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									 The 9th China Urban Intelligent Traffic Forum
"2012 Shenzhen International Intelligent Transport Exhibition",
"Chinese intelligent transportation industry's top 30 award ceremony"
"2012 China top ten operators of satellite navigation awards ceremony"

Conference Background
      After more than 30 years of reform and opening up and development,
accelerating the pace of urbanization in China, As of December 2011, 50% of China's
urban population has exceeded the total population of the country. In the context of
rapid economic growth and rapid urbanization, population expansion, traffic
congestion, pollution, resource scarcity issues become apparent. How to maintain
steady rapid economic growth while, resolve the contradictions in the process of
urbanization, is the challenge facing the Government at all levels. Advent of the
Internet age, digital, networked, intelligent urban traffic and tightly bound together,
wisdom skill, intelligence services, management of technology, living targets is
calling and the leads we marched into the wisdom of the world. How its form in the
future? She will be how to improve the efficiency of urban governance? How she
will bring to public facilities and services? Ninth China urban intelligent traffic Forum
and you "entered the era of Internet traffic".

Conference Theme: Went into the traffic of internet era
Conference Organization Institute
Organizing by: Shenzhen Intelligent Transport Systems Association
Jointly by: Shenzhen Genvict Technology Company Limited
Support by: Transport Committee of Shenzhen Municipality
              National Center of ITS Engineering & Technology, China
              China Academy of Transportation Sciences
              Science and Technology Committee, Ministry of China Public
              Intelligent Transportation Systems- Taiwan
              Intelligent Transportation Systems – Hong Kong

Specified Media: China ITS magazines
                   Shenzhen Media Group Mobile TV channel
Conference date and venue:
Time: 28-29 May, 2012
Venue: Shenzhen Conference and Exhibition Centre

Meeting Session
Day 1
May 28 at 14:00-17:00
Paper 1 Traffic urban development opportunities in Internet era
Paper 2 Intelligent Cities and ITS
Paper 3 Traffic network system
Paper 4 Urban traffic intelligent, information-led development
Paper 5 International analysis of urban traffic problems and
Paper 6 General technology of connectivity
Paper 7 Application and practice of Internet traffic
Paper 8 Internet traffic and traffic safety

Day 2
May 29 at 09:30-12:00
Paper 1     Traffic Internet Technology and Industrialization
Paper 2     Intelligent Traffic Control and Traffic Management
Paper 3     Internet Traffic and Traffic Safety
Paper 4     Korea Intelligent Public Traffic System Management
             Platforms and Transit Electronic Bus Stop Board
Paper 5     Singapore traffic congestion pricing models and
Paper 6     Taiwan mobile travel services to the public
Paper 7     Mode of travel on the public transport service in Hong
Paper 8     Traffic Information Services based on Internet

Scheduled Speakers
Zhang Wen         Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government
Huang Min         Director of Transport Committee of Shenzhen Municipality
Liu FengJun       Director of the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security
                     Traffic Police Bureau
Deng ZhongHan        Vice Chairman of China Association for Science and
                           Technology, Academician of Chinese Academy of
Li DeRen          Academician of Chinese Academy of Science,
                      Chinese Academy of Engineering
Cui JuZhi        Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
                     Vice President of China Urban Transport Institute,
                     Vice Director of National Center for Traffic
                     Engineering technology
Wang XiaoJing    Chief Engineer of Research Institute of Highway Ministry of
                     Transport, Director of National Center of ITS Engineering & Technology, China
Zhang Hao        Vice President of Ministry of Transport Research
                     Institute, China
Hu ChuanPing      Director of The Third Research Institute of Ministry
                      of Public Security
Luo JunYi         Vice Chairman of China Intelligent Transportation
                     Systems Association, Ministry of Public Security
Lin WeiWang      Director of Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau of
                        Science and Technology Department
Joan Walker      Professor of Berkeley University of California
Ra JaSengupta    Professor of Berkeley University of California
Sue MeiGen      Director of the Shanghai Institute of comprehensive transportation
GuanZhiChao         Chief Engineer of Shenzhen Institute of Comprehensive
                     Transportation Commanding Centre
Shim Dubo           President of Korea ITS Association
Luk YorkWah          Chief Engineer of Transport Department, Hong Kong
Chang ShyueKoong Vice Chairman of Intelligent Transportation
                        Society of Taiwan
Sing Mong Kee   President of ITS Singapore
Luo RuiFa            General Manager of Shenzhen Genvict Technology Co, Ltd
Wang Jianwei         General Manager of Hainan
Participate Target
  Development and Reform Committee meeting, Ministry of Science & Technology, Ministry of
Transport, Ministry of Public Security – related Ministries leadership, specialist; Representatives of
foreign and domestic Government traffic, traffic police; Intelligent Transportation
systems planning, design of related personnel; Universities and research institutes and
scientific research staff; Intelligent transportation systems integrators, contractors,
operators, equipment suppliers; Intelligent Transportation-related companies

Thesis collect matters
   The Organizing Committee will be launched during the conference “The 9th China
Urban Intelligent Traffic Forum” Thesis collection, Welcomed the delegates and
experts, academics, representatives of research institutions and enterprises with the
forum topics, Contribute actively to the Organizing Committee, recommend excellent
papers will be published in the journal of China Intelligent Transportation
Systems-related columns.
Selected papers in Word format sending to:, the closing date of
April 25, 2012.

Enroll information

     After determining participants, registration form (attached) fill out and seal than

fax/email to the Organizing Committee. Registration deadline is April 30, 2012.

Contact Persons:

Tel:0755-88309181 88309177 88309172
Fax:0755-88309166 /88309111
Contact persons: Liu Qie Wang Shuang Liu Jiao
Email: website:
Norman Ng email:
Mobile: (86) 13823359800
The Organizing Committee of the 9th China Urban Intelligent Traffic Forum

                                       March 2012


Registration Form of The 9th China Urban Intelligent Traffic Forum

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 (Note: Delegates, before 30 April 2012 the this registration form by fax or e-mail to
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