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									                 Trinity Lutheran Church
                                      106 W. Penn Street, Bedford, PA 15522
                              Office Hours: Monday-Friday; 9:00 am-5:00 pm
                               phone: (814) 623-8813 Fax: (814) 623-1361

                               November 1, 2009
                             (+ = Times of Corporate Worship)

                                This Week...
Sunday (1)       + The Feast of All Saints - Eucharists: 8:30 & 11:00 am
                   Sunday School w/ Children & Youth: 9:45 am
                   Adult Forum: 9:45 am ~ The Book of Faith/Growing Disciples
                   Dutch Corner Concert Choir “Ach! Bach! 9”: 2:00 pm
                   Chicken Parmesan Youth Benefit Dinner: 5:30-7:00 pm
Monday (2)         Special Council Meeting (Church Development Surveys): 6:30-9:00 pm
Tuesday (3)      + Matins & Bible Study: 10:00 am
                   Faith & Fun Club: 3:15 pm
                   Free Community Dinner: (Presbyterians) Serving from 5:30 – 6:30 pm
                   Free Community Dinner Planners & Servers Discussion: 7:00 pm
Wednesday (4)      Bell Choir Rehearsal: 6:00 pm
                 + Vespers: 7:00 pm
                   Christmas Cantata Choir Rehearsal ~ 7:30 pm
                   Anthem Choir Rehearsal: 8:10 pm

                                      Next Week…

Sunday (8)       + Pentecost 23 - Eucharists: 8:30 & 11:00 am
                   Sunday School w/ Children & Youth: 9:45 am
                   Adult Forum: 9:45 am: The Book of Faith/Growing Disciples
                 + Abbreviated Eucharist: 12:30 pm
Tuesday (10)     + Matins & Bible Study: 10:00 am
                   Faith & Fun Club: 3:15 pm
                   Free Community Dinner: Serving from 5:30 – 6:30 pm
                   Theology On Tap: 6:00 pm
Wednesday (11)     Bell Choir Rehearsal: 6:00 pm
                 + Vespers: 7:00 pm
                   Christmas Cantata Choir Rehearsal: 7:30 pm
                   Anthem Choir Rehearsal: 8:10 pm
Thursday (12)      Special Finance Ministry Team Meeting: 6:00 pm
Friday (13)        Adult Nite Out: 6:30 pm ` Union Hotel
                                     Please Join Us for Fellowship & Refreshments
                                                     in Trinity Hall !
                                                       ~ 9:30 am ~
                                        Thank you to today’s hosts: Rosie Leppert
                                 If you enjoy sharing in this weekly fellowship time,
                                           please take your turn as a host!

                ~ Growing Years Child Day Care Ministry at Trinity ~
                  Administered by Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries
                       Monday through Friday, 6:30 am-5:30 pm
              For More Information & Registration Details call 623-2096

... And A Blessed “All Saints Day” to You !!!
     This morning, November 1, the Church celebrates the Feast of All Saints, giving
     thanks to God for the witness of brothers and sisters who have gone before us in the
     Faith - whose lives have revealed to the world the Grace and Presence of God.
     Their faith drove them to perform works of charity, compassion, and self-denial as
     they followed the Lord from life, to death, to life. May their witness inspire us to serve
     and follow in the same Holy Way.

A Special Welcome to Seminarian Tormod Svensson !
   Through our partnership in the Gospel with the Lutheran Theological Seminary at
   Gettysburg, Trinity is blessed to welcome Seminarian Tormod Svensson into our life
   and ministry. “Vicar Svensson” is a 2nd year student at the Seminary and will be with
   us on Sunday mornings at worship and connecting with our Middle School and Sr
   High Youth Sunday School Classes and, on Mondays, participating in the visitation
   ministry of the parish.

A brief personal bio prepared by Vicar Svensson...
   I was born and raised in Norway, and as such grew up Lutheran, and have lived in the
   US since 1986. I came over to go to flight school to become a commercial pilot. I do have
   a pilot license, but never did fly commercially, since the airline industry took a nosedive in
   the late 80s. I decided to go back to my old trade which was plumbing and heating, and I
   have had my own plumbing and heating business for about 17 years. I live in
   Cumberland with my wife Vicki, Brandon (15), and Daniel (5). I have been a member of
   Christ Lutheran Church, LaVale for about 13 years, and been very active in that
   congregation; serving on council, leading Bible study groups, co-teaching confirmation
   class, lector, occasional preaching, organizing disaster response work teams among
   other things. I started to sense a call to ordained ministry a few years ago, and was
   accepted into the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. I am pursuing an M.DIV
   degree and ordained ministry in the ELCA. I am a second year student, anticipating to
   complete an internship, starting next summer. I did successfully complete “Clinical
   Pastoral Education” at Western Maryland Health System this summer, and I also
   continue to serve there as a volunteer Chaplain. I have a positive entrance decision from
   the Delaware-Maryland Synod of the ELCA. I am looking forward to getting to know the
   congregation of Trinity Lutheran, as well as to be of service to you in any way I can.
                                               In Christ!
                                               Tormod Svennson

Dutch Corner Concert Choir to Sing at Trinity
Sunday, November 1; 2:00 pm “Ach! Bach! (Neun)”
  Parishioner and friends of the community are invited to attend this concert which will
  feature Choral and Organ Works of J.S. Bach, the 18th century Baroque Master. A free
  will offering will be received and a lite post-concert reception will be shared.

Youth’s Chicken Parmesan Benefit Dinner
Sunday, November 1, 5:30 – 7:00 pm
  Thanks to everyone who supported our Youth Ministries by purchasing a ticket to the
  Fall’s Chicken Parmesan Benefit Dinner. Proceeds will be used to support our youth’s
  participation in the next ELCA Tri-Annual Youth Gathering. The youth and their families
  appreciate your support and look forward to serving a great dinner!

Free Community Dinner Notes...
Every Tuesday ~ Serving from 5:30-6:30 pm
... Ministering to the needs of the “un-employed” and the “under-employed” in our
    community, Trinity is working with other local churches to provide a “Free Community
    Dinner” to those who would appreciate the support. Dinner is served, every Tuesday, at
... Thanks to Betsy Littlefield for her coordinating efforts this past week, and to everyone
    who pitched in to prep and serve the meal. This coming Tuesday (11/2), the
    Presbyterian Church will be serving the meal.
... Tuesday, November 2; 7:00 pm – Coordinators and servers from all 6 participating
    churches will gather in Trinity Hall to review our first 2 months of this ministry and set
    some directions for the months ahead. Join us if you are interested in participating.

You’ll surely want to Reserve the Date... ~ 2009’s “Trinity Family Festival”
Sunday, December 20 ~ with an all-parish Turkey Dinner!
   The Adult & All Parish Ministry Team has recently announced plans for this year’s 41st
   Annual Family Festival... We’re planning to be blessed in the afternoon by our
   Children’s Pageant, 2 Youth Plays, and this year’s Cantata “From Darkness into Light”.
   AND – we’re planning to serve a full “Holiday Dinner” (turkey with all the sides).
   “Thanks” to LaDonna Snyder who will be serving as the meal coordinator. So – mark
   the date now and watch the sign-up sheets to see how you can register to prepare
   foods, serve, and/or attend.

                          Worship & Music Ministries
Matins ~ Morning Prayer...
Tuesday Mornings – 10:00 am
  The Office of Morning Prayer is a simple liturgy of readings, prayers, and canticles which
  invites us to give thanks to God in the morning hours as our day begins. Please join us,
  in Trinity Hall, and, if you can, stay for our weekly Bible Study which follows the liturgy.

Vespers ~ Evening Prayer...
Wednesday Evenings; 7:00 pm
  The Office of Evening Prayer has been a time of worship, traditionally sung as the sun
  was setting, since the 5th century. The brief liturgy is contemplative and marked by
  candlelight, melodic canticles (songs from the scriptures), prayers, and readings. For
  parishioners and friends seeking a time of serene and reflective corporate worship, this
  liturgy is renewing and fulfilling. Please invite a friend and join us.

Christmas Cantata Choir Rehearsals ~ Please Join Us!
  Meet some new friends and join your voice in this special “Christmas Choir”, which will
  sing “From Darkness Into Light”, an original composition by Terry Osman. We’ll sing the
  Cantata as part of the congregation’s Christmas Festival the Sunday afternoon before
  Christmas (December 20) and at worship the Sunday after Christmas (December 27).
  We’ll have weekly rehearsals, on Wednesday evenings, at 7:30 pm. See Terry or any of
  the musicians with any questions.

Abbreviated Eucharist...
Upcoming Gatherings: Sundays, November 8 & 29; 12:30 pm
  These liturgies are celebrated in Trinity Hall and are kept to about 20-25 minutes. For
  those who find it difficult to get going in the morning or just can’t sit so long, this is the
  perfect opportunity to be a part of corporate worship around Word & Sacrament.

     Children & Youth Learning & Fellowship Ministries
                         ... Sunday Morning Sunday School ...
                                  Every week, at 9:45 am...
... Preschool Children (mainly 3 & 4 year olds) gathers weekly for Bible Stories, Crafts,
    Songs, Socialization, and Activities.
... Elementary Grade Children (K-2 & 3-5) are participating in “God Cares for Us, so We
    Care for Others”, a special year of learning and service events. We’re exploring Bible
    Stories and engaging in visits among our local homebound neighbors, and taking time
    (before Christmas & Easter) to prepare special Pageants to share with the Congregation!
... Middle School & Sr High Youth are gathering for lessons and discussions on Biblical
    Stories, Themes, and Images, including the ELCA Youth Gathering’s “Change for
    Change” World Hunger project.
Faith & Fun Club
Tuesdays; 3:15-4:30 pm
    Faith and Fun is our after-school fellowship and learning ministry with children in grades
    K-5. Charter Bus Transportation is provided from the Bedford Elementary School. Adult
    and youth helpers have a great time with the kids! Pre-Registration forms are available
    in Trinity Hall as are the special release forms which are required by the school...

Christmas Play Rehearsals......
Children in grades K-5
     Beginning this Sunday, November 1st, we are taking time to prepare a special Christmas
     Pageant to share with the congregation. We will be meeting weekly (during the Sunday
     School Hour: 9:45-10:45 am) in the Elementary Sunday School Classroom.
Youth in grades 6-8 and 9-12
   If you are planning to participate in the upcoming Christmas Play, please sign up in
   Trinity Hall. Rehearsals begin Sunday, November 8, 2:00-3:30 pm, in Trinity Hall.
                          See Jill Aaronson with any questions.

Middle School & Sr High Youth (and families)...
Plans have changed ~ Please take Note !!!
Pittsburgh Youth Quake & Youth ZOne ~ Friday-Sunday, January 29-31, 2010
     Our Middle School Youth will NOT be going to Baltimore in early January for the annual
     Youth Encounter “Youth Quake” weekend... Instead, we will be attending the Pittsburgh
     Quake which is scheduled for Friday-Sunday, January 29-31 (2010). Same great
     schedule, bands, music, treks, and speakers – just a different location!!! And – this
     same weekend, the Sr High Youth Zone will be held in Pittsburgh, making our
     transportation much simpler.
... The Middle School and Sr High Youth will have some modest over-lap at the event, but
     the treks and the break-out groups will be kept separated for age-appropriate
     conversations and interests.
... So – whether you’re in Middle School or Senior High Grades – mark the calendar and
     plan to join us for a great weekend!
     Great Bands, Great Speakers, and A Great Time!
     Regular Registration (includes event, hotel, meals, transportation): $189.00 (10/19-
        11/8) ~ subtract $50.00 if you worked at the Fall Foliage Lunch Fundraiser.
     See Jill with any questions or if finances are an issue.
     Please make checks payable to “Trinity Lutheran Church”.

                          Adult Learning Ministries

Adult Forum ~ Sunday Morning Studies...
“Book of Faith “ & “Growing Disciples” ~ Sundays Mornings, 9:45 am
   We’re beginning this year’s “Adult Forum” series with “Growing Disciples”, a Bible Study
   from the ELCA’s Book of Faith Initiative, which encourages us to grow and mature in our
   lives as followers of Jesus. We’ll talk about what it means to be a Follower, a Learner, a
   Minister, a Living Example, a Witness, and a Leader. These presentations and
   discussions, led by Pr Short, will continue through early December. Please join us, in
   Trinity Hall.

Adult Mid-Week Bible Studies...
Tuesday, 10:00 am
... Bible Study is one of the most basic and traditional of Christian Disciplines, and is the
    mark of a devout, alive, and maturing Faith... Gathering enables us to read, explore, and
    reflect on the Scriptures together with fellow Christians. Bible Study is a time-tested way
    to a deeper and abiding Faith...
... This fall, our weekday Bible Study (which we begin with Morning Prayer/ Matins), is
    exploring the readings of the Sunday Lectionary from the previous Sunday, to more fully
    appreciate the texts, their images, and their implications for Christian Faith & Living.
    Bring along a Bible, invite a friend, and plan to join us!
... Please see Pr Short for more information.

                    Trinity Book Club
                    Next Gathering ~ Tuesday, November 3; 1:30 pm, at Hebrewsl
                        Trinity Book Club, coordinated by Pat Macchiarolo, is enjoying
                        their monthly gatherings and reflections. We’re reading books
                        which lend themselves to faith-nurturing discussions. We’ll be
                        discussing “Water for Elephants at the November gathering.

... Some parishioners have expressed interest in having an evening book club in addition to
    the afternoon gathering. If you are interested, please sign up in Trinity Hall or call the
    church office.

               Adult Fellowship & Service Ministries
Theology on Tap ~ Young Adult (Singles and Couples) Fellowship
Tuesday, November 10; 6:00 pm
   Post-High School/ College parishioners, singles and couples, are invited to gather for
   eats, conversation, and theological discussion at the Bedford Tavern on Pitt Street,
   across from Mt Valley Apartments. As this day (Nov. 10) is M. Luther’s Birthday (he
   would be 526 years old today) we’ll have a little cake in his honor! Discussion Topic:
   “Inspiration and Inspirers”. Be sure to invite friends and co-workers. Our November and
   December gatherings (2nd Tuesdays) will be held at the Bedford Tavern... Pr Short and
   Barb will host our January, 2010 gathering at their home.

Adult Nite Out
Friday, November 13; 6:30 pm
... Singles and Couples ~ We’re heading to the recently opened “Union Hotel” on Main
    Street for dinner, where we’ve reserved “The Red Room”... Following dinner, those who
    choose may migrate to the Bullhead Tavern. A sign up sheet is in Trinity Hall.
... Thanks, again, to Tony & Janelle Lowe for hosting last month’s benefit dinner!

Diners & Travelers
Tuesday, November 17; Noon
   We’ll be gathering in the Church Social Room for lunch together on our typical “3rd
   Tuesday at noon” schedule. Pass the word to friends, plan to join us, and watch for sign
   up details in Trinity Hall.

Women of Trinity
Tuesday, November 17; 7:00 pm
   All women of the parish and friends are invited to join us for our annual “Pig-In–A-Poke”
   Auction and fellowship evening. Bring along an item, wrapped or concealed in “a poke”
   to share, and prepare to bid on items in the hope of some nice surprise... Proceeds from
   the auction will be used to purchase a P.A. system for the social room.

     Church Council, Committees, and Ministry Teams
2009 Church Council... “Thanks!” to the parishioners who are sharing their time and giving
leadership to our ministries this year as Council Members and Committee & Ministry Team
Coordinators! Please join and support them in their efforts!
... Officers: Rick Smith (President), Bill Higgins (Vice-President/Personnel), Marlene
    Claycomb (Secretary), and Barb Debski (treasurer).
... Ministry Team Coordinators: Barb Debski & Jim McElroy (Finance & Stewardship),
    Barbara Dikum & Beth Hullihen (Children & youth Ministries), Lisa Hagenbuch (Adult &
    All Parish Ministries), Ron Scott (Evangelism), Erick Seager (Worship), Michelle Toth
    (Social Ministries), and Chris Turner (Property Ministries).
Upcoming Ministry Team Meetings:
   Special Council Meeting for Reviewing NCD Surveys ~ Monday, November 2; 6:30 pm
   Special Finance Ministry Team Meeting ~ Thursday, November 12; 6:00 pm

Council’s Special Meeting to Review the Natural Church Development Survey Results
Monday, November 2; 6:30-9:00 pm
  “Natural Church Development” is a means to explore a congregation’s ministries in light
  of 8 “Quality Characteristics” that are universally present in effective and healthy
  congregations: “Empowering Leadership”, “Gift-Based Ministry”, “Passionate
  Spirituality”, “Effective Structures”, “Inspiring Worship”, “Holistic Small Groups”, “Need-
  Oriented Evangelism”, and “Loving Relationships”. 30 parishioners completed surveys
  toward the end of the summer from which our results were compiled. Our Church
  Council and committees and ministry teams will use this information to mold and direct
  our ministries in the days ahead.

                    Stewardship & Outreach Notes...
                ~ Opportunities to Share Our Time, Talents, and Treasures ~

Bedford Food Outreach ~ Distribution Day: Friday, November 20; 9:30-11:30 am
Current Special Food Request: Boxed Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce
... A collection area is in the Narthex, just inside the front Penn Street Door, to receive your
    gifts in support of our neighbors.
... The upcoming distribution will be held at the Bedford Church of the Brethren, along
    Donahoe Manor Road.
... Contact Dan Kerr (623-6384) to learn how you can get involved.

Winter Clothing Ministry for Local Children ~
... “Winter Clothing Ministry” is an out-reach ministry of Trinity’s Social Ministry Team. Our
    offerings will be used to provide clothing for school-aged children of the community. The
    staff of our local schools will identify children and youth who come to school, day after
    day, without warm and comfortable clothing. The offerings which we share will
    supplement the proceeds from the recent Fall Foliage Breakfast, a portion of the youth’s
    Hot Dog Booth profits, and the Care in Communities grant from Thrivent Financial for
    Lutherans, and will be used to purchase clothing.
... Please share your offerings with this Ministry by using a special envelope. Indicate
    “Winter Clothing Ministry” on the memo line. (Please make check’s payable to “Trinity
    Lutheran Church”.) Contact the Church Office with any questions.
... “Shoppers”... Please contact Mary Ann Martz (or sign the sheet in Trinity Hall) if you
    would like to participate in this ministry by serving as a “shopper”. Mary Ann has names,
    sizes, special needs and preferences for about 30 local children, and can answer your
    questions about this work.

May We Please Have Your Labels & Box-Tops (with the UPC symbol) ?
        If you see either of these logos on products you buy – from cereals to
        Campbell’s Soups and many others, please save the box top or label
        (bearing the logo) AND the Campbell soup UPC Code! We’re
        gathering them to provide educational resources for the children of the Navajo
        Lutheran Mission in Rock Point, Arizona. A collection box is in Trinity Hall.

                                   Other Notes...
THANKS!... to Dan & Lois Boyer for hosting last Sunday’s annual parish hayride... The
  weather was great and the fellowship was fun. Thanks, again!

Parishioners and Family Members Serving in the Armed Forces....
   The Social Ministry Committee invites families to share photos of friends and loved ones
   who are currently serving in the military, as well as current mailing information which we
   can use to send greetings. Please forward these materials to the Church Office asap.

Addresses for Daughters & Sons who are away from home...
  Please contact the Church Office (via e-mail or phone) and share with us the addresses of
  your sons/daughters who are away from home for college. We would like to have USPS
  addresses, email addresses, and cell/other phone numbers on record. In the office.

Hosts for Sunday Morning Fellowship Time
  Fellowship Time Hosts are invited to bring refreshments to share
  with fellow parishioners following the 8:30 liturgy each Sunday.
  How about serving as a host, on a special day – like a birthday or
  anniversary for a family member or friend ??? We’ll be sure to note
  the host and the special occasion in the bulletin.

Sponsors for Flowers, Missions, Sanctuary Lamp and Bulletins...
  Sponsoring the Weekly Flowers, Missionary, Bulletins or Sanctuary Lamp is a fitting way
  to remember a loved one, a dear friend, or a special occasion. Sponsorships are noted in
  the Sunday Bulletin. Sign up sheets are located on the table in the rear of Trinity Hall.
  Requested donations... Chancel Flowers: $30.00/per vase (sponsor one or two vases);
  ELCA Missionaries to Madagascar (Pr Andrew & Barb Hinderlie): $20.00; Sunday
  Bulletins: $15.00; Sanctuary Lamp: $5.00.

                    Trinity’s Transportation Ministry Team provides rides to the 11:00 am
                    liturgy every Sunday. A team of 6 “drivers” takes turns and will gladly
                    provide round-trip service from any of the local senior living communities or
                    homes in the Bedford community. Please call the Church Office (623-
                    8813) by Thursday afternoon if you would like to be included on the
                    weekend’s route.
... If you would like to share in this ministry as a driver, you’ll be included on a very flexible
    schedule about once every 5 weeks with lots of back-up and your work will be greatly
    appreciated! Please check with John Beamer, Allison Martin, or the Church Office...

                                    Daily Devotions
Resources for Daily Devotions are Available in Trinity Hall...
... “Portals of Prayer” (Daily Devotions for Adults ~ regular and large print)
... “Davey & Goliath’s Devotions” (Daily Devotions for families with Children)
... Please visit for daily devotions. While at this site, you can
    register for daily devotions to be emailed to you (free!).

Bible Readings ~ as we prepare to Worship Next Sunday...
  Sunday, November 8 ~ Pentecost 23 (B) ~ Deuteronomy 6:1-9;
  Psalm 119:1-8; Hebrews 9:11-14; Mark 12:28-34

                      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~         ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                      Worship Attendance & Offerings
                         This Past Week ~ through October 30, 2009
                                   Worship Attendance: 203
                            Offerings & Regular Income: $4,430.50

          2009’s Fourth Quarter Ministries’ Financial Goal and Progress to Date...
        Goal to Fund Ministries of October, November, December:    $ 85,700.00
        Given To Date this Quarter/ Ministries Financed (Thanks!): $ 25,064.58
        Remaining offerings needed to reach our goal:              $ 60,635.42

                 May our Worship and Tithes be an out-pouring of gratitude
                     for our Lord’s gracious gifts of Life and Salvation.
                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                     Parishioners are invited to request the prayers of the Church on behalf of
                     themselves, their family members, and friends. Please contact the Church
                     Office by Thursday afternoon to be remembered in the weekend’s prayers....
                     ... Regional Hospitals no longer notify churches regarding the admission or
                     discharge of parishioners. Parishioners and friends of the parish who would
                     appreciate pastoral visitation and/or prayer while hospitalized are asked to
                     share their desire by contacting Pr Short through the Church Office.

The Church...
… Our Council Members and pastor and all who serve through the ministry teams of the parish...
... For all servants of the Church, especially Bishop Gregory, and all who labor for the sake for
    the Gospel...
... Pastor Andrew & Barbara Hinderlie, ELCA Missionaries to East Africa/Madagascar, and all
    those who serve our Lord in the Mission Fields of distant lands...
... For the Ministries of Church World Services, especially those who coordinate them, those who
    are served through them, and those who support them...
The World and Our Nation...
... Leaders of the nations of the world and all who govern…
... Those informing our nation’s economic policies and families experiencing financial strife...
... Those serving in the armed forces…
... Those who are hungry and those who are victims of violence...
“... To Love and to Cherish as long as we both shall live.”
    Larissa Dawn Rose and Patrick Thomas Eslow, to be married Saturday, November 7, in
    Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Parishioners and Family & Friends...
... Betty Ritchey, Wayne Miller, Mary Jo Casalena, Laura Garlock, Janet Raines, Wendy
    Claycomb, Alvaretta Sneed, Bea & Dick Bugle, Tom Cox, Tom Doyle
... This Week ~ Helen Goga (George Zubak’s aunt)
... Continued from October 25 ~ Emma Short (Pastor’s mother), Judy Bortel (Del & Peg Turner’s
    sister-in-law), Carrol Williams (Pug Rose’s friend), Dan Allhouse (Jill’s brother-in-law), Kelle
    Johnson (Ron & Mary’s daughter-in-law), John Simons, Heather Miller, & Betty Berkey (Nancy
    Beaumont’s friends),
... Continued from October 18 ~ Lisa Wright (Donna Zubak’s friend)
Rest Eternal Grant Them, O Lord…
    Sam Householder (10/16), Mary Klein (10/20 Pastor’s Aunt), Betty West (10/30 Vicky Gould’s
    aunt), Phyllis Vincent (10/6 Jim & Iryna Bowser’s friend), Carol Hershberger (10/5 Beth
    Hullihen’s friend), Gladys Slick (9/18 Greg’s mother), Harold E. “Hoot” Nave (9/12 Ray’s
    brother), Conda “Bud” Miller (9/12 Jill Aaronson’s friend)
To The Glory of God…
... The Flowers are sponsored in memory of Dorothy Martin by Jim & Linda McElroy.
... The Sanctuary Lamp burns in memory of Frankie Whitfield Martz sponsored by
    Smoke & Dorothy Vensel.
... Our Missionaries, Pr Andrew & Barb Hinderlie, are sponsored To The Glory Of God by
    Raye Speicher.


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