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Middle IB School on
 Greer Middle School
  Welcome to the 6th Grade 2012-2013
     Parent/Student Orientation!

An International Baccalaureate School
Tonight’s event is to help the student
   and the parent understand the
transition from elementary school to
middle school. Presentations will last
          about 25 minutes.
Transition to middle school is
a big time in your life…but it
should not be something that
       makes you worry
I want to be clear and upfront with all
  parents and students so that we can
 work together to ensure the safety of
 the school and learning environment
 and to make your transition to Greer
Middle School as smooth as possible.
     Tables And Representatives
School Improvement         Greer Christian
Council Sign Up          Learning Center
Portal Log In            Release Time
PTSA                       Yearbooks
Spirit Shop                PE Uniforms
Parent Volunteers Sign     Career Development
Up                       Facilitator-Parent
Miss GMS                   Transportation
After School Program     (Busses)
                           School Lunch
  Administrative Team
Scott Rhymer, Principal
Kate Malone
 – Assistant Principal (7th Grade and Team 6-2 and
   Team 6-3)
Tracy Cooper
 – Assistant Principal (8th Grade and Teams 6-1 and
Karen Clinkscale, Guidance Counselor
 – 6th Grade and 7th Grade (A-L)
Cathy Cash, Guidance Counselor
 – 8th Grade and 7th Grade (M-Z)
Carlton Green, Instructional Coach
Kuterah Donald (IB Coordinator)
Jamie Smith, School Resource Officer
      Greer Middle School Facts
             and Figures
•Approximately 900 students, 300 of which are 6th Graders coming from
five different elementary schools. 99% of our students attend Greer High
School upon completion of middle school.
•Greer Middle School Report Card Ratings:

          Year              Absolute           Improvement
                             Rating               Rating
          2006             Below Average             At-Risk
          2007             Below Average             At-Risk
          2008             Below Average             At-Risk
          2009                 Average               Average
          2010                 Average               Average
          2011                 89.3 B
       Greer Middle School
        Facts and Figures
•2011-2012 school year saw the highest PASS
(Palmetto Assessment of State Standards) scores
since 2002.
•2011-2012 school year saw the highest MAP
(Measure of Academic Progress) scores since 2002.
•Greer Middle School ranked 2nd of all Middle
Schools in the district in terms having the least
number of physical and/or criminal behaviors
In other words, Greer Middle
IB School is the place to be!!!!
GMS is a safe place to learn!
 Our #1 priority is to keep your child safe
  while allowing a school and classroom
environment where students can learn and
 teachers can teach. And that starts with
          our discipline system.
Discipline at Greer Middle IB School
   Level I           Level II           Level III
 Behaviors         Behaviors           Behaviors

    Minor         Disruptions to     Major disruptions
disruptions to       classroom          to classroom
  classroom        instruction or      instruction or
instruction or   school order that   school order that
                                       may result in
 school order    bring physical or
                                     criminal conduct
                    mental harm

These levels are in accordance to Greenville
       County School District Policy
                    Level I Behaviors
      Level I
     Behaviors                            Verbal Warning

Minor disruptions to
classroom instruction                   Lunch Detention (2)
   or school order

                                       Teacher Detention (2)

                                       Principal Detention

    Talking in class, excessive
    noise in hall, inappropriate      In School Suspension
    language to other students,
    tardies, dress code violations

                                     Out Of School Suspension
                    Level I Behaviors
      Level I                                          Lunch Detention
                                     During Lunch. Students eat in silence on the stage.
     Behaviors                          Parent will be contacted. No maximum limit.
                                      Failure to attend will result in Teacher Detention.

Minor disruptions to                                  Teacher Detention
classroom instruction                7:30-8:20 a.m. on Wednesday. Parent will be contacted
   or school order                   with 24 hours notice and it is parent’s responsibility to
                                     drop child off at 7:30. No maximum limit. Failure to
                                             attend will result in Principal Detention

                                                     Principal Detention
                                     7:30-8:20 Tuesday. Parent will be contacted by Assistant
                                        Principal and given 24 hours notice. It is parent’s
                                     responsibility to drop child off at 7:30. Maximum limit
                                      of 5 Principal Detentions. Failure to attend will result
    Talking in class, excessive                               in ISS.
    noise in hall, inappropriate                    In School Suspension
    language to other students,
    tardies, dress code violations     Held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Entire
                                      school day. Parent will be contacted by Assistant
                                          Principal. Maximum limit of 5 days ISS.
                   Level II Behaviors
      Level II                                  In School Suspension
                                     Held on Friday in a classroom. Entire school
                                      day. Parent will be contacted by Assistant
    Disruptions to                     Principal. Maximum limit of 5 days ISS.
classroom instruction
 or school order that                        Out Of School Suspension
    bring harm or                     Student will not be allowed on campus
disrespect to someone                during the school day or at any after school
                                          functions scheduled for that day.

    Horseplay, public display of
    affection, verbal altercation,
    physical altercation,
    disrespect, refusal to obey,
    bullying, harassment.
                   Level II Behaviors
      Level II                            Typical Consequences For 1st Time
                                                  Level II Offenses
    Disruptions to                   Possession of Tobacco   1 Day OSS
classroom instruction                Horseplay               ISS Or OSS
 or school order that                Verbal Altercation      3 Days OSS
    bring harm or                    Rude/Disrespect         1-5 Days OSS
disrespect to someone                Abusive Language
                                        To Staff/Teachers    3-10 Days OSS
                                     Removal From Class      ISS Or OSS
                                     Harassment/Bullying     1-10 Days OSS
                                     Refusal To Obey         1 Day OSS
                                     Physical Altercation    5-10 Days OSS

    Horseplay, public display of
    affection, verbal altercation,
    physical altercation,
    disrespect, refusal to obey.
Students that are late to school or late to a class cause major
  disruptions to the school day for office personnel and
  classroom instruction.

Excuses for tardies to school will not be accepted unless they are
  accompanied by a doctor’s note. All students are given two
  warnings for tardies (without a consequence) that allow for
  unusual circumstances (wreck that slowed traffic,
  oversleeping, car breaks down, etc.). All other tardies will
  (unless accompanied by a medical excuse) be deemed
  “unexcused” and fall into the 3rd Offense category as listed
  on the next slide

Tardies between class periods at GMS is unacceptable as
  students are given ample time to get from one class to
  another. Please work with your child to understand that they
  do not need to go to their locker after every class period.
      Tardies To School/Class
                  Tardies are tabulated in each class
           (including the beginning of the school day).
      1st Offense                                              Warning

  2nd Offense
                                                            Parent Contact
                                                           Principal Detention
      3rd Offense
                                                             Parent Contact

                                                           Principal Detention
      4th Offense
                                                             Parent Contact

5th   Offense (Plus)                                        Parent Contact

  Be Reminded, Only 5 Days Of Principal Detention will be assigned. Once all
    PD has been used, tardies will result in ISS. Once 5 days of ISS has been
                      assigned, tardies will result in OSS.
      Cell Phone/MP3 Players
                                   Confiscation of device, returned
                                  to parent no earlier than next day.
 1st Offense
                                     Parent signs agreement upon
                                      picking up phone from AP

                                  Confiscation of device and phone
 2nd   Offense                     returned to parent in 30 days by
                                                the AP

                                  Confiscation of device and phone
3rd   Plus Offense                 returned to parent in 30 days by
                                                the AP

Cell phones and MP3 Players will be confiscated anytime during school
hours 7:30 until 4:00. Only exception to policy will be at athletic events
      Personal Electronic
         Device (PED)
     PED Devises are allowed assuming it is for
instructional use. A form needs to be completed by
 the parent and returned before the PED is allowed
                   in the building.
       PED cannot connect to the Internet.
              Bring PED at own risk

Examples of PED’s (Kindle, Nook, Ipad, Itouch, etc.
Issues that arise when middle school students use
Facebook many times spill over into school.
 – Threats/harassment made on these web sites that
   spill over into school will be dealt with under our
   harassment/threatening persons policy.
 – Threats/harassment made on these web sites that do
   not spill over into school can still be treated
 – Bottom line is simple: If your child is on the
   Internet at these (or similar sites), they are
   responsible for the content they post. We highly
   recommend that you disallow, regulate, or monitor
   your child’s use of these sites as it could quickly
   become a school issue.
New Greenville County Schools
Bullying and Harassment Policy

 If a student or parent brings to the
 attention of GMS staff an “alleged”
 situation of bullying or harassment, the
 student will give a written statement on a
 school form and then turn it into the
 Guidance Department upon completion.
 We highly encourage students to take the
 form home and have their parent sign it
 before returning to Guidance.
New Greenville County Schools
Bullying and Harassment Policy
Upon review of the statement, the member
of Guidance and/or Administration will
determine the results of the investigation
and document finding and applicable
consequences on the statement form.
Parent contact will be made if applicable
and a copy of the statement and result will
be sent home with the student.
The form will be filed in Guidance
Department for future reference.
                Dress Code
The primary objective of Greenville County Schools
is to provide a World-Class instructional program
and learning opportunity for every student.
The personal appearance of every student is an
important component of establishing a safe
environment for optimal learning and respect for
one another. Students are expected to dress in an
appropriate manner while on school district
property or when representing the school.
Personal appearance shall be such that it does not
disrupt student work or school order, become
distractive to other students or violate health and
safety guidelines.
   Primary Dress Code Violations
Distracting, revealing, overly suggestive or
otherwise disruptive attire.
Chains, etc. that dangle from clothes.
Hats, “hoodies”, and sunglasses
Attire affiliated with a "gang" in any negative
sense of the term.
Clothing that contains language that is obscene,
profane, lewd, vulgar, indecent or offensive.
Shirts that are low cut and show cleavage.
Spaghetti strap shirts and/or tank tops.
Shirts that do not cover the midriff.
Pants and slacks that drag the ground.
Undergarments that are exposed.
Facial jewelry located anywhere except the ears.
  Primary Dress Code Violations

Hair color that is extremely
Any other clothing and/or
appearance item that is deemed
distracting to the instructional
                         Dress Code
                                       Warning referral, placed in ISS until
    1st   Offense                              change of clothes

                                     Principal Detention, placed in ISS until
   2nd Offense                                  change of clothes

                                     1 Day ISS, placed in ISS until change of
   3rd    Offense                                    clothes

                                      1 Day ISS, placed in ISS until change of
    4th Offense                                       clothes

                                     1 Day OSS, placed in ISS until change of
 5th Offense (Plus)                                  clothes
 The administration will make the final judgment on the appropriateness of
 clothing and/or appearance and reserves the right to prohibit students from
 wearing any articles of clothing or other items which lead to or may foresee
ably result in the disruption of or interference with the school environment.
The purpose of our Discipline
  Policy is to keep your child
safe and to create a school with
      a positive learning
   environment for children.

Disruption to that environment
 will be handled so others can
   First Day Of School Info
Drop your child off, give them a hug, and
let them enter Middle School on their own!
Teachers and administration will guide
students to the proper location.
If you are a car rider, remind your child to
go to the front for pick up in the afternoon.
We will ensure that students know what
bus to ride as the school day progresses.
Students will not be marked tardy on the
first week of school until they learn their
way around the building.
     Drop Off In Car Loading
Car riders may be dropped off after 7:30
 – Riders cannot be dropped off prior to 7:30
   because there will not be any supervision of
   the students.
 – If you arrive before 7:30, please remain with
   your child in the car until administrator
   comes to open building
Students will be considered tardy if they are
not in their classroom by 8:30.
Students should report directly to their
designated location after drop off (cafeteria for
6th grade…gym for 7th and 8th grade). Note: 7th
and 8th graders may eat in the cafeteria prior to
moving to gym.
     Drop Off In Car Loading
You may drop off your child in the front or
the back car loading areas.
Please form a single line in the drop off areas.
Do not “double park” in the drop off line if
you need to come inside the building. Park in
a designated space before coming inside.
Please remember that safety is our #1
concern…be extremely cautious and attentive
while you are in the parking lots.
   Dismissal In Car Loading
6th Graders Are Picked Up In The
Front Car Area (Front Of Building
Near Gap Creek Road)
7th and 8th Graders Are Picked Up In
The Rear Car Area.
If you have multiple children you are
picking up, they should be picked up
in the front car loading area.
       Dismissal-Car Loading
Rear pick up gate will be unlocked at 3:00 for 7th and
8th Grade parents to begin lining up. Front car
loading area will remain open entire school day.
Dismissal is at 3:30
 – Note: Students will not be allowed to have early
   dismissal after 2:45 without permission from Mr.
Students should exit the building and immediately
look for parents. Administrators will not call for
students in the car loading area, nor will an “all call”
be made inside of the building. It is the student’s
responsibility to exit the building and look for their
      Dismissal-Car Loading
Parents should form a single line on the right
side of the driveway in both the front loading
and rear loading area. As your child loads the
car, parents may enter the left lane to exit the
parking lots.
Cars in the front of the pick up lines will be
asked to move to the back of the line if their
child does not load the car in an appropriate
amount of time. This is to ensure that the line
moves quickly and makes dismissal as orderly
as possible.
Please remember that safety is our #1
concern…be extremely cautious and attentive
while you are in the parking lots.
A transportation representative is here tonight
to answer questions that you may have.
If you have questions about stop points,
please contact Transportation directly at:
Please review bus safety and discipline
policy. Students not abiding by policy can be
removed temporarily or permanently from
bus service.
Going Home with Someone Else? – Any
time your child is going home with
another student or on a different bus,
please send a signed note to an
administrator early in the school day.
A member of Transportation is in
attendance tonight to assist with Bus
Questions. Transportation’s Phone
Number is 355-1289
  Time        Period            6th Grade
   8:15                 6th Graders To Homeroom
 8:30-8:40             Announcements-Tardy at 8:30
 8:40-9:37     1st             Academic
9:40-10:37     2nd             Academic
10:42-11:32    3rd            Related Arts
11:35-12:25    4th            Related Arts
12:25-12:55                      Lunch
12:55-1:27     5th               Flex
1:30-2:27      6th             Academic
2:30-3:27      7th             Academic
 3:27-3:30                   Announcements
   3:30                   Car Riders Dismissed
   3:35                   Bus Riders Dismissed
Student Handbook
Read with your child. They will
bring it home the first few days of
It is assumed that you and your child
understand all items included in the
This handbook will be their agenda
and pass for the school year.
    Medication Policy
A student who needs to go to the health room must obtain a
pass from his classroom teacher. Students reporting to the
nurse for illness must remain in the health room until
released by the nurse to return to class or go home. If the
health room is not open, the office staff will call the parent
or send the student back to class.
Students may not take any type of medication unless under
the direct supervision of the school nurse (this includes
Tylenol, Advil, etc.). Failure to follow this procedure will
lead to suspension.
There is no grace period for prescription medication. If
parent does not bring doctor’s note in with the prescription
medication, the nurses cannot administer the medication. In
the past, you had 10 days to get the doctor’s note to the
     Transition Programs
                         Flex Time

• Tutoring Monday,       • Study Skills          • Clusters and Majors
  Tuesday, Wednesday
                         • Advisement            • Career Inventories
  and Thursday.
                         • Character Education   • IB Activities
• Mandatory make-up
  for homework and
• Mentoring by advisor
 Guidance Department
The Greer Middle School Guidance Program
addresses the needs of students as they
encounter and deal directly with learning and
life issues. This program does so by stressing
student academic achievement, career and
educational decision-making, and personal and
social development.
– Karen Clinkscale   Grade 6 and Grade 7 (A-L)
– Cathy Cash         Grade 7 (M-Z) and Grade 8
–In order to be successful, students must attend school every day.
Instruction at GMS is intense, and missing any day is a detriment to
a child’s academic progress.
–Students are counted present only when they are actually in school,
on homebound instruction, or are present at an activity authorized
by the school principal.
–The school year consists of 180 days. To receive credit, students
must attend at least 85 days of each 90-day semester course and at
least 170 days of each 180-day year course, as well as meet all
minimum requirements for each course.
–Accrued students absences may not exceed ten (10) days during the
school year. Any absence in excess of ten (10) may cause the student
to lose credit for the year. Because 170 days are the minimum
required by the state, the first ten (10) absences may be lawful,
unlawful, or a combination. All absences beginning with the
eleventh (11th) day must be lawful and will be excused if they fall
within the following guidelines:
Lawful Absences
– Personal illness of a child verified by a statement from a
  physician within two (2) days of the students' return to
  school. Absences for CHRONIC or EXTENDED illness
  will be approved only when verified by a physician's
  statement. (This includes doctor's appointments.)
– Serious illness or death of an immediate family member
  verified by a statement from the parent within two (2) days
  of the student's return to school.
– Absences for religious holidays when approved in
  advance. Requests must be made to the Principal in
– Absences for extreme hardships must be approved by the
  Principal. Such approval should be prearranged when
Unlawful Absences
– Any student absence, with or without the knowledge of
  the parent, which does not meet the conditions for a lawful
  absence, shall be counted as unlawful and will not be
  excused. When a student returns to school from being
  absent he/she should bring a note explaining why he/she
  was absent. The note should be signed by a
  parent/guardian and dated.
– Students should present parent excuses to the Attendance
  Clerk on the day they return to school. This should be
  done before the 8:30 a.m. bell.
2012-2013 School Supply List
Notebook Requirements for all
 – 2 inch 3 Ring Binder
 – 8 Dividers
 – 1 Pencil Pouch
 – 2 Plastic Sleeves
 – Pencils
 – Notebook Paper (year’s supply)
 – Pens with black or blue ink
2012-2013 School Supply List
Other Suggested Materials
 – 1 Box of Tissues
 – Colored Pencils
 – Black and White Composition Book
 – 1 Roll of Paper Towels
 – 1 Pack of Graph Paper
 – 12” Plastic ruler
 – Hand Sanitizer
 – Glue Stick
 – Erasers
 – Highlighters
 – Extra lead for mechanical pencils
 – Hole reinforces for notebook paper
 – Flash drive
*Individual teachers may require additional supplies.
– Textbooks are not issued to all students in all subject
  areas. Students are expected to care for textbooks as if they
  were their own. Books have to be used a minimum of 6
  PAID FOR. Students are asked to do the following to
  protect textbooks:
– Do not force books into lockers
– Do not leave books outside
– Do not loan books to classmates
– Do not drop books on the floor
– Write you name in your book as directed by teacher
– Some classes will not distribute individual books for
  students to take home.
– Some classes will distribute class sets of textbooks
– Some classes will distribute individual textbooks
  to students
– Ask your math teachers about accessing textbook
  online if you have that capability. This will allow
  your child to leave book at school and access the
  book for homework online.
– Most classes will not distribute individual
  textbooks for a week or so after school starts.
Book Bags

Students may use book bags to
 transport books to and from
 school. Book bags must be locked
 in the student's locker from 8:30
 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Rolling book
 bags are not permitted.
Daily Lunch Cost
Weekly Lunch Cost                  $10.50
Reduced Lunch Cost                 $.40
Weekly Reduced Lunch               $2.00

Daily Breakfast Cost               $1.00
Reduced Breakfast Cost             $.30
Extra Milk                         $.65

Accounts can be updated in the mornings before school
Last six numbers of Student ID is code for student lunch meal
plan. Bar code on Student ID can also be used
Three separate lunches with three unique lunch lines
No debt on account is allowed at middle school. After
warnings, students will be served an Alternate Meal. This
includes a debt from Elementary School.
– Alternate Meal consists of oatmeal and fruit juice for breakfast and
  sandwich and milk for lunch.
– At the beginning of the school year each student will be
  assigned a locker in the hallways and in their Physical
  Education class. Students will be responsible for the
  locker assigned to them.
– Since lockers are school property, the school retains the
  right to inspect lockers from time to time. A replacement
  fee of $5.00 must be paid for a damaged/lost P.E. lock.
– Teachers and/or administrators have the right to suspend
  the use of a locker if it is not properly used.
– Locker breaks are held at various times during the day.
  Students only have time to use their lockers before school,
  after school, and at locker breaks.
– Students need not worry about getting into lockers…6th
  grade teachers will instruct them on how to do it.
    Parent Communication
– Twitter
– Parent/Teacher/Administrator Conferences
– Teacher Web Sites
– Weekly Planner On Teacher Web Site
– Mid-Progress Reports Bi-Weekly
– Email
– Phone Messenger
– Parent Portal
– PTSO (Parent/Teacher/Student Organization)
– School Improvement Council
        For Week Ending:                   August 21st                             Please email me at
                                                                          if you have
        Period(s):     1, 2, 5                                                     any questions.

           Course:     Math 6

  Day                Essential Question                  Assignments                    Assessments              Homework
 Monday                 How do you         *Indicators p. 37, 38                            None            *Classroom Strategies
                     translate algebraic   * Week by Week Essentials                                            pg. 69-73 even
                        expressions?       * p. 15 Daily Intervention

 Tuesday              How would you        *Indicators p. 35, 36                     * Pg. 176 Hands-       * Classroom
                      identify patterns    * Week by Week Essentials                 On-Lab. Turn in at     Strategies pg. 67 & 68
                        when given         *Vocab- term, like terms, combining       end of class for       even
                       problems with       like terms, simplify, factor              daily grade.

Wednesday        How do you write a        *Indicators p. 39, 40                          Classroom            Study For Test!
                  problem given a          * Week by Week Essentials                  Strategies pg. 74 –
                 linear equation or        * p. 154 Hands-On-Lab review               76. Turn in at end
                    inequality?                                                          of class for a
                                                                                       “Minor” grade

Thursday                     N/A                     Test On Chapter 1                 Chapter 1 Test               None
                                                                                     given in class for a
                                                                                       “Major” grade

 Friday                 How do you            *Review Chapter 1 Test Answers         None                           None
                     translate and solve    * Complete corrections for Chapter 1
                          algebraic                         test.
                         equations?             * pg. 15 Daily Intervention
Parental Visits/Conferences
Parents and other members of the community are
always welcome at Greer Middle School. For the
security of all students and to avoid disturbing the
learning environment of students, visitors must
enter by way of the office and secure permission
and a visitor's pass before going to any other part of
the building. Parents and other visitors may observe
classes by making arrangements in advance with
the Principal. Conferences with teachers may be
arranged by making an appointment through the
office by calling to arrange a team conference.

Please contact the teacher directly if you would like
to have a conference.
              Teacher Web Sites
All teachers keep an up to date we page to keep parents
informed of happenings within the classroom as well as to
update assessment, homework, and project due dates.

You may access a teacher’s web site by going to Greer
Middle IB School’s main web page at

Click on Faculty and then Directory to locate a particular
teacher and their web site.

Mr. Rhymer’s Principal Message will also be updated every
month. Please take time to read this message as it many
times will include valuable information regarding the
progress and updates at GMS.
Greer Middle School’s goal is to have strong parental
involvement in school activities. The PTSA will have active
members and be involved in a number of events designed to
support our school (See PTSA calendar of events on the last
page of student handbook). Parents may obtain information
about the PTSA today, at Open House, or by contacting the

 School Improvement Council
The School Improvement Council is an organization
composed of teachers, parents, administrators and other
citizens elected and/or appointed by the Principal. These
council members work as a team to assist the
administration in determining present and future needs of
our schools. If you are interested in serving on SIC,
communicate with Mr. Rhymer immediately.
International Baccalaureate Program
   The International Baccalaureate Middle Years
 Program prepares students for an increasing global
   society through an emphasis on communication
  skills, learning styles, social awareness and self-
  reflection. By working together Greer Middle IB
 Teachers developed our MYP curriculum focusing
  on active learning, interdisciplinary connections,
   and intercultural awareness while continuing to
  meet South Carolina state standards. Our Middle
  Years Program is designed to prepare students to
 successfully meet the challenges they face both in
                  school and beyond.
International Baccalaureate Program
The Middle Years Programme (MYP) is a great way to grow
    and learn at Greer Middle International Baccalaureate
 You will find out more about yourself and how you learn
 You will study from a broad range of different subjects.
 You will learn to make connections between your subjects.
 You will make connections with the real world.
 You will be assessed using a wide range of methods, not
 just tests!
 You will grow into a global citizen – someone who cares
 more for the world around you.
 You will be prepared for a successful future in the world
 beyond school.
    IB Community Service Hours
Pick up a Community & Service Reflection Form from the
IB office, your teacher, or the GMS website.
Complete the required information and have the form
signed at the event.
Once the reflection form is completed turn it in to the IB
office. It can be faxed or emailed, as well. [See below.]
All forms are checked, recorded and the hard copy is filed
in the IB office.
A confirmation card is sent to the student via their
homeroom teacher.
At the end of the 1st and 2nd semester a letter is attached to
the student's report card reporting their community and
service hours earned while at Greer Middle IB School.
                    6th Grade – 10 hours
                    7th Grade – 15 hours
                    8th Grade – 25 hours
    IB Ambassadors
Applications will be accepted
once school begins
Applications will be screened
and interviews will be set up
Selected Ambassadors will
participate in training
throughout the school year.
   Related Arts Classes
Very important to be successful in Related
Arts classes.
19 Different Related Arts classes this year.
Related Arts is an opportunity to be
exposed to practices that students would
possibly never be exposed to.
Some students will not receive their top
choices for Related Arts due to classes
becoming full.
Class Schedules Related Arts
Art                   PE
Music (8th only)      Strings (Year)
Band (Year)           Keyboarding
Gateway To
Technology            Spanish
Math and ELA          Spanish I (Year)
Academic Assistance   Chorus (8th Only)
Athletic Research
French                Resource
French I              Newspaper (Year)
     Class Schedules
      Related Arts
Not all students received their top choices
for Related Arts classes because of demand
Related Arts are an opportunity for
students to be exposed to new things
If any student wants a Related Arts class
change, a parent letter needs to be sent to
Mr. Rhymer
– More than likely, the change will not be
  possible due to class size. But Mr. Rhymer
  will look at each individual case and make a
     Class Schedules
You will pick up your schedules
Please take the time to visit your
     Class Schedules
No class changes will be made tonight
or before the first day of school.
– Only exception is if a student does not have
  appropriate number of classes (4 academic and
  2 related arts)
No Related Arts class change requests will
be considered unless there are too many
students enrolled in a RA class.
Any request for change can be made after
the first day in writing to Mr. Rhymer
Important Dates
 –First day of school is August
    Students should bring
    schedule the first day of
 –PTSA Open House is September
  20th at 5:30 p.m.
    Tables And Representatives
Spirit Shop
Parent Volunteers Sign Up
Miss GMS
After School Program
Greer Christian Learning Center Release Time
PE Uniforms
Career Development Facilitator-Parent Volunteers
Transportation (Busses)
School Lunch
Last Names A-L
–Media Center
Last Names M-Z
If you do not have a
schedule in locations above,
you may proceed to the

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