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TSAC 031909 Mtg Mins


									                       Technology Services Advisory Committee
                                   March 19, 2009
                                  Meeting Minutes

Team Meeting Record for:      TSAC                               Date:   March 19, 2009

Members Present:
Helen Aberle                    Mark Lee                          Jennifer Mills
David Beaupré                   Mark Lindenmeyer                  Barry Rice
Skip Casey                      Amy Maher                         Elana Rock
Amy Filardo                     Sarah Mansfield                   Terra Schehr
Louise Finn (chair)             John McGinty                      Rita Steiner
Steven Fox                      Debbie Miller                     Paul Smith
Sal Lenzo

Members Absent:
Joan Flynn                      Bruce Rice                        Rich Sigler
Suzanne Keilson                 Rick Satterlee                    Jiyuan Tao
Steven Kramer                   Josephine Muñoz                   Ian Webster
Jonathan Gomez                  Tom Podles                        Anne Young
Michael Mansfield

Also Present:
Tracy McMahon                   Tom Morthole                      Jason Youngers

Decisions/Action Plans:
 1. The Meeting Minutes were approved from February 19, 2009.

 2. E-mail Retention & Exchange Discussion –Discussion follow-up – Louise
    Outlook – Things You’ll Need to Do for the Outlook/Exchange Migration (yellow
     Project web site for Outlook:
     Training review:
     Rollout and migration will be communicated through: Newshound, Division meetings, and
      Staff Council
      o As TS moves closer to migration date – we will be using the same point of contact list
         from AD/Office 2007 projects. The list of departments and their point of contact is on
         the Outlook/Exchange website.
      o TS in process of migrating as test group
      o Whole department migrations are encouraged due to the complexity of troubleshooting
         mail delivery problems across mail systems.
      o Create Outlook/Exchange FAQ’s – see

     E-mail Management – 2nd handout, see Blackboard, TSAC, Documents, TSAC 2008-2009,
                         Meeting Documents, March ’09

    Review, step-by-step of handout
     o E-mail management of record – definition of what is a record and the burden on the
       organization to maintain adequate e-mail records
     o Is the process of managing email messages as official records of business being
       transacted by and for the institution and as such, must be protected. Failure to do so will
       invite censure from the judiciary and regulators, as well as potentially enormous search
       costs for legal, regulatory, or other discovery processes.
     o Timeline of 60 days to move e-mails to archive storage system M+. To manage stored e-
       mails within our system as part of institutional archive
    We will continue the discussion at next meeting

3. E-mail Policy Discussion – Louise/Paul/Jason
    Possible rename to “Messaging Policy” to be more inclusive of: broadcast, bulk e-mail;
     text messages, voice mails, emergency broadcast
    Current Email Policy needs to be more timely with guideline statements
    Major concerns:
     o Right to review e-mail remains with the university as needed to resolve system problems
     o Email will be used as one method for official college communication. When sending e-
        mail on behalf of Loyola, it must be issued from a Loyola owned account;
     o Ownership concept not in current policy and needs to be addressed
     o Use of multiple external e-mail could mark as a spammer
    Use of a preferred email address in Blackboard may or may not be a account.
     This does not follow our current policy since official communications can be sent via the
     Blackboard system.
    Need further development on content security issue
    Continue discussion at next meeting

4. Technology Strategic Plan – Louise presented the new Technology Strategic Plan that was
          developed at the end of 2008 through the help of over 140 people that participated in
          focus group interviews and an online survey. The plan has been endorsed by the
          Executive Cabinet and will provide a roadmap for technology initiatives for the next
          three years.
   Four focus areas:
    Communication
     o Communication to rest of world
     o Video conferencing
     o Social networking/Living & Learning
     o Mobility access
     o Internal/external web presence – move to portal platform
    Differentiated Service
     o Optimize IT portfolio
     o Critical IT services and infrastructure
     o Cloud computing (host services) – 422 is using it in on-line community
    Operational Excellence
     o Provide effective training
     o Consult with users in standardizing operations

       o Focus development with system integration and internal operations
       o Automate paper process and enable advanced data analysis. This will affect every office
         in some way.
      Transparency and Understanding
       o Follow direction for executive leadership
       o Develop formal IT governance
       o Formalize project management and progress report
       o Support Services

Future File: Items for future consideration
 1. Email Policy-comment guidelines on                3.
    inappropriate e-mail use
 2.                                                   4.

Next Meeting:    Date/Time: May 21st          9am – 10:30am          Location: CO #33
Future Meetings:


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