manager/Clerk/Treasurer              those presently allowed as special land         Approved for the Council to set the        cost of 7293.43 from RS Technical.
          Kimberly Blythe                         uses in those districts as determined by   budget hearing as part of the regular meet-         Approved the purchase of the demo
    Chief Deputy Clerk/Treasurer                  the Planning Commission and                ing, June 8, 2010, at 6:30 p.m.                 Sharp AR-M355N Digital Imager
           John O’Donnell                         approved as a special land use”.                Approved request from Rhonda               Printer/Scanner/Fax/Copier from American
Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Karleen Marsh         • Approved the purchase of Cemetery             Peters to hold the “Plein-Air Events at         Office Solutions for $2,500.
        113 S. Main Street                        Management System software for $895        Gallery 49 on Saturday, May 22, 2010, this
            PO Box 240                            and up to an additional $500 for the       being an all-day event. They will be put-         READING CITY HALL LOCATION
     Reading, Michigan 49274                      conversion of the DOS program to           ting up two tents outside the Gallery and            & OFFICE HOURS ARE:
                                                  Equalizer format from BS&A                 will need the sidewalk and parking closed
          (517) 283-2604                          Software.                                  off around the Gallery.
                                                                                                                                             City Hall is located at 113 South Main Street,
                                                                                                                                             Reading, Michigan 49274. City Hall is open
                                             • Accepted the proposal from Osbourne,
  This Tax Bill is due by                                                                                                                    Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 12:00
                                                  March, Condon & Co. P.C. to conduct        Regular Meeting, June 8, 2010
                                                                                                                                             noon & 1 to 4 p.m.
     August 31, 2010                              the City’s audit for the 2010, 2011, and   Public Hearing: 2010/2011 Budget
                                                  2012 fiscal years.                             Mayor Tracy Donihue called the pub-
 ***PAYMENTS CAN BE                                                                                                                           City Hall’s contact information is as follows:
                                             • Approved to order 8 trash receptacles         lic hearing to order at 6:35 p.m. Kym
                                                                                                                                                             City of Reading
    MAILED TO THE                                 from Midwest Recreations of Spring         explained the budget for the year
                                                                                                                                                            113 S. Main Street
                                                  Arbor at a cost of $4,206. It will take    2010/2011. Some things mentioned were
 ABOVE ADDRESS AND                                about 4 to 6 weeks to receive them.        that the salary allocation is very similar to
                                                                                                                                                               PO Box 240
WILL RECEIVE PROMPT                                                                                                                                         Reading, MI 49274
                                             • Approved the transfer of $5,000 of            the current year with the exception of how
                                                                                                                                               Phone: 517-283-2604 • Fax: 517-283-3601
     ATTENTION***                                 budget money to the Fire Department        we are disbursing breakdowns for weekly
                                                                                                                                             Also visit us on the web at
   Taxes will be collected at City Hall           Operating Fund.                            payrolls. There were no increases in wages
                                             • Approved the budget adjustments and           for any city employee. The rate changes to
           Monday - Friday                                                                                                                    PLEASE NOTE THAT CITY HALL WILL
        9-12 Noon and 1-4 p.m.                    transfers as outlined in the               the water, sewer and refuse were men-
                                                  Clerk/Treasurer’s memo dated April         tioned. Kym explained that state revenue         BE CLOSED THE FOLLOWING DAYS:
   City Hall will be closed the                   13, 2010.                                  sharing continues to decline and that prop-             TUESDAY, AUG, 3, 2010
    following dates prior to                 Second Call to Public                           erty tax revenues will also be down from         PRIMARY ELECTION (Voting will take place
                                                                                                                                                      in Council Chambers)
         the due date:                           It was mentioned about the street           the 2009 Tax Collection. She also men-
                                                                                                                                                MONDAY, SEPT, 6, 2010 - LABOR DAY
                                             sweeping on Main/Michigan and Kym said          tioned that the city is receiving additional
   Tuesday, August 3, 2010 -                 that the city would be contracting with         revenue for providing service to the village
   August Primary (Voting will               Preferred Sweeping from Quincy for our          of Camden water/sewer department and             2010 PRIMARY ELECTION
 take place in Council Chambers)             street sweeping needs. Betty Blount asked       doing the bookkeeping for both the Fire           NOTICE OF ELECTION
                                             if we could start giving fines for not clean-   Department and TIFA board.                      TO THE QUALIFIED VOTERS OF
Reading City Council Meetings                ing up after your dog. Ranger Pride Day         Call to Public                                  THE CITY OF READING:
                                             will be May 5th.                                     Betty Blount reported that the Festival
       April-June 2010                                                                       Days soap box derby was a go. She also
                                                                                                                                             NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a
Regular Meeting, April 13, 2010                                                                                                              Primary Election will be held in the City
                                             Regular Meeting, Tuesday, May 11, 2010          indicated that the Chamber has many plans
Call to Public                                                                                                                               of Reading, County of Hillsdale, State of
                                             Call to Public                                  for Festival Days and if additional informa-
    Dennis and Sherry Harris of D&S               Betty Blount advised the Council of the    tion is needed, she can be contacted at 283-
                                                                                                                                             Michigan on Tuesday, August 3, 2010,
Specialties expressed concern about the      intentions of the Chamber to purchase           2947.                                           from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., at which
parking ordinance in effect on Michigan      flowers and flower baskets for the beautifi-         Chuck Hartshorn and Shelley                time candidates of the Republican Party
and Main Streets. City Manager Kym           cation of the City. Bonnie Thompson has         DeLoach voiced concerns about the rate          and Democratic Party seeking nomina-
Blythe will have some new directional        volunteered to plant and maintain the flow-     increase for water, sewer and refuse.           tion to the following partisan offices are
signs to replace the signs that were         ers this summer.                                     Pam & Nick Pfeiffer, Albert Wilson         to be voted for in your Township:
removed during the road construction proj-        Charles Hartshorn, president of            and Diann Jones voiced concerns in refer-       Governor, Representative in Congress
ect. Chamber President Betty Blount          Reading Rotary, stated that the Rotary          ence to storm water drainage.                   (7th District), State Senator (16th
reported that the Reading News would be      would like to build a basketball court in       New Business                                    District), Representative in State
coming out soon with news about the dif-     memory of Tyler Nichols. He is seeking              Approved to allow Razorbak Outdoors         Legislature (58th District), County Road
ferent projects coming up for the Reading    the Council’s permission to build this court    to host an Archery Competition on               Commissioner           and        County
Chamber of Commerce. She is also trying      in Waterworks Park. The Council is taking       Saturday, August 7, 2010, to be located on      Commissioner (District 3). Also, you are
to work out an agreement for the care and    this under advisement.                          the property at 209 W. Elm Street as part of    further notified that delegates to the
upkeep of flower baskets again.              Old Business                                    the Reading Festival Days provided they         Republican Party and Democratic Party
Old Business                                      Amended the motion from April to           obtain the proper liability insurance listing   County conventions will be elected at the
    Business Appreciation Night will begin   approve the purchase of the Cemetery            the city as an additional insured.              August 3, 2010 Primary Election Ballot.
at 5:30 pm on April 22, 2010, at the         Management System-Network Version                   Reappointed Tom Everett to a four-
American Legion.                             from BS&A software for $2010 and $500           year term on the Reading TIFA Board
New Business                                                                                                                                 Voting will take place in City Hall
                                             for converting DOS program to the               beginning July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2014.
                                                                                                 Approved the budget adjustments and
                                                                                                                                             Council Chambers located at 113 S.
                                                                                             fund transfers as outlined in the clerk/trea-   Main Street, Reading, MI 49274.
                                                                                             surer’s memo dated June 8, 2010.
                                                                                                 Approved the fiscal year 2012/2011          NOTICE RELATIVE TO OPENING
                                                                                             budget including the activity budget, salary    AND CLOSING OF THE POLLS,
                                                                                             allocation schedule, TIFA budget and Fire       ELECTION LAW, ACT 116, P.A. 1954,
                                                                                             Department budget.                              SECTION 720. THE POLLS FOR
                                                                                                 Set the 2010 millage rate at 12.5302        SAID ELECTION WILL BE OPEN
                                                                                             mills.                                          FROM 7 O’CLOCK A.M. AND
                                                                                                 Adopted Resolution 2010-1 setting the       REMAIN OPEN UNTIL 8 O’CLOCK
                                                                                             water, sewer and refuse rate schedule for       P.M. OF THE SAME DAY. Every qual-
                                                                                             the 2010/2011 fiscal year to become effec-      ified elector present and in line at the
                                                                                             tive July 1, 2010.                              polls at the hour prescribed for the clos-
                                                                                                 Approved to contract with the Ted           ing thereof shall be allowed to vote.
                                                                                             Hartleb Agency to purchase municipal            Kimberly Blythe, Clerk/Treasurer

July-Sept. 2010                                          Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                                                  Page Three
                                The Reading Area Report
                      Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

   CITY OF READING                             garages, fences, and additions. Some             Do you need help paying              READING CITY COUNCIL
                                               improvements        require     a      Zoning
ZONING: CONSTRUCTION,                          Compliance Permit to be issued. The                 for utilities or fuel?               Meeting Schedule
 IMPROVEMENTS & USES                           Zoning Compliance permit is needed prior                                          •    Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010 - 6:30 p.m.
Ben Wheeler                                    to receiving a Building Permit from the
                                                                                                Please call the following        •    Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2010 - 6:30 p.m.
Assessor/Zoning Administrator, City of         County Building Inspection Department.            agencies, which may be          •    Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010 - 6:30 p.m.
Reading                                        Various uses of property are allowed with-
When planning for improvements to your         in its respective zoning district. If you plan     able to assist you with        •    Tuesday, Nov. 09, 2010 - 6:30 p.m.
property you should contact the Zoning         to change the use of your property you            fuel and/or utility bills:      •    Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2010 - 6:30 p.m.
Administrator prior to beginning any con-      should contact the Zoning Administrator to                                            ALL MEETINGS WILL BE HELD
struction. By contacting the administrator     verify compliance.                                     Department of                   IN THE READING CITY HALL
you can be sure that your planned improve-     You can contact the City of Reading
ments are in compliance with the City’s        Assessor/Zoning Administrator by phone at
                                                                                                Human Services (FIA):                     COUNCIL CHAMBERS,
Zoning Ordinance.                              517-283-2027,         by       e-mail       at         517-439-2261                   113 S. MAIN STREET, READING,
Article 1 Section 102 COMPLIANCE                        The                                             MICHIGAN AT 6:30 P.M.
states: No structure or part hereof shall be   Assessor/Zoning Administrator office is                 Community
                                                                                                                                      MEETING DATES AND TIMES
located, erected, constructed, reconstruct-    located at 108 S. Main St, Reading and                Action Agency:                    ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE
ed, altered, converted, or enlarged and        office hours are available by appointment.
maintained, nor shall any structure or land    Zoning permit applications can be picked               517-437-3346                      AND SPECIAL MEETINGS
be designed to be used except in full com-
pliance with provisions of this Ordinance.
                                               up at City Hall on Monday through Friday
                                               from 9am to 4pm.              Property Tax
                                                                                                     Salvation Army:                         MAY BE CALLED.
                                                                                                                                          Accommodations will be
Improvements include, but not limited to       Assessment information is also available               517-437-4240
such construction of porches, decks, sheds,    through this office.                                                                         provided upon request.




                                                                                                                10700 Edon Road, Camden, MI 49232
                                                                                                                    located between Reading and Camden on M-49
                                                                                                                         New & Used Equipment
                                                                                                                          FOR SALE OR LEASE

                                                                                                  D-P EQUIPMENT CO., INC.
              r                                                           •    Loc
           You                                                                    a
                                                                              Ow lly
 • For ane
    Pro s
                                                                         •   Com
                                                                                                                      Terex, Terramite, Gehl
                                                                                                                       large equipment lines
                                                                                                                    lawn and garden equipment

                                                                                                                      Interstate & Sure-Trac
                             1-888-283-1328                                                                                   trailers
                      P.O. Box 715, Reading, MI 49274
                           Serving the Tri-State Area                                    • Email:

July-Sept. 2010                                            Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                                  Page Four
                                The Reading Area Report
                      Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

                                         CITY FLAG FOR READING
                                                              Selected from Student Designs
                                               chance to help design the first ever
                                               Reading city flag. Upon consulting with
                                               City Council, Mrs. Blythe reported to
                                               Mrs. Cole and her class that the council
                                               members loved the idea.
                                                    Once students were provided with a
                                               copy of the city logo, Traditional Values—
                                               Progressive Spirit, the contest was under-
                                               way, and.the inspired flag designers were
                                               off and running!
     Until just a few months ago, the city
                                                    Over the next several weeks students
of Reading had never had a city flag. But
                                               worked at school as well as at home to
this spring that all changed, thanks to the
                                               create a winning design for the contest.
initiative of a group of local students and
                                               All 4th graders participated and they were
their teacher who proved that persever-
                                               allowed to submit as many entries as they
ance pays off and goals can be achieved
                                               wished.                                        Mayor Tracy Donihue, 4th Grade Teacher Mary Cole, and City Manager Kym Blythe address-
through planning, research and hard work.
                                                    A few blocks away at Owens High           ing Reynolds Elementary School student body at the city flag dedication in May 2010.
     It all started a year and a half ago
                                               School, close to 100 students there also
when Reynolds Elementary School                                                               10 entries the City came up with what            we look at it, we can take pride in what it
                                               participated in the contest. Says junior
teacher Mary Cole and her then 4th grade                                                      now is the first ever Reading city flag.         stands for, we can look at it with respect
                                               high social studies teacher Dennis Irelan,
social studies students were learning                                                              “In the end,” Mrs. Blythe says,             for one another and all of the students
                                               “It was neat to see the artistic ability of
about state symbols. They discovered that                                                     “There were so many good creations that          who had a hand in making it.”
                                               our students. They really do amazing
a few of Michigan’s symbols had been                                                          the Council could not pick just one. As a             Several student entries contributed
                                               things.” Students from 7th through 12th
named as a result of student involvement.                                                     result, the new city flag is a collection of     directly to the flag design. They were
                                               grades were given the opportunity to enter
Mrs. Cole explains, “It taught us that stu-                                                   symbols and designs all rolled into one.         fourth graders Tara LaRue, Travis
                                               the contest and most of the entries were
dents like us can make a difference.”                                                         She concludes, ”I was very impressed by          Double, Gareth Broad, and Mike Pupos.
                                               voluntary while some were part of an
     At one point in their study, students                                                    Mary Cole’s 4th grade class and their ini-       Chosen from the high school entries were
                                               assignment. Mr. Irelan said that Mrs.
were asked if their city had a flag. Since                                                    tiative in contacting the City in regards to     Kayla Strauss, Guadalupe Munoz
                                               Griffiths’ high school social studies
no one knew for sure, they called city hall                                                   the implementation of a city flag contest.       Suarrez, Jeffrey Behm, Zachary
                                               classes by far had the most participation.
and posed the question to City Manager                                                        It was astounding the participation from         Monachino, Tenisha Brown, and
                                                    When the deadline date arrived, all
Kym Blythe. The answer? No, Reading                                                           the students at the Reading Community            Andrew Spence.
                                               200 of the students’ creations were deliv-
had never had a city flag.                                                                    schools with over 200 submittals. As city             Concludes Mrs. Cole, who retired this
                                               ered to the city manager’s offce. She then
     Says Mrs. Cole, “When we hung up                                                         manager and a member of the Reading              spring after 20 years at Reynolds
                                               met with members of the Council to select
the phone, the class and I looked at each                                                     community, I am very proud of the new            Elementary School, “The kids were very
                                               the winning design. “It was not an easy
other and almost at the same time said,                                                       Reading city flag and would like to thank        excited about this whole process. I think
                                               task,” admits Mrs. Blythe. The Council
‘We need a city flag!’ “                                                                      students from the Reading Community              the part that was special is that it showed
                                               appointed a committee that consisted of
     A few brainstorming sessions                                                             Schools for their participation and efforts      them they do have power in government.
                                               Chamber President Betty Blount, then
between Mrs. Blythe and the class result-                                                     creating such a wonderful flag that the          They were especially proud that the City
                                               Councilor Chuck Hartshorn, and Mayor
ed in the idea of a contest to give students                                                  city can display for many, many years to         Council accepted their idea of a flag so
                                               Tracy Donihue. They narrowed down
in both elementary and high school the                                                        come. What an excellent project that the         quickly and eagerly. They felt special. It
                                               the finalists to 10 students, and from those
                                                                                              City Council and Reading Community               showed the students that if they take time
                                                                                              Schools can always be proud to have been         to get involved, they will be listened to.
                                                                                              a part of.”                                      Hopefully, this experience will encourage
                                                                                                    At the May 2010 flag unveiling cere-       them to become more involved in govern-
                                                                                              mony held at Reynolds Elementary                 ment as they reach adulthood. This
                                                                                              School, Mayor Donihue said, “It just goes        process was a pretty cool icing on the
                                                                                              to show what can be done by citizens             cake for my teaching career. I was lucky
                                                                                              working together to create something pos-        to be a part of it.”
                                                                                              itive for the city. Our flag is a symbol              Currently, the new city flag is on dis-
                                                                                              that builds unity in the community. When         play at City Hall.

                                                                                                                          Marv’s Hemloc
                                                                                                                           Party & Baiof the bridge,
                                                                                                                                   each Rd. (just ea
                                                                                                                    2830 Hemlock B         tiful Long Lake)
                                                                                                                           overlooking beau
                                                                                                                         (517) 283-252
                                                                                                                                      u   ith yo
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July-Sept. 2010                                            Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                                                 Page Five
                         The Reading Area Report
                  Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce


                                                 PIZZA BARN
                                                                  “Since 1975”

              “IN GOD                            PIZZA BARN
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                                         or Call ahead and we’ll have your pizza ready for pickup anytime!

July-Sept. 2010                               Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                   Page Six
                         The Reading Area Report
                  Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

                                                                BLOOD DRIVE
                                                              Upcoming Schedule

                                                                                                       Up On The Hill
                                                                                                   4851 Card Road, Reading

                                                                                 Country Hair Salon
                                                                           Mon & Tues ...................................................9 am-Noon
                                                                           Wed ......................................................................Closed
                                                                           Thurs..............................................................9 am-6 pm
                    $2 Off Any Case                                        Fri ...................................................................9 am-4 pm
                     or Pail of Oil                                        Sat .................................................................9 am-Noon
                            with this coupon
                                                                                           (517) 283-2616
                                                                                             Carol King
                                                                                ** 28 Years at the Same Location **

July-Sept. 2010                                Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                               Page Seven
                                   The Reading Area Report
                        Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

                                                         READING COMMUNITY LIBRARY NEWS
                                                 104 N. Main St., PO Box 184, Reading, MI 49274 • (517) 283-3916 • Fax: (517) 283-2510
                                                                                                        $100 budget and now they have over 800         easy reader books ordered like, “City Dog,
                                                                                                        titles, all purchased with the proceeds from   Country Frog” and “The Sandwich Swap”.
                                                                                                        their checkout fee. I am looking forward to    For our young adult readers we will be get-
                                                                                                        this new endeavor and seeing how our com-      ting the latest science fiction from James
                                                                                                        munity reacts to it. We do want the com-       Patterson, “Demons & Druids” and some of
                                                                                                        munity to know that we are currently           the new graphic novels that are so popular
                                                                                                        accepting donations of DVDs to help start      like the latest in the “Wild Ones” series as
                                                                                                        this collection, we currently have a few       well as the latest in the “Vampire Knight”
                                                                                                        DVDs at the library, most of which were        series.
                                                                                                        either donated or purchased by the Friends         Stop in at the library next time you’re in
                                                                                                        of the Library group.                          town! We’re open Monday from 4 to 8 p.m.,
                                                                                                             Some of the new books being released in   Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesday
                                                                                                        July and August are: “Fly Away Home” by        and Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and
                                                                                                        Jennifer Wiener, “Twilight’s Serenade” by      Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
                                                                                                        Tracie Peterson, “Tough Customer” by               Reading Community Library Board
                                                                                                        Sandra Brown, “Cure” by Robin Cook, and        meets the 4th Tuesday of every month at 1
     The Summer Reading Program, “Make                  Bartels, Mrs. Deloach, and Mrs.                 “The Rembrandt Affair” by Daniel Silva.        p.m.     Board members are Geraldine
 A Splash! Read,” has been a huge success               Wolodkin. We still have Mrs. Knoll and          For the kids we already have the newest tale   Kerspilo, President; Kimberly Blythe, Vice-
 this year. We have 90 children enrolled in             Mrs. Jimenez on the schedule to be coming       in the “How to Train Your Dragon” series       President; Joan Daglow, Treasurer;
 the program, more than we’ve ever had.                 in with a possible appearance by Mrs.           featuring the great Hiccup Horrendous          Gretchen       Lovett,     Secretary;    June
     Our local business sponsors have once              Kerspilo also.                                  Haddock III, “How to Ride a Dragon’s           Radabaugh & Phyllis Newell, Trustees.
 again come through for us being very gener-                This year we used foam sea creature         Storm”. We also have some wonderful new                             Liberty Burdo, Librarian
 ous in giving prizes and monetary dona-                stickers for every book review and time log
 tions. This year’s sponsors are: Dr. Paul &            the kids have turned in. The kids have been
 Betty Blount, BP/Razorbak Outdoors,                    turning in so many reviews and time logs
 Century Bank & Trust, Country Carpets,                 that we’ve had to add a second ocean! We
 George White Funeral Homes, Kroger’s,                  now have our very own Pacific & Atlantic
 Liberty Propane, Market House,                         Oceans, and they’re covered with sharks,
 McDonald’s, Newton Insurance Agency,                   dolphins, crabs, lobsters, and all sorts of
 Pizza Barn, PS Foods/Subway, Reading                   fish. Jeri & I are so proud of how much
 Inn, Richard’s Motor Sales, Rob’s                      these kids are reading!
 Barbershop, Sander’s Insurance Agency,                     At a recent library board meeting I pro-
 The Lone Ranger Café, and Wiler Farms.                 posed using the Chamber of Commerce’s
 We could not ask for better support for our            yearly donation to start our own DVD col-
 program.                                               lection in the library. The board agreed that
     The kids have been super excited this              it would be a good idea and a good way to
 year for the “Monday Night Celebrity                   keep business local and here in Reading.
 Reader” program. Each Monday night at                  So, after the summer reading program is fin-
 6:30 a different teacher from Reynolds ele-            ished, I will begin purchasing DVDs for the
 mentary has been coming in to read a story             library. We will check them out for one
 or two and then complete a craft or activity           week and there will be a $1 checkout fee.
 with the children. We’ve had as many as 34             The proceeds from the checkout fee will
 children ranging in age from 3 to 12 attend            only be used to purchase additional DVDs.
 this program. The parents have been won-               I consulted the director of the library in
 derful helping the children with their activi-         Camden, Laura Orlowski, and she started
 ties. So far we’ve had Mrs. Cox, Mrs.                  their collection about five years ago with a        The “Monday Night Celebrity Reader” program has been a big hit this summer!

                                                                                                              Meadowlands Apartments
                                                                                                                                       375 Warner St., Reading
                                                                                                                                   Freddy J. Napier, Resident Manager
                                                                                                                                  Telephone:      517-283-2716
                                                                                                                                  Fax:            517-283-2193
                                                                                                                                  TTY:            800-649-3777
                         Church Office Hours: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.                                                                  
    Reading United Methodist Church strives to be a family of committed Christians making disciples                         Professionally Managed by Medallion Management, Inc.
                 of Jesus Christ through prayer, love, accountability and faith in God.

                                                                                                              G I F T C E R T I F I C AT E
                           Chuck Newton Insurance Agency
                                                                                                           Present this certificate to receive a 20% discount
             HURRY IN TODAY                                                                                     on your total purchase of Nutritional
                                                                                                               Supplements and Health Care Products
          for a no obligation quote                                                                                (chiropractic services excluded).
       on your motorcycle and receive                                                                                              *Offer expires October 15, 2010

           a FREE kickstand plate                                                                                                             Compliments of

             or polishing cloth!*                                                                          Contact For Health Chiropractic Center
                           Chuck Newton Insurance Agency                                                          122 Walnut St.                               124 S. Church St.
                             203 S. Main St., Reading, MI 49274
                               517-283-1510 or 866-344-1510
                                                                                                                 Reading, MI 49274                             Hudson, MI 49247
                                                                            (517) 283-2339                                (517) 448-3791
                                        *Must come into office.
                                          Supply is limited.

July-Sept. 2010                                                      Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                                                 Page Eight
                                 The Reading Area Report
                       Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

                                                  VOICE OF WCSR READING NEWS SIGNS OFF

                                                             MARILYN TRAN
                                                                                                   evangelists holding concerts, special servic-   Church of the Nazarene here in Reading.
                                                                                                   es, seminars and marriage enrichment                 “This will remain our church home as
                                                                                                   retreats. She says, “We’re excited about what   we will keep our membership here at this
                                                                                                   God wants to do in our lives. When I’m          church. Reading has become “home” and we
                                                                                                   asked about the fact that we’re not as young    will be homesick when we leave, so we plan
                                                                                                   as most who start out on this adventure, I’m    to drop in for visits from time to time.”
                                                                                                   reminded of my parents who were still work-          Marilyn says she knew as a teenager she
                                                                                                   ing in full-time ministry at age 90!”           was going to be in music ministry full time
                                                                                                        The Trans’ new home will be in             someday. To say that music plays a big part
                                                                                                   Freeport, Illinois with their daughter          in her life is an understatement. An accom-
                                                                                                   Carollyn, her husband Wyatt and their           plished musician who plays piano and organ,
                                                                                                   daughter Breanna. Marilyn and David also        she sings and writes music. In fact, this last
                                                                                                   have two sons - Richard and his wife Krista,    year she put the finishing touches on her first
                                                                                                   also in Illinois and Jonathan in California.    CD, a collection of beautiful songs, two of
                                                                                                        Says Marilyn, “Reading has been my         which she wrote herself.
                                                                                                   favorite place to have lived in my life. For         As further evidence of her life-long
                                                                                                   one, I’ve lived here longer than any other      musical commitment, Marilyn taught music
                                                                                                   place - most areas I’ve lived have been         at both public and private schools in
                                                                                                   between 3 and 7 years each. I’ve made won-      California for over 10 years and in 1969-70
                                                                                                   derful friends here and the community is so     toured with the singing group, “Up With
                                                                                                   loving.                                         People,” an organization founded to use
                                                                                                        “I appreciate so much the wonderful fel-   music as a way to communicate through live
                                                                                                   lowship with other Christian churches in the    touring productions world-wide. Marilyn and
                                                                                                   area. We’ve loved being close to David’s        David Tran have been productive and active
                                                                                                   family in Lansing after so many years of pas-   supporters of Reading for the past nine years.
                                                                                                   toring thousands of miles away. This has also   They will be missed by many in our commu-
                                                                                                   been a place where we were able to form a       nity, and we wish them well in their new
                                                                                                   new family - those who are a part of the        “adventure!”
     Walk in just about any business in          moved around often growing up. David, on
Reading at any given time and you’ll hear the    the other hand, was born and raised in
familiar voices of WCSR Radio playing in         Lansing, Michigan. The two first met as stu-
the background. And if you tune in around        dents at Olivet Nazarene University in
8:30 a.m., Monday through Friday, you’ll         Illinois, where David traveled with a group
hear the Reading News being thoroughly           from the college and Marilyn was a substitute
reported by our own Marilyn Tran.                pianist. They met at a rehearsal and were
     Marilyn and husband David came to           married in 1971. The following year in 1972
Reading in 2001 when he took over as pastor      they joined the ministry and pastored in sev-
of the Reading Church of the Nazarene on         eral different states, including New York,
North Main Street. David, ordained in 1978,      California, and Wisconsin before coming to
has a BA and Masters of Church                   Reading.
Management. Marilyn was ordained as a                 Unfortunately for their many friends
Deacon of Music Ministry in 1998.                here, the Trans are as Marilyn puts it, “on the
     Born in Prince Edward Island, Canada        brink of a new adventure.” In August, they
and raised by parents in the ministry, Marilyn   will begin traveling around the country as

July-Sept. 2010                                              Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                                                     Page Nine
                                The Reading Area Report
                      Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

                                                                                                                                          4140 BECK ROAD
                                                                                                                                          JONESVILLE, MI
                                                                                                                                        517-849-0043 (office)
                                                                                                                                      1-866-949-8999 (toll free)
                                                                                                                                         517-398-3400 (cell)

 • 4 BR/1.5 Bath                      • IMMEDIATE POSSESSION            • NEW PRICE!                         • 3 BD / 2 BA Ranch               • All-Sports Lakefront
 • Lake Cottage                       • All-Sports Lakefront            • Waterfront to Chain of 3 Fishing   • 3 Car Garage & Attached 1 Car   • 3 Bedrooms/ 1.5 Baths
 • Guest cottage/2 car garage         • Family Room/Rec Room with           Lakes                            • 2.52 Acres                      • Enclosed Porch/Water’s Edge
 • All sports lake                        Fireplace                     • 2 Car Detached Garage              • 2 BD Tenant House                   Deck
 • Enclosed porch                     • Originally Priced at $259,000   • 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath                  • PRICE REDUCED TO $59,500        • Low Maintenance
 • PRICE REDUCED TO $79,900           • DRASTICALLY REDUCED             • Spacious Deck / Raft Included      • RCR-420                         • PRICE REDUCED TO $179,900
 • RCR-379                                TO0 $225,000                  • PRICE REDUCED TO $74,500              • RCR-423         • RCR-410                         • RCR-418                                                          

 • NEW PRICE!                         • NEW LISTING!                    • NEW LISTING!                       • LEASE WITH OPTION TO            • 4 BD / 1.5 BA
 • OWNER RELOCATED                    • 8 Acres - Paved Road            • Lakefront / All-Sports                 PURCHASE                      • Family Room
 • 5 Acres w/Stocked Pond             • 3 Bedrooms / 2 Baths            • Immediate Possession               • All-Sports Lakefront            • Natural woodwork
 • 3 BR / 2 BA Ranch                  • Full Basement                   • 3 BD / 2 BA                        • 3 BD / 1.5 BA                   • 3 car garage - 1 acre
 • Full Finishable Walkout Basement   • Large Breezeway w/ Storage      • Furniture & Appliances Included                                      • PRICE REDUCED TO $54,900
                                                                                                             • 164 ft. of frontage
 • Pole Building
                                      • 3+ Car Garage                   • PRICED AT $159,900                 • 400 ft. view                    • RCC-258
 • Updated Flooring, Windows,
                                      • Handicap Accessible             • RCR-430                            • PRICE REDUCED TO $169,000   
     Doors & more...
 • PRICE REDUCED TO $129,900          • PRICED AT $128,500                    • RCC-249
 • RCR-427                            • RCR-429                                                                 

 • NEW LISTING!                       • NEW LISTING!                    • 9 Hole Public Golf Course          • NEW PRICE!                      • Licensed Adult Foster Care Facility
 • 3 BR/ 1 BA                         • 13.92 Acres                     • 181 Acres with River               • Large Lot - Able to split       • Attached 3 BR Home with Family
 • All-Sports Lake Access w/Dock      • Immediate Possession!           • Restaurant with liquor license     • 12 Units                            Room
     Space                            • 3 BD / 1.5 BA                   • PRICED NOW AT $495,000             • Prime Highway Frontage          • 2 Acres
 • Heated Workshop                    • Full Walkout Basement           • RCBO-175                           • PRICE REDUCED TO $ 39,900       • 40x72 Pole Building w/ 1 BD
 • Covered Porch                      • 3 Car Detached Garage                 • RCBO-194                            Apartment
 • Screened Room                      • PRICED AT $149,000                                                      • Call Cathy For Feature Sheet!
 • PRICED AT $34,900                  • RCR-431                                                                                                • RCBO-204
 • RCR-428                                                                                                   

 • Excellent Business Adventure       • Great highway exposure!
 • 2 Go-Cart Tracks/Arcade Building   • 2 BR / 1 BA Rental Unit
 • 18-Hole Miniature Golf Course      • Convenience Store/Gas
 • Bumper Boat Pond/Batting Cage          Station/Bait Shop
 • Lighted Golf Driving Range         • PRICE REDUCED TO $75,000
 • PRICE REDUCED AGAIN TO             • RCBO-192
 • RCBO-188

July-Sept. 2010                                             Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                                            Page Ten
                                   The Reading Area Report
                        Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

                                                        2010 Reading Area Chamber of Commerce
                                    BUSINESS DIRECTORY
 Adult Foster Care                                                         (517) 368-5266                                            Jewelry
   •   Heritage House, 121 W. State Street, Reading                   •    Dave Newell Excavating, 5211 Card Road, Reading             •   Whispering Sands Jewelry, 124 S. Main, Reading
       (517) 283-3152                                                      (517) 283-2876                                                  (517) 398-5825
 Agriculture                                                          •    Dunton Excavating, 9571 W. Reading Road, Reading          Libraries
   •   The Andersons, 313 Ann St., Reading (517) 283-2156                  (517) 283-3262
                                                                                                                                       •   Reading Community Library, 104 N. Main, Reading
   •   N.A. Bever Farms, 7740 Carpenter Road, Reading                 •    Jim Newell Excavating, 5603 Newell Drive, Reading               (517) 283-3916
       (517) 357-4119                                                      (517) 283-2230
                                                                      •    Point Rental & Sales, 4130 Beck Road, Jonesville
   •   Galloway Enterprises, 6060 Quackenbush Road,                                                                                    •   Meadowlands Apts., 375 Warner, #5, Reading
       Reading (517) 283-1807                                              (517) 849-9770
                                                                                                                                           (517) 283-2716
   •   Heffelfinger Farms, 6491 W. Reading Road, Reading            Flooring
                                                                                                                                       •   Rose Cottage B & B, 3517 Lilac Road, Hillsdale
       (517) 283-2444                                                 •    Country Carpets, 120 S. Main, Reading (517) 283-3993            (517) 357-4263
   •   Mitchell Farm, 2851 Edon Rd., Reading (517) 283-2791         Food                                                             Medical
   •   Pineview Farms, 2400 Buckeye Road, Camden                      •    Broad Street Downtown Market, 55 N. Broad Street,           •   Contact for Health (chiropractic), 122 Walnut, Reading
       (517) 254-4119                                                      Hillsdale (517) 439-1921                                        (517) 283-2339
   •   Pork Chop Hill Farm, 9300 W. Reading Road, Reading             •    Dollar General, 190 E. Michigan, Reading (517) 283-         •   Health & Home Services Unlimited, 576 Olds St.,
       (517) 283-3001                                                      2783                                                            Jonesville (517) 849-4463
   •   Pridgeon Farms, 1115 Pridgeon Rd., Montgomery                  •    Fingertips, LLC, (honey) 2445 South Lake Pleasant Rd.,      •   Reading Health Clinic, 143 South Main, Reading
       (517) 296-4543                                                      Osseo, MI 49266 (517) 523-2057                                  (517) 283-1772
 Appliances                                                           •    Marv’s Hemlock Party & Bait, 2830 Hemlock Beach Rd.,        •   Reading Emergency Unit, 320 North Main, Reading
   •   Brad’s Appliance Inc., 225 W. Carleton Road, Hillsdale              Reading (517) 283-2528                                          (517) 283-2856
       (517) 439-0073                                                 •    Ray’s Tavern, 114 S. Main, Reading (517) 283-2665
 Arts/Crafts/Fine Arts                                                •    Reading BP, 603 S. Main, Reading (517) 283-3737
                                                                      •    Reading Inn, 137 S. Main, Reading (517) 283-3287            •   BWC Innovations, 108 S. Main, Reading (517) 283-2027
   •   Country Junction, 9009 W. Chicago Road, Allen                                                                                   •   Passenger Cars, Inc., 320 Elm St., Reading (517) 283-
       (517) 869-2705                                                 •    Reading Pizza Barn, 222 S. Main, Reading (517) 283-
                                                                           2883                                                            1534
   •   Gallery 49, 125 S. Main, Reading (517) 283-2000                                                                                 •   The Glinski Group, LLC, P.O. Box 365, Manchester, MI
   •   Gudi’s Collection, 2 Charger Lane, Hillsdale (517) 437-        •    Reading PS Food Mart/SUBWAY, 600 S. Main, Reading
       7410                                                                (517) 283-3522                                            Organizations/Services
   •   Whispering Sands Jewelry, 124 S. Main, Reading                 •    Team One Food Store, 240 W. Broad St., Hillsdale            •   Hemlock Beach Association, 5283 Beach Road, Reading
       (517) 398-5825                                                      (517) 439-1920                                                  (517) 283-2912
                                                                    Fuels                                                              •   Hillsdale Co. Senior Services Center, 320 West Bacon
                                                                      •    Heritage Propane Express, 120 Enterprise Drive,                 St., Hillsdale (517) 437-2422
   •   Spieth & Satow Auctions & Real Estate, 5607 Ridge Dr.,
                                                                           Reading (517) 283-3180                                      •   Reading American Legion, 219 N. Main Street, Reading
       Reading (517) 398-6060
                                                                      •    Liberty Propane, 122 S. Main, Reading (517) 283-1328            (517) 283-2683
 Automotive                                                                                                                            •   Reading Rotary, Box 643, Reading (517) 797-5282
   •   Performance Automotive, 30 Union Street, Hillsdale             •    PS Food Mart, 600 S. Main, Reading (517) 283-3522
                                                                      •    Reading BP, 603 S. Main, Reading (517) 283-3737             •   Reading Schools Foundation, 223 Strong Ave., Reading
       (517) 437-4465                                                                                                                      (517) 283-2166
   •   Wheeler Automotive, 5121 S. Edon Road, Reading                 •    Richards Motor Sales, 749 S. Main, Reading
                                                                           (517) 283-2114                                            Photography
       (517) 283-2685
                                                                      •    Roost Oil, 6651 S. Edon Road, Reading (517) 283-2300        •   Kathy Falls Photography, 14940 Carpenter Road,
 Banks                                                                                                                                     Camden (517) 368-4995
                                                                      •    Tri-State Cylinders, 122 S. Main, Reading (517) 283-
   •   Century Bank & Trust, 108 N. Main, Reading                                                                                      •   McLain Photography, 10624 Milnes Road, Jonesville
       (517) 283-2148                                                                                                                      (517) 849-2031
   •   Monarch Community Bank, 1 W. Carleton Rd., Hillsdale         Funeral Homes
                                                                                                                                       •   Starlite Photography, (260) 760-5659
       (517) 437-1790                                                 •    White Funeral Home, 403 S. Main, Reading
                                                                           (517) 283-2145                                            Printers
 Cars/Trucks/Travel Vehicles                                                                                                           •   Camden Publications, 331 E. Bell St., Camden
   •   Richards Motor Sales, M-49, Reading (517) 283-2114           Gardening
                                                                                                                                           (517) 368-0365
 Car Washes                                                           •    Garden Patch, 1280 Lester Road, Reading
                                                                           (517) 283-2698                                            Real Estate
   •   Vanity Car Wash, 214 S. Broad St., Hillsdale (517) 437-                                                                         •   REMAX, 4140 Beck Road, Jonesville (517) 849-0043
       0003                                                         Golf
                                                                      •    White Oaks Golf Club, 2171 Bankers Road, Hillsdale          •   Spieth & Satow Auctions & Real Estate, 5607 Ridge Dr.,
 Churches                                                                                                                                  Reading (517) 398-6060
                                                                           (517) 437-3434
   •   Montgomery United Methodist Church, 218 S. Michigan,                                                                          Rental
       Montgomery (517) 296-4275                                    Government
                                                                      •    Reading, City of, 113 S. Main, Reading (517) 283-2604       •   ABS Rental Service, 6462 Cambria Road, Hillsdale
   •   Reading United Methodist Church, 312 E. Michigan,                                                                                   (517) 357-4421
       Reading (517) 283-2443                                       Hair                                                               •   Point Rental & Sales, 4130 Beck Road, Jonesville
 Computers/Electronics                                                •    Country Hair Salon, 4851 Card Road, Reading                     (517) 849-9770
   •   DMCI Broadband, LLC, P.O. Box 218, Hillsdale                        (517) 283-2616                                              •   The Rental Store, 400 Wright Street, Jonesville
       (517) 673-2788                                                 •    Rob’s Barber Shop & Salon, 110 S. Main, Reading                 (517) 437-7405
 Construction                                                              (517) 283-2998
                                                                                                                                     Senior Citizens
   •   Greisinger Masonry, 3835 W. Long Lake Dr., Reading           Hardware                                                           •   Hillsdale Co. Senior Services Center, 320 West Bacon
       (517) 283-3019, (419) 822-4653                                 •    Card’s True Value, 307 S. Main, Camden                          St., Hillsdale (517) 437-2422
   •   JD Construction, 329 E. Bell Street, Camden                         (517) 368-5101
                                                                                                                                     Septic Systems
       (517) 270-3120                                               Health & Wellness                                                  •   LaPew Sanitation, 10999 Pope Rd., Jonesville (517)
   •   K.P. Construction, 711 East Michigan, Reading                  •    Katja’s Allen Day Spa, LLC, 6851 N. Weston Road,                437-7510
       (517) 283-2854                                                      Allen, (517) 869-2207
   •   Rowen Design, 1492 Osborn Drive, Hillsdale
                                                                                                                                     Sporting Goods
                                                                      •    Yoga for You, 147 Westwood Drive, Hillsdale
       (517) 439-2416                                                      (517) 439-1243                                              •   Razorbak Outdoors, 603 S. Main, Reading (517) 283-
 Dental Services                                                    Home
   •   Dr. Robert P. Miller, 1 Budlong St., Hillsdale                                                                                Storage
                                                                      •    Country Carpets, 120 S. Main, Reading (517) 283-3993
       (517) 439-9394                                                                                                                  •   T & J Properties, 101 Enterprise Drive, Reading
                                                                      •    Pearl’s Cleaning Service, 8351 W. Reading Road,
 Embroidering                                                                                                                              (800) 914-4607
                                                                           Reading (517) 398-6967
   •   D&S Specialties, 112 E. Michigan Street, Reading               •    Rowen Design, 1492 Osborn Dr., Hillsdale (517) 439-2416   Summer Camps
       (517) 901-0009                                               Insurance                                                          •   Kimball YMCA Camp, 4444 Long Lake Road, Reading
   •   Fancy Threads, 7306 Cambria Rd., Hillsdale                                                                                          (517) 283-2168
                                                                      •    Anderson Insurance, 110 E. Michigan, Reading
       (517) 357-4167                                                      (517) 283-2181                                            Tool & Die
   •   K-Tees, 305 Main St., Reading (517) 474-1118                   •    Farmers Insurance, 203 S. Main, Reading (517) 283-1510      •   Rolleigh Inc., 104 Enterprise Drive, Reading (517) 283-3811
 Entertainment                                                        •    Sanders Insurance, 126 N. Main, Reading (517) 283-2614    Veterinarians
   •   Showcase Entertainment, (517) 368-5390                       Industrial                                                         •   Blount, Dr. Paul, 209 E. Michigan, Reading (517) 283-2235
 Excavation                                                           •    Heritage Propane Express, 120 Enterprise Drive,           Water Wells
   •   D-P Equipment, 10700 S. Edon Road, Camden                           Reading (517) 283-3180                                      •   Tucker Sales & Service

July-Sept. 2010                                                  Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                                                    Page Eleven
                              The Reading Area Report
                     Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

                                                                                            Richards Motor Sales
                                                                                                      M-49, READING, MI 49274
                                                                                                   (800) 929-4088 or (517) 283-2114

    Once again, Reading Rotary will be        based projects.
 sponsoring its annual Chicken Barbecue             Also, Reading Rotary recently
 during Reading Festival Days. The barbe-     installed the new slate of officers for the
 cue will be held on Saturday, August 7, at   2010-2011 term. They are President,           M-F 8:30-6                                             SALES
 11:30 a.m. and run until 1:30 p.m. — or      Chuck Hartshorn; Vice-President, Randy
 until we run out of chicken! The proceeds    Sanders; Secretary, Stanley Clingerman;        SAT 9-4                      Over 40                 SERVICE
 will go to help Reading Rotary with schol-   Treasurer, Janet Aemisegger; President-       Closed Sun                   in stock!                 PARTS
 arships and other worthwhile community-      Elect, Ron Murphy.

 ART AUCTION @ Gallery 49 (corner Main/Michigan)
          Saturday, August 7 @ 4 pm
                             During Reading Festival Days
                                                                                            Award Winning • Factory Trained      Area’s Full Service Dealership
                                                                                              State Certified Technicians         For All Your Vehicle Needs!


July-Sept. 2010                                          Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                           Page Twelve
                         The Reading Area Report
                  Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

July-Sept. 2010                               Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                   Page Thirteen
                         The Reading Area Report
                  Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

                                       Home 419-459-4310                             READING AREA
                                        Shop Phone & Fax
                                         517-368-5108                             CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

                                          DUANE                                                                                    Us
                     P.O. Box 91
                  Camden, MI 49232                                                                                                 At
               Excavating • Septic Systems
             Sand/Gravel • Limestone Trucking

July-Sept. 2010                               Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                   Page Fourteen
                                 The Reading Area Report
                       Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

                                                    WEDNESDAY CLUB

Front: Phyllis Newell, Gretchen Lovett, Mary Barr, Louise Rutledge, Margaret Owens,
Doris Thiel, Cindy Carpenter. Back: Sue Jacoby, Ann Headley, Sharon Lane, Janice
Simons, Dianne Netcher, Jeniffer Green, Pat Myers. Absent: Linda Small, Pat Bildner,
Alice McClellan, Margaret Chester, Vonda Rice.
     In the last issue of the Reading Area      from October through April. The focus of
Report, we highlighted the Reading              study that first year was England: History and
Shakespeare Club, a local women’s group         Literature; and a scan of the weekly programs    club members. One selection from Mr. Lynn            finest china, is a subtle continuation of a cen-
that originated 113 years ago. It’s hard to     clearly articulated the club’s hunger for cul-   B. Dudley entitled P.P.P. read: “The Press,          tury-old custom.
imagine another organization in our area that   tural instruction with character sketches of     the Pulpit and the Petticoat - the three ruling           Today, membership numbers haven’t
could boast the same longevity, but the         Chaucer, Robert Burns, Robert & Elizabeth        powers of the day. The first spreads knowl-          changed that much from the 16 charter mem-
Reading Wednesday Club can do just that!        Browning, and Dickens, and quotations from       edge, the second spreads morals and the third        bers back in 1904. The upcoming 2010-11
     Formed to provide women a constructive     Shakespeare.                                     spreads considerably.” (Interestingly, Mr.           session lists 15 active members and 5 associ-
diversion from the tedium of housework and           Charter members totaled sixteen ladies,     Dudley’s name did not appear on the follow-          ate/honorary members. Of those 5 club veter-
raising kids, the Wednesday Club was found-     several of whom bore familiar Reading-area       ing year’s banquet program!)                         ans — Vonda (Cellars) Rice, Alice
ed 106 years ago and offered just such an       family names — Fanny Schermerhorn,                     The club’s first 30 or so years held fast to   McClellan, Margaret Chester, Margaret
opportunity to its founders. In fact, their     Jennie Stone, Marie Pridgeon, Phy and Nelle      its original purpose - cultural advancement to       Owens, and Pat Bildner - Vonda not only
motto that first year clearly expressed their   Berry, and Jennie Weaver. Undoubtedly the        the greatest degree through studies of litera-       boasts the longest number of years in the club,
purpose: “Not what we are but what we long      most recognizable name to the local commu-       ture, music, religion and history. The end of        joining 65 years ago in 1945, but at 97 is also
to be.”                                         nity would be the legendary Miss Blanche         World War II in 1945, however, brought a             the club’s eldest member! The club’s
     The club’s first meeting on October 19,    Curtiss, piano teacher to many area residents    dramatic turn to the club’s direction. As with       youngest member, at 30-something, is
1904, was held at the home of Miss Cora         until her death in the 1960s.                    the rest of the world, revolutionary lifestyle       Jeniffer Green.
Campbell (next to today’s Century Bank and           Although serious in nature, the original    changes — for better or worse — were report-              President Phyllis Newell will call the
Trust parking lot). Elected president was       Wednesday Club did have its light moments.       ed through monthly presentations on such             September 2010 meeting to order as she has
Mrs. Delpha Neufang. Sessions were held on      A copy of the 1st anniversary banquet pro-       things as child welfare and juvenile delin-          for the past 10 years. Other officers for the
Wednesday of each week at 7 o’clock p.m.        gram included readings from husbands of          quency, new medicines, travelogues, property         coming year are vice president, Dianne
                                                                                                 rights in Michigan, and vital problems for           Netcher; secretary, Ann Headley; and treas-
                                                                                                 Michigan women. Our emerging materialis-             urer, Pat Myers. A service club in nature,
                                                                                                 tic society was further apparent with contem-        annual dues are $5 a year, with individual
                                                                                                 porary topics on artificial flowers, con-            donations offered monthly to support local
                                                                                                 sumerism, plastics, and an innovative                organizations including the Reading Library,
                                                                                                 approach to health care called socialized med-       LifeLine, Gallery 49, and Domestic
                                                                                                 icine.                                               Harmony, and in December members pur-
                                                                                                       Occasionally, nostalgic attempts to            chase Christmas gifts for local children in
                                                                                                 return to a finer, gentler era were made with        need. Convening the second Wednesday of
                                                                                                 discussions on Our Lost Heritage and                 September each year, the group meets
                                                                                                 Forgotten Bits of History.                           through the following June, omitting the
                                                                                                       Wednesday Club meeting times have              month of February in case of inclement
                                                                                                 been adjusted over time to accommodate               weather. The June meeting provides a fun
                                                                                                 changing routines. For the first 25 years, the       evening out for members at an undisclosed
                                                                                                 club met weekly. In 1929, whether due to             restaurant arranged by a committee of two.
                                                                                                 time commitments, financial constraints or                The Reading Wednesday Club, remark-
                                                                                                 simply a lack of interest, the club made the         able for its longevity, is a unique blend of old
                                                                                                 decision to meet twice a month. This practice        and new. In today’s chaotic world, it contin-
                                                                                                 was followed for the next 50-plus years until        ues to offer some sort of cultural diversion;
                                                                                                 1985 when meeting times decreased even fur-          and even though we’ve become a casual soci-
                                                                                                 ther to just one meeting a month.                    ety in dress, conversation and attitude, the
                                                                                                       Despite modifications, a couple of tradi-      group strives to hang onto a tiny bit of tradi-
                                                                                                 tions have remained intact. Throughout its           tion and ritual.
                                                                                                 history, Wednesday Club meetings have been                I am extremely proud to present this his-
                                                                                                 held at the homes of its members, providing a        tory of the Reading Wednesday Club and
                                                                                                 warmth and cordiality not found in public            even more proud to count myself as one of its
                                                                                                 facilities. And following each evening’s pro-        members. To be aligned with some of
                                                                                                 gram, the serving of a special dessert, accom-       Reading’s finest ladies is indeed one of my
                                                                                                 panied by a scoop of nuts and mints and a cup        greatest delights.
                                                                                                 of tea or coffee, often served on the host’s                        Sue Jacoby, Chamber Secretary

                                                                                                      Pedicure ~ Massage ~ Facial ~ Manicure ~ Waxing

                                                                                                                 Katja’s AllenDaySpa LLC
                                                                                                      World Class Service in Your Beautiful Neighborhood
                                                                                                        35 Years of Experience •
                                                                                                    6851 N. Weston Rd.
                                                                                                      Allen, MI 43227                        517-869-2207
July-Sept. 2010                                             Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                                                       Page Fifteen
                                  The Reading Area Report
                       Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

                                                    READING TOWNSHIP NEWS
Kym Blythe, Treasurer                                                                                                                                          Roger Wheeler, Clerk
Ron Parker, Trustee                                                                                                                                           Randy Wigent, Trustee
                                                                              James Galloway, Supervisor

    READING TOWNSHIP                                2010 PRIMARY ELECTION                           will mow the West Reading Cemetery           Verizon to Charter.
                                                      NOTICE OF ELECTION                            for $175 per mowing and will mow the       • There was a motion to authorize the
       2010 SUMMER                                                                                  South Reading Cemetery for $80 per           clerk to have access to the township
                                                  TO THE QUALIFIED VOTERS OF THE
     TAX COLLECTION                                      TOWNSHIP OF READING                        mowing. Included in the contract will        savings account.
Reading Township Treasurer, Kimberly Blythe      NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a                     be general clean-up and storm clean-up     • The supervisor and clerk signed form
             P.O. Box 298                        Primary Election will be held in the               at a rate of $35 per hour.                   L-4029 (2010 Tax Rate Request).
       Reading, Michigan 49274                   Township of Reading, County of Hillsdale,      •   There was then a motion to award           • There was a motion to pay bills and
       Phone- Day 517/283-2604                   State of Michigan on Tuesday, August 3,            Chad Sawyer the contracts for mow-           make payments for the month of April
        Evening 517/283-3543                     2010, from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., at which        ing the township hall lawn and the pro-      for a total amount of $11,673.02.
     E-Mail:                 time candidates of the Republican Party            posed transfer station site on M-49.
        Fax No. 517/283-3601                     and Democratic Party seeking nomination            Chad Sawyer will mow the township          Proposed Minutes - Reading Township
This Tax Bill is due by September 14,            to the following partisan offices are to be        hall lawn for $20 per mowing and will      Board, June 14, 2010, Regular Meeting
2010. ***PAYMENTS CAN BE                         voted for in your Township: Governor,              mow the proposed transfer station site     • There were a number of comments and
MAILED TO THE ABOVE                              Representative in Congress (7th District),         on M-49 for $20 per mowing. Those            questions concerning the proposed
ADDRESS AND WILL RECEIVE                         State      Senator      (16th     District),       prices will include fall clean-up.           wind farm ordinance. Vern Welch
PROMPT ATTENTION***                              Representative in State Legislature (58th      •   There was a motion to pay bills and          asked to be updated so that he could
                                                 District), County Road Commissioner,               make payments for the month of April         share information with the Hemlock
                                                 County Commissioner (District 3) and               for a total amount of $7,869.71.             Beach Association. Dave Guertin
         FOR YOUR                                Reading Township Treasurer. Also, you are      •   There was a motion to approve a road         questioned the economic benefits,
        CONVENIENCE                              further notified that delegates to the             contract with the Hillsdale County           whether an impact study has been done
     Taxes will be collected                     Republican Party and Democratic Party              Road Commission to provide for the           and a study of property values. Leslie
                                                 County conventions will be elected at the          installation of a 15” plastic tile from      Tonnies was concerned for the impact
      at Reading City Hall                       August 3, 2010 Primary Election Ballot.            Long Lake Road 15” cross-culvert             on lake areas and residential properties.
113 S. Main Street, Reading, MI                  Voting will take place in the Reading              westerly in drainage easement to 18”         John Abbey was concerned over what
          517/283-2604                           Township Hall located at 5355 S. Edon              cross culvert under Rus-Dic Drive.           the impact may be on lake residents.
        Monday - Friday                          Road, Reading, MI 49274.                           (Rus-Dic Drive at Sunset Cove - Long         William Bishop was concerned about
 9 a.m.-12 p.m. & 1 p.m.-4 p.m.                  NOTICE RELATIVE TO OPENING AND                     Lake.)                                       the process of adopting an ordinance.
                                                 CLOSING OF THE POLLS, ELECTION                                                                • Others comments were from Beverly
             Please Note:                                                                       •   There was a motion to increase the cost
                                                 LAW, ACT 116, P.A. 1954, SECTION 720.                                                           Messenger on the road stabilization
 City Hall will be closed the following dates:                                                      of using the transfer station fees from
                                                 THE POLLS FOR SAID ELECTION                                                                     program. This will be started when the
Tuesday, July 20, closing at 12 pm (Training)                                                       $1 per bag to $2 per bag as of June 1,
                                                 WILL BE OPEN FROM 7 O’CLOCK                                                                     rains lessen and the road grading is
Tuesday, August 3, all day (Primary Election)                                                       2010.
                                                 A.M. AND REMAIN OPEN UNTIL 8                                                                    complete.
 Monday, September 6, all day (Labor Day )
                                                 O’CLOCK P.M. OF THE SAME DAY.                                                                 • The Road Commission had prepared a
                                                 Every qualified elector present and in line
                                                                                                May 10, 2010 Regular Meeting
 READING TOWNSHIP BOARD                                                                         • Zoning Administrator Farris provided           proposed contract to sealcoat short
                                                 at the polls at the hour prescribed for the                                                     approach sections onto Long Lake
      2010 Regular Meeting Dates                 closing thereof shall be allowed to vote.        a monthly report.
• Monday, August 09, 2010                                                                       • There was a discussion of a proposed           Road of Ridge, Lake, Rus-Dic, Rustic
                                                 Roger Wheeler, Reading Township Clerk
• Monday, September 13, 2010                                                                      wind ordinance. The proposed ordi-             and Lakeside Drives. The cost to the
• Monday, October 11, 2010                                                                        nance will be discussed at a County            township is estimated to be $11,325.
                                                 READING TOWNSHIP BOARD                                                                          There was a motion to approve this
• Monday, November 08, 2010                                                                       Planning Commission meeting on May
                                                   Meeting Synopses, April-June 2010                                                             proposed contract.
• Monday, December 13, 2010                                                                       17, 2010. The Township Planning
                                                 April 12, 2010, Regular Meeting                                                               • Zoning Administrator Farris provided a
NOTE: ALL MEETINGS WILL BE HELD                                                                   Commission will hold a public hearing
                                                 • Zoning Administrator Harold Farris                                                            monthly report. He also brought up
                                                                                                  on Tuesday, June 1, 2010, at 6:30 p.m.
5355 S. Edon Rd., Reading, MI, AT 6:30             provided a monthly report along with a                                                        concerns with the enforcement and
                                                                                                  in the Township Hall.
PM. MEETING DATES AND TIMES                        summary of 2010 violations.                                                                   measurement of sound levels as well as
                                                                                                • There was a discussion of the transfer
ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE ANDSPE-                    • A motion was made to amend the                                                                a lot of the details involved with such
                                                                                                  station. A better system for collection
CIAL MEETINGS MAY BE CALLED.                       2009/2010 Township Cemetery Fund                                                              an ordinance.
                                                                                                  of fees will try to be developed. It was
                                                   Budget so that each of the estimated                                                        • Gary Lovett updated the board on a
                                                                                                  decided that the maximum bag size
     READING TOWNSHIP                              items would be the same as the actual                                                         proposed wind ordinance. The pro-
                                                                                                  would be a 35-gallon bag. Thus a 55-
                                                   amounts for the 2009/2010 year.                                                               posed ordinance was discussed at a
   PLANNING COMMISSION                                                                            gallon bag will be charged for two
                                                 • A motion was made to amend the                                                                County Planning Commission meeting
  2010 REGULAR MEETING DATES                                                                      bags. A single bag will be charged $2
                                                   2009/2010 Transfer Station Fund                                                               on May 17, 2010. The Township
• Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2010, 6:30 P.M.                                                             after June 1, 2010. It will take two of
                                                   Budget so that each of the estimated                                                          Planning Commission held a public
• Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2010, 6:30 P.M.                                                              the red $1 tickets for one regular bag.
                                                   items would be the same as the actual                                                         hearing on June 1, 2010. There are still
NOTE: ALL MEETINGS WILL BE HELD                                                                 • There was a motion to approve the
                                                   amounts for the 2009/2010 year.                                                               concerns over the decommissioning of
IN THE READING TOWNSHIP HALL,                                                                     agreement with Bailey & Hodshire to
                                                 • The bids for mowing were opened.                                                              the equipment and the noise levels.
5355 S. Edon Rd., Reading, MI, AT 6:30                                                            perform the audit for the 2009/2010
PM. MEETING DATES AND TIMES                        There was a motion to award Briner                                                          • There was a motion to pay bills and
ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE ANDSPE-                      Enterprises the contracts for mowing                                                          make payments for the month of June
                                                                                                • There was a motion to change the
CIAL MEETINGS MAY BE CALLED.                       West Reading Cemetery and South                                                               for a total amount of $8,511.04.
                                                                                                  township hall phone service from
                                                   Reading Cemetery. Briner Enterprises

                                                                                                        Located in                                                       Serving
                                                                                                         Reading                                                    Hillsdale, Branch
                                                                                                       for 33 Years                                                & Jackson Counties

              2171 Bankers Rd., Hillsdale, MI 49242                                                                               ** 1 VACANCY **
                                                                                                                Ages 18 & Up • Male or Female • Must be Ambulatory
                                                                                                                Some Physical Impairments/Developmentally Disabled

                             517-437-3434                                                                                         Take State Pay

                                                                                                                      Peg Root, Owner/Licensee/Operator
                                                                                                                             34 Years’ Experience
                             Chamber Dollars Welcome!                                                                     121 W. State Street, Reading, MI 49274

July-Sept. 2010                                              Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                                            Page Sixteen
                          The Reading Area Report
                  Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

                           110 Michigan Street
                            Reading, MI 49274

          Please give our agency a call for your home, mobile home,
                    farm, or automobile insurance needs.

                                                                                      Weekend                              Open
                                                                                  Breakfast Buffet                     6 a.m.-9 p.m.
                                                                                Sat. & Sun. 8-11 a.m.                    Mon.-Sat.
                                                                                Fish & Shrimp $6.99               8 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Sun.

      •   Propane                                                                                  •   Screen Repair
      •   Hunting & Fishing Licenses                                                               •   Chainsaw Chain Sharpening
      •   Fax Service                                                                              •   Knife & Scissor Sharpening
                                                      START RIGHT. START HERE.
                                                        LOW PRICES EVERY DAY
                           STORE HOURS: Monday - Saturday 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
                                                    307 S. Main Street • Camden, MI 49232
                                                              (517) 368-5101
July-Sept. 2010                                    Building a Strong Community Through Communication                              Page Seventeen
                                The Reading Area Report
                      Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

2010 READING FESTIVAL DAYS ON THE AVE.!                                                                D&S SPECIALTIES
     Gallery 49 art on the Ave.! Fiddlers’     Department’s ever-popular Tractor and
pickin’ and singin’ with local musicians,      Truck Pull. On Saturday, the BIG Festival         Your place to go for embroidery, screen
homespun crafts and gifts, the 2nd annual
Heritage Propane Reading Idol and
                                               Days Parade, Garden Tractor on
                                               Asphalt, Kids’ Pedal Pull and the
                                                                                                 printing, banners, signs & vinyl lettering!
Street Dance, that famous Rotary Chicken       Heavyweight Horse Pull are great crowd                    112 E. MIchigan St., Reading
BBQ & Ice Cream Social, Car Cruise-            pleasers, too!                                            (across from the post office)
In... all this and more on East Michigan            Sports enthusiasts can take part in 3-
Avenue! The Reading Chamber’s “Festival        on-3 Basketball and Men’s & Women’s              Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-4 p.m. • Sat. 8 a.m.-Noon
On the Ave.” will be offering up lots of fun   Slow-Pitch Softball Tournaments.
things to do on Saturday, August 7, with you        On Sunday, still more fun with the
and your family in mind! (Check out my         music boosters’ Super Soap Box Derby,
photos of you here and in the Photo Shows      Horseshoe Pitching, and don’t miss the
at                       Dog Agility Demonstration!
     Some suggestions turned into new               Throughout the festival weekend there
events this year: Razorbak/BP’s Hotdog         will be lots of action for participants of all
Eating Contest at the Fire Barn! Two days      ages! And look for your favorite Festival
of music and Open House at the new             Days foods at any of Reading’s great restau-
Reading Arts Center (one block west of the     rants!
Pizza Barn on Silver Street)! The Mini              Whatever your plans for August 5th
Pony Pull at Magic Square. And an Art          through the 8th, you will want to include
Auction at Gallery 49’s new location on the    Reading Festival Days! Check out the
corner of Main and Michigan Streets!           times and places on Page One for all your
     Reading’s annual hometown celebra-        favorite events.
tion starts Thursday night with city-wide           THE READING AREA CHAMBER
garage sales and the American Legion           OF COMMERCE IS WORKING HARD-
Texas Hold ‘Em tourney.                        ER THAN EVER TO SERVE YOU BET-
     On Friday the really big action takes     TER!
place starting with the Reading Fire                      Betty Blount, Chamber President
                                                                                                         Ph. 517-901-0009
               Rob’s Barber Shop & Salon                                                          Email
 Barber Hours
 Mon: Closed
                                                                            Salon Hours                 We’re currently trying to keep
                                                                               Tues: 9-3
 Tues & Thurs: 8-5                                                              Wed: 1-6           the shelves stocked with school colors —
 Wed: 11-7                                                                       Fri: 11-6
 Fri: 7-4                                                                                          T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies can all
                                                                            Sat: 9-noon
 Sat: 9-noon                                                                                     be personalized to the customer’s preference!
                     110 S. Main Street, Reading (517) 283-2998

                                                                                                Fitness Center - Perennial Park
                                                                                                                320 W. Bacon St., Hillsdale
                                                                                                                 (517) 437-2422

                                                                                                                 Hours of Operation:
                                                                                                           Monday & Wednesday 6 a.m.-7 p.m.
                                                                                                            Tuesday & Thursday 6 a.m.-9 p.m.
                                                                                                       Friday 6 a.m.-5 p.m. • Saturday 8 a.m.-1 p.m.

                                                                                                    Different Membership Options Available
                                                                                                                    Ages 13 and Older
                                                                                                     Payment plans available and credit cards accepted.
                                                                                                                * Seniors are discounted *

July-Sept. 2010                                             Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                      Page Eighteen
                               The Reading Area Report
                     Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

                You Can Join!                      You Can Join!                   You Can Join!                         You Can Join!
                                                                  2010 Membership Application
                                                     READING AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                           Box 413 • Reading, MI 49274 • Email:
                                               VISIT US AT OUR WEBSITE!
                   Annual Membership Fee:
                   ¤ Business $25
                   ¤ Individual (single or couple) $20
                   ¤ Senior Citizen 65+ (individual/couple) $10
 Contact Person _____________________________________________________ Business ________________________________________________________
 Address___________________________________________________________ Phone ___________________________________________________________
 Fax ______________________________ Email _________________________________________________ Website____________________________________
 Product/Service ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
 Weekly/Monthly Specials _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
 Names of Credit Cards Accepted ____________________________________________________________ Today’s Date _______________________________
            Reading Area Chamber of Commerce meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at City Hall on Main Street in Reading.

                         2010 READING AREA
                       CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                  Welcome to our new members this quarter (noted in red)!
           ABS Rental Service                            Heritage House                         Reading City                              Schroeder Farms
              The Andersons                        Heritage Propane Express              Reading Community Library                     John & Marie Sheets
           Anderson Insurance                    H’dale Co. Sr. Services Center            Reading Emergency Unit                    ShowCase Entertainment
             Martin Barnhart                          Rick & Chris Holmes                   Reading Health Clinic              Spieth & Satow Auctions/Real Estate
          Brad & Pam Benzing                       Carmen & Andy Hughes                          Reading Inn                            Starlite Photography
           Bill & Angie Berry                           Dan & Sue Jacoby                     Reading Pizza Barn                      James & Darlene Stewart
           N. A. Bever Farms                             JD Construction                 Reading PS Food/SUBWAY                           T & J Properties
         Dr. Paul & Betty Blount                       Bob & April Jepson                      Reading Rotary                          Team One Food Store
          Kym & Randy Blythe                            K. P. Construction               Reading Schools Foundation                          Doris Thiel
          Brad’s Appliance, Inc.                              K-Tees                   Reading United Methodist Church                   Bonnie Thompson
     Broad Street Downtown Market                 Katja’s Allen Day Spa, LLC              RE/MAX-Cathy Galloway                                Jean Tift
            BWC Innovations                           Jack & Geri Kerspilo                     The Rental Store                       David & Marilyn Tran
            Card’s True Value                             Kimball Camp                      Richards Motor Sales                         Tri-State Cylinders
              Century Bank                              LaPew Sanitation                 Rob’s Barber Shop & Salon                    Tucker Sales & Service
            Contact for Health                           Liberty Propane                        Rolleigh, Inc.                            VanFleet, Dutch
           Dale & Betty Cook                          Harry & Janet Marsh                         Roost Oil                               Vanity Car Wash
             Country Carpets                           Bob & Cathy Martin               Rose Cottage Bed & Breakfast                   Wheeler Automotive
           Country Hair Salon                    Marv’s Hemlock Bait & Party                    Rowen Design                        Whispering Sands Jewelry
             Country Junction                            McCavit, Becky                         Rosa Rudisiler                         White Funeral Home
           Ray & Carol Curran                         McLain Photography                     Annie & Scott Russo                      White Oaks Golf Club
            D & S Specialties                           Meadowland Apts.                      Sanders Insurance                            Yoga For You
         Patsy (VanFleet) Davis                    Al & Kathy Mikolajczyk
                DMCI BB                              Miller, Robert P., DDS
              Dollar General
              D-P Equipment
                                                          Mitchell Farm
                                                       Shirley Mocherman
                                                                                                           331 E. BELL STREET
           Dunton Excavating                      Monarch Community Bank                                   CAMDEN, MI 49232
              Janice Duryea                   Montgomery United Methodist Church
         Randy & Bonnie Ewing                       Dennis & Marcy Moore
     Kathy Falls Photographics, Inc.                   Phil & JoAnn Moyer
              Fancy Threads                        Dave Newell Excavating
            Farmers Insurance                        Jim Newell Excavating
             Fingertips, LLC                        Les & Margaret Newell
                Gallery 49
          Galloway Enterprises
                                                    John & Margaret Owens
                                                   Carol & Eugene Palmiter
                                                                                          517-368-0365 • 800-222-6336
            Michele Galloway                           Passenger Cars, Inc.                
              Rose Galloway                           Joseph & Betty Pavka
               Garden Patch                        Performance Automotive                   Business Cards                      Invitations
       Chris & Kimberly Girdham                           Harry Phillips                      Envelopes                       *Personalized
           Glinski Group, LLC                            Pineview Farms
        R. D. Greisinger Masonry                       Point Rental & Sales                   Letterhead                    Greeting Cards*
            Gudi’s Collection                            Pridgeon Farms                          Flyers                        Newsletters
        Health & Home Services                                 Ray’s
           Heffelfinger Farms                      Reading American Legion
                                                                                               Brochures                   Numbered Invoices
      Hemlock Beach Association                       Reading BP/Razorbak                     Handbooks                           Buttons
                                                                                              Note Pads                        Laminating
                                                                                           Carbonless Forms                 Continuous Forms
                                                                                           Auction Sale Bills                  Perforating
                                                                                                Padding                        Numbering
                                                                                            Coupon Books                     Rubber Stamps
                                                                                             Raffle Tickets                Special Advertising

                                                                                                 Complete Typesetting
                                                                                                  & Design Services
July-Sept. 2010                                      Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                              Page Nineteen
                         The Reading Area Report
                  Published cooperatively by the City of Reading, Reading Township, TIFA & the Reading Area Chamber of Commerce

July-Sept. 2010                               Building a Strong Community Through Communication                                   Page Twenty

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