DUET Composition Using First 5 notes 2011 2012

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					  AMI 1OI/AMI 2OX/AMI 2OI               Melody Composition Assignment – DUET/TRIO Student Name: ___________________

    Specific Expectations:
    A1.2 apply the creative process when composing and/or arranging music
    A2.3 apply the elements of music and related concepts appropriately and effectively when composing and/or arranging music in a
    variety of forms
    A3.2 apply compositional techniques when composing and/or arranging music
    A3.3 use a variety of current technologies in various applications related to music, including composing, arranging, performing and/or
    recording music

    Follow the checklist below to ensure you have met the success criteria:

1. Establish a duet or trio considering instrumentation (the key in which you play) for Concert B flat major
2. Decide who is the lead performer (instrument one) and who will be the harmony (instruments one and/or two)

    LEAD: _____________________               HARMONY: ________________________                     ______________________
    Teacher Check In: ___________________

3. Set up the finale program to include all of the instruments within your duet/trio
4. Create 4 measures (using a variety of note/rest values) for the lead player - using only the first 5 notes of the Concert B flat
   major scale
5. Now create the harmony line using only whole notes/half notes for the harmony players.

    Remember that at some points you may be playing in unison (the same notes) – in this case the rhythms should be the same on the score
    (quarter notes, eighth notes, etc.).

    Teacher Check In: __________________

6. Now create another 4 bar section using the original 4 measures as your main theme – consider augmentation,
   retrogression, sequencing, etc. Remember you are to create for the lead player as well as the harmony line for the
   second/third player(s).
    Teacher Check In: ____________________

7. Repeat the original 4 measures to conclude your piece creating ABA Form Add dynamic markings (where appropriate)
8. Add articulations (slurs, staccatos, etc.)
9. Change the title – if you have not already considered one
10. Complete the Composition Analysis (handout) for your introduction of the piece and prepare your composition for
    performance day – date TBA
    Teacher Check In: ____________________

11. Rehearse your duet/trio
12. Perform your composition for another pair/trio and have them complete the peer reflection handout
    Teacher Check In: ___________________

    The following rubric will be used to assess your composition creation and performance – TEACHER ONLY do not mark
                            Categories                            Level 4               Level 3         Level 2             Level 1          R/I
     - ability to notate composition for two or more              Consistent         Considerable        Some               Limited          R/I
     players using the appropriate elements of music
     (clef, key, note values, dynamics, form, etc.)
     - ability to use a variety of note/rest values and           Consistent         Considerable        Some               Limited          R/I
     analyse piece
     - ability to communicate the rhythm and melody
     that is indicated considering tuning/musicality              Consistent         Considerable        Some               Limited          R/I
     - ability to apply appropriate hand
     positions/fingerings and posture throughout                  Consistent         Considerable        Some               Limited          R/I

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