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Actor Danny Glover Endorses
Richmond “soda tax” Measure N
“Measure N makes sense; the science is there, and the
community is fighting for kids’ health,” states the
award-winning film star and humanitarian

RICHMOND, CA – August 29, 2012

Danny Glover, famous for his starring roles in the “Lethal Weapon”
film series, “Mandela,” “Beloved” and “The Color Purple,” announced
his support for Richmond’s Measure N, the November ballot measure also known as the “soda tax.”

A native of San Francisco, Danny Glover is proud of his local roots: "I come from a basic family of working class
people who worked very hard and had solid values. It's important for people of color to link up with issues
around food security, health, and the environment. Big corporations that sell sugary drinks are profiting while
our kids grow sick and overweight.”

Measure N will place a one cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks, like soda. If a beverage has no added caloric
sweeteners (such as 100% juice, diet sodas, or unsweetened milk or baby formula) the tax will not apply.

“Measure N makes sense; the science is there, and the community is fighting for kids’ health,” Glover stated.
He also voiced his support for “Measure O,” a companion ballot measure that will advise Richmond city
officials to allocate the proceeds from Measure N to fund sport programs and other anti-obesity efforts:
“Richmond families deserve an environment that supports healthy choices. Measures O and N will enable all
children to participate in group sports and recreation activities.”

Beyond his success as an actor, Glover is an internationally recognized advocate for social justice, traveling
around the globe to publicize the fight against poverty and HIV. He was chosen as a goodwill ambassador by
the United Nations Development Program in March 1988 and is also a chairman of the TransAfrica Forum, an
African American human rights and social justice advocacy group. In 2011, Glover was awarded the National
Civil Rights Museum's Freedom Award in Memphis.


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