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									Doc P
Child Liaison, Fort Worth Chapter
Child Liaison, BACA Texas
Bikers Against Child Abuse

      The Organization
                                  Bikers Against Child Abuse
                                                        B.A.C.A. International

                              International Executive
                                                         International Board: STAFF    State Representatives
                                Board: OFFICERS
                                                                NON-VOTING                    VOTING

            State Executive           State Executive         State Executive         State Executive          State Executive
                 Board                     Board                   Board                   Board                    Board

Chapter Executive
                     US: 128 Chapters, 35 States
  State Staff:
 NON-VOTING          Australia: 9 Chapters, 7 States
                     Italy: 2 Chapters
                     Netherlands: 3 Chapters
                   Typical B.A.C.A. Chapter Structure

                                                                                Chapter Executive Board
                                                                                Elected by Patched Members
Vice President        Treasurer               Secretary     Security Officer

                                                             Road Teams        Chapter Operations Staff
 Membership          Merchandise
                                        Event Coordinator   Road Captains
 Coordinator         Coordinator                                               Appointed by Executive Board
                                                            Road Guards

Child Liaison(s)   Court Liaison(s)      Clinical Advisor
                                                                               Chapter Child Relations Staff
                                                                               Appointed by Executive Board

                   Patched Members
                                                                               Chapter Membership
Representatives                            Members                             Must comply w/all BACA standards and rules
Bikers Against
Child Abuse

  Chapter          -   Location

State of Texas     -   Austin

         Austin    -   Pflugerville
 Brazos Valley     -   Brenham
 Buffalo Creek     -   Waxahachie
 Caddo Creek       -   Quinlan
Cross Timbers      -   Weatherford
         Dallas    -   Plano
      Five Hills   -   Copperas Cove
    Fort Worth     -   Arlington
    Gulf Coast     -   Santa Fe
   Hill Country    -   Frederickburg
       Houston     -   Baytown
    Lost Pines     -   Smithville
       Lubbock     -   Lubbock
  Padre Island         Corpus Christi
Permian Basin      -   Odessa
Rolling Plains     -   Sweetwater
   Sam Bass        -   Georgetown
 San Antonio       -   San Antonio
     Sherman           Sherman
        Waco           Waco
   Texarkana       -   Texarkana
 Wichita Falls         Wichita Falls
                   -   Longview
Bikers Against Child Abuse

 Where does BACA come from?
• All walks of life
• Some members were abused as children
• Some members joined after their child was
• The MC world
  – Rider Groups (HOG, Star, Honda)
  – Service Organizations (Patriot Guards)
  – Motorcycle Ministries, BACA
  – Motorcycle Clubs
          What is a “Patch”?

A “Patch” is a man or woman who is a BACA member in good standing
who has met, and continues to meet all requirements for membership,
and who continues to demonstrate the ability to be a primary contact for
a BACA child.
                            A “Patch”
• Fingerprints & National Crime Information Center Check
   – Domestic violence
   – Sex crimes
   – Crimes against children

• Ride with the chapter for one year (must have a
  motorcycle or regular access to ride)
• Supervised by a “patch”
• 80% attendance
• Completed all training requirements
   – Interacting with kids
   – Attending “initals”, “adoptions” AND court
   – Child abuse training by a clinical advisor

• Agrees to abide by the mission statement and code of
  conduct at all times
                    A “Patch”
• The patch identifies a BACA member in good standing
  anywhere in the world to the child!
• The patch does not belong to the member, it belongs to
• No representation of BACA affiliation on social media is
• You can’t be a BACA patch and a member of a
  motorcycle club.
• You can be a BACA supporter if you pass the
  background check
           How BACA Works
•   We are not Big Brothers and Big Sisters, we
    are BACA brothers and sisters
•   “Our mission is not to be permanently engaged
    as the child’s power. Our mission is to help the
    children and their families learn how powerful
    they can be. Our presence will be available as
    long as the child needs us.”
          What B.A.C.A. Isn’t
We are not vigilantes
  – We do not hunt down, threaten or contact the
    accused in any manner
We are not a motorcycle gang, or a club
  – We wear a back patch for recognition by the children
We are not short term
  – Our involvement with a child lasts as long as the child
    needs the kind of support our organization offers.
We are not a fund raising agency
  – We only raise enough funds to meet our kids needs

         What we don’t do
• Learn the details of the criminal case
• Offer in any way to punish or intimidate the
• Interfere with the legal system
• Offer financial support except for very
  unique circumstances
• Kidnap/rescue children from their families
• Reveal the identities of BACA kids &
Bikers Against Child Abuse

     How Are Children Hurt?
• 58.4% of confirmed cases (Antipathy,
  Neglect, Psychological Abuse)
• 21.3% of confirmed cases (Physical
• 11.3% of confirmed cases (Sexual Abuse)
• 35,000-50,000/year cases confirmed in TX
          How Sex Abuse Occurs
Motivation—the perp accepts being aroused by children
    May have been a victim of child sex abuse
    May not have alternative sources of gratification
    May not want alternative sources of gratification
    Poor heterosexual competence

Internal Inhibitions—overcome normal internal inhibitions

External Inhibitions—isolates the child from protection of other caregivers

Child’s Resistance–skilled manipulation of emotionally immature children
     Direct or implicit coercion
     Attention
     Alcohol or drugs
   Behavioral Characteristics of Abused Children
1. Ability to choose or to speak out is ripped away!

2. Feel totally worthless (don’t count); isolated: different from their

3. Pessimistic expectations for the future, including a foreshortened
   life span.

4. Younger children withdraw and may become mute

5. Adolescents act out, through truancy, sexual behavior, substance
   abuse, self injury, or delinquency.

6. 18% are considered at high risk for suicide

    The children absolutely believe that the perpetrator will sneak
    into the house at night and kill them.
         Sexual Abuse In Childhood
1. Spying while a child undresses in a private setting (bathroom)
2. Having a child pose, undress, or perform in a sexual manner
3. Purposely showing adult sex activity, pornographic movies or
4. Taking sexual photographs of the child
5. Child pornography or prostitution for financial gain
6. Sexually touching or fondling the child
7. Oral-genital, genital-genital, and ano-genital contact
8. Penetration of the vagina or anus with objects or fingers
9. Forced or unforced intercourse
     Child Abuse (all)                         Sexual Abuse
Relationship to Child                   Relationship to Child*
•   Parents (75%)                       • Intrafamilial
•   Other relatives (7%)                   – 50% for girl victims
•   Unmarried partner (4%)                 – 20% for boy victims
•   Others (e.g., baby sitter)          • Trusted acquaintances outside
                                          the home (50%)
                                        • 25-60% by juveniles
Sex of Perpetrators                     Sex of Perpetrators
• Female (58%)                          • Female (10%)
• Male (42%)                            • Male (90%)

      *Higher rates of very serious/serious abuse by acquaintances than by
      intrafamilial perpetrators.
                 Respect the Child

• A well meaning touch can inadvertently violate a child’s
• Avoid frontal contact when possible
• Don’t ask for hugs
• Don’t ask to give hugs
• When you greet the child, get on their level
• Remove your sunglasses
               Be Wary of the Families
            and Respectful of their Trauma
•       Remember our mission is to empower the children, not
        to rescue them.
•       Maintain very strict boundaries with the families and
        the children
    –     Enforce the 2 patch rule for child contacts
    –     Make incidental contacts short and formal (Walmart)
    –     Copy each other on all emails
    –     Record each contact
•       Every aspect of the story may not be accurate
•       Single mothers tend to exhibit more dependence and
        drama, histrionics and emotionally needy behavior
•       As many as 85% of the mothers of victims are
        untreated abuse victims themselves
• Don’t become a witness
• Don’t become an investigator
• Don’t become a councilor
• Don’t become a confidant
• Don’t allow others to fall into any of these
• Enforce the two patch rule at all times
      Other things members are taught about
        The Management of Child Abuse*
•        Professional training for an often difficult diagnosis
•        Be careful in custody disputes
•        Mandated for professionals
•        Only need the suspicion to report
•        Hot line allows anonymous reporting by anyone
•        The intake process can take months (collecting evidence)
•        Texas Department of Family and Protective Services—TX Family Code: Responsible for
         abuse in home or child care settings
•        Law Enforcement—Criminal Code: Responsible for abuse outside the home
•        CPS can remove the child or the perpetrator from the home
•        Most removed children are placed with family or close acquaintances
•        Therapy
•        Can take years
•        Younger children have poor language skills (2-5 years) and cannot make good cases in most
•        Unless a felony level of neglect is discovered, CPS does not keep the case open
•        Grand Juries often let teens off with treatment

    *Leave this to the professionals & see that your kids stick with the system.
Bikers Against Child Abuse

        What We Do
          BACA Referrals
• Families, law enforcement, child
  advocates/agencies can all contact BACA
• The representative contacts BACA, or refers the
• The BACA Child Liaison verifies that the
  authorities have been contacted, and there is a
• The Liaison contacts the family and arranges an
  “Initial” interview.
                      The Initial Interview
• A small group of riders (4-6 bikes)
   –   2 patches (minimum)
   –   At least 1 officer
   –   Child liaison & probable primary member
   –   Prospective member(s)
• Interview
   –   Do not recruit the child or family!
   –   Confirm that this is an abuse case (not details)
   –   Explain BACA
   –   Learn about the child’s personality, fears, heroes, likes & dislikes
   –   Leave the child with the choice to become a BACA kid, and to choose when &
• Plan next steps
   –   Choose a “Road Name” for the BACA child
   –   Adoption (“Level 1”)
   –   Court appearances
   –   Other support that may be necessary
                      Level 1 Intervention
                        “The Adoption”
• Schedule a ride
   –   2 weeks out unless there’s an emergency need
   –   Post to secure internet (protect identity)
   –   Obtain leather vest with child’s road name
   –   Stay in touch with the family & agencies
• Recruit as many riders as possible
   – Attended by many chapters
   – More bikes is better
• Meeting prior to the ride
   –   Screen for background checks
   –   Instructions on dealing with the child
   –   Ride briefing
   –   Assignments
Coming to a neighborhood near you!
                    The Adoption Ceremony
• The ride in
   – 25-50 motorcycles in parade-like formation
   – Ride to the location and park in approved spots
   – Secure the ceremony from onlookers & passers by
• Ceremony
   –   Introduce the child by road name
   –   Reading of a certificate of adoption of BACA by the child
   –   Introducing all the chapters
   –   Filling the animals with love
   –   Pillow case, blanket
   –   Meeting the child
   –   BACA shoes
• Child Ride (Parents & CPS staff are welcome)
   –   Suitable safety equipment
   –   Have to reach the pegs
   –   Bikers vie for the ride
   –   Circle through the neighborhood from one to several times
• Mischief
   – Bubbles
   – Water fights
•       In Fort Worth we expect everyone to experience court before
        being patched
•       All activities coordinated by the chapter court liaison
•       Pretend your case is next on the docket
•       Seek permission to wear colors (check with the prosecutor)
•       Don’t
    –      Play with the child so that the child is unable settle down to testify
    –      Stare at anyone in the court in an intimidating manner
    –      Whisper or talk
    –      Make faces or gestures that encourage the child in any way
    –      Cough, groan, make disapproving sounds or faces
•       Being kicked out could jeopardize BACA’s chances in any other
        case or jurisdiction
•       Respect the rules of the court and help the child
        What Does BACA do After Court ?
   – Whatever the outcome, its over and time to move forward
Maintain contact with the child
   – For as long as the child needs the assurance and support of BACA
   – Invite to BACA kid Events
   – Celebrate future milestones in the child’s life – birthday’s, graduations,
     marriages, etc..
   – How long ? As long as the child wants…

          Note: We have been reconnecting with some older kids
          as the perpetrators become eligible for parole.

Bikers Against Child Abuse

     How does it work?
      Court: BACA TX 2010
• 224 Children Formally Engaged in BACA
• 82 Court Appearances
  – 59 Guilty (32 pleas)
  – 8 Life, 3 Life w/o Parole
  – Average Sentence 32 Years
  – 17 Probation (Average Sentence 11 Years)
• 6 Not Guilty
          Two Unusual Cases
1. “JZ”
  14 year old female
  Abducted and trafficked on Craig’s List
  Gang related
2. “Short Term”
  20 year old female
  2 sisters forced into sex for over 10 years
  Biologic father
                        How BACA Works

       Why Bikes & Bikers?

The child is impacted by
• The sound & sight of the bikes
• The control over the bikers
• The feelings of safety and comfort
• The softness of the teddy bear
• The comfort of the blanket
     One professional counselor observed that the
      involvement with BACA, “is worth 2 years of counselling”,
     to raise the child’s resolve [to testify].
                               How BACA Works

        Returning Control to the Child
    Members are trained to offer a model of men and women
    who can be tough if needed and can also show that they care.
•     Allow the child to control the space
•     Ask the child’s permission
•     Don’t take it personally if a child says NO
•     Reinforce that it is a good thing for them to say NO.
•     Hug the Teddy Bear

•        Two patch rule!
•        If you tell the child you will be there—SHOW UP!
•        Don’t ever lie to a child.
•        Wear your patch everywhere you go on your bike.
•        If at all possible, always ride your bike to visit your BACA kids
•        If you find yourself in a situation where the child only feels comfortable
         talking about the abuse with you, redirect them.
•        They need to talk to a therapist about these things not to you!
                           How BACA Works

              Maintaining a Presence
• The child is in control of BACA
• We are there when the children need us
   – Primary Contacts
   – Visits
   – Kid events
• We go to court with the children
• We share our strength with the children
• We will not go away:
   – Children can contact us anytime
   – Once a B.A.C.A. child, always a B.A.C.A. child until the child
     decides otherwise
                   How BACA Can Help
  Clinical Findings Related to Abuse               Treatment Goal*

Severe (pathological) abuse of power   Appropriate use of power*

Fear of authority                      Reconciliation with authority*
Social isolation                       Affiliation/involvement*
Denial/minimized sensitivity           Acceptance/heightened sensitivity
Lack of empathy of others              Empathy
Inadequate controls & limit setting    Adequate controls*
Blurred boundaries                     Appropriate boundaries*
Reversal of some parent/child roles    Appropriate parent and child roles
Emotional deprivation & neediness      Acceptable needs
Magical expectations                   Realistic expectations
                Other Activities
• For the kids (Quarterly EVENT)
   –   Easter Party
   –   Annual Statewide Campout
   –   Back To School Event
   –   Halloween Party
   –   Christmas Party
• For the public
   – Child abuse awareness events
   – Fund raisers (2-3/year)
• For members
   – National, State and Local Chapter Meetings
   – 100 Mile Ride
   – The Kids!

BACA Christmas 2010
BACA Easter 2011
BACA Back To School 2011
If you’re a BACA kid, you know the wearer of
this patch will keep you safe!

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