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					                                                      Deep & Ultra-deepwater Report
                                                         Market Update 2005/09
The Second Edition of this Global                                                                        Prospects & Forecasts                                                     Regional Forecasts & Analysis
Perspectives Market Report,                                                                              In the Deep & Ultra-deepwater                                             For each of the main regions -
published by Infield Energy Data                                                                         Market Update 2004/08 Infield’s                                           Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, the
Analysts, provides an in-depth                                                                           forecast showed continued growth in                                       Middle East, North America and
analysis of the global deep and                                                                          activity for deepwater development;                                       Latin America the report looks at
ultra-deepwater sector.                                                                                  US$20.9bn on floating production &                                        recent important activity, analysis of
                                                                                                         fixed platform facilities, US$17.7bn                                      all known prospects, field sales,
The report brings together the Infield                                                                   on subsea and US$18.5bn on                                                mergers and discoveries.
Offshore Energy Database, the                                                                            control lines, umbilicals, risers and
OFFPEX™ Market Modelling and                                                                             flowlines.
Forecasting System and Infield’s
analytical expertise to produce a                                                                        The new report provides an updated
unique insight into the values,                                                                          forecast for 2005/09.
drivers and prospects for this sector.                                                                     North America
                                                                                                           Middle East & Caspian
                                                                                                           Latin America
New to the Second Edition                                                                                  Europe

Infield’s analytical team have                                                                             Australasia


provided a comparative analysis of                                                                         Africa

the current forecast to the 2004                                                                                                                                                   Sector Forecasts & Analysis
forecast. The concept is to provide                                                                                                                                                For each sector, identifies the
companies with a much more                                                                                2000      2001   2002   2003   2004
                                                                                                                                                2005   2006   2007   2008   2009
                                                                                                                                                                                   development and the evaluation of
fundamental understanding of the                                                                                                                                                   all known prospects. Specific
forecasting process and the drivers                                                                      Underlying Market Drivers                                                 analysis is available for each sector,
that have an impact upon the                                                                             Investigates the main and secondary                                       wells, floating production, subsea,
dynamics of the market.                                                                                  drivers, re-investment rates, oil price                                   fixed platforms, pipelines, risers and
                                                                                                         sensitivity, politics, economics,                                         umbilicals.
Deepwater Discoveries                                                                                    production, energy demand,
By April 2005, 10 new deepwater                                                                          technology, infrastructure, subsidy,
discoveries had been announced,                                                                          grants and taxation modularity.
compared to 38 in 2004 and 54 in
2003. A further 29 fields are
expected to be brought into
production in 2005 and there are
195 deepwater fields slated for
development for 2005/09 with a total
of 37,279 MMBOE, compared to 91
for the period 2000/04.                                                                                                                                                            Global Forecasts
                                                                                                                                                                                   Forecasts and capital expenditure
 Infield’s forecasts a total spend of                                                                                                                                             figures are provided by region,
  US$68,895M for 2005/09 in this                                                                         The Global Market Potential                                               component, operator and field owner
  sector.                                                                                                Examines prospects for both Deep &                                        with a number of conventional and
               250                                                                                       Ultra-deepwater by projects,                                              alternative model profiles. Includes
                             Ultra-deepw ater
                             Deep                                                                        reserves and production identifying                                       forecast spend by actual year as
                             Shallow Water
                                                                                                         the market potential trends by                                            well as alternative perspectives with
  Nos Fields


                                                                                                         region, water depth, operator, field                                      expenditure by order year and year
                                                Actuals              Prospects
                                                                                                         ownership and development type.                                           on-stream for each of the key
                                                                                                                                                                                   sectors and regions.
                     1994   1996    1998   2000   2002     2004   2006   2008   2010   2012

The report will also highlight the
increasing importance of ultra-
deepwater developments (+1500M).
Infield has identified 34 Ultra-
deepwater prospects 2005/09, with
total reserves of 5,591 MMBOE.
This compares to 17 for the period

                                                                                              A Global Perspective Market Report
More Information
Comprehensive Project Listings                                         OFFPEX™ Modelling System                                                Global Perspectives
Purchasers will receive 12 months’                                     OFFPEX™ is a highly developed                                           This is only one of a series of
free InfieldOnline access to a                                         and complex modelling and                                               reports that cover the market,
database, updated weekly, of all                                       forecasting system that utilises a                                      technology and players.
projects being considered for                                          wide range of market drivers
development 2005/09 in water                                           including macro-economic, techno-                                             Deep & Ultra-deepwater
depths greater than 500 m. Online                                      economic and business processes                                               Subsea
access provides a field by field                                       to forecast the scheduling and value                                          Floating Production
project listing detailing;                                             of projects, component by                                                     FSO’s
                                                                       component.                                                                    Fixed Production
      operators                                                                                                                                     LNG & GTL
      project name                                                    The OFFPEX™ system incorporates                                               Decommissioning
      water depths                                                    Infield’s global Offshore Energy
      high temperature/high pressure                                  Database to produce detailed                                            Infield Energy Data Analysts
      location                                                        financial and business models                                           Infield has been providing accurate,
      production rates,                                               including capital expenditure and                                       timely and detailed data and
      reserves                                                        supply/demand.                                                          information on the worldwide oil and
      project status                                                                                                                          gas industry since 1986.
                                                                       These models are fully scalable and
      development type
                                                                       adaptable, from individual field
      on stream year                                                  development elements through to
                                                                                                                                               Now widely acknowledged as one of
      depletion year                                                  company, national, regional and
                                                                                                                                               the definitive independent reference
      nos subsea & surface wells                                                                                                              sources, Infield has developed a
                                                                       global forecasts and scenarios                                          range of products and services
A sample database is available at                                                                                                              designed to assist senior executives
                                                                       Timelines range from projects in the                                    with their business decisions. For                                                 1920’s to decommissioning projects
Subscriptions can upgrade to                                                                                                                   more information please visit
                                                                       scheduled at the end of this Century.                         
include additional information.
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