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									                                        JOB DESCRIPTION
Job Title:                            Project Manager/Contract Manager
Job Reference Number:                 12/0452
Broadband:                            DEEWR Broadband 2
Classification:                       APS Level 6 (Several)
Group:                                State and Regional Services Strategy Group
Location:                             Perth, WA
Closing Date:                         19/07/2012 23:30 (AEST)
Status | Job Type:                    Ongoing | Full-Time
Salary Range:                         $74,260 - $81,661
Identified Position:                  Yes/No
Contact Officer:                      Selvina Bustelo on (08) 9464 4290

Job Overview:
The WA State Office engages with a wide range of stakeholders to deliver the Australian Government’s
agenda delivering programs and services across the portfolio including Early Childhood and Childcare,
Transitions to Further Education and Work and Employment. It supports the delivery of these services
through a range of contractual agreements, programs and projects. This work is achieved in conjunction
with communities, key stakeholders and other agencies to contribute towards the goals of the

 The role is to be performed independently or as a part of a work group under the direction of a Team
Leader. The successful candidate will encompass leadership responsibilities and acquire a specific role in
the supervision of other staff and the attainment of team outcomes.

 Employees will possess a high level of capability providing contribution to the development and delivery
of policies and projects. They will be able to demonstrate a sound and thorough understanding of the
role and responsibilities of DEEWR and be able to communicate with others the purpose of their work in
supporting the Agency’s objectives.

Please note some of these positions are Identified Positions.

Indigenous Australian and non-Indigenous Australians are encouraged to apply.

Please note, under section 22(8) of the Public Service Act 1999, employees must be Australian citizens to
be engaged in the APS unless the Agency delegate has agreed, in writing. Applicants are to indicate their
citizenship when applying online.

                                                                                       16–18 Mort Street, Canberra ACT 2601
                                                                       GPO Box 9880, Canberra ACT 2601 | Phone 1300 363 079
                                                                                    www.deewr.gov.au | ABN 63 578 775 294
Selection Criteria:
Please note: responses to the selection criteria must not exceed 450 words per criterion. For information
and tips on applying for DEEWR jobs please visit our website.

If you are interested in being considered for the Identified positions please address the Identified Criteria
as well as the Compulsory Criteria.

Identified Criteria:
    1. A demonstrated understanding of the contemporary issues facing Indigenous Australians and the
         impacts these issues have on Indigenous Australian societies and cultures.
    2. A demonstrated ability to communicate sensitively and effectively with Indigenous Australians.

Compulsory Criteria:
   3. Highly developed project and/or contract management skills with the ability to effectively lead a
      small team in the management of programs, systems and contracts to achieve outcomes
      consistent with the Business Plan.
   4. Well developed organisational and planning skills including the ability to interpret and analyse
      relevant information and develop and implement strategies.
   5. Is flexible and adaptable to change along with a demonstrated ability to operate as an effective
      team member working collaboratively with colleagues, clients and key stakeholders to achieve
      Business Plan outcomes.
   6. Possess sound judgement and integrity and demonstrated self-awareness, professionalism and a
      proven commitment to Australian Public Service (APS) values.
   7. Well developed oral, written and interpersonal communication skills, including the proven ability
      to influence, negotiate and network among colleagues, clients and stakeholders in order to
      achieve departmental objectives.

                                                                                         16–18 Mort Street, Canberra ACT 2601
                                                                         GPO Box 9880, Canberra ACT 2601 | Phone 1300 363 079
                                                                                      www.deewr.gov.au | ABN 63 578 775 294

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